The Heart Energy
Prelude to Ascension
Janet McClure Channeling Vywamus
pages 334-337



Now we are going to work with your Heart.

     I invite you to focus into the Heart area.  We have talked all lot about integration and now we're going to get to the core-the Heart energy.  Your Heart may be a little timid at times.  It hides a little because it feels vulnerable.  You play roles.  You say, " this is why am.  " Your heart peeks out from within and says, " I'm here.  It's not who you are-I am who you are. " As it begins to appear, become apparent to you, you glimpse who you really are.  There's a sense of movement, of gearing into that acceptance of who you really are.  You begin to relax.  You say, " very well, I'll begin to allow the Heart here to present itself to the cosmos.  I and this Heart energy, this love center and, and I will be accepted for what I am.  I will allow it now.  "

    Thus there's a deep relaxation in the Heart area.  Many of you are seeking this relaxed acceptance of the Heart energy that will generate for you in new beginning.  You recognize that that you can become visible with in your Heart without becoming vulnerable.  You recognize that it's all right to be who you are and let it happen.  As it happens again, the energy moves and slides around-they're still an identification going on: " Who am I? I am sliding-I want to know who I am.  " There's a movement, a sliding, and you begin to bring that to the universe, a sliding scale of who you are.  The energy flows and you begin to be a little braver.  You begin to stand up to the universe and say, "this is who I am; this is what I think; this is what I know.  This is why  I am." The universe begins to respond.  It says, " How beautiful you are! Look! I will mirror back to you love. It will mirror back to you acceptance."

    Were you all geared up to be rejected? Some of you do that, you know.  You're quite sure you'll be rejected and then the universe accepts you! It accepts you, and as it does there is an opening, a new beginning, a sense of the building of the momentum.  There's a sense of balance and of a new beginning.  It generates more and more energy, but for a while you might not notice much effect from it.  You have been accepted, and yet life seems as it was before.  But it is not! It is a whole new level of being,a whole new level of Perception. It begins to build and you are gathering up the resources of the Heart.  You are integrating the response of the Heart.  You begin to identify with a clearer rhythm of existence.  You begin to accept! It multiplies! It expands and expands! It allows you to say to the cosmos, " Yes, this is who I am! I am the Heart.  I am a Heart that cares.  I am a Heart that allows myself to be visible with what I believe.  I am a Heart that responds to the universe.  I know that acceptance comes to me from the universe. I see-I know-I am accepted.  I have my place and I am secure within it.  The universe mirrors back to me that security.  I am secure in who I am."

    The universe response and you respond, and the Heart opens.  The Heart radiates.  It generates more and more energy.  It fills the Heart until it spills over and you need to share it, for it seems as if it can hold no more.  It generates and radiates; more and more comes in until there is an integrative point that sings through your harmonious heart.  Your Heart sings with joy sings of happiness sings because it is filled with what the universe mirrors to you.  You have opened. You have allowed it, and the universe shares it now.  It's sings.  As you radiate, you continue to contact the universe, he continued to express and there is an acceleration.  You have an accelerated way of relating to the universe as never before. 

   There is a very cosmic opening, you are filled with gratitude for this natural space  you have to grow in.  You open like a flower opens, and you are grateful for this joy and true humility.  You see your space but know that every other space is equal.  That is the energy that is flowing through the Heart, that is integrating, integrating, integrating.  The process of integrating is allowing the qualities of the heart.  They are radiating together, sharing together they can be a joyful of them loving and have true humility with happiness and understanding -all of these qualities.  This is the true integration flowing within your Heart.  All of this is singing; this is what it means to sing-to radiate these qualities to the universe through your caring nature.  One can hear them reflected back to you.  They echo back through the eternal now.  This truly is the music of the spheres echoing back the true qualities of a Heart which you've identified and integrated.  They sing- they cannot sing until you allow them to sing through you. Love cannot sing unless you bring it in and integrated into who you are.  It must have this format in order to vibrate and to sing, expressing what is by your allowing.  Thus, as you integrate more completely, you become aware of what integration is: the allowingness of the Heart state to share all the qualities that are part of, all of its attributes, bringing them together into alignment through your choice level.


Recognition and Acceptance Meditation


   You are willing now to stand up to the universe and say, " Yes, this is who I am, and I share it by expressing the qualities of the Heart in by multiplying them.  I energize them by allowing them to be integrated.  I will now share these qualities with universe.  I know that as they reverberate throughout the universe, they will come back to me multiplied, enhanced and multiplied now.  I accept them as they have accepted me." The process continues to another level of integration, and again I stand up and say, "This is who I am: the integrative qualities of the Heart. I am allowing them. I trust; I am surrendered; I am beauty; I am harmony; I am sharing with another because I care. I stretch out my hand to another because I love.  I'm willing now to serve.  I'm willing to choose to serve through the qualities of my Heart.  I serve the cosmos. I am the qualities of the Heart. I'll allow them to expand me. I'm willing to expand them. I recognize it as a reciprocal flow that I must accept and do accept. I choose such expansion and through that choice I will expand.  So, too, the universe and humanity will expand. I allow the qualities of the Heart to speak through meet in an integrated way."

