The Chakra-Leap in Awakening
The Major thirds of Equilibrium

Training of An Adept "The Ladder Path"
Valerie Bonwick and Jonathon Bigras



Chakra Leap of The Heart Chakra(6+4)  


Heart Chakra
Draws upon the positive qualities of
The Brow Chakra

  The Quester who awakens the Heart Chakra is protected from the weakness which often threatened and follow its awakening, by behaving as if the Brow Chakra of clear-seeing and clear- hearing is already active.  Remember the Chakra-leap is the technique of anticipation pushed to the Nth degree of its potential and the proof inherent in self-fulfilling prophecy.


Demands-Reasonable and Unreasonable

   If you are a sensitive, many calls will be made upon your sympathies and energies, sometimes by those who are situated in a much more admirable condition than you are yourself.  Your Health may suffer also, when your Heart Chakra responds to unreasonable and demanding drains upon your healing capabilities. 

    It is wise to remember at all times, that although the Master of may well be equipped to cope such pressures while responding to demands that are within reason, the Questers energies are not yet trained to withstand constant drains upon his or her life force without borrowing power for the Questers Master, but he or she has no right to pass on such energies without first receiving permission. There have been too many instances in the past, when vainglorious students have " worked miracles " at the expense of a Masters power and in doing so, perhaps have robbed a more important project of much-needed energy, interfering with the Divine plan. 

   Calling the intuition of your Brow Chakra into action when you are working with your Heart Chakra, insures that you can sift through demands upon your energies and requests for aid and thus avoid wasting time upon insincere would-be recipients, some of whom may only want your attention.  In doing so, you will remain more accessible to those who are truly in need.


Healer - Hypochondriac

  The question sometimes arises as to whether a positive attribute can be used unwisely or turned to negative intent? The answer is in the affirmative. 

   The first example that comes to mind is the projection of thought-directed energy-positive or negative, but there are many more subtle forms concerning positive attributes that are adapted to perverted intent. 

   An outstanding example of the above is the mentality of an hypochondriac.  This is surprising, because hypochondriacs are very often individuals whose Heart Chakras are awakened, energized and who possess strong healing capabilities, but instead of projecting their healing skills to help others, they turn their healing power against themselves in a self-destructive manner for a variety of reasons, most of which are self-centered or self-involved, presenting a classic example of positive energy perverted in the interest of negative motivation. 

   There's an interesting lesson that everyone may learn from the above.  Consider: In this possible to induce illness by perverting healing power, the reverse is also true, that same power can be mobilized for successful self-healing.



   Just as pertinent to everyday life on the physical plane is the fact that if more unattached clusters of both sexes, who are seeking a suitable life-partner, a where to practice the technique of the chakra-leap in draw upon the positive qualities of the brow

   Chakra while energizing the Heart Chakra, there would be far fewer unhappy relationships.  The quality of intuition borrowed from the brow chakra, would insure that quester would not be misled by a comely appearance and perhaps overlooked of loving friendship of lasting value because a suitable partner is lacking, in comeliness.

   Many individuals whose consciousness is centered at the Heart Chakra are attracted to the artistic field, therefore it is no surprise to you that those artists who present the most sensitive interpretations of art form, are those who draw upon the depth and Idealism of the Brow Chakra.  It is also interesting that although some many members of the healing professions center there consciousness at the solar plexus Chakra and draw upon the inspiration of the throat chakra, members of related healing professions whose consciousness is centered at the heart chakra, zero as much of their success to intuition received via the influence of the brawl chakra, as they do to Wisdom called from experience.  Therefore:

To raise your level of consciousness related to your
Heart Chakra
Draw upon the positive of intuition of
Your Brow Chakra

Visualization 6 + 4

 Begin your chakra-leap by sounding the  Om.

  Close your eyes and will directing your consciousness to the center between your eyebrows, visualize your heart chakra of, its vibrant green hue radiating in all directions as it spins.  In the distance you can see in intense point of lucent INDIGO LIGHT which comes closer to you as it spins and expands, until it is suspended above your heart chakra.  While visualizing your brow chakra, concentrate upon absorbing its positive qualities will you contemplate the positive qualities associated with your lower center of consciousness, its quality of intuitive understanding well-balanced many areas of your life that are subject to the influence of your heart chakra.  Continue with this process of spiritual attunement of all levels of your life-expansion. 


