A Healing of the Chakras


Ceanne De Rohan






   In the beginning, I had reverie without feeling I had to do anything, be responsible for anything or have my existence questioned in any way. I did not know there was anything other than that. I had gone through My own process of coming into existence and My own awareness of it. 


   I did not mind that I had existence, as long as I did not have to do anything about it other than just exist and drift in my own thoughts and images. When something began to react to My thoughts and images as though they were not all the same and was forming attachments to some of them, I was not sure I liked this.


   Without letting Myself to dwell on it, I had formed the impression that this was relationship, and that relationship meant opinions, criticism and limitations or requirements in the form of desire for some parts of my thoughts and images and not for others. I did not see that this had anything to offer Me other than interference with My free form drift.


   From that simple mistake on My part, I had formed a bond with Body I did not realize I had formed, which was not to look at things We did not like. From there, everything felt it had to please Us, or it would not get any of My light or the form it wanted to have. It had to feel love to feel that it beauty, and we were not loving in the beginning.


   That is clear to Me now, although then, it was not. Then, there seemed to be nothing wrong in doing as We were doing. We didnít have any concept of creating evil that was building a case against us or of anything objecting to what We were doing. We did not think there was anything else there except Us, moving along in our flow.


   If We had stopped to think about it, We would probably have realized We had a place that we were in called space and a darkness Our light was shining into, but then, We did not realize it, as illogical as that seems now. We had no concept of relativity, only of existence, which had just happened to Us, and We had not noticed these things yet.


   The concept of a Mother who was darkness that had pulled light into existence seemed preposterous to Us. We had come, ourselves, into existence, and thatís all there was to it, or so we thought then.


   We came to certain illogical conclusions in the beginning and never questioned Ourselves about them. In fact, I had the feeling I was the only one, and body did also. I thought He was part of Me, and He thought I was part of him, and yet We could not get an alignment because We each wanted to rule. I thought He was a boor who wanted to move past Me on anything He did not like, and he thought I was a prude who held back for no good reason. Thus, We invented the original Spirit/Body split that has been in place for a very long time; from the beginning, in fact.


   If We had any concept of Ourselves as One, We might have had a different experience there, but We let only One voice talk at a time and never felt We had any way to come to peace with the differing viewpoints there. Thus, another struggle was put into place; the struggle for supremacy and domination. It became a terrible power struggle that gapped Us horribly from One another.


   This gap is most of what this book is about; how it was put into place, what is in it and how to heal it. In affected everyone in Creation, imprinting them in ways that they have never been able to move past, no matter how hard they have tried. Consciousness was never able to overcome the imprinting no matter how hard it tried, either.


   Consciousness had very little room left, once the imprinting was put into place. Imprinting is most of what is in the human brain and the brains of all animals, too.  Imprinting is even in the plants, because it was in all of the essence and that is all there was then; essence. In differentiating itself, it did not move lovingly at first, and this is how most of the problem was put into place. The rest of it did not know how to move to change that, once loving presence was there.


   Unfortunately, We utilized Our old and original mistake of not looking at what we did not like. We decided not to look back. We thought that if we did not look at it anymore, it would not be there anymore. Quite simple, and an imprinting We had formed when it was happening that way.


   Before there was Will presence to hold anything present, this was a major problem of Ours, yet when the Will came, we did not recognize it as anything helpful. We noticed only how the Will seem to hold present that which We did not want to have held present and not notice the rest, because We thought We were doing that ourselves, already.


   This lack of recognition for the Will gave Her a misrepresentation of our presence. She thought that We were unloving toward her and loving toward Ourselves, and recognized Her as causing only the things We did not like and Ourselves as causing only the things we did like. Thus, she saw Us as defining Ourselves as positive and Her as negative; Ourselves as good, Her as bad, in other words.


   She did not like this, and neither did We, as it turned out, but we did not notice this for a long time. We thought We like this because it gave Us someone to blame for Our own denials, and blame Her we did, for everything that went even barely, imperceptibly wrong.


   We made a gap there by not recognizing Her real role. We pushed Her away from the very beginning and did not give Her, Her right place. She needs to recover from this and cannot take Her right place until She does. Until the Will has recovered, the role of the Will cannot be fully understood.


   It is only just now beginning to move into healing, yet the gap is more prominent than ever on Earth, and the lovelessness of the people on Earth is more apparent than ever. Why is this?


   The gap is only barely moving in most people, and only mildly gapped essence is coming in as of yet. That is why.


   Many people who pick up these books an think they are going to read them and follow this path, do not when they feel their own gap. They stop the process as soon as they feel anything they do not like, which is anything that might make them have to take responsibility for anything in Original Cause. Their own or ritual cause is not going to reveal itself if they do not accept My light first, and most do not even accept these stories as real yet.


   This does not mean you need to pat yourselves on the back for being first and all of the other undercurrent competition issues this might evoke. It means you need to realize what a huge issue fragmentation has become on Earth and that most people donít even feel they have enough presence to move toward healing themselves yet.


