Channeling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels
Barbara Burns Channeling Vywamus


"Greetings, my friends. It is with great joy that I, Vywamus, connect with you.


For those of you who are not familiar with me, I would like to introduce myself. I am a being that you might think of as a spiritual teacher or guide. That is to say, Iím no longer in physicality, but I have chosen to serve the divine plan by assisting those who are.


My particular focus at present, as it relates to the Earth and to humanity is largely as a teacher of channeling, for it is my belief that through channeling we on the spiritual plane may be able to assist and support you more directly as the Earth moves now into her next evolutionary step.


This work is intended for those of you who have made or are thinking of making a commitment to channeling in order to aid yourselves and the Earth. It is my hope that, through the discussion and channeling exercises that we are bringing you in this book, you will find greater strength, clarity and joy as you follow the path of service.


Let me say as well, that it is also my belief that all service within the divine plan begins quite properly with service to the self. As you look around your world, I am sure that you see many, many things that you deeply desire to change and heal. Some of these things, as I know you are aware, are not entirely, or at all, with in your individual sphere of responsibility or power. This does not mean if you are helpless to heal the Earth.


I urge you to turn your attention, knowledge and dedication to that which you can heal the self. Look within and change that which needs to move there. As you do, I know that you will begin to see your world transform.

Perhaps it would help to see that this process can be compared to the actions of healthy cells in an ailing body that chooses to become healthy. Eventually they will exert an influence upon those cells around them, not by pressuring them to change, but simply through the contagious radiance of their joy and health.


It is to those dedicated healing cells or beings within humanity that this book is given. "

In love and light, Vywamus


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