The healing compassion of your sixth chakra is reinforced by the intuition of your fourth Chakra.
The creativity of your sixth Chakra is protected by the Idealism of your fourth Chakra.
The abundant supply generated by your sixth Chakra is balanced by the purity of motive expressed by your fourth Chakra.
The flow of the Emerald Spring is sustained by the promise of the Indigo sea. 

                       Complete your visualization by repeating the Orison.

Chakra Leap of The Throat Chakra (5+3)

The Throat Chakra
Draws upon the positive qualities of
The Crown Chakra

   It is more important at the wakening of your throat chakra then at the awakening of any other center of consciousness, to practice the technique of the chakra leap and to behave as though you are already subject to the answerable responsibility of your Crown Chakra.


Master of Yourself

   It is common sense to remain discerning, discriminating and aware of the side effects that may result from awakening your Throat Chakra and respond to this sometimes sudden advent of E S P, by retaining a sense of proportion.  Your positive qualities are reinforced by the technique of the Chakra-leap, but once you have intensified reliance upon the source of your integrity by drawing upon the support of positivity of your higher Chakra, remember also that to become a Master, which is the potential results of energizing your Crown Chakra, you must first become and remain Master of yourself and reject the abuse of your skills which you will be invited so often to practice for the benefit of others. 

   Your integrity is sometimes sorely tested when you practice the skills related to the awakening of your Throat Chakra, then it is of the greatest value to draw upon the positive, intellectual authority of your Crown Chakra in order to analyze, and evaluate and stand firm when there are temptations to undermine your integrity. 

   It is also necessary, to borrow your Crown Chakras qualities of mind power on the higher turn of the spiral, when you wish to promote efforts inspired by your inner life of the Spirit, particularly if they are not to remain on the " drawing board of your dreams."

   When you are working upon the awakening and the energizing of your Throat Chakra, a very subtle enhancement will be sensed from the influence of your aura, even if it is not visible to your colleagues.  This seems to arouse instincts in those around you, to seek your advice, Friendship and approval. It is when your circle of acquaintances increases that you need to employ the wisdom of your Crown Chakra, to safeguard you from committing errors that result from an improper use of counsel and remind you to practice " thinking before you speak, " thus guarding you from advising others inappropriately. 

Versatility and vulnerability

  Many individuals whose consciousness is centered at the Throat Chakra are versatile in their chosen professions and are often able to change professions with greater ease than a colleagues.  This versatility can be misunderstood in their day-to-day lives, providing fuel for the misconception that they are not necessarily dedicated to a chosen life pattern or that they will care less than other people if they are overlooked for promotion or left out of various plans.  For these individuals to achieve their chosen philosophical goals in life, they need to draw upon the powerful positivity of the Crown Chakra to support the inspiration as well as sensitivity of the Throat Chakra, which sometimes expresses itself as vulnerability in the Questors life pattern.  Therefore:

To raise your level of consciousness related to your
Throat Chakra,
Draw upon the positive authority of your
Crown Chakra.

Visualization 5 + 3

Begin your chakra-leap by sounding the Om.

   Close your eyes, focus your concentration between your eyebrows and visualize the gentle Sapphire of your Throat Chakra.  Imagine your chakra spinning, radiating light as it does so.  In the distance you see a pure violent pinpoint of light, as it comes closer and closer you see that it is your Crown Chakra suspended in a straight line above your Throat Chakra.  Contemplate the positive qualities of the center of consciousness at your throat while you draw upon the positive qualities of your higher center of consciousness.  

   The attributes related to your energized Crown Chakra also benefit from this exercise, the Throat Chakras influence safeguard's the Questor from exerting the newly acquired authority of the higher center of consciousness with too heavy a technique. 

The perception of your fifth chakra is reinforced by the wisdom of your third Chakra.        The sensitivity of your fifth chakra is sustained by the power of your third Chakra.            The inspiration of your fifth chakra is balanced by the authority of your third Chakra.        The Sapphire pool reflects the Light of the Crown.

Complete your visualization by repeating the Orison.

Chakra leap of the Brow Chakra(4+2)

   It is at the awakening of your Brow Chakra that your highest ideals come to the fore.  It is most important at this time to press on with your studies and your meditation, bearing in mind that the only limitations to your aspirations are those which you placed upon yourself.  

