Dedicated to Healing the Relationship Between Spirit and Will

Meeting the Needs of the Emotional Body

"Once you have identified the various vibrations of your emotional body you will be able to learn how to allow the expression of those vibrations. The intent of this exercise is to learn the healthy, natural expression of each emotion. Approach this exercise when you are able to clearly distinguish the different signature vibrations of your emotions.

Whereas 'allowance' was required for the first exercise, the most difficult aspect of this exercise is 'listening'. Set your intentions to listen to your emotions speak. The purpose of this exercise is to have your emotions tell you what they need for unconditional expression. Unconditional expression is necessary for a healthy emotional body. All emotions need to express. Dis-ease in Body results when emotions are refused their natural expression. As each emotion has a signature vibration, so does each emotion have a signature expression.

In the absence of full unconditional expression is distortion. And distorted emotional expression interferes with the expression of Body. Body then manifests physical discord and imbalance. When Will is denied healthy, unconditional expression Body then becomes the vehicle for the expression of Will. Obviously this could not be a healthy expression because it has become the expression of an unhealthy Will. The expression of an unhealthy Will through Body is called Dis-ease and symptoms are the language used by the emotions. Repressing the natural expression of emotion creates dis-ease.

  1. Start with an emotion you would most enjoy communicating with. We'll use Joy as an example. Invite Joy into dialogue with you. Drawing from your experience with Joy in the previous exercise, feel Joy commune with you. See the colour of Joy, feel the vibration of Joy, hear the sounds of Joy, locate Joy's resonance in your body. Clearly identify the signature vibration of Joy.
  2. When you are satisfied you are communing with Joy and Joy alone, ask Joy: "What do you need for optimum healthy expression in our life?" Allow Joy to respond. You may hear a voice or you may feel it in your body. Perhaps Joy needs to sing. Perhaps Joy needs to dance. What ever Joy's expression is allow it to be without judgment. If you judge Joy's choice of expression you are denying Joy and those denials and judgments are pushed down into Body where they manifest as disease.
  3. Explore the full spectrum of your emotional body. Pace yourself. You do not need to dialogue with all your emotions in one day. Take notes. Perhaps you could write a "dictionary" of emotional behaviour to serve as a reference.

Alternate between emotions you are comfortable with and emotions you are uncomfortable with. Invite in Anger, for example. Allow Anger to tell you what It needs to express Itself. Notice how Anger's movement is more aggressive than the gentleness of Joy. This does not mean that Anger is "bad". That is a judgment. The energy of Anger is direct and concentrated, like a lightening strike. The energy of Joy is subtle like a whispy summer breeze.  Neither is good. Neither is bad. They simply are what they are and to label them is judgment. Judgment, as we know, distorts their natural expression.

  1. The next step would be practical application. Practice expressing each emotion as they have instructed you. Some parameters for the expression of emotion may need to be established first. For example, Joy may want to sing and dance naked. Unfortunately, in "modern" society dancing naked in the street will get you arrested! Choose an appropriate environment for the full natural expression of your emotions. Anger may need something to strike in order to accommodate Its movement. Choose a safe environment for the movement of Anger where no one can get hurt including Self and personal property.

In a pace that is suited to you explore the expressions of all your emotions until you are comfortable in your new relationship with your Will. This is the process of Self mastery and takes time. In a perfect world emotions are expressed spontaneously without judgment, guilt or projection. In such a world there is no disease because Body is expressing It's true nature and not a dysfunctional Will."


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