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Teachings of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path



Valerie Bonwick


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ďFact becomes fable with the passage of time,

Reverence becomes superstition.

 When the spiral of time again spins around,

 Mists of error dissolve and puzzles are solved.Ē



   One of the reasons that Atlantis has left such an impression upon mankindís collective sub consciousness is that unlike Lemuria, which pursued a slumberous course of evolution for millions of years, highlighted by the cultural genius of the Wise Ones whom its people were encouraged to emulate, the Atlantean civilization burst upon the world scene fully formed, as it were. Although the land mass which would become the mother continent took several million years to settle down before was ready for colonization, the Atlantean civilization was mature from its inception.


   The demarcation line between the Lemurian and the Atlantean Root Races is very clear.  The Atlantean Race began when the first extra-terrestrial settlers, sponsored by the Appointed Assembly and blessed by the Wise Ones, landed on the continent which they named Atlantis and established their bloodlines by taking the most eligible of Lemurians as life partners.


   One cannot explore the religio-historical structure of the Atlantean civilization without touching upon certain important facts recorded in the Akashic records which concern other areas of the world, but we will do our best to avoid repeating anything we have discussed previously.


   The Continent of Atlantis rose from the ocean some 3 million years ago. It was a gradual happening that was distinguished by volcanic activity and shuddering Earth movement that intermittently caused inundation to the lands that lay to the east and west of the Island Continent and did much to change the prevailing climate of that time. 


A Distant Civil War


   It was during the Lemurian Age, well after the division of the sexes, that a militant culture which was resident on a large planet far across the heavens became embroiled in a violent struggle for power. This was no small uprising perpetrated by ill treated underdogs. We are speaking of a full-scale civil war with both sides well armed with weaponry far more powerful than that possessed by any nation on Earth today and with a much greater range and function of versatility. Why the war was being fought and who is morally right or wrong does not matter now. One side won the war, once side lost the war and both sides succeeding in destroying their world.


Appearance of a Rogue planet


   Explosions of gigantic scale forced the planet out of its orbit and it became a rogue planet in its death throes, on a collision course with all and anything in its path as it hurled through space.


   Emergency measures were taken to change its path when every approached dangerously close to inhabited worlds by blasting it, if only slightly, on to a less deadly course. Shields of vast proportions were needed to mount a defense against radiation-like after effects and for this purpose, it was discovered that gold, after pretreatment, was the most effective material. Unfortunately for Earth and its inhabitants, gold was discovered here in great quantity and was easily obtainable at that time.


   Therefore, contrary to all plans to leave the planet undisturbed by outside influences, the fact Earths cultures were still very much in their infancy gave some support to the argument that manís evolution could remain inviolate from intrusive influences. Thus, teams of extra-terrestrial technicians arrived and began mining the planet, bringing with them in time, retrogressive behavior patterns from various space cultures. It was from them that Man first learned the mining of metals and smelting techniques.


   Many moral aberrationsí eventually made their appearance on the planet as overwork and boredom over took the mining teams. They introduced slavery to the planet for the first time and interbred indiscriminately with their slaves. It was the scientist members of these teams who introduced selective breeding and cloning to the Earth, in direct conflict with the guidelines laid down when they received permission to mine the planet.


Atlantis Rose from the Ocean


   The Lords of Shamballa monitored the situation carefully and decided in conference at a Council of the Appointed Assembly, the one way to offset any further negativity which could result from outside intrusion into manís life on the planet, was to impose a positive balance.  They had watched the landmass that was to become the new continent rise from the ocean and they suggested that well chosen, idealistic intellectuals, who contribute a positive cultural impetus to the beginning of a new root race by partnering the most eligible of young Lemurians, should emigrate to the Earth and settle the new continent.


   The Appointed Assembly agreed to the plan and when the land was ready for settlement, young enthusiasts who were the best suited physically, mentally prepared and idealistically inclined, began the task of creating a civilizations which would exemplify a culture that would be both spiritually aware and technically advanced.


