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    This area of the site deals with the actual work of cleaning, educating, synthesizing, as well as activating all the bodies and aspects of what and who we are.  

    Much like the building of a comfortable home, a wonderful Life, an abundant garden there are many pieces that are required to be in place and working together in order for your creations to be brought forth pleasantly and fruitfully. As you read and practice these exercises, slow your mind, to allow your emotional as well as your physical selves to experience all five of your senses. Allowing each its own time to feel, taste, smell, see, and hear all of the words together all at once and not one after another.

    While you are doing these exercises, speak your intentions aloud gently to integrate now all forms of yourself (whether they are known to you at this moment or not) to express as one to all of life. Patience, intention, and understanding for things that you share with not only yourself but with others  gradually allows you to pass these through your heart. As the heart continues to expand its boundaries of expression, so will your life expand to take in new realms of possibility and expression. Do not panic when the new sensations, feelings, as well as understandings begin showing up at your doorstep.

    To move on through these realms one must ask for movement, for clarity, for new doors to open (this needs to be done physically aloud using your voice). For as the smoke and haze of your own mirror begin to clear the outside world as well begins to take your new form.  

    Some of these exercises can and will be profound in nature. Accept what is being given to you; allow those different parts of yourself to tell you how they feel and what concerns them. Do not allow one or the other to speak for the all. Know, also that there is so much more to you than you could guess. All will come to you with practice and discernment.

    In the coming years the ability to use these conscious forms will assist you on your way into higher realms and not only those that we consider waking time but those are considered dream states. For those who understand, we consider the daytime the personality or the mind expression, night or sleep as that of the emotional. When they integrate/synchronize we will arrive at a new level of consciousness.  

    The Path of Evolutionary life truly has no beginning as well as no end. There is only love, life, and the expressing the experience of your travels. None of us shall reach the end of our knowing, for how many ways may we live to understand all the different ways of greatness, and connection.

    On the practical side of all of this we find we hold a great deal of imprinting as well as acquired judgments that we carry around as beliefs from one life to another, some call it Karma some call experience, in order to move past that which is coming we must dig into the darkest of our closets and bring out all of those fears, judgments that we have been protecting and living with for so long.

Enjoy the journey.

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