Exploring Atlantis
Dr. Frank Alper


"This book is a compilation of spiritually Channeled lectures through the soul of Dr. Frank Alpert. It deals with the social, moral, sexual and spiritual customs and habits of the ancient Atlanteans.

The majority of this book is devoted to the functions and uses of quartz crystals by the Atlanteans. Their sizes, shapes, colors, and functions are an integral part of this presentation. Many geometric patterns for healing with the crystals are described in detail.

This book also deals with the great healing Temple, as well as the Temple the Dolphins, describing their functions in great detail.

Frank Alper is a well-known and respected teacher of metaphysics and spiritual growth throughout the southwest. He founded the Arizona Metaphysical Society now known as Adonis Enterprises, in 1974.

The channelings of Dr. Alpert are distributed nationally, and periodically published in book form. His books are utilized as textbooks for those seeking truth

Over the years, his energy levels have developed to the point where he integrates energies directly to the core spirit of many masters in universal aspects of creation. In his role to share all that becomes available to him, he also opens channels in many others to receive higher transmissions in a direct manner."

Exploring Atlantis
Dr. Frank Alper
Adamis Enterprises
P.O. Box 44027
Phoenix, Az. 85064
ISBN 0-929365-01-1


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