   Although the Lemurian and the Atlantean civilizations overlapped, there was a considerable difference between them both in temperament and social order due to the Atlantean is infusion of extra-terrestrial blood. 


   Lemurians evolved slowly, without the haste which rules when ambition acts as a goad. Their way of life was relaxed and they were extremely sensitive to beauty, but rather indolent in temperament. It is true that they accomplished a great deal, but they took and inordinate length of time to do so and to accomplish successfully, they needed a structured environment until a project was completed. Therefore, community rather than individual projects were the norm for thousands of years. For an individual to attempt anything alone that was laborious was an effort which was considered unnecessary.


   It was because of this lack in their psychological makeup that Lemurians came to rely upon ritual as a moral support and back bone; it was also used at times to supply a reason for attempting any project that required effort. Certainly, it was in Lemuria that ritualism began and rose to its most intense usage. It was within their rituals that they discovered and developed a means of amplifying various frequencies of vibration to serve them in specific capacities, but because the Lemurian character at its weakest level was open to influence and apt to follow the line of least resistance, a great deal of ritualistic practice deteriorated into a superstitious use of diminishing knowledge.


   The average Atlantean was quite different, heir to space lord blood, spiritually sophisticated, mentally adroit and extremely well educated. Alert and ambitious, Atlanteans realized full well what the future goals of their race were to be and they possessed the drive to achieve them.


   At first, life on the continent after it was settled; resembled that of Lemuria, although the first Atlanteans certainly looked very different from races which had preceded them.


   Atlanteans indeed deserve the description that ďthere were giants on the earth in those days,ď although the average height of the Atlantean descendants diminished considerably after the Deluge and the lifespan of mankind in general became a fraction of what it once had been.


   Both these afflictions affected the population aboveground most severely, while individuals who were protected from radiation-like fallout in the caves remained relatively unaffected for many years.


   That is why, even today, one discovers long lived individuals whose families, having dwelt within the protection of mountains for thousands of years, seem almost to have forgotten that there is a physical change called ďdeath.ď A happy psychological aberration indeed, when you consider how much time modern man devotes to disguising the ravages of old age.


   Because Atlantean coloring differed from that of the Lemurians, the path of their later migrations can sometimes be traced by using this coloring as a guide.


   The Atlantean eschewed ritualism. Rule was by virtue of descent, Priest-Kings ruled in wisdom and mystery schools concentrated their efforts upon developing skills intended to perpetuate a golden age of wisdom on planet Earth. An age in which the race of man flowered in an expression of altruistic effort, practical idealism and awareness of the purpose of the Indwelling Intelligence, influencing every entity to uphold elevated standards of honorable conduct. Such was their intent and for thousands of years, truth remained inviolate. 


   Prospering under wise guidance, the essential Atlantean character was preserved from interference or exploitation. This was the result of the agreement which insured that in return for freedom to visit or settle elsewhere on the planet, visitors to Earth would not set foot on the Atlantean soil. Therefore, mining on a large scale continued in other areas of the world, as well as the importation of customs and values that were detrimental to the character of the planetís inhabitants and helped to slow Manís natural evolutionary climb.


   Long before Atlantis was a ready for colonization, straggling extra-terrestrial refugees from many other worlds in the heavens made their way to the sanctuary of planet Earth, fleeing from the hardships imposed when their home-worlds were besieged by Renegades from the Rogue Planet, but the largest group of refugees were from the planet Mars who sought refuge on Earth after Atlantis was settled. They were followed closely by Renegade soldiers of fortune who rampaged their way across the heavens from planet to planet, looting world after world. Eventually the Renegades also established camps at various locations on Earth. Yet Atlantis continued serene and untouched.


60,000 years ago


   Atlantis was at the peak of her civilization and the golden age so well remembered in legend seemed unlikely to falter either in productivity or integrity.  Then it was that the teacher who founded our system of training made himself known to our ancestors. He warned of the time to come when honest men and women would discover that honesty would not be enough to protect them from the machinations of a hostile neighbor.