   The attributes of E-S-P which are sometimes the side effects of awakening and energizing this Chakra, are not an end in themselves, nor are they the end result of your search for self realization, they are a side effect only.  They can also provide a tool which may lead you to higher expansions of consciousness and help to point the way, while helping you to maintain a positive balance in your everyday life.  Remember that one of the attributes related to the Mid-Aura Chakra is alignment of Matter Spirit and Soul.  

   It is useful at this time to reinforce your Idealism with the dynamic quality of aspiration on a higher turn of the spiral expressed by your Mid-Aura Chakra and in doing, guard against the inroads mounted against your ideals by those who oppose them.  This also protects you from acquiring a rigid attitude of thinking, which sometimes results in Questers believing they have nothing more to learn and that only their own way of expressing the truth can be the right one.  

    By guarding your level consciousness and attracting only the higher qualities associated with awakening your higher Chakras, you ensure that you promote your skills of E-S-P to level of the higher Siddhis, graduating from seership to sage.

   Purity is your watchword in all areas of your life when you express the activity of the Brow Chakra and efforts may be mounted to turn you off course.  Therefore, be prepared to counter a deliberate efforts to compromise your intentions and motives.  

   Concerning the latter, there will always be individuals who will attempt to persuade you to use your powers for their own selfish purposes or even to enlist your aid and imposing their Will on other people.  If you acquiesce, those same powers cease to be positive and you are being tempted to practicing areas of dynamic influence which fall under the definition of what we prefer to call "sorcery." To do so is to fall into the same trap which led to the fall of the Atlantis.  

   Remember, there are many latter-day Atlanteans  reincarnated at this time and some of them were quite active in pursuing the goals of the left-hand path.  Although they may have worked out most of their karmic obligations before reincarnating, their aspirations even now may be a little blurred in concept, believing that any means to a long sought end is a correct one.  This is a very short-sighted point of view, the truth of which will become even more apparent as you continue in your studies.  

Higher and lower at Psychism

  By monitoring the field of Psychism through the eyes of our land dwelling friends, it comes to our notice that a great many opinions and criticisms are proffered concerning the difference between higher and lower Psychism. They often seem to be observations made by persons who possess neither one or the other.

   Please believe us when we repeat, the skills involved in Psychism are side-effects only and do not reflect your level of evolution.  We cannot enter into deep discussion at this time, lack of space demands that we postpone more detail until later, but we will share some thoughts that might be useful to you concerning the psychic field of awareness.

   A great deal of information is postulated concerning the danger of passive mediumship, which in reality does not necessarily lend itself to negativity, the results depend entirely upon the caliber of the medium and the spiritual level of the medium's control and certainly, as much comfort and foolproof guidance has resulted from it in the past, as has resulted from wrongful mischief making by the non-genuine mediums.

   The same critics who advise budding Seers to eschew all psychic gifts, unless they can produce evidence that " issues forth only from the very highest spheres, " ignore the fact that an expression of psychic skills that are a natural development may form important threads in the fabric of a Questors life-tests. The question most important to the Questor who is psychic remains, " what method is the safest way to raise the quality of my psychic impression to the highest degree possible for me? "

    The above is a sensible question which we decided to explore a little, because the personal experience of friends with whom we communicate, responded positively to several very simple guideline established in the earliest stages of their training.  Understand, we are not giving directions for developing psychic skills in these few lines, we are recommending several protective guidelines to ensure that not only positive contacts are made and received by sensitives possessing psychic skills. 

    Naturally the best protection for anyone, psychic or otherwise, is to arm yourself with your faith in Deity, which must be supported by your own intellectual integrity and purity of motive.  It is also obvious that loss of control of one's physical, emotional or mental vehicles due to drunkenness or drugs is to be avoided. 

    If or when you begin receiving psychic manifestation of any kind, ask for protection and the guidance from your " doorkeeper " or " guardian angel." This is important, because many individuals are so happy to receive contact from the Spirit realm or to have the regular contacting guide, they do not always make certain that they have a guardian who is strong enough to protect them from impingement. 

    Take nothing for granted were the psychic field is concerned.  Having reassuring yourself that you are adequately protected, state firmly that you wish only energies who are of a higher spiritual level than you to communicate with or contact through you.  This rule is important and is subtle in its application.  Sometimes, entities from the Spirit realm who make contact with you while you dwell on the physical plane, impinge upon your aura.  This impingement leaves some Vibration in its wake which can be elevating if it is from a very high initiate, but if it is from a lower Vibration than your own, it can be difficult to discard if you lack experience in breaking thought-patterns.  This is one of the reasons why we advise Questors to delay any rescue work of Earthbound spirits until well-trained. 

