Journeys Out of The Body
Robert A. Monroe


"The following ordinarily would appear in a forward or preface. It is placed here on the assumption that most readers skip such preliminaries to get to the meat of the matter. In this case, the following is the crux of all.

The primary purposes for the release and publication of material contained here are (1) that through dissemination is widely as possible, some other human being–perhaps just one–maybe saved from the agony and terror of trial and error in an area where there has been no concrete answers; that he may have comfort in the knowledge that others have had the same experiences; that he will recognize in himself the phenomenon and thus avoid the trauma of psychotherapy, or at worst, mental breakdown and commitment to a mental institution; and (2) that tomorrow or in the years to come, the formal, accepted sciences of our culture will expand their horizons, concepts, postulates, and research to open wide the avenues and doorways intimated here and to the great enrichment of man’s knowledge and understanding of himself and his complete environment.

If one or both of these aims are served, whenever and wherever it may be, this is sufficient reward indeed"

Doubleday & Company
ISBN: 0-385-00861-9


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