Meeting the Soul and Spiritual Teacher
Channeling/Evolutionary Exercises for Channels
Channeled by Barbara Burns
Light Technology Publishing


   I, Vywamus am pleased that you have made this commitment to channeling and I can assure you that it is most appropriate at this time. Your Soul seeks to speak with you even more deeply than it has in the past. Please seat yourself comfortably, with feet or hips flat on the floor and spine straight. Go within. Please see that you are surrounded by a beautiful column of golden light all around your body. The light fills you and moves through you a you feel it's beauty and its support for you. Now you become aware that this beautiful column of light descends beneath you deep down, down into the earth. This beautiful golden light descends and down, farther and farther until it connects right into the heart of the Earth. You allow your conscious mind to gently descend down the column of light, gliding, floating down the column of light.

   As you descend, you see that it is bright and beautiful and there are no openings or breaks in the light. It is strong and bright and clear its supports you as you gently descend right to the bottom, which is in the heart of the Earth. Now with your imagination, you see that in one hand, you have five beautiful golden nails of light and in the other hand, you have a golden hammer. These are the symbols of your commitment to Earth and to the light. With the strength and power of your commitment drive the nails into the bottom of the column so that they are firm and secure and strong, connecting your column of light deeply into the heart of the Earth. Yes, your commitment is strong and bright my friend. You now feel a gentle, loving response from the Earth to your commitment in light and you feel a beautiful golden/green energy flowing to you from the heart of the Earth.

   This beautiful golden/green energy flows into the bottom of your column of  light and it lifts you up in the column of light. Gliding smoothly, cradled in this beautiful loving energy from the Earth you rise up, the column of light right back into your body and you feel the green/Gold and energy moving very gently but strongly through you. Now you look up and see that your beautiful column of light goes up and up and up through the heavens, higher and higher than you can even see. You allow your mind, consciousness to float up, up out of the top of your head through the opening, which is the Crown chakra. Up you go, flowing gently upwards in your column of beautiful golden/green, light and you look all around you and you see how strong, bright, and clear your golden column. There are no holes no openings in the know within your heart that no one and nothing can come into your column of light without your consent, for this is your place of Divine connection.

   Now you move up towards more quickly, gliding up and up, higher and higher, and you see that there is a bright, white light at the top of the column, so bright and clear it touches your heart deeply and you move with joy towards it. See the bright, white, sparkling light that calls you and moves you. You move up and up into the bright light. You are floating high in this bright white light of God, of the Source. You are cradled in the light of the Source. You feel so large. You expand. Breathe deeply now, drawing in the bright white light of the Source, filling you with loving bright white light. Now you see again that you have five Golden nails in one hand and a beautiful golden hammer in the other hand and again these are the symbols of your commitment to the Source and to the service of light. With the strength of your commitment to the light, drive these golden nails right into the top of the column of light so that in your imagination you can see that they are strongly anchoring this column of light into the heart of the Source level, making a strong and powerful connection that will always be there for you.

   When this is complete, begin to glide gently down, down the column of light, floating, gliding in the light, gently now. Looking around, see the beautiful column, strong and bright and clear in your heart fills with joy of this light and its power. Now you look down and you see your physical body sitting in the column of light. You see the Crown chakra is open like a great flower and you feel yourself gently sliding through the opening at the top of your head and settling comfortably in your body again. You feel now the bright light you have brought with you filling that body, making if feel expanded and alive, full of light.  

   Now imagine that your conscious mind is a tiny human figure of light, standing in the middle of your head. Focus all of your attention into this little being of light until you feel that you are this figure of light within your head. Using your imagination, see that as you stance within the head, a beautiful stairway opens up before you going gently downward. It is a beautiful stairway of gold and white light, sparkling brightly now, inviting, beautiful and clear. You begin to walk down the stairs and, as you walk, they become brighter and brighter. There is a soft, gently, loving light and it flows all around you as you move downward towards the area of your heart center.

