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Chakra Talk…
Another Layer of Imprinting

Imprinting is multi-layered.  At the moment each soul family emerged, there was a specific pattern being held by both the electric (Spirit – Father) and the magnetic (Will – Mother) essence.  Within that pattern held by the electric – Consciousness,  were specific beliefs about itself.  Within that pattern held by the magnetic – Emotions,  were specific feelings about itself.  Reactive beliefs were also held by the electric in response to the magnetic.  Reactive emotions were also held by the magnetic in response to the electric.  Denial is in part the ramification of these originally held beliefs, emotions and reactions.

Each soul is imprinted at the moment of their emergence by these patterns, beliefs, emotions and reactions.  The electric and magnetic essence of this creation itself was imprinted by the patterns held within the electric and magnetic essence of the universe that birthed this creation.  So we carry the imprints of previous creations as well. 

The “movement between” these two poles “that waits in the middle to create” – Heart, was imprinted as well by the formations and patterns of the electric and magnetic essences and all souls are imprinted by the imprints carried in Heart.  Body is the mirror reflection of these imprints in physical manifestation.  As Humans our essence embraces all four aspects of God, and the point is to restore a loving dynamic to the relationships of the four within us.

Chakra Imprinting

Within the electric and magnetic essence are the seven basic chakras, the colours of the rainbow.  These individual colours also hold within themselves specific beliefs and emotions.  In addition to the imprinting influences of the electromagnetic patterns of the universe at the time of emergences, each soul group emerged through a specific chakra, a specific colour and also carries the imprinting held by that specific colour.  Each individual soul within any given soul family further resonates towards a specific colour within the rainbow of these seven chakras (Rainbows within Rainbows) and is further subject to the imprinting of that secondary colour within their own spectrum.  Our individual colour spectrum is as diverse as an astrological natal chart and as unique as a finger print.

Each soul family as a group is further imprinted by the interactions with each other within that group which is a mirror reflection of the interactions of the colours/chakras with each other.  And  each soul emerged as either Spirit or Will polarized and is subsequently imprinted further by all of those factors.  For example, within the Seraphim/Cherubim emergence who emerged in Green, there are Will polarized Cherubs who resonate with Violet, others with Indigo, others with Green etc… There are Spirit polarized Seraphim who resonate with Violet, others with Indigo, and Green etc…  Within this group (as with any group) the control dramas and dynamics of the colours/chakras are evident by observing the interaction of for example, a Green within Green Cherub vs a Violet within Green Seraphim.  A Will Cherub is relating with a Spirit Seraph. They are Green.  But their relating is further influenced by the imprinting in the chakras themselves, in this case the imprinting of Violet vs the imprinting of Green.  Which begs the question: “what is the imprinting between Violet and Green?”  That depends on who you ask.  The Will Green-in-Green Cherub will tell you: “I’m sick of having ideas of how this creation is to look shoved down my throat.  I am suppose to be holding balance.  How can I hold balance when I am pressured by all these ideas telling me what I should do?  And that my balance is wrong according to these ideas.

This is a reflection of how the colours Violet and Green feel about each other and themselves.  The example of the Green-in-Green Cherub vs the Violet-in-Green Seraph is a reflection of the chakras Violet and Green; Violet who conceives ideas and brings them forward and Green who holds everything in the balance of heart.  This dynamic is further reflected in how the various soul emergences behave towards each other.  The Green-in-Green Cherub vs the Violet-in-Green Seraph is a reflection of the relationship between the Ancient Ones, who emerged in Violet, and the Seraphim/Cherubim who emerged in Green.

As we learned from Arch Angel Michael about the soul group relationships between the Arch Angels and the Cherub/Seraph peoples, we see a reflection of the nature of the relationship between Indigo (Arch Angels) and Green (Seraph/Cherub).  Which would be further witnessed within the Cherub/Seraph group (for example) as the relationship between a Green-in-Green  Cherub/Seraph and an Indigo-in-Green Cherub/Seraph.

As males and females in Body we are acting out the issues between Spirit and Will.  As souls emerged through the Divine Chakras of the universe we are also acting out the issues between the Colours.  As Humans, not only do we need to restore balance between Spirit and Will, which creates New Heart, but we need to restore a harmonious relationship between all the Colours, which creates peace amongst all the colours of the human race.

In an effort to understand the nature of conflict in my own colour spectrum I discovered that all of the colours of the chakras feel engulfed by the enormity of their individual tasks.  All the colours expressed extreme Overwhelm with their inherent natures and what they are “suppose” to do.  Second to this overwhelm was an equally severe Fear of Failure.  The pain of this fear of failure is so intense that all the colours project at each other in an attempt to deny the fear.  They are in a state of constant bickering as they deflect their insecurities at each other trying to avoid the shame and  humiliation of failing at what they were solely created to do.  The colours need to express their overwhelm and allow themselves to simply be with their fears.