   Of course, this rule may temporarily prevent direct communication from some of your friends or relatives who have passed to the planes, but in that circumstance, your doorkeeper will relate their messages to you, until you are able to communicate with them by the proficiency of your own mental contact. 

    Reinforce the caliber of your communication, raise your own level of contact, insure that you continue to progress on an upward spiral by continuing with your work on yourself and reaching up to your Higher Self. This practice insures that entities who communicate with or through you to do so only from level of Vibration equal to or higher than your own, how rarified a level of vibration is up to you. 

   If you are sincere in your longing to contact a Master, ensure that your own life expression is of the highest spiritual level you are capable of to facilitate that contact.  Do not expect to fly like a bird if you wallow in the mud like a pig-each to his own and like onto like.



   The awakening of your Brow Chakras signals that you're approaching Adeptship, but to qualify as one who can be trusted with the secrets of an Adept requires strict enforcement of the Spiritual precepts.  Crystal clear intent, purity of motive and integrity of purpose are the watchwords of an Adept on the path. 

    There are indeed some Questers who have succeeded in acquiring the attributes associated with the awakening of the Brow Chakra, perhaps retaining skills acquired in a previous incarnation and yet, they will never become an accepted Initiate with the lodge of the Great White Brotherhood because of their concepts, practice and the expression of purity in their lives is questionable at this time and perhaps will remain so, as projected in the future. 

   Therefore, when your efforts to express purity in your personal life style is assailed by critics, draw upon the quality of courage expressed by the mid-Aura Chakra, courage in all its intensity which is expressed on a higher turn of the spiral by the higher Harmonic of the Root Chakra courage. Wear this courage as a garment of protection and strength so that its influence is felt under all conditions, in endowing you with courage to overcome, courage to continue and courage sometimes just to be.

    Remember, every meaningful aspect of vitality which you acquire through the awakening of your Chakras and the quality of the energy which results from their activity is projected by your strength of purpose, expressed in your aura, sensed and recognized, even if not seen by those around you. 

    It is well to remember that many great teachers and many more individuals who would like to teach, attune themselves to the influence of this Ray, absorbing and projecting the qualities of the Brow Chakra.  By bathing in its positive idealism, you will be able to draw upon the blessing of conscious contact with mind-touch expressed by your Mid-Aura Chakra, ensuring that the stream of wisdom is a living stream that will never run dry.  Therefore:

To raise your level of consciousness related to your
Brow Chakra
Draw upon the positive aspiration of your
Mid Aura Chakra.

Visualization 4+2

   Begin your Chakra-Leap by sounding the Om.

   Close your eyes and your attention will automatically focus upon your Brow Chakra.  Visualize a lucent Indigo light spinning. As it spins you notice silver light in the distance and as it approaches the indigo light of your Brow Chakra, you see it is a beautiful star, surrounded by smaller ones. The clairvoyant image of the Mid-Aura Chakra, that which we call the chalice is imprinted now upon your inner vision and suspended above your Brow Chakra.  Depth and height are synonymous when you go within, therefore anchor your consciousness to the " Science of Ultimates " as you contemplate the positive qualities of your Brow Chakra and match them with the positive qualities manifested by the Chalice, in so doing, "you  become the path."

The idealism of your fourth Chakra is supported by the harmonic of courage expressed by your Second Chakra.
The intuition of your fourth chakra is a balanced by aspiration on a higher turn of the spiral attributed to your second chakra.
The integrity of your fourth chakra is reinforced by an at-one-ment with truth as expressed by your second chakra.
The indigo sea is transmuted by the stream of wisdom poured forth from the Chalice.

Complete your visualization by repeating the Orison

   This exercise is an important step in your training and signals a fresh approach.  You do not only draw upon the positivity of your Mid-Aura Chakra to reinforce your Brow Chakra, you also register the mystic depths of the Brow Chakra awakening which normally escape notice. 

   The Quester is sometimes involved in so many activities that attunement to the Mystic Way is curtailed.  This lack is afforded compensation by the quality of the experience you registered when you contact the center of consciousness you have been preparing to manifest and awaken since first treading the Path.