The Chakra-Leap in Awakening
The Major Thirds of Responsibility
Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras


Illumination is for everyone 
not only for a chosen few 
whom you read of in biographies.


  One is cautioned both in traditional spiritual training and in various religions, to behave towards one's body as if it were a temple and to most questors this implies, that one must consider oneself as a spirit dwelling within flesh and identify with that part of oneself that thinks, directs and aspires.

  By doing so and by attuning the immediate source of your thoughts and actions to your Higher Self, you learn to interiorize your attention so that your equilibrium remains unaffected by changes of temperature, the irritating disturbance of noise or distraction due to interruptions and it is always possible to return in meditation to that cool, quiet, tranquil place that you have built within and for yourself, your personal inner sanctum.

   Having created this serene and private system for yourself, you must guard against the extremes of either allowing yourself to become too withdrawn and separate in your life expression, which does not necessarily denotes spirituality or becoming a spiritual exhibitionist, which usually suggests the one is advertising skills which one has not yet acquired.

  In behaving towards your physical form as if it is a temple, you are counseled  to behave as a custodian, not as a priest or priestess and definitely not as a worshiper of the temple. 


  It is essential for a quester to find a still, quite sanctuary of sorts, where you may reflect upon the progress in your life and practice your exercises undisturbed, yet it seems to become more difficult day by day to acquire this luxury, for this increasingly noisy modern age appears to feed upon its own hysteria.  I would encourage you in my sympathy however, by commenting that in this respect, the beginning quester shares this situation with many an advanced Master whose field of endeavor necessitates working with the world of form on the physical plane. 

  If you do encounter difficulties in planning a perfect, personal retreat, no matter how small, pursue your goal even within the crowd, for sometimes great souls, particularly great souls whom we have observed in this day and age, are constantly surrounded by people and are often denied the tranquility that they so dearly deserve.  From the necessity, they confine their freedom to that which they have created within their own consciousness. 

Chakra leap

  Our people have found it to be of great help in achieving our spiritual goals to behave as if they are already within our grasp when we're working towards the safe awakening and energizing of a chakra. In continuation of this technique of anticipation, we practice a succession of empathic psychological leaps which involves both our creative imagination and our powers of visualization, but which also necessitates complete honesty with ourselves if we are to succeed .  


   To put this technique into practice, you must first subject yourself to an honest examination of character.  It is useful by this time, to have made yourself aware both positive qualities and negative feelings associated with either awakening or disturbing each of the Chakras .  

  The difference between the two and the recognition of such, is of paramount importance in the life of the quester, whether you are involved with developing higher senses or not.


   By evaluating your personal strengths and weaknesses, you determine which of your chakras require some reinforcements of positivity.  This important step is supported by the realization that there can be no self improvement without self effort and the recognition that you cannot remain on the Spiritual plateau forever.  All life is subject to impermanence or change.  You are only fulfilling responsibility to yourself, when you ensure that those changes which occur in your life are welcome ones.


    Therefore, concentrate on strengthening the virtues of a particular chakra field of expression, until no space remains for any of the weaknesses traditionally associated with this chakra, either to seed or to grow.  Flaws in your character or in the field of expression related to the chakra you wish to awaken, cannot continue to exist if you leave them no room to do so . 

   While you are practicing the exercise of exorcising flaws in your life-Pattern, concentrate upon building into your consciousness the positive qualities associated with the Chakra which vibrates on a higher frequency of the scale of consciousness related to your personal level of spiritual evolution .  

   The choice of Chakras with which to work is not hap-hazard, there's a very definite mathematical progression easily recognized by those of you have received some musical training. You'll also recollect from your studies the importance that the Master Pythagoras placed upon the relationship between mathematics and music .  

