The Search for True Understanding and Balance


Ceanne DeRohan





   If this is the first book in the Right Use of Will series that you have picked up, do not read it unless you are willing to go back and read all the other books in order first, because reality is, you will not know what I am really saying otherwise, and so this book will not help you in the ways you hope it will.


   If you do go back and read the others first, it will be well worth it to you, because then you will understand so much more when you get to this book than you have in the past, or will if you try to read it now.


   If you go back and start at the beginning, you need all of the books, of which this is the eighth. In numerology, the number eight is power in the physical plane, but it needs to be the power of the True Understanding and Balance which Spirit and Body cannot find without the Will and true Heart.


   Many people think that Spirit, Body and mind are capable of finding True Understanding and Balance, but this is not the case. If you do not already know this, you are not ready for this book. The long, painful and difficult search for True Understanding and Balance has been almost entirely co-opted into obscurity by point of view.


   Because of this, most people do not know what the true Heart really is or what the Will is even for any more. Most people think the Will is nothing more than positive thinking by the mind. This is not the case, either. True Heart is more than heart on the Spirit side-of things. Until the Will side of the heart is fully understood and integrated, there is no such thing as true Heart in anyone on Earth.


   To be ready to read this book, it is necessary to move along with your own Original Cause to know that you have this point of view problem, to know what your point of view is, to be moving the emotions that have held your own point of view in place for so long, to have been in your gap enough to know what it is and how it has empowered the holding of your own point of view, to take responsibility, not only for your own victimization, but also for your own perpetration and to know how to realistically widen your own point of view. Even many of you who have who have read all of the books and think you are ready for this one are not, unless you are moving along well with all these things.


   If you are taking this path or are going to take this path, be a good reader. Go back over things after you have moved emotion and see if they have another or deeper meanings than they did first time or even the first several times you read them. Look deeper and feel deeper then you have ever before, rather than blame the path for your own apparent lack of understanding.


   There are many things that are only one line in the books, but focusing on those portals can open vast areas of information and movement to you. Other things are said over and over because people still do not get the point, and it is needed to be said in many different ways and in many different settings over time for it to start to penetrate long-held points of view.


   Your lack of understanding may not be apparent to you, but it certainly is to My light. I know that this path works. If it does not seem to be working for you, you are overlooking key points in your own movement or need to face the fact that you are a fragment who left the Main Body of essence without everything you needed to sustain yourself as an individual. Shocking as it may sound, there are many people on Earth who have this problem and have not allow themselves to notice this about themselves, yet.


   You need to suspect that every one of your beliefs are quite possibly either not reality or not all there is to reality. There is so much more to reality than anyone has ever suspected that it is not even possible to write it into books. As lengthy as these books have gotten to be, it has only been possible to give the most necessary parts of the information on the Main Body experiences along with some information about the most relevantly aspected fragmentation that took the roles of the Main Body at times and usually, even when they thought they were only trying to be helpful, gave out confusion there. Without the realizations We have now of what Our own gaps were doing to oppose us, We could not do any better.


   Those of you who do not know what you have been doing in your own gaps; or are not willing to take responsibility for what you have done in your own gaps, should not read this book yet, either. It is not right time for you. You need to move your emotions for a lot longer first, until you to find that the Search for True Understanding and Balance is not necessarily holding onto your own point of view. As long as you feel you must hold on to certain points of view and fear what changing them or being wrong will mean, you will prefer to think you already have True Understanding and Balance. 


   All of life, for the Four Parts of God, has been a search for True Understanding and Balance, but the past lives I am going to go into here are particularly exemplary of this search in that they  are lives that have impacted many people and are lives in which most of the major players in the fragmentation were there. You will have to go into these lives yourself to find your own participation there which will relate very closely to your own Original Cause positioning, especially in the gaps We are looking at now for healing.


   These lives are not easy to read and understand in the ways they need to be read and understood. You are probably going to have to struggle with the painful parts, not even knowing why you have to read them at first, because they are not the usual superficial presentations of these time periods that give Us no new information and which have often obscured or deliberately omitted important points according to what points of view were going to be preserved or put forward as all there was there. These are not pleasant pictures of historical figures. They did not even live long, because they could not handle the struggles they found themselves to be trapped in. 


   It is not possible to have it go on like this anymore; feeling is that healing must take place, and that it must take place now. If you feel this way, you will need also to be ready to go into the depths of your own being in the presence of My Loving Light, for it is there, and nowhere else, that you will find your own True Understanding and Balance.



The Search for True Understanding and Balance

Ceanne DeRohan

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