   The above sounds over simplistic, but he was not speaking to simple people of naive mentality, he was speaking to extremely sophisticated and well placed citizens of their time, who were well practiced in expressing E-S-P in combination with trained intellect. It was then that they considered for the first time the problems that could arise, if these excellent qualities became subject to perversion by an individual whose character was tainted by greed or any other inferior character trait. They realize that should they find themselves at the mercy of such a person or persons, they might need the spiritual support that only a training path practiced with responsible integrity could provide.


   He anticipated world disturbances which would preclude the serenity of sitting at a Masterís feet to learn. He anticipated breaks in the lineage of spiritual authority provided by the Guru-Chela relationship, leaving disciples bereft of personal guidance. He anticipated events in their cultures future which would necessitate students learning in solitude, silence and secrecy.


   It was then that our teacher began training selected Questors in a form of defensive mindskills training to unlock the full potential of their higher powers of traveling the path of an upward evolutionary spiral. The Ladder Path is the first stage of this training. 


40,000 years ago


   It is almost 40,000 years since the loss of most of the Lemurian land mass cause the land bridges to the east and west of the Atlantean continent to collapse. This upheaval precipitated an influx of Lemurian refugees whose numbers were swelled even further by a surge of immigrants who made their way to the Atlantean capitals solely to learn of the Atlantean way of life. Some of these visitorsí imported less than positive attitudes concerning diverse methods by which advanced mind skills could be employed selfishly and before long, the influence of corruption began to taint the philosophy of less industrious and more ambitious citizens.


   There are no negativities present in the power of mindskills. Negativities only a rise when the practitioner of those mindskills are tempted to use them wrongfully, even if unworthy of his/her spiritual record, perhaps by choosing easy ways to gain advantage rather than difficult means to the same end that are above reproach. There are also individuals who fool themselves into believing that they are proving superior strength of personality by advancing on the material plane through practicing the skills offensively, gratuitously or greedily, but by behaving in this manner they are self-deceiving as well as self-serving and in reality are pursuing a self-destructive course.


   An earlier change in Atlantean life style would eventually cause serious repercussions ending in tragedy. Many citizens had followed their employment to work underground. This was where most of the less attractive but functionally essential technology of the cities were lodged, in order to maintain streamlined communities on the surface. But what had begun proudly as handsomely paid occupations deteriorated during the years to unpopular drudgery. Eventually, the work force was composed of low-paid immigrants and dissenting political prisoners living in slavery from which there was no escape to the surface. Given these conditions, thought-patterns begin to degenerate.


   This is a sociological flaw which our own people have avoided by following a comprehensive, shared menial-manual tasks program which includes everyone in their turn. Manuel output is not frequent enough to intrude itself as an unwelcome chore, but is greeted with humor when it is ones turn to contribute time and energy.


30,000 years ago


   We have written before concerning the crisis between the large population of slaves underground and the slave masters. This crisis came to head in 28,000 B.C., in what came to be known as the Revolt of the Slaves. The revolt caused underground explosions and the volcanic activity which followed cause the collapse of the continent although large islands remained. There was so much loss of life and many slaves were trapped underground with their masterís in tunnels and caverns were rockfall prevented the sea from overtaking them as they fled. Their descendants who are people call the Corer Mutants, survive today


   They live apart from the rest of mankind, following a spiritually involuting path, although they have continued to evolve physically. Their mental conditioning, individually separative in character and their emotionless disregard for acceptance spiritual values, categorizes them as an unknown sociological equation which we avoid at all times.


   The surviving population above-ground was devastated and it was a long time before their lives return to anything as gracious as they had been before the continent sank.


   Following this setback to mankindís evolutionary progress, for the loss was much more serious than apparent at first glance, the Lords of Shamballa established seven more Power Houses on the Atlantic Rim to block and transmute the after effects from the explosions. The volcanic activity which followed had caused most of the continent to collapse and sank. Tidal waves swept over the shores of many other seacoasts, rivers overflowed their banks and changed course and landslides of mud engulfed many low-lying towns and villages.


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