   The question might well be asked, " How can we draw upon positive qualities associated with the activity of higher chakras when we have not yet awaken them? " 

   You possess most of the seed qualities already but by poisting your attention and effort upon a quality associated with a higher Chakra while you meditate to awaken a lower one, you reinforce the positive qualities of the lower chakra so that the attributes related to its energizing reach fruition. This in turn, reinforces your efforts to attain.  Each of us possesses excellent qualities which hang like limp arrows because they lack direction from their owners, but if they become vivified by intent and drive, those same areas can fly like the wind .  

                   "As IF"-- Technique of The Chakra-Leap  

   Positive results in our spiritual studies are reinforced by the personal experience for teachers.  With their guidance, the become proficient in the methods of the latter path which are elders continue to streamline and simplify whenever possible.

  The technique of the shock will leap is very simple, although it does require familiarity with each shockers associated qualities, emerging skills and related attributes, combined with some understanding of each of Chakras function as we explained in earlier chapters. 

 We will assume that you have familiarized yourself with the visualization exercise given previous, nevertheless let us review a few hints concerning the practice of visualization itself.  The technique of successful visualization involves your imagination and mechanics of your image making faculty.  You already experienced the mechanics of this faculty when you watched the flames of lighted candles for instance for a bright the accent is pitcher on your television screen and the image remains imprinted on your inner vision after you close your eyes.  This is a mechanical function which, one of lead with your creative imagination and memory, results in an instrument of visualization potential that is essential equipment for the Adept in training .  

   When awakening or energizing a particular chakra, ignore for the moment that Chakra next above it, concentrate instead upon a relationship between the chakra with which you're working on in the positive qualities of the chakra second above it, forming what you would be called a " major third " in music.  This enables you to raise the consciousness of the lord chakra smoothly and reinforce its level of energy and natural manner. 

   By borrowing the positive qualities associated with the Chakra which is a major third above the Chakra  you wish to energize, you do not diminish the influence of your higher Chakra, you enrich the lower Chakra' s field of expression instead by raising its vibration .  

   Much more simple than it sounds, this exercise is subject to very elementary steps involved in visualization, imagination and memory .  

   For instance, if you wish to reinforce the positive qualities of the ninth chakra at the base of the spine, close your eyes, concentrate upon the point between your eyebrows and visualize the luminous ruby red of Root Chakra, imagine it's spinning.  Maintain your image but just above it, visualize a bright pinpoint of radiant golden yellow-- your solar plexus Chakra, spinning, expanding and coming close to you, until it appears to be suspended above your lower chakra.  As you think of each positive quality which you want to reinforce in your expression of Red Ray activity, match it with the reinforcing quality of your seventh chakra at the solar plexus, given in the text which follows .  

   The chakra-leap is the technique of the anticipation pushed to the nth degree of its potential and exemplifies the proof inherent in self-fulfilling prophecy .  

                                   Interference in your life pattern 

   It should be pointed out very definitely, that any negative qualities you may register when you awaken the chakra are not result of that awakening.  The distraction of physical, emotional or mental negativity is in your life are already present and have perhaps been interfering in your life pattern and with your life-efforts for some time. But the wakening of your centers of consciousness accomplishes is the recognition of these hindrances and the realization that it is possible to remove them .  


                                Chakra-Leap of The Root Chakra(9+7)


The  root chakra 
Draws upon the positive qualities of 
The solar plexus Chakra 

   When working to gain control of your Root Chakra you may experience some difficulty in controlling rather than being controlled by its physical drive.  At such times, it helps to build into your consciousness an awareness of the intellectual positivity of your Solar Plexus Chakra, while ignoring the intervening Splenic chakra which, as we have stated before, is far too sympathetically subject the influence of your Root Chakra to be of help at this time and can assist only in " fanning the flames " negatively.

  The intellectual clarity of your Solar Plexus Chakra naturally balances excesses which could possibly result from negative traits traditionally associated with your Root Chakra.  It also counteracts any procrastination of your intention or blurring of your incentive, to release yourself from subjection to residual negative influence connected with your Root Chakras activity.