   This has to heal a little at a time because the gap is more frightening than many people think when they think they can heal in a short time. That is another group of quitters; those who think it is taking too much time and too much feeling bad compared to how much feeling good.


   This imprinting that will become quite obvious to you as you read this book; imprinting that checked out long ago and never checked back to see if there was anything else it needed to know. It thinks numb is feeling good and does not mind not feeling anything. This is not ready to move yet out there until it moves inside with the pieces whose rage fragments these are, and they are legion in numbers; most people on Earth.


   The rest are moving along without knowing it and deny need to read the books because their feelings don not have that much depth to them and they do not have much responsibility, either. That leaves a rather small group who are frightened that they might have quite a lot of responsibility and have not want to take in the past.


   Fear needs to move here. You do have major responsibility, and you are major pieces of My lost essence that went into the gap. Your whole existence has been lived in the gap without My light there to help you much at all.


   This has been a major problem for all of you, and it has become a major problem for Me, too, because I cannot move any more without your help, and you cannot move any more without Mine. It has to balance now. That is all there is left to do, or we cannot live any more. We tried everything else first because the gap was the last place We want to go. Now it is the place We have to go and the only place We can go.


   The fear of being crazy has to move out, too, because it is not possible to move past old imprinting without moving the gapped rage and held terror that has kept in place for so long.


   Feelings need movement. Moving them out does not mean getting rid of them anymore. It means moving out old fear patterns and letting another emotional response come in its place. It means moving in rage which was left out, feeling it had no place in Creation, not even fears place, which was Hell.


   It has a terrible feeling of no place to receive it and of pounding on the Willís held terror to make and receive it. The Will, will receive this rage but it needs another approach. You cannot give anymore pain and terror to the Will and expected to open and receive it. That is a way of giving out blame here and not looking at its own responsibilities in not approaching the Will in a gentle way to begin with.


   It thinks it hates gentleness more than anything else in the world as a way to avoid looking at its own responsibility here, but it needs gentleness more than anything else to heal its own feelings of displacement. It cannot both give out what it refuses to accept form others, which is blame, and expect its blame to be received before it is time to let go blame.


   It has not considered this, because it has been so sure it is right that it thinks it only needs to get the object of blame to realize its fault, and what? Get another agenda? Not likely, if it really is to blame, knows it and means to be. 


   It is not to blame. It was a major misunderstanding, but this cannot be realized until the gap is gone all the way down through, because it does not matter what levels of consciousness realize it if it does not penetrate the gap. This we found out long ago. If consciousness could do it alone, it wouldíve been healed long ago.


   Few have wanted to go into the gap, and even fewer have returned once they go into it. It is a majorly dangerous place and one I do not recommend advancing on openly. Privately, in secret if necessary, healing must take place this time. If you do not think this is true, you have not been in your gap enough to know whether it is or not and have no business telling my Light you know better than I do. This is an old and original position, and imprinting is the cause of it, as it is the cause of everything else that went wrong because the gap has only imprinting to go on. My light was not loving yet there. Feelings were not accepted as having anything to offer, and so there was no Heart presence.


   Does that sound like a place you want to go to? I did nothing so. Yet feelings are not all good, and the feelings judged against as bad are all in the gap, operating there in a state of denial without love or light of My consciousness there with them.  


   That is a gap in itself; to have no love present and no light of My consciousness there, only old imprinting from before there was love. There is a major feeling in this gap that is right and is going to prove it anytime now. This is because, in its original imprinting, We had a major feeling that We were right and would have proved it if we had not been interfered with by our Other parts, which We at that time, did not recognize as Our other parts and had surprised Us by coming out of nowhere and opposing Us. This part of the gap has a major military buildup in place to prevent this from happening again, it thinks. It hated being interfered with when it was putting everything in place and has continued to ignore the signs and notices along the way that it needs to consider input from others.


   It has gotten very clever in its fragmentation, though, and appears to be receiving input, but is only talking to itself and does not notice there is anyone else there who has anything of value to offer or that needs to be considered. This is a very dangerous position to be in and one that almost cost My Light My Life and My existence in any form.


   I still have a major problem to turn around on Earth, but it is going to heal. It just needs more time; the very thing you all think you do not have any more of on Earth, yet the Earth changes never seemed to quite happen.


   They are happening. They are happening inside first and will happen very quickly in outer reality when it is the right time. I am not going to make any predictions here about when that is, because you all need to move your held stuff, or it is not going to happen for you the way you want it to, and that is all you need to know.


   The rest can be left up to Me. Although that is not a favorite position of yours, it is not possible to have it any other way at this time. It is necessary to move rage and terror if you do not trust Me until you can trust Me, because it is not possible to trust Me if you cannot feel that I am loving now.


   I have nothing more to say in this introduction, except that I hope you move what you need to move, take responsibility for what you need to heal the gap you need to heal at your own right speed so that my Light can come into the places where it has never been before. I am ready, are you?




A Healing of The Chakras

Ceanne De Rohan

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