The Nature of Communication
CHANNELING Evolutionary Exercises For Channels
Vywamus channeled by Barbara Burns

   In this chapter where going to talk about relationships.  When I speak of relationships, the first thing you think of is relationships between yourself and other people, but that is not the full story. You see, interrelationship is any kind of connection between two points of consciousness. For example, when you hold a crystal, which is a representative of the mineral kingdom, you can really feel it's life force. All life has consciousness. Perhaps it is not self conscious like yours, but nonetheless, life is consciousness. When two points of consciousness connect with each other, they have a relationship. Every time consciousness touches consciousness and interaction in any way, there is a relationship. This broadens our discussion on relationships a lot does it not? You have, for example, a relationship with the Earth.  You have many relationships with members of the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. For example, if you have a little pet, you have a relationship between two points of consciousness. When you are working with a Spiritual Teacher, you have another relationship between two points of consciousness. If you are so open and loving a being that you have connections or communications with the devas, these are relationships too. The term "relationship" covers a lot ground. 

   How is a relationship created and continued? Essentially, I would say, that it is through communication. When two points of consciousness get together and experience each other, what is really happening is that they are sharing their space and they are transferring energy between them. So a relationship is perhaps best described as an energy exchange through communications. This is why channeling is so very useful in relationships. It helps you to understand in a very focused and knowing way what it is that you are exchanging with another being. For example, when we channel and teach channeling most of you say, "oh I was already doing that. I did not realize that was channeling." What we have been teaching is how to do it in a focused and purposeful fashioned so that you know moment to moment who you are sharing what with. When you get together in a group to channel, much is communicated and understood. Afterwards you all talk about it, and anything you might have perhaps forgotten begins to come forward, so that after an evening spent together talking to your spiritual teachers you go home and you have a very good idea of what kind of communication you were involved in. What we're doing is making your communication more focused and more conscious.  Now I really am going to focus my discussion on relationships with other people, but wanted to make sure that you understand that what we are talking about applies to any exchange of energy between two points of consciousness.  

   A lot of communication and, therefore relationships, are not very conscious here on Earth. I think you are all discovering that you communicate with other people all the time in ways that you would not even aware of.  You are coming to understand here what body language is and you are beginning to understand what auric fields are. Many of you understand very well that  people's energy talks to you and tells you what they're feeling and tells you the state of their health as well. You are all becoming very aware of certain communications and relationships that you have had with other people on a very subconscious or some subliminal level. It is very important to start bringing those communications up into a purposeful, conscious and focused level the way we are doing with the channeling process. You are often communicating a lot to another person that you don't know you're communicating and they are responding to the communication that you have unconsciously given. Sometimes the way others respond to you seems quite strange.  For example, when you come into a room at a social occasion, you do not always know why some people seem to respond to you so warmly when they have never met you before and why other people seem to take delight in being in annoying when you also never met them before that you know of.  

    I would like to tell you that as you come into to that room you are already communicating.  You have been communicating for along time in this life and in other lives on a number of different levels. This is where it gets interesting. The only communication level most people on the Earth are aware of is from the personality ego level of self to the personality ego level of another. Most of you are quite aware that you have other focuses.  You have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body and your Soul, for example, there are other focuses of self that you may not yet be aware of. Did you know that when you are relating to another consciousness you are speaking or communicating at all levels? You know about body language.  That is a beginning for understanding the ways in which physical body speaks to the physical body of another person. You are also beginning to understand, as you become more and more aware of the way other people feel to you, that even the physical body is sending out other messages that are not visible to the eye. You know when you are near a person whose body is in overdrive, although they are not necessarily saying anything, at a certain level you are feeling the knots in their muscles and the way their nerves are jangled. You are getting physical communication.  

    As well, you communicate a lot at an emotional level. Even on the Earth now people are beginning to understand that and sometimes when they do, they talk about taking on another person's emotional " stuff." You have experienced this when you go into a room in there is someone who is very depressed. At first because you are so cheerful, you try to cheer them up but all the time their emotional body is talking to yours, perhaps telling yours how depressing everything else. If your emotional body is not feeling very powerful, it sometimes says," you know you are right. It really is awful isn't? I know what you mean. Just the other day I was feeling that very thing." All of this is going on quite below the notice of the personality ego level.  All you have been accustomed to registering is that for some unknown reason you begin to feel depressed.  

   Mental communication is also becoming well known upon the earth. You have all heard of telepathy. Well, there is quite a lot more to it. The mental bodies of people communicate on an ongoing basis, often without any conscious awareness. They send thoughts back and forth all the time while the personality ego doesn't hear a thing. The kind of thoughts that sometimes go back and forth are things like," here comes the really annoying person again.  You know if I was not such a gentleman I would tell him what I really think," or," here comes that whiny person again. I wish she would be quiet for goodness sake." Did you know that the person's mental body gets that message pretty clearly? They send something back which is often just as abrasive, for obvious reasons. While all this is going on and, often the personality ego is saying aloud, " oh its so good to see you again. It's just been ages. I was just saying to myself the other day where is my good friend so and so?" 

