Mahatma I & II
"The I Am Presence"
By Brian Gratten


This new book, MAHATMA II, completes for humankind what had to be stated at this bewildering time on Earth, with so much new and, until now, unidentifiable energy and rapid shifts in consciousness within which the " old age " simply cannot function. Mahatma II completes the circuitry of MAHATMA I and allows humankind the wonderful opportunity to embody relative truth in a way that was not available before this time and place.

The combination of Mahatma I and MAHATMA II, studied with complete dedication, will allow God-man/Hu-man to raise Their consciousness about the dense atomic body as the " fallen ones, " at a time on Earth when one will have to obey the great cosmic law resonance and raise one’s vibration into light and love or leave this planet for another school room in one universe or another.

Two Teachers from your human Hierarchy who have stepped down these higher teachings to myself are Djwhal Khul and St. Germain. These two have been very successful in aligning with our Vibration on Earth and magnifying a greater wholeness of consciousness and MAHATMA II with which to assist humankind. They have worked as conduits to bring forth, through these lower physical vibrations, the perspectives of MAHATMA as conveyed by our source for this Cosmic day.

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