   The Common sense of the Seventh Chakra of at the Solar Plexus is a welcome support to the quester.  Sometimes one of the side-effects when beginning the practice of non- attachment is depression at loosening your bonds to bondage, perhaps because to do so implies acceptance that you have examined your previous life-pattern and found it wanting.

 Some questors become subject to regrets that they have not begun their studies sooner and quite often experience quite unfounded feelings of failure instead of joyfully anticipating success.  This is a reaction that can be dissipated by bathing in the positive radiance of your Seventh Chakra's influence, as if you have truly arrived at its awakening and energizing.  Consciously absorb its radiance while it lights your way and casts out physical and mental gloom.  Reinforce your positivity by bathing in the light of the Yellow Ray and attract its revitalizing influence towards you by introducing the color tint into your immediate environment.


Your Day-to-Day Experience

  The question might well be asked whether these conscious-raising exercises initiate any practical influence in your everyday life? The answer is unequivocally in the affirmative.

  For instance, let us consider the influence of the Red Ray.  It expresses itself through the center of consciousness at your coccyx and is related with ritualism on its many levels.  You will already have realized that the sexual function itself conforms to a ritualistic pattern of expression.  Now let us examine some of the vocational pursuits which respond to the rule ritualistic influence of this Ray.

   In studying past history, you may discover that the typical military officer for instance, remained just that, when his consciousness was centered at his Root Chakra, but he may have of achieved the potential of the military strategist when he elevated is consciousness to the intellectual capability of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  As another example, consider the politician who is reliant upon mechanics of a political system, but who emerges as a diplomat when he expands his field awareness by drawing upon the intellectual consciousness and telepathic sensitivity of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  Whether they realize it or not, the technique of "as If" makes the difference which is noted by historians and critics alike, when they state in biographical data that this or that personage, " was lifted above the average by expression of " such and such " in his or her life work." 

To raise your level consciousness related to your
Root Chakra,
draw upon the intellectual positivity of your
Solar Plexus Chakra.

 We have already use the chakra-leap of the ninth center of consciousness as an example for visualization, therefore we will not repeat it here, except to add that the benefit of visualizing this particular exercise can only be appreciated fully by sensitive individuals, forced to cope with the hardships of the sometimes unsympathetic world and who value the practical support received from this practice.

                                              Visualization 9 + 7

   Began your chakra-leap by sounding the Om. The goodwill of your ninth Chakra is reinforced by the optimism of your seventh Chakra.
The physical stamina of your ninth chakra is balanced by the intellectual clarity of your seventh Chakra.
The courage of your ninth Chakra is supported by the faith of your seventh Chakra.
The glow of the fire rose  is illumined by the light of the Sun Ray.
Complete your visualization by repeating the Orison. 

The chakra leap of the Splenic chakra (8+6)

The Splenic Chakra 
Draws upon the positive qualities of
The Heart Chakra


   Our forefathers discovered from experience, that the Splenic Chakra responds most favorably when one draws upon the harmony and compassion of the Heart Chakra, particularly if one maintains those qualities of forefront of one's consciousness when attempting to direct the Splenic Chakra's energy.  

   It is necessary to remember all times, that energy has its destructive side too and in making life-Pattern changes or lifestyle decisions, however correct the may be, you must not fall into a ruthless or unsympathetic attitude and use your own Evolutionary needs as the excuse to reorganize the lifestyles of others or create greater comfort in your own life, this is self-defeating.  

   Sometimes a quester will  mistakenly eschew both creation and procreation, in favor of directing the full force of his or her energy into a Chakra by force of Will. This too, is self-defeating, because it leaves omissions in your life-tests which remain to be challenged and overcome a later date. It is more likely that if those life-tests had been passed successfully in a previous incarnation, you would already be beyond the stage of your evolutionary development.  