    What is really happening? With all of these different levels of communications going on mostly unacknowledged, there is a confusion that sets in. Many of you have had the experience of knowing that people are very nice to you and go out of their way all the time and yet you never feel very grateful to them. Sometimes it is because a mental body is saying; "I give and give and give to the ungrateful person and they never give anything back. They are lucky to have a friend like me.  They are very fortunate that I like them at  all;" and your mental body is saying;" as far as I'm concerned you can just keep your begrudging niceness." At the conscious level you just smile and say, " oh thank you for that lovely gift. I really appreciate it. You do so many wonderful things for me." Then you both go off feeling very uncomfortable. While you have been having very contradictory Communications at different levels, you are not only aware of the personality level interaction which does not seem to be consistent with your uncomfortable feelings.  

    Of course your Spiritual bodies communicate to when they have become developed enough to talk to each other. This is usually not in the early stages of evolution in physicality.  At that stage there isn't a great deal of communication at this level. When a being reaches the evolutionary stage that you have, the spiritual body becomes quite expanded, normally about a foot and a half or more beyond the physical structure, and some are quite a bit larger.  When you gathering groups to meditate and channel, your Spiritual bodies become very activated and aware of incoming energies. They interact very enthusiastically with each other and with the Spiritual Teachers.  This excitement and joy is most often felt by you as a sense of expansiveness and purposefulness.  

   When Souls evolve, their ability to communicate evolves. We can look at Soul level communication as well.  I think you know that Souls talk to each other all the time on their level. I find that they are quite talkative, because they love to relate and communicate and they know each other very well. It is so easy to get a Soul talking, they love to communicate.  Why do Souls communicates so much? Well, there are two good reasons I can think of.  One is because Souls are at a level of consciousness where they are able see quite clearly that we are all part of the same wholeness, and that talking to each other helps us to experience the Oneness. This is very much the purpose for the Heart center " Boardroom " Exercise I'll be giving in next chapter. The goal in that exercise is to have all parts of your consciousness communicate so much together that after awhile they don't seem to be separate anymore. They all begin to recognize that they are part of the whole that is self. Experience of the Oneness comes through communication. As I view it, this is the thrust of our Divine plan.  Ideally, the sparks of life that flow from the Source are always recognizing each other in their totality through loving communication.  

     There is another reason why Souls love to communicate and that is because that is the way you will evolve. Think about that. How is it that evolution comes through communication? Well, we know that evolution seems to come from having experiences. What has that got to do with communication? Well, and experience is a communication. Perhaps you are having an experience with another person, with the planet, with the consciousness from another Earth Kingdom or a being from a plane of consciousness quite beyond the Earth. Having an experience is just taking your energy and connecting it with the energy of these beings, places and events, all of which have consciousness moving within them because they are alive with the life force of the Source. If you were to put yourself in a little box, where there is absolutely no other consciousness to interact with you, I think it would stunt your growth a little in terms of evolution because you have no experience  to challenge and expand you.  

    I would like to talk about the patterning, the communicating of patterning that is really, for me, what the Source plan is all about.  The plan I am always talking about is a series of multi levels progressions of communication.  The plan is one great network of living consciousness communicating and enter acting through their communications. Communication is the method the Source has chosen to of all the self, and you, being part of the Source, involve yourself through your communications.  Now that shows how important communication is, because if your evolution depends on communication, I think it is probably something you will want to do very well.  

    You know that on the Earth there are many opportunities to communicate in ways that aren't very much fun.  You know that if you have an argument with your neighbor and you start throwing rocks at each other that is not communication that makes you feel as if you are evolving very much.  When you try to relate to other people and they seem to want to block you everywhere you turn, that doesn't feel very evolving-at least not until you are through with it.  I think all of you are saying to yourself," I wish that other people would not try to get in my way so much.  I wish people would understand who I truly am and treat me with love and respect." Sometimes you're saying, "I wish people would not communicate with me in all those dreadful ways.  If that's the only way they can communicate I would like them to go way." When you think is the communication is every kind of contact between points of consciousness, I think you would say that many of the frustrations in your life have to do with inadequate communication.  

    I have a suggestion. I would like to say to you that, from my observations, the method of communication that is generally taught on the Earth is from Ego Personality to Ego Personality.  I think is probably the most inefficient level of communication available.  I think that's one of the biggest reasons why you are not very happy with your communication.  When I look all the levels of communication that are possible, I think that the Soul level communication is perhaps the most satisfying.  One of the reasons is because Souls do not hide anything.  Souls don't have the secrets. Why would you hide anything from anyone? There is only one reason I can think of and that is fear.  If you think about all the things you do not want people to ever know about you, I think you'll agree that fear is behind this, fear that people will do something to you if they find out, fear that they will take advantage of you, fear that they will laugh at you or that if they will reject you.  Really, secrets are all based on fear.  Souls don't have that much fear I have noticed, so they don't have any secrets.  They are very open and loving and enjoy communication greatly.  They tell the truth, always.  Sometimes you do not understand exactly what they are communicating and what they are saying but believe me, they are trying to give you the truth as they view it from their level. 

