Dedicated to Healing the Relationship Between Spirit and Will

Listening to Heal Fragmented Will

"This is Mother. My intent and desire is to help you learn how to develop a relationship with your emotional body, your Will. At the foundation of all healing is a healthy, respectful relationship with all aspects of Self. In order to heal, you must have communication with all these parts of Self. I would like to address the healing of the emotional body.

MIND wants to judge, doubt, deny, evaluate, justify, rationalize, theorize, hypothesize, scrutinize. EMOTION just wants to move in accordance to the vibration that commands it. By virtue of Mind's inherent nature, Mind interferes with the natural progression of Emotion's movement. Mind disrupts, alters and prevents Emotion from moving. Mind complicates a very simple process. Mind revels in complexities. Is it any wonder? For that is the job Mind was hired to do.

If your desire is to heal your fragmented Will you must get to know Her first. You must earn the trust of your Will before She will begin to speak to you. Allow each emotion to introduce itself to you. Allow Emotion to express its vibration. This is the language of your Will. To heal Her you must honour Her. To honour Her you must listen to Her speak. Every emotion has a signature vibration. You must get acquainted with your emotional vibrations.

If you cannot truly segregate the varying vibrations in your emotional spectrum then you do not know your Will and you cannot recognize Her many voices. How can you listen to many voices speaking simultaneously? Can you feel Anger without Fear? Can you feel Joy without Guilt? Can you feel Love without Shame?

Have you ever experienced one singular emotion on its own without influence from another? To understand the language of your Will you must learn to recognize the signature vibration of each emotion. Start with a simple exercise:

Introduction to Your Will

1.   Release Mind of Its obligations and responsibilities. Acknowledge Mind for all the work It does, the multi-tasks and functions of assessing and reporting on both internal and external worlds. When was the last time you authorized a vacation for Mind? Give gratitude to Mind for Its exceptional abilities and grant It leave for much deserved R & R!
2.   Arrange the appropriate environment. It must be quiet, warm and devoid of outside stimuli. It must be safe. Will only speaks in the presence of safety.
3.   Issue an invitation to your Will. Share your intention to let Her introduce Herself to you. She will be skeptical at first because She has not felt welcome in the past. That's OK. She is practicing Self-care. Her hesitancy is the result of previous judgment and subsequent repression. Share your heart's desire to get to know Her. If you are being honest with yourself She will feel your truth and will step forward.
4.   Invite one emotion at a time to step forward. We'll use Anger as an example. Ask Anger to introduce Itself to you. Feel Anger's vibration. Feel the resonance of Anger's tone. Feel Anger's harmonic. What does Anger sound like? What words does Anger choose for expression? Where in Body do you feel Anger's vibration? How does it feel to be angry?


  • Stay present with one emotion at a time. This is very important. If you sense other emotions wanting to rush in simply recognize they are over zealous. They have been silenced for much of their existence. Extend patience and compassion and reassure them they will all have equal opportunity to express.
  • If you feel compelled to negate the emotion reassure Mind that it is safe to relax. It is safe to be vulnerable to the Will. She has no intent to harm but rather to be known.
5.   Move through the spectrum of your emotional body familiarizing yourself with the identities of each vibration based on how It feels. How does it feel to be Afraid? Ashamed? Guilty? Frustrated? Anxious? Joyous? Peaceful? Aroused? For the purpose of this exercise remain focused on the intent which is simply to be introduced to your feelings, so that you may become familiar with them and recognize them in the future. This is the process of getting to know your Will.

Developing a healthy relationship built on trust takes time. Have patience with Self. This is not the time for exploring the pain held by each emotion. It is simply an introduction. This is the time for learning what each emotion feels like so you can recognize them individually when they express. Until you can recognize what emotions you are truly feeling at any given time, you cannot safely navigate through the triggers of pain.

You must learn to identify your feelings, understand their unique expression and honour them without judgment. If you judge your feelings they will not express and will remain suppressed and compressed until they revolt in survival mode. This is not a healthy expression of your Will but is the result of chronic solitary confinement.

If your true heart's desire is to heal your fragmentation you must start by developing a relationship with your emotional body. Only when you learn how to listen to your emotions can you bring your fragmentation out of the gap and home in unity with Self.

Practicing this fundamental exercise allows expression of your emotions without judgment. Only when you can release judgments of your emotional body is it possible for your fragmentation to begin speaking. The most difficult element of this exercise is 'allowance'. You must give yourself permission to feel. You must allow each emotion to step forward and introduce itself to you.

To alleviate Minds' need to judge you could perhaps view this exercise as an introduction of the cast of characters in a play. Each character has a role in the overall presentation of the drama. The absence of any one character affects the performance of the other characters and alters the authenticity of the original story. Incompleteness paints a different picture altogether and communication of the story is adversely affected.

You cannot learn your truth unless you allow freedom of expression."

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