   At the bottom of the stairs, you come out into a beautiful room, a beautiful, large, well-lit room with high, high ceilings full of light. It is so beautiful! Using your imagination now, see how you have furnished and made beautiful this lovely room. There are lights and beautiful colors. Perhaps there is furniture. Perhaps there is a fountain spilling out sparkling water with a lovely tinkling sound. You see with your imagination that all the beautiful things that you have seen and loved on your journey upon the earth are gathered here in your heart. Yes, my friends, this beautiful place of light is your heart centre. It is not just your physical heart center but it is the center of your heart energy, a great place that is the center of your being here upon Earth. From this wondrous place, you can go anywhere that you desire, for this great heart is connected to all that is. The through the heart you are connected with all the wonders that God has created and to the Source itself.  

   Now my friends, you see that in one wall is a beautiful, large door. The door is beautifully carved and there is light streaming around its edges. You feel your heart stirring as you see the bright ness and you feel a great desire to see what is beyond this beautiful door of light. So you cross the room and you stand before the door. You look closely and see that there is a sign upon the door and you can read this sign. It says, ` This is the door to the spiritual plane. " Now, my friends, with the strength of your commitment to self, to your own growth as a being of light, you open the door. Light streams all around you, beautiful white light and a beautiful sound of singing that is high, bright and clear fills your ears. You can hear it in the distance. Now see that you are standing in a long, beautiful corridor of light. You see far up had that at the top of the corridor there is more beautiful white light that streams in and touches your heart, stirring you with joy and hope. You begin to walk up the corridor, seeing how beautiful it is. As you walk up towards the light becomes brighter and brighter and the sweet high music you hear stirs your heart ever more deeply.  

   Now you come to the end of the hall and you step out upon a beautiful, wide, plane of light. Using your imagination, you look all around you and everywhere you see light. There are colors of dancing and flowing in the light. Each color seems to have its own sound that sense and you feel it in your heart. You brief deeply, drawing in the light and the sweet, high energy of this place. You look around and you expand with joy, for you know the energy of this place. You have felt this in your heart before, but now it comes to you stronger and brighter than ever before.

   You see far in the distance that that there is a moving point of light and that it is moving towards you. There is a golden path that comes right up to you and you see that a beautiful being of light is hurrying towards you down the golden path. As it comes closer and closer, you use your imagination and you see that it is a great being of light. There is light flowing all around it and glorious colors trailing from it. Its energy is beautiful, strong, and clear. It comes up the path and now stands before you. Using your imagination, give it a face. What kind of face would such a great being of love and light have? Use your imagination, and give it eyes that are deep and ancient and look into those eyes with your imagination and with your heart. You see an ancient wisdom that stirs your heart and you know that this one has been with you always.  

   Know within your Heart that it is through this great being that you have come forth upon the Earth. Look deeply into those loving eyes. See how strong is love there for you. This one is committed to you and loves you. Truly, you feel trust within your Heart. For this one seeks only the highest and the best for you as a child of light. You feel the trust and your heart opens to this great being. Now the being holds out its arms. If you are willing, allow yourself to be embraced. Feel yourself surrounded with a love and light and strength of this great being. Your Heart opens and it's beauty, its love, and its power flows through you, filling your Heart. Your Heart expands and fills with joy and yes, you know who this is. You know that this one is your Soul. You can feel this in your Heart. Yes, you know the truth within your Heart.  

   Feel how your Heart resonates and calls to this great being. Your Soul looks at you and smiles deeply. It is seeking something, and asking perhaps, " Do you have a place within your Heart for me? " perhaps you do. Perhaps you have been preparing all this time, making a place, a beautiful glorious place within your heart for this wondrous Soul. If you are willing, guide your Soul to the corridor that you have come through. See how it follows you in joy. See how eager this lovely being of Power and Light is to connect with you, to be with you, to speak with you, to communicate and be part of your life. Glide swiftly down that corridor, your Soul following you, and pass through the door back into your Heart center. See the Soul does not come in. it stands at the door respecting you, respecting your free will, your choice. It waits now. It waits for you to give it permission, to invite it into your Heart. No one can come into your light without your consent. Will you invite the Soul into your heart now? Yes, I think you will. Give now this is invitation from your Heart and ask your soul to enter. See now how the Soul in joy flows into your Heart center.