   "I will not be shy; I will not be quiet; I will be verbal in the fullest universal sense. I will shout to the universe of my love. I will shout to the universe of my allowing, perhaps not vocally, but spiritually, in an alignment, in the fullest alignment of who and what I am.  I will allow my four body alignment to announce to the universe my acceptance of the qualities of the Heart and my integration of the qualities of the Heart. I accept each choice, each opportunity to choose and to use these qualities of the Heart. I know I cannot turn off  this trust. I know I cannot turn away from the light. I know I cannot turn from allowing this. There is no other way. I choose now to integrate these qualities. I choose to use them and allow the universe to reflect back to me the fact that I have used them. Demurring is the integrative process coming in from the universe, bringing all of the qualities that I have chosen to expand.  These qualities come back to me multiplied by my choice."

   "Yes, I must make the choice.  I do make the choice, not just once, but daily, hourly, every minute, every second.  I choose now, and at every opportunity, the qualities of the Heart: all allowingness, compassion, Joy, harmony, Beauty.  I choose them more and more, and each time I choose them, I activate a process of evolution within the Heart.  I am joyous within this opportunity! I dance within this opportunity! I express exuberance within this opportunity! The expansion of the qualities of the heart come through every time I choose to express unconditional love.  What comes back to me is a multiplied factor of unconditional love. When, by choice, I surrender another, the universe multiplies that trust in the comes back to me is a full, trusting opportunity.  I choose now to receive another's love, and what comes back to me is an opportunity to be trusted in that love."

   Can you see that the qualities are multiplied by the universe, and as you choose to use them, the qualities come back multiplied? This is what it means to integrate into the qualities of the Heart.  By your choices you create the multiplying factor. You are the generative core within the process. You make the effort and the universe responds. It is automatic, but you, as the generative core, make the effort now. 

   Bursts of color come back from the universe! Notice the Colors now-the colors flooding in from everywhere, into every space.  The colors represent all the qualities of the Heart from every perspective.  Your spiritual body greets these colors, these opportunities; it welcomes them.  Your mental body greets these opportunities in color. It enjoys thinking about them and learning from them and has a sense of satisfaction in this in coming opportunity.  The emotional body is ecstatic! This is what it's been seeking.  This is the response it has wanted; this is the resultant factor from its effort, it's outward flow. It feels supported in the process.  This is the way to understand that-and it is ecstatic. Sense within the physical body a flow.  It is looking for flow.  Is looking for the energy, the life force to surge through it. When it surges from the Heart, from what the Heart has created, it is not blocked. There is a deep, wonderful penetration. It is called " light." You have heard about that. It is a light energy that penetrates to the core of the physical structure.  Your physical body seeks to be warm. That warmth is the core penetration it is seeking.  Many of you are working to balance that area-to be neither too cold nor too warm.  It is that core penetration of your Heart which is being balanced now. Sense the peaceful space within your Heart.  This is the cosmic beat, the cosmic rhythm, the return flow.  It is sent out and it comes back. I send it out and it comes back.  Beat...beat...pulse... pulse... the great sweeping, the generative explosion that results from it, the generative fact that creates universes. It gives forth and comes back. The basic rhythm is established, and within that sense of harmony, a sense of unity-this rhythm, for the support within whole. 

   Yes, dear ones, the rhythmic acceptance of the whole, the support system of the Source, the cosmic Heart that beats-hear it now! It beats within all of you, responding now to the core within your Heart, to the  generative center within it, to that creative spark that has been born within you, which was given to you by the Source itself. Be within the Creative core now.  As we come full circle in this meditation, sense that church choices are the key here.  Sense that there are quiet moments within which to reflect upon your choices.  As you choose, your choices will create enough energy to bring you yet another choice.  That choice will generate for you a contact that will go out and bring you back response from the universe.  It is called an awakening.  There are always opportunities that you may reflect upon and welcome in, but remember they are born from within the Heart and they go all out from the Heart quality. Come back now with the new sense of connection within the Heart at this time. 

   Because you are focused on the physical plane and are still seeking to sort out much of what you can come into the physical plane, you have never, from this perspective, met your integrated self.  You really have not, and I would like to introduce you now.  We will seek to show you the qualities of that integrated self and what it is possible to realize about it.


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