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Running Energy Practice


Channelers: The premise of this practice is that there are two fundamental energies available to humans, the feminine, magnetic, "Earth" energy of the Mother, and the masculine, electric, "Spirit" energy of God. The exercise begins in the imagination and makes use of the old axiom, "Energy follows thought." It then moves into the realm of the Body with an awareness of feeling called the "felt sense."

Running energy will help you become grounded in the Mother's Earth energy, and more open to God's Spirit energy. It also has the effect of opening Body's seven major energy centers or "chakras" and balancing your subtle and life-force energies, creating a clear space for channeling. The subtle energy centers used in the exercise are the same as the chakras from the Hindu system. Each center has a specific function, and the energy in each center has a unique "feel".


The Energy Centers


FIRST: The survival center or "root chakra" is located at the base of the spine in the area of the perineum. Energy in this center relates to physical survival and represents our deepest connection with the Earth and the magnetic Mother essence.

SECOND: The emotional/sexual center is located just above the first center. This center has two parts, the lower relates to sexual energy and the upper to emotional energy, "gut feelings".

THIRD: The will center is located at the solar plexus. This center relates to our sense of identity and what we want and don't want in our lives.

FOURTH: The heart center is located in the center of the chest. This chakra, of course relates to love, both giving and receiving, and to our sense of affinity and connection with others. Heart energy feels a little different in the three major areas of this center: lower, middle and upper.

FIFTH: This is the throat center. It relates to communication, the faculty of clairaudience, the channeling of words, and is the Spirit center for manifesting.

SIXTH: Also known as the "third eye", this chakra is located in the center of the head at a level just above the eyebrows. It relates to knowledge and wisdom, the faculty of clairvoyance, and seeing into realities beyond the physical.

SEVENTH: The crown center is located at top of the head and opens upward, like a funnel. This center represents our connection with Spirit and is the place where transcendent Spirit comes into human consciousness.


The Practice


The first step is to bring your awareness into your body. Become aware of your breathing, and any physical sensations that are prominent, such as the feel of your body in the chair, etc. Wiggling your toes and focusing attention there is another good way to come more into the body. The more of these energies you can feel, the better.

The exercise is done sitting upright in a chair with both feel flat on the floor. Imagine a "grounding cord" like a root of a tree, extending down from the base of your spine, through the chair, through the floor(s) of the building, through the crust of Earth, all the way to the center of the Earth. Additional grounding cords go down from the bottom of each foot, following the same path as the central grounding cord. Imagine feeling the grounding cords and allow their feeling to draw your attention deeper into your body.

First connect with the Mother by calling her name and imagining her present in the floor of your pelvis. Ask her to hold you as you do the exercise. Then using imagination and breath, draw the magnetic, Mother, "Earth" energy from the center of the Earth up the grounding cords to the base of your spine, like drawing liquid up a straw. Using at least one breath for each center, move the Earth energy up into each center, one at a time. Feel the energy as it enters each center or chakra.

Say in your mind's voice, "First chakra opening now and filling with Earth energy", and so on for each chakra. It's good to feel the Mother's energy as warm, smooth, healing and nurturing, drawing energy. When Earth energy is running up through all the centers, allow it to flow out through the top of your head, so your body is like a fountain of Earth energy.

With Earth energy running, imagine Spirit energy above you as a stream of clear golden light, and bring it in through your crown. You may notice a difference in the feeling of this energy, it's more electric, crisp, sharp and outgoing. Again using your breath, but this time on the exhale through your nose, bring the Spirit energy down, feeling it in each energy center, just as you brought the Earth energy up. When you get to the first chakra, send the Spirit energy down your grounding cords, and ground it in the center of the Earth.

Then with both Mother and Spirit energy running, take a moment to check each chakra and notice the relative flow of energy. If there are any blockages, release them using intention and visualization to get the process started. You'll end with all your centers open and vibrating and feeling balanced, and your Earth and Spirit energy running in a smooth and even pattern. You are now ready to begin channeling as discussed in Lesson One.




This is an adaptation of the basic practice taught in many psychic schools. Psychics use this practice to get clear about what their own energy looks and feels like before doing a reading or healing on someone else. Although some people can channel quite well without bothering with an exercise like this, we've noticed that the quality and quantity of our channeling is much better after doing the exercise. Also, for many people this exercise is vital to their solid grounding.

The whole exercise should take about ten minutes, when you first start doing it. After practicing for a while, it will happen more quickly and take only a minute or two for the same results. Also, there may be no sensing or feeling of the energy the first few times you do this, and that's fine. If that's so, then focus on feeling into the sensations in body around the area of each chakra and go through the process using just your imagination and breath, and you will be feeling or sensing the energy soon enough. The object is to gradually become aware of the feeling of energy, the felt sense of it.

It's recommended to do this exercise at least once a day. As with anything new, the more you practice it, the easier it will be and the better you'll do it. And you may want to make a tape of this exercise, have a friend read the directions to you as you do it, or read them to yourself as you do the exercise the first few times. If so, you can print-out a Script for the Running Energy Practice. There is also Running Energy II, an advanced version of this practice.

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