   Where is the place you have made for your Soul? Look around your Heart center for the perfect place you have prepared. Is it a beautiful chair? Perhaps it is a shrine or crystal. Indeed my friends, you have long been preparing this place for your Soul. It is the reason why your Heart center is so beautiful. You have been awaiting the Soul. See now the place you have made for the Soul. It is so right. It is so beautiful and your love and commitment shines forth from the place you have prepared. Offer it to your Soul. See now the Soul in joy and delight as it takes up the place that you have prepared for it. See how perfectly you have prepared for the Soul. Now sit for a while with your Soul in your Heart centre. If you listen within yourself, a message comes now from your Soul. You look deeply into its eyes, and using your imagination, you will see that it is conveying to you a message of love and joy. It has waited long for this time. Listen with your Heart as your Soul speaks to you now.

   After you have communed with your Soul until this seems complete, notice that you begin to hear a gentle sound within the Heart center. There is a knocking at the door to the spiritual plane. There is a great light flowing around the door. Your Soul knows who is there. It is someone from the spiritual plane seeking to connect and speak with you. Your Soul smiles at you, for it knows the great and loving being that stands awaiting you in your corridor to the spiritual plane. Will you go and see? Your Soul and you go to the door. Your Soul smiles at you, reassuring you that truly this one who comes, is in the light, is a great and loving being. It is a Spiritual Teacher, perhaps a master that you have worked with before, my friend, one that you have loved, and known. Now will you open the door? I think so. Your soul encourages you.

   See yourself opening the door. There is a great being of light standing there, respectfully. It is a teacher from the spiritual plane. It does not come in because you have not yet invited it, not yet given permission. Look at this wondrous being. A first you only see a great body of light. Now, use your imagination. What kind of face with such a great being of light have? Give it a face. Perhaps your secret memories will show you how that wondrous one was dressed and looked the last time you connected with the clearly. Who is this great being of light? You look deeply into its eyes and ask. It will tell you. If you have difficulty receiving this information, listen with your Heart and you will know. This spiritual teacher now seeks to connect with you again, to work with you in service to the light. This one asks your permission to step into your Heart to communicate with you. Perhaps you will allow this one to enter. I think you will, my friend, for a part of you knows this one very well. See now as you give permission to, this beautiful being of light enters into your Heart centre, filling your Heart with its loving, bright energy.  

   As you connect with it, you feel a deep trust and recognition. Truly, you know that this connection is from the light, from the Source. If you listen very deeply, there is a message in your Heart from this great teacher. If you listen, your Heart will tell you what the message is. Listen to the message of love and wisdom that is being given to you. Pause now and take little time to commune in your Heart with your spiritual teacher. I believe there is also a message for you that this teacher will return to your Heart centre, if you will but invoke and invite.

   When you feel complete with this communication, gently release the connection. The spiritual teacher embraces you lovingly and departs, but you feel that some of the beautiful light and energy still remains with you in your heart, giving you support, hope, and love. Now rest within your Heart, and enjoying the company Light and love of your Soul, feeling this Souls energy expanding and filling your Heart. Now my friend, began to release the energy that you have been channeling. Begin to feel the energy releasing above your head and flowing down the top of your head, and running like water from the neck and shoulders down the back and chest, like water running away in the sand, ebbing gently, flowing away. It moves down your body into the root chakra and moves down through the legs and feet, flowing down into the Earth. You release this bright beauteous energy that has been flowing in your column of light into the Earth. As that light that you had channeled touches the Heart of the Earth, you feel again the loving response of the Earth in a beautiful green energy sparkling with gold comes flowing up from the Heart of the Earth into your body. It flows up, filling your body gently, softly, nurturing, and supporting you. This beautiful green/golden Earth energy flows right through you and out the top of your head, moving up the column light and into the glorious white light of the Source at the very top of your column. You see my friend, the Earth and the Source connect and embrace through you. Through your channel, you connect them in love and light. It is a great service that you do in this way.  

   Rest now in your column of light in the Heart centre. Feel yourself cradled gently in the energy of your Soul and the Earth. When you are ready, feel your consciousness filling up your body, your arms, your legs, your pelvis, your back, your chest, your back, and your head. You are fully occupying your body now. You are centered strongly and balance firmly within your physical structure. Rest now and when you are ready open your eyes.

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