Land of Pan

The Loss of Power and Magic on Earth


Ceanne DeRohan





   If the way had been known, at anytime earlier, to understand and heal, which means, in this case, to change, the original imprinting put in place by Primordial experiences at the very beginning of Creation, before there was time, relativity, or consciousness with which to measure these things, it would have been a much shorter and easier process to heal, in some ways, than it is now.


   After so many Long eons of conditioning from repeated experiences governed by imprinting, it seems overwhelming to heal it, yet in other ways and from other perspectives, this many layers of conditioning in the myrid of patterns form have been able to present here must have been necessary for certain aspects of consciousness to feel ready, not only to look at this, but to understand, not only that this is imprinting has to be healed, but also, how to heal it. This is because imprinting has not been recognized as having the presence it has had in everything and in the way it behaves, or seen for what it is. Imprinting was not known to have had the presence it has had, nor was it known how it was put in place. This is mostly because it all took place when consciousness was still at the subconscious level and because the bridge has never been allowed to be built in a steady progression of steps from the subconscious to the conscious without breaks in the connection which caused gaps or blank spots.


   This all needs to be looked at now, as well as the role form change has played in complicating and obscuring imprinting’s role as to why steps have not been able to be taken in evolution that need to be taken, and that some, at least, have wanted to take, but also that must be taken if there is going to be survival in any form that will allow humans to continue to know life as they know it now.


   So, in one sense, it seems there is now so much conditioning it is overwhelming to heal the problems, and that it would have been much easier to do this healing earlier; and in another sense, it took this many patterns of experience, form change efforts and layers of conditioning to be ready and able to understand how the problems must be healed. And so, it is now both more complicated, many-faceted and difficult, and also a more rich and full bank of experience to relate to, refer to and draw on.


   Since it seemed as overwhelming and undoable in the beginning as it does now, it is all relative in terms of a position of mind. This is a place where Mind and Body came together in the gap to get rid of the Will, which originally, as far as They were concerned, only complicated matters with uncomfortableness they wished to avoid, such as the issue of how much pain is involved in having to take this long for imprinting to be found, seen and understood for what it is. 


   You may not think you know or even remember Pangaea. You may not, as yet, even remember any past lives at all, as far as you know, but if you really do allow direct movement as emotion in the emotions you really feel but do not normally allow to move, and whose presence, as you are now, may be fleeting, perhaps only a split-second of connection at first before they are banished, shoved own or converted into some more “acceptable,“ you will begin to see how the cracks in your accepted and allowed reality or veneer, can be found and widened into openings, or doorways, into a widening reality in which more is seen, felt and understood, and you will become able, in the progression of this, to see how images and even realities are superimposed upon one another in such a way as to make clear that time as a progression in which there really is no past, present or future because it all present, yet there is past, present and future as a matter of location of focus of where you are now.


   For example, a man takes on, in your vision, for only a split second perhaps, the characteristics of a Satyr. Immediately, you leap out of the experience because of feeling of uncomfortableness there, which, if you stayed long enough, you would find is fear, in favor of a more habitually comfortable and familiar place of mind in which you invalidate the entire experience, perhaps even unnoticed, in a moment of time, in which mind can even ask questions.  Did he or didn’t he? Am I going nuts? Can I trust my perceptions?


   Instead of going back to the experience, which was probably fleeting at best, and which mind is ready to say cannot be recovered because it was not real, you, in the same moment of almost totally unnoticed mental activity, dismiss the entire thing, allowing mind to invalidate it by giving you the “understanding“ that such a thing is not possible and therefore, did not really happen.


   The trouble is mind didn’t have enough experience with which to gain true understanding before leaping out of experience because of uncomfortable feelings found there. Meanwhile, mind gave out its interpretation of this as true understanding rather than feeling and going into the experience and the uncomfortable feelings enough to gain true understanding. This is old imprinting in which mind made the original leap out of experience and the feelings of the Will, invalidating them, so that the bridge between all the factors was not fully built there to allow all possible and necessary information for mind to gain true understanding.


   Time, as a matter of location of focus has lost its validity and significance with those who have allowed their reality to be squeezed down into only the “present“ in order to avoid the uncomfortableness just mentioned, and is also a focus whose significance is lost when you notice that the pain from the past is always there in the so-called “present“ and “future.“


   On both counts, this is mostly because of not knowing how to clear old pains, the amount of which has always seemed overwhelming; but time also loses its significance as relative points in the progression when old pains are cleared to the point of allowing old experiences to become real again while new ones can still be created and experienced. This will be a healed state which has never been reached before by humankind, or by My light either, for that matter, since as God, I am everywhere and a part of everything, even if only in a state of denial as of yet, and so pain has always been a part of My existence as well as of yours.


   Focus has been able to make it seem as though an event is taking place “Now,“ not “then,“ or took place “then“, and not “now,“ as though there is a bigger difference than there really is, and which has been more agreed upon than real, even to the extent of using pressure to gain this “agreement.“ In view of this “agreement,“ form change, in the broadest latitude of the word usage, has been the main thrust of effort to change the experience here.


   Form change was the big area of focus on healing in the Heavens, along with getting rid of the feelings in the Will that were being held responsible for the problems with form. Form change was the focus of the healing efforts in Pan, and form change has continued to be the method of choice for problem solving with old forms that have not worked in the ways it was wanted to have them work.


   This belief around and approach to form change was originally put in place by fear of Mine that was imprinted with the idea that I had the wrong Form, and that a form change would, therefore, solve the problem. The alignment form gave here was as a way of saying It was a victim of the misalignment of Spirit and Will and needed help.


   So, in the sense that it is all here and now, yet here and now is a reality expandable by Will movement all the way back to include original imprinting, Pangaea is an important area, not only as the first physical reality for so many, as the source of so many myths and legends and as a way to more fully and deeply understand these myths and legends, but also as another excellent mirror for healing, especially because of the more fluid speed of events, and yes, of form changes in which a certain denials being made around this surfaced in Pangea, not just as simple form changes for fun, but also as deeply held imprints around healing, and improving upon what was originally done in the Godhead, knowing better than the Godhead, as displays, misuse and abuse of power, status and competition, not only in creativity, vision and accomplishment, but also positioning.


   Even though events that took place in Pangaea have resulted in greatly limiting both the speed and the latitude of form changes, it has remained a widely held belief that form change, as a mind body partnership will work.


   It has not worked, and without Will movement being given its right place, it will not work. As you remember your past on the way to remembering your imprinting, and your imprinting becomes more of a key to your past, your present and also your future, you will find that whether you have been unicorn, mixed up beast, fairy or satyr, elf or mermaid, priest or scholar, king, serf, slave, or whatever; when the experience, is felt deeply enough to understand the forms taken on in the different enactments, it will be found that the patterns have been the same, and will remain the same, until the imprinting is changed, no matter how it may appear at different points along the way. These patterns will always reflect the same points of view you had in the past and never looked beyond.


Are you ready to look now? If so, you will find that the path on which you lost power and magic is also the very path by which you be able to recover, restore and understand magic and power in such a way to you will not loose it again by failure to feel deeply enough to know how it should be rightly used.



Land of Pan

The Loss of Power and Magic on Earth

Ceanne DeRohan

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