  The energy of this Ray reinforces the quality of devotion in Questers whose consciousness is centered at the Splenic Chakra.  It may take the form of devotion to your family, devotion to a cause or devotion to a spiritual anchor, such as your teacher. But it isn't possible to combine those aspects of devotion for the betterment of all areas in your life?

  Drawing upon the positive qualities associated with the influence of the Heart Chakra, provides the expansion of awareness that prevents the devotee  from acquiring the "tunnel" vision that limits concepts. It promotes through its harmonious influence, a wider scope of activities within which creativity can operate on a higher turn of the spiral.

To raise your level of consciousness related to your
Splenic Chakra, 
Draw upon the creative harmony of your
Heart Chakra. 

Visualization 8 + 6  

  Begin your chakra-leap by sounding the Om.
Close your eyes, and focus your attention between your eyebrows, concentrating your visualization upon the brilliant orange of your Splenic chakra.  Imagine it awakening and spinning, then above it and in the distance you see a pinpoint of vibrant emerald green coming towards you, growing in size as it comes closer and remaining in the line straight above your Splenic Chakra, it is your Heart Chakra preparing to transfer its positivity to your Splenic Chakra.  As you contemplate the positive qualities of your Splenic center of consciousness, match them with the qualities of your Heart Chakra given as follows:
The creative energy of your eighth Chakra is sustained by the harmony of your sixth Chakra.
The devotion of your eighth Chakra is reinforced by the healing qualities of your sixth Chakra.
The spontaneous drive of your eighth Chakra is moderated by the compassion of your sixth Chakra.
The Flame of Choice is balanced by the light of the Emerald Spring.
Complete your visualization by repeating your Orison.


  You are ill-advised to practice breathing exercises at this stage of your training, for they can upset the delicate balance between Questers three lower bodies, your physical, astral and mental vehicles and this balance is essential if you wish to prevent the two lowest chakras from running out of control. 

  A sudden onrush of energy may result from the practice of breathing exercises for the purpose of awakening your Chakras and if your consciousness is still centered below the waistline, this may result in difficulty in controlling sexual drive.  Naturally, pranayama--the science of the breath, will be practiced later on in your training after you have mastered specific mind skills.

  The too sudden energizing of the Splenic Chakra can be registered as a whirling, spinning sensation at the pelvis.  This naturally, not only defeats or delays the success of the Quester and the effort to attain his or her goals, it can also contribute to the shattering of the nervous system and the deterioration of the Human form, if the breathing exercises are continued while experiencing unsatisfactory results.

Chakra Leap of The Solar Plexus ( 7 +  5)

The Solar Plexus Chakra 
Draws upon the positive qualities of 
The Throat Chakra

   For the majority of mankind, the Solar Plexus Chakra remains the seat of telepathy.  Therefore, the awakening of this center of consciousness presents its own problems as well as gifts, as does each Chakra in its turn . 

  It is essential to keep in the forefront of your consciousness the fact that it is, even now, just as it was many thousands of years ago, much easier to receive and to register unhappy vibrations than joyful ones.  This is very much humankind's own fault however, for you tend to ignore the light-hearted and bright situations around you and take them for granted, allowing distraction to prevent you from fully registering the pleasant and amiable vibrations in your lives.  Whereas, tragic circumstances intrude upon your consciousness and you register the vibrations with ease .

   A great deal can be accomplished by setting up a sympathetic field of vibration with which incoming transmissions can vibrate harmoniously, without disturbing your emotional vehicle.  Rather like a violin string which vibrates sympathetically with that of another violin being played in the same room, yet at the same time remains untouched by hand or bow. 


   The successful awakening and satisfactory energizing of your Solar Plexus Chakra is enhanced when you build the perception and calm your Throat Chakra into your consciousness, enabling you to master the negative aspects of the seat of telepathy.  Remember, draw only upon the positive of qualities of the Chakra-leap in order to balance negative aspects related to your lower Chakra field of expression . 