    There's something else about Souls that I really like. They are always loving.  Even when they have to tell you a truth that might seem a little  sour, they do it in the nicest way, right from the Heart. Souls are full of light, so they never give you darkness when they connect with you.  I would say that when you think about the things you do not like about your communications and therefore your relationships, I think you'll find that the solutions are to be found in Soul to Soul communications. What I recommend to solve this problem of relationships is that you get to know the Souls of people you're dealing with.  How do you suppose you go about that? Well, since your Soul is a very good friend of the other Souls that it connects with and since you getting to be quite communicative with your Soul, I think that your Soul would be able to arrange a higher level of interaction between you and others.  It's like seeing a wonderful person at a party and knowing that you really want to talk to them but you believe that you don't know them.  You have to find a mutual friend who will make the introductions for you.  Then your communication will go very well.  So what we do is just ask your Soul to make the introduction.  It works very well. 

    I think some of you might be saying to yourself, "well, that is very nice but my problems with these people are down here, not up there. I am pretty sure that if I got up there now I would like them quite well, but that is not the situation right now." As a channel, you are able to bring the higher vibrational truths and anchor them in your daily life. You bring the information, the understanding, the tolerance and compassion from the Soul level right down through the dimensions.  As you know, this actually involves the assistance of your four bodies.  If they are all aligned with the Soul they are quite agreeable to bringing the Soul level truth into their actions and communications. 

    When all of the focuses of self really agree and get into a complete alignment with the Soul about your relationships with others, self as a whole begins to send out only one message to other people.  Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you are communicating the same Soul inspired message.  After a while, people begin to think that you are a very, very focused and clear person.  Did you ever wonder why sometimes a perfectly good idea is not very convincing to other people? Often this is because part of you might be telling them another story.  When you're saying the same thing to people at all levels they really receive the message, and if this is a message that is coming from the very highest level, it is a high, clear, loving, life-filled truth that doesn't bring back attack, scorn or rejection.  Once in awhile you draw a blank, but that's because the Personality level just doesn't know how to respond to the truth after their Soul has communicated to you through your Soul. 

    I believe that communication with the Soul level makes it very easy for you to be compassionate, loving and tolerant with others, even at the Ego Personality level.  Sometimes a person's Soul tells you something about them that you did not know, which makes you feel very compassionate, and you better understand those annoying things that people do that previously upset you.  Sometimes you treat other people in a particular way because you are very sure of who they are and the reasons for their behavior.  If you talk to their Soul you may come to realize that you never really understood their feelings and their view of their own reality.  Often, once you do this it is easy to emphasize, to put yourself in their shoes and to feel compassion.  Sometimes you think people are attacking you and they keep acting that way and you want to attack them to. Then you find out from their Soul that they act like that because they are afraid and lonely and this is their idea of how to deal with that.  Well, you know longer feel like attacking them too.  Sometimes you feel like shaking them and saying, " look this is no way to get my affection," but nevertheless, you understand and you are no longer triggered into automatic responses over and over again with these people. 

    The process is really very easy.  It is much like getting your Soul to be the operator of the telephone.  You dial a number and your Soul makes the connection with the Soul of the other person. 

    As you remember from other discussions, the strength of your Will or intention is very, very important and it is really quite easy to focus your intention.  Sometimes a statement made very clearly your mind is just what you need.  What I would like you to do now is pick a person with whom you would like to have a clear and effective communication.  Perhaps it would be more interesting if it were a person with whom you cannot communicate well face-to-face. This exercise is perhaps the most useful when you can not talk to the person very effectively at the Personality level.  It is also appropriate to pick the subject about which you want to communicate.  Remember when you talk to the Soul of the other person, it is not going to have ant conflicts with you.  This is going to be surprising for some people.  Despite the fact there may be a lot of hostility activated at the Personality level, the interaction with the Soul level is very loving.  Souls always love each other.  So if you're dealing with a very hostile Personality level, don't expect to see a hostile Soul, because you won't.  Remember, in this exercise when you are communicating that it is the Personality Ego level on the Earth plane that you are having difficulty with, not the Soul.  Remember these are two very different levels of consciousness.  There's one more thing that I want to remind you about before we begin this exercise.  You know that when there is difficulty in a communication it is never only one person's responsibility and I think you'll have to agree that you're probably doing something that is fostering or at least supporting this lack of communication.  Of course, it is your Personality ego level that is doing this, certainly not your Soul.  When you are engaged in a difficult communication, it is important that both parties come from highest level.  Remember that you're going to be speaking to that other Soul through your Soul and if you start getting angry or irritated, you are in your Personality level. If you start to feel the irritation or anything that feels heavy or dense, pull yourself up and say within yourself, " Soul, help me now, I am losing our connection little.  " Then imagine that you are wrapping yourself in the Soul light and move yourself to the higher level consciousness. 

    I know that you are the kind of person that takes responsibility for your communications and relationships.  Otherwise, you'd be approaching this issue of communication from your Personality level, saying, " I am doing everything properly.  I can speak for myself.  I don't even have to talk to my Soul.  I have got it all right.  It's only the other person that is wrong; " but you really do understand that you're quite causal in your difficult communications.

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