Welcome to  Avalonís Poetry


  Welcome to the Poetry section of Avalon Pacificaís website. Throughout time, poetry, music and epic canticles have created a bridge for our passage between the phenomenal  world and that of the lighter subjective spirit realms.

    Much like a casual afternoonís day dream, they  remain outside of our attempts to influence our surroundings and in effect  alter the gift.  To connect in common with everything around us, we need to drop our defensive postures to appreciate them  all.  Through  poetry and music we find that place to tap into the rest of our extended family.

   As a family member, I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to add to the richness of this site with poetry that will move us to those lighter and happier places, since most of what we hear about today often seems to be of the heavy tragic news so full of doubt and hopelessness; letís change it by adding life and joy to it.


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