  When you are tired or in poor physical condition, attempts to register the positive influence of an awakened chakra may succumb to blurring from fatigue, upsetting the balance which is necessary for success when your efforts are centered in your Solar Plexus Chakra area of influence.  It is well to bear in mind that balance is essential to your overall well-being, whether you are seeking spiritual progress or not . 

When you are a sensitive, you're subject to receiving incoming transmissions of all kinds which are sometimes difficult to sort and file, particularly if your mental imagery is blurred or you're physically drained.  Yet, it remains necessary to register and reject transmissions of relative unimportance, if the intrusive transmissions are distracting you from your responsibilities. 

Seeds of wisdom

 The intellectual qualities that attend your Solar Plexus Chakra's activity result in an expansion of consciousness and promote wise reorganization of your life when you draw upon the sensory skills of your Throat Chakra.  It is of the greatest value to draw upon and behave as if the higher powers of your Throat Chakra are already won and assured in doing so, borrow its quality of perception. For the intellectual capacity of your Solar Plexus Chakra when supported by the perception of your Throat Chakra, can lead to the development of wisdom distilled from the acquirement of Knowledge when practiced in the field of experience.

   You will then find you are able to clear away any unnecessary telepathic communication which is of a lower vibration than your own, clogging your normal mental routine or impinging upon your aura.

   Scientists in many fields, mathematicians and surgeons in particular, center their consciousness that the Solar Plexus Chakra, but the foremost and the most successful in those vocations draw heavily upon the inspiration of the Throat Chakra.


 To raise your level of consciousness related to your Solar Plexus Chakra draw upon the positive perception of your Throat Chakra.

 Visualization 7 +  5

   Begin your chakra-leap by sounding the Om. 
Close your eyes, centre your consciousness between your eyebrows and concentrate upon the radiant golden energy of your Solar Plexus Chakra.  Imagine its spending and as it spins, you notice a gentle blue haze in the distance, a pinpoint of blue light that comes closer and closer until its light is the same size as the radiance of your Solar Plexus Chakra and hangs suspended directly above it.

   As you consider each of the positive qualities of your seventh center of consciousness, match them up with the positive qualities of your fifth Chakra. You may need to meditate a little longer with this visualization, because your throat chakra is a gentle centre of consciousness which does not respond to the vigor which marks the Chakras below the waistline.  A peaceful contemplated attitude is essential to achieve optimum success.

The confidence of your seventh Chakra is balanced by the sensitivity of your fifth Chakra. The decisiveness of your seventh Chakra is directed by the perception of your fifth Chakra.  The intellect of your seventh chakra is reinforced by the inspiration of your fifth chakra.     The promise of the sun ray is filled by reflection in the Sapphire pool.

 Complete your visualization by repeating Orison.

   The qualifying criteria of  spiritual progress includes alignment of your physical and emotional and mental  vehicles (bodies), contributing to a richer pattern of experience in the Questers life.  It is not unrealistic to state that the colors associated with your centres of consciousness reflect themselves in your personal pattern of life-expression.

  These visualizations may seem to be presented in a somewhat relaxed literary approach and so they are. They are intended to stretch the Questors understanding, without stress or tension, not confine you to a rigid strait jacket of rules which would imply that everyone progresses at the same speed, in the same way, experiencing the same results--such is not the case.

  As you achieve greater proficiency in your visualizations, meditations and studies, you'll find that you can work with charts efficiently and swiftly. To that end we have included a charts related to each step of the Questors path. 

  Perhaps we should explain that the reason we have not imposed guidelines when referring to a Chakra's awakening or reawakening, energizing or reenergizing is because some Questers will be awakening or energizing certain Chakras for the first time while others will be  reawakening or reenergizing.  There is no essential difference in technique or results. The fact that it will be the first time for all the Chakras to be completely active since the advent of the Ethereal Man is what is important.


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