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Healing Class Lesson Four: Body


The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation


A Letter from God to the Mother & Father of Creation


Magic and Miracles


I Recognize Myself


I'm Overwhelmed


Very Free Expression - In and Around Body


Channelers' note: Welcome to this area of the site. This material is based on previous material in other areas of the site. For a more complete understanding of the Body material, it would be good to read the healing class and truth and reality class and all of the discussions there before reading these pages.

Beginning with the response imediately below to the discussion of Lesson Three of the Truth and Reality Class, all channeling on the site will identify the part of God that is the Source of the channeling. Previously "God" has been used here to denote Spirit alone, and specifically that part of Spirit with healing intention... and who is now open and loving toward the Mother, the part of Spirit that is parental to Spirit's denials... the balance point between Lucifer and Ahriman.

However, Spirit has also been the traditional spokesperson for all of Deity. Besides Spirit, "God" also includes the Mother, Heart (in two genders and unified), and Body (also in two genders as well as unified). As we understand it, when the healing is accomplished all of these parts will be functioning together in harmony and wholeness.

In the meantime, each part of God (and therefore each part of us humans as microcosm) has it's own experiences and point of view that need expression in the healing work. The channeling on the site will be becoming more diverse, and guidance tells us that it will help clarity if the specific part of God that is the Source be identified in the beginning of each channeling. As always, the channeled material is indented and in quotes... to distinguish it from contributors' comments and questions, and our "channelers' notes."


Magic and Miracles


Body hates miracles. It doesn't understand them, they make it (him) feel like a fool in his own world, and an incompetent master. I never had a home and I never felt acceptable to anyone. There seems to be no true home for me in the universe (this is how it feels to me). I can find home only in my body. We relate, and I often tell him how helpless I feel, and miserable when I cannot help more than I know how. But I am determined to stay with him, and I take time to tell him that as often as I can. Even if it sounds like a fool's promise, I allow myself even that. Do you?

"This is Spirit. For a very long time, I had no desire to even be near Body. In fact, I had found many, many ways to abandon him and deny him. I have also undermined him and her extensively, both intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes I even set him and her up to fail, I was so upset.

"I'd felt that on the deepest level Body had betrayed me, and that he'd tried to do me in. I was very wary of him, and frankly didn't trust him, in either his male or female form. I was particularly upset that he had embodied my worst side when he related with the Mother on my behalf. And over the eons, I had found ways to blame him for nearly all the gaps that came between the Mother and me.

"But there has recently been a big change in me regarding Body. Now, like you and a growing number of healing-minded humans, I am determined to stay with Body, and give him all the help I can in his effort to heal Creation. And I know the same is now also true for the more parental parts of the Mother."

I resent Spirit's "know-how". Body's helplessness is much more natural and understandable to me. It is now my helplessness. The way things stand now on Earth, it is the only logical thing to do.

"Body's apparent 'helplessness' is an example of what has happened as a result of my wish to undermine his power. Body is naturally very, very powerful. And his 'know-how' is much more far-reaching than you have allowed yourself to imagine. And the positive effects of the reversal of my long held denials of Body are now beginning to be felt in the healing work."

Body's fears are my fears, and I stick to them. I can't eliminate them, but at least I am here. I feel him being my true brother. I embrace my body dearly and promise him to stay and never let go. Am I making a mistake? Am I crippling myself? I want you to feel my pain here so you can understand me.

"Your pain is Body's pain from being denied so heavily. But you are not crippling yourself by identifying with Body. In fact, it's vital, and ultimately the way the healing will happen. Body needs both the consciousness of Spirit and the power and sensitivity of Will to heal. Although I won't speak for the Mother here, I will speak for us both. And I will tell you that she and I are in alignment on this. We both understand the absolute importance of supporting and empowering Body now, and together we're taking steps to correct the imbalances we each created in seeing Body as separate from us. And as we work on healing these gaps within ourselves, some of the deepest gaps in Body are also beginning to heal."

It wasn't you who gave me a home. It wasn't my mother and father here on earth who made me feel I had one, and it certainly isn't the country I live in. It is my body that is my home!