Chakra Talk

Violet says:  “We are the Conceivers.  We think, we logic, we reason.  We have the idea.  What if we have the wrong idea?  What would such a mistake cost Creation?  We are suppose to be quick witted, clever, intelligent.  And if we aren’t we feel daft.  We are suppose to be right.  We fear we will be wrong.

Indigo says:  “We are the Visionaries.  We envision the idea and bring clarity and definition to the idea.  We show others the idea.  What if we show them a blurred picture?  What would such a misrepresentation do to Creation?  We are suppose to see everything with precise, accurate detail.  And if we don’t we feel hazy, confused, flustered.  We are suppose to have perfect sight.  We fear we will look incompetent.”

Blue says:  “We are the Communicators.  We voice the idea and vision in words.  What if we say the wrong words?  What would babbling idiots sound like in Creation?  We are suppose to be articulate speaking eloquently with lucid, fluent coherence.  And if we aren’t we feel illiterate and ignorant.  We are suppose to be the masters of language.  We fear we will sound stupid.”

Green says:  “We are the Heart.  We balance so that the idea, vision and words may be held in love and equality with wisdom, creative dance and form.  What if we don’t love the idea?  What if we don’t love the form?  What if we love none of it?  What would hatred feel like in Creation?  We are suppose to have unconditional acceptance of all things, tolerance and compassion, honour for all things without prejudice or discrimination.  And if we don’t we feel cruel and repulsive.  We are suppose to love everything.   We fear we are unloving.

Yellow says:  “We are the Sages.  We know,  sense and intuit.  We discern and interpret the feelings of the idea.  What if we give misguided advice?  What would poor counsel render in Creation?  We are suppose to be humble in our power, confirm the truth, calmly reside in our sea of vast knowingness, our all mighty wisdom.  And if we can’t we feel insignificant, trivial.  We are suppose to know everything.  We fear we are worthless.

Orange says:  “We are the Dancers.  We undulate.  Our exotic dance generates the energy that brings movement to the idea.   We are the force behind the creation.  What if our dance isn’t smooth and flowing?  What would rigidity move like in Creation?  We are suppose to ripple, our sensual groove blending it all together, flawless, seamless motion.   And if we aren’t we feel ugly, unattractive.  We are suppose to be arousing.  We fear we are heavy and dense.

Red says:  “We are the Manifestors.   We mold, shape and produce.  We bring the vision into physical form.  What if our form is disfigured?  What would a flawed Creation look like?  We are suppose to produce desire in a tangible form to reflect to the others what they’ve been thinking and feeling.  And if our result is disfigured we fear it is a reflection of how truly disfigured we are.  We are suppose to be craftors.  We fear we are hideous.


None of the colours have been able to live with their fear of failure.  The trigger has been too painful.  The pressure of perfection has been burying the colours under a universe of anxiety.  The colours have been on the verge of emotional and mental collapse, a chakra nervous breakdown.  The most important message God has for the chakras is that none of them were intended to carry out their responsibilities on their own.  They were meant to share the burden of their respective tasks with each other.  They were meant to communicate with each other and work as a team.

The chakras were not established to be overburdened.  They were designed so that God could manifest – a job so daunting that God needed to divide up all of the components of manifestation and break down the job description into individual departments.  God therefore becomes the General Manager of Manifestation and assigns specific duties to each department.  If the departments do not work together as a team the finished product does not reflect the original desire and is inferior.  But somehow God, as GM, failed to communicate clearly to all the Chakras, all the departments, just how this intimidating task of manifesting works itself out through process.  The process is communication and the chakras were intended to be a cohesive communication network.

Devoid of healthy communication the colours have felt alone and unsupported in their tasks, hence the overwhelm.  Blue was never intended to try and communicate what Indigo sees without dialoguing with Indigo to get the details worked out.  Orange was never intended to put motion to Violet’s ideas without being able to ask if the rhythm Orange assigned was an appropriate response to that particular idea. And Heart was never intended to try and hold them all in balance without being able to hear from both sides.

They need to understand they are not alone.  They are not alone in their tasks.  They are not alone in their fears.  They are not alone in their overwhelm.  They have each other to talk to and can draw upon the compassion and understanding they have for each other.  They need to share their overwhelm with each other.  They need to speak, listen to each other speak, and be validated.  Then the misconception of their aloneness will clear and the burden of their overwhelm will lift.  The chakras need group therapy.  They need to establish a support network within themselves and then they need to express their overwhelm to God.

Denied Chakra

This ‘chakra talk’ happens to belong to the Will of Heart, that which was denied out of this creation from the beginning.  The creation of the next reality, New Heart, is dependant upon the recognition, acknowledgment and rescue of the Will of Heart,  the Pink Chakra.  The overwhelm expressed by the chakras above is the overwhelm of the chakras within the Will of Heart.  Will of Heart is the missing link of creation.  And New Heart cannot be birthed without the Will of Heart balancing the Spirit of Heart.  Hence the overwhelm of the chakras of the Will of Heart.  They are indeed beset by the staggering task of manifesting. They are manifesting New Heart.


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