Heart Song


Vibrating Heartlessness

To Let Heart In


Ceanne De Rohan





   Heart Song is about moving the places in your Heart that are not vibrating within love so that heartlessness may be moved off Earth. It is a simple song of the Heart. It takes no professional training, no particular prowess at singing or a gifted voice. It takes willingness to feel the heartlessness present on Earth and react to it with the sounds of your emotions, heightened by the depths of the understanding you receive from reading this book.


   Heartlessness is a lack of Heart presence, and why this so is a long and horrible story which I am going to tell you now for the first time. It is not an easy story to read or understand, but it is necessary to have it told to you and to know why you have to hear it. It is not possible to heal the Earth, or have love be enough, without moving heartlessness off Earth. In a way, it is an evolutionary step, but not in the way of survival of the fittest, or of being right to feel superior if you happen to be love already, and I say happen, because location in the essence of My Light at your inception has all to do with it, no matter what you might like to think.


   Some of the oldest essence there is, is in the worst shape, and cannot move to change this without going into itself more deeply than has ever been done before. I have been readying you for this because it is a huge undertaking, but when you see what I am talking about, I think you will agree with Me that it is a necessary one. Even so, it is easier said than done. 


   If you have been seriously working with the other books I have given, you might be ready to go into what I am going to give now, but even if you are not ready, you are going to get a depth of understanding you need to help you where ever you are; especially since some of you have not yet been able to move emotions and are not yet even sure how to move emotions in a way that results in evolution. This is a real problem and not one easily solved, but as I have said before, at the risk of hopes feeling-dashed here since those of you who have not been able to move much have not felt really helped yet, if you move through this book a little at a time and allow what you are reading to sink in, you may find help here you have not found before


   I am going to warn you, however, not to move through this book quickly, even if you think you are not getting triggered, because I am going to shock you in some places. This is necessary to sort of “jump-start“ your emotional body, which died in shock and has to be revived. Once these shocks are applied, it is highly unlikely they will not work again, and if they do succeed in shocking, or least a startling you, it is your job to move what emotion you can so that you do not go into deeper shock.


HEART SONG, Vibrating Heartlessness to Let Heart In, is the fifth book of a series and I had a recommend reading these books in the order in which there were given: Right Use of Will, Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body; Original Cause 1, The Unseen Role of Denial; Original Cause 2, The Reflection Lost Will Has to Give, and Earth spell, The Loss of Consciousness on Earth, so that you will at least be somewhat prepared when you get to this place and will have at least mental concept of what to do; but if you feel compelled to start with this book, feel yourself as thoroughly as possible on this, and if the feeling persists, trust it. I advise you, however, to have the other books at hand so if you do not understand something, you will have the ability to go back to the other books and read what you need to read there.


   This book is about healing the gap, and what has to happen to heal the gap is a lot, but the most important thing is to get Heart presence in there, and by that I do not mean sending in the Heart that already exists as the healer. I mean finding lost Heart essence in the place where you think it is least likely to be; in the gap.


   Easier said than done, but a necessary part of this healing, because without more love, there is no hope.


   People have long said that love and hatred are close together, but what can be done with the passion of hatred since it is hatred that fills the gap and hatred means there is such polarization into viewpoints that there is no meeting ground, and thus, no Heart?


   When the sides oppose each other with so much entrenched emotional charge with a gulf of seemingly immovable hatred in between, letting in new information, softening of stance or widening of viewpoint is not going to be easy.


   There are so many issues about who is going to back down, and how far, unless the other side. admits to all the same faults, and who is going to back down first when neither side is willing to back down since it is the other side that is held to be at fault, and so much insistence about what the other side is like, and so much polarization into viewpoint that there has been no possibility of seeing any similarities to opposing views.


   These frozen points of view have a gap in the middle, which is why they cannot find any connection point, and this gap has been there so long that there’s no memory of any other way. The opposition here is so great that it is reminiscent of a magnetic field in which the poles of the magnets make coming together impossible, and that is exactly what it is. No matter what is tried, coming together is not possible.


   Without moving the underlying emotions, the polarization of these charges cannot be changed. The Warriors play this out all the time, unable even see to the similarities between themselves and that which they oppose. If it is ever pointed out, it is immediately denied. They reflect to those of Us who are more than just a gap, what it is like in the gap, but they are only the visible portion. The worst levels of the gap are hidden, and only now and then are parts of it exposed to public view, usually only for a short while since most people try to move past these feelings as quickly as possible for fear of what it is going to mean if they really look into it.


   Without moving the feelings underneath all of this, it is not possible to notice the similarities in the opposing points of view. Moving blaming rage in the most harmless way possible, which means with yourself as much as possible rather than with the ones you feel so sure are to blame, is an important step.


   When you cannot argue anymore without realizing that everything you say about the ones you blame can also be found to be true about you, you are ready to realize that moving the emotional charge around these issues is the most important thing you can do.


   If you want to furiously exclaim that you are nothing like the people you hate, go for it! Let your rage rip in private! Go into the “glories“of self righteousness until you find your self hatred.


   Most of you have not wanted to look past your point of view because of the responsibility and blame that might be there for you. Not looking is a form of fear, and anger in response to being asked to look at what you do not like to look at is a form of fear; blind fear, since it will not look and its response to being asked to look is anger, and if pressured, blaming rage. Fury is blind when it cannot feel, and rage guarding the fear of feeling this fear is most of the problem We are having in healing the gap.


   This stance has looked intimidating, but it also looks rather cowardly, which is a give away that it is fear expressing as blaming rage. The hatred blaming rage feels for that which it is blaming is not something it wants to allow to be turned on itself. In this way, there is not only a feeling of hatred in blaming rage, but also a fear of being blamed. Blind fear thinks it can escape being blamed by pointing the finger of blame at others in hiding under excuses and justifications for everything it does. Fear of being blamed acts defensive and unreceptive for fear of what it might hear or receive.


   Anger defending fear of being blamed does not want to receive anything that might suggest something in this behavior needs to change the because this would point at the right and wrong issue, and fear of being blamed must be right because otherwise, it will be wrong and get blamed, and the implications of that are too much to move into as long as blame and fear being blamed are strong. But there is also something more to it than that. This tremendous fear is because of the actual damage to the receptive centers and rage feels charge with keeping this from happening again by aiming itself at those it holds responsible.


   Ultimately, forgiveness is going to be necessary, but there is a lot to move to get to any real place with that. Fear of being blamed is most afraid that there is no forgiveness for it or for what it has done. Blaming rage has to find the fear in itself that it has pushed into everyone else, and find forgiveness for itself by understanding what caused this behavior, for without self forgiveness, forgiving others is not possible.


   The only hope of healing this gap and a bringing the polarized points of view together is to find Heart presence in the gap. This literally means Heart has to be born in the gap. Forgiveness is inception of Heart in the gap. Inception must come before conception and gestation. After gestation comes birth, nurturing and unfolding into maturity.


   This is why I have said it is a huge but necessary undertaking, and one that must begin. Without a connecting point, an inception is not possible. This is why rage must express itself until finds its fear and fear needs expression until it finds its rage.


   Without increased Heart presence, the balance we need cannot be found and the gap will continue to manifest the extremes the presence of a gap always manifests, with nothing vibrating in the middle. The only possible move that has any chance of being successful is the emotional movement that can change the polarization of the charge that is making it impossible for polarized points of view to come together.



Heart Song

Vibrating Heartlessness

To let Heart in

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