"Yes, and as you find both the Mother and me in Body, you bring us 'home' as well. When I was keeping my distance from manifested existence, I found my 'home' to be in Heaven. But it was really much more like an ivory tower than a home. I'd come to Earth occasionally to visit with the Mother and the Father of Creation in their various embodiments here, but it seemed like too much pandemonium and chaos for me. My judgments at the time prevented me from being truly present, and I had always found an excuse to lift out of manifestation and return to the relative comforts of Heaven.

"Now, thanks to Grandfather's guidance and my own awakening, I have changed my mind about all of this. I know now that the Mother and I must find our union as New Heart in Body... if we expect this Creation to survive. And I also know that manifested existence, specifically Earth... is where Grandfather and the whole Original Mother will meet to consummate their very long overdue union. You have found yourself in Body, your right place, and the right place and the true home of Spirit and Will in union."

How do you explain this: after just about everything is being done to stop the free will on Earth from being free, after body has been ridiculed, pushed away, beaten like a beast, instincts being disciplined to serve some "higher" purposes, which body isn't able to understand... you come and say "stand up and walk!" And dead bodies will walk again. It only makes my body feel like shit again, believe me!

"I believe you. As I said, it was I who had tried so hard to disable Body. It is now my desire and intention to align myself with Body's Spirit, the Father of Manifestation, the Father and Mother of Creation. And I need to hear and feel all of Body's rage about what has been to done him in the name of 'higher' purposes.

"When Grandfather first shared with me his plan, I understood immediately that he intends to manifest physically, in Body. And he didn't need to spell it out for me to be convinced that my right place is in alignment with him. I've already spoken about this.

"As the Spirit of this Creation, it's my position to be the one between Grandfather and all other Spirits, including of course Body's Spirit. I have already aligned with Grandfather, and I am now moving into alignment with Body's Spirit. I've also asked you to align your spirit with me, and when that happens, the entire Spirit polarity will be in alignment... with Body. And this is as it needs to be if all the lost love and broken dreams are to be found and mended.

"On the other side of things, the Mother is having a similar experience. She is finding the very youthful and vibrant Original Mother within herself. As I've mentioned, Body's reality is predominately determined by its Will essence... and when the Mother and the Original Mother align, it is in Body's Will that they find their agreement, and their right place. The Mother will soon have more so say here about this.

"You see, Body is at the center of everything, Body IS everything. And of course it is only right that Body be supported and empowered. All of Spirit is to be available to Body's Spirit, all of Will available to Body's Will. This has never happened before, in any Creation. And the results will be both magical and miraculous."

I am with my body, not with you. You can come to my home (Body) anytime you want, but if you want me, you'll have to learn to accept my body. I will not allow you to make a fool out of what's always meant home to me. Teach me to understand reality, not to perform some new miracles. Make my body proud, make him the Master of the World he lives in, not a slave to serve some higher purposes he doesn't understand. He is my highest purpose."

"Amen. Although not long ago it wasn't this way, you and I are now in agreement here. Very soon Body will have the power you wish to manifest what you truly desire. It is my desire that magic return now to Earth, and that humans be empowered to embody the totality of both Spirit and Will in the union of wholeness.

"Miracles, however, will also be part of the new era on Earth. Neither the Mother nor I expect that you will want us to disappear completely from the realities you inhabit. We will remain here unembodied at the level of pure essence as well, when you rest and play and are otherwise being non-parental. In this way we'll support your free will manifesting with the miracles of grace and synchronicity... so you may relate with peers in wholeness, while preserving everyone's free will.

"Love will be here as well... in our union as unmanifested Heart. And the songs of our Love's presence will be in the air, for any Heart to hear, inspiring and supporting your Creations.

"Those who are working on the healing will be contacted by Body soon on the inside, if not already. And Body himself and herself will be conducting the classes in the next lesson of the Healing Class, as well as some of the lessons in the Channeling Class, and this class, Truth and Reality.

"Separate channelers will be interpreting Body's Spirit, the Father of Creation, and Body's Will, the Mother of Creation. Body has two genders, male and female, and two kinds of essence, Spirit and Will. Understandings from each of these points of view and their balance points are crucial to the healing work.

"Thank you very much for putting forward your allegiance to Body. And for advocating so well for the true Healer of Creation. You are helping lead Spirit home."

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