A Gathering of Various Concepts


   In this lesson series I am seeking to talk about a diversity of subjects, giving some indications of areas being explored within the Foundation. I find it important to have in one place all of the areas being explored. This lesson is a means of gathering up different concepts that are being discussed and disseminated, information wise, through the Foundation.


   The subject is one that we have approached in classes and seminars in different ways. It is the following: Evolution on the Earth is for the purpose of allowing Divinity to experience at a specific vibration or frequency, if you will, which we call physical existence. We, then, as Divinity, experience here on the Earth. And I include myself because I have, through this particular type of experience also. Each of you is focused, by what I have called your totality, into physical existence for the purpose of learning and understanding personally and, of course, from the broader perspective, for the purpose of aiding all of evolution here on the Earth, all of the "pieces" of Divinity. The individual sparks together, along with the original level of Divinity's which we have called the Source, the Creator, make up the totality of the Divinity's experiencing.


   The Source (Divinity) brings forth individualized portions of Itself, which is what we are, and we experience in many ways, on many levels, and all possible types of situations for the purpose of getting to the place where each can perceive Divinity at the same level as the Source Itself. All experiencing, then, is done by Divinity, even if it is another level of Divinity, another way that Divinity has chosen to experience. This is true whether it is a beautiful flower, a beautiful rock or crystal. These also have a piece of Divinity, if you will. It is not the same as the individualized spark that then evolves and grows and becomes. But in a certain sense it this: It is a part of whole.  It is learning and becoming and growing and evolving. It is just doing it in a different way, perceived from a different focus.


   Many of you have asked me about the archangels and the angels. They are what I have termed direct extensions of Divinity. And they are not the same as you. Each one of you has a specific goal and that goal is to be a co creator--to learn and to grow and perceive, return again to the Source, merge again within it, and become a cocreator. The angels in the angelic kingdom have specific duties which they are already doing and doing perfectly. Thus they are a direct extension of Divinity, not an evolving consciousness--there is a distinct difference. That doesn't mean, though, that they are not learning. Why is that? Because all of Divinity, all of the Divine package, if you will, is evolving and growing and becoming, and they as a part of it are learning and growing and becoming also. The difference my friends, is that they have no choice, no free will, here. They are for a specific purpose within the cosmic plan, and they already do it perfectly.


   Now, the reason, in my understanding at least, is that the Creator has allowed his Divine sparks His evolving consciousness, to have free will, is that ultimately this will make them equal to Him--to the Source Itself. It strengthens Divinity to allow them to choose, to evolve in their own way, to make their own choices and to then experience as a result of these choices.


   Now, one of the most "interesting" choices that we make is to come to physical existence. And this is really what I wish to discuss now. In a physical situation, the vibration is different from a higher level. This doesn't mean that it has to be experienced dramatically or painfully, but we usually choose to so experience it. Many of us feel a little put out by the need to experience it at all; we would rather be experiencing on the spiritual plane. And when our souls choose to come to the Earth (as they do, my friends), sometimes they, not as much from choice as from knowing that it is appropriate in the service area; from a need, then, to fulfill their commitment, and not from the desire to experience physical existence.


   Now, that is not always true. We have some souls that are delighted to come to physical existence. And, truly, there are enough of these that there really is a "waiting list" to come to Earth, they truly is. But each evolving consciousness unique abilities and strengths are taken into consideration when the Earth assignment is made. Some are more suited for it than others. And this is the basis for how each one is chosen; if they have developed the suitable abilities; because, of course, each co called consciousness basically has everything within self. Some have developed some of these characteristics more than others, however. Thus is the choice made. And there are many others that would like to come into physical existence.


   Why is that? It is, of course, because they recognize the opportunities here. Some may consider it a service opportunity. Yes, it's true that in physical existence this service opportunities will be greater than on other levels, and that's an interesting point of view. I've never shared it, but I know that this is considered by some to be true. Then there are those who feel their evolution will be aided by a trip through the Earth school. And this, my friends, I do feel is true. Now, mostly because of the point of evolution that the Earth has been in, humanity experiences Earth living rather painfully, so many souls have not wished to get involved in all that pain. After the New Age begins, I'm very hopeful that most of this will be negated. At least, after the New Age gets a good start, then it really will begin to dissipate, less and less pain, more and more joyful learning experience. The Earth, this school of learning, is interesting.


   Once most evolving consciousnesses get involved with physical existence, they feel a little cut off, a little shut out of most of the levels of experiencing. There are exceptions, of course, but because of what they have experienced in the past, most do believe physical existence cuts you off, shuts you out, alienates you from the spiritual area.


   In our work within the belief structure, we are clearing out this misconception, because, my friends (and this is the purpose of this teaching), Earth living is so special, such a wonderful opportunity. It gives you the chance, while focused in the physical environment, to see all of creation aligned, from a physical point of view. It is a wonderful opportunity. You can feel the alignment, you can see the alignment, you can realize the alignment, you can enjoy the alignment, you can experience the alignment when you allow self to do so, when you can perceive it. And it is a very special focus, one that is different from the other levels. It is, my friends, more intense when you can allow it to come into being. I have experienced this: I know what I am talking about. It is wonderful. It is far from being a painful experience. It is one of the most exhilarating and beautiful experiences possible; to see all of creation while focused in a physical environment. It is awe-inspiring. It lets you see it from the framework, from the foundation, from the bottom up. It's wonderful. It can be a little awesome, but when you can align your understanding when you can conceptualize what it is from this point, my friends, you can conceptualize and realize it from any other point there is. Isn't that interesting! It's true. It's why it's such an important experience, and the key to revolution. Once you have unlocked it, it is the key to understanding more and more completely what existence has in its totality.


   I'm not saying that after you leave the physical existence you understand everything and go right to the cocreator state. I am saying that once you see the alignment, the total existence, the totality of what the Creator has wrought, from a physical point, it changes you completely. You will never again be the same. You will never again be as narrow in your concepts. You will be much more encompassing in your understanding, much more able to perceive existence as it truly is. How wonderful! It opens the door, my friends, to the totality of existence.


   How, then, do you began to perceive all of existence from an Earth point of view? First of all, you work on not perceiving it as being alienated, as being separated. You begin to take out the blocks within the self that makes you feel separated from other levels of existence; then meditating on existence, on what it truly is, will help. Perhaps you can take a walk, and as you walk along, think about Earth living. Think about what it is. I am not talking of thinking in a Mundane, every day way although that's all right too. I'm talking about the experience of being here on the Earth. You know that it is a learning experience. You know that you have different types of relationships that allow you to learn. You know that basically you are learning to understand self, and that mirrored in to your environment now are those areas that you need to look at in order to understand self more completely. You know, then, that you are getting to learn from the Earth experience.  You know that you are divine.  You know that everyone else is divine.


   Why do you feel cut off from other levels of divinity? Why do those within the physical environment feel and believe and think and deduce that there's nothing else but physical? The scientific community has been enlarging its scope. They are getting some interesting effects and are trying to decide what is happening there. Why are they getting these effects? They don't really have, within the physical universe, the answer, so they are beginning to go beyond the physical universe to seek these answers.


   Oh! Are we saying, then, that the effects that we call physical existence have causes or correspondence on other levels? Imagine that! That when we look at Earth living we are truly seeing a reflection of other levels? Do you think that we could use these effects that we see, to then see other areas? You know, on the spiritual evaluations I have been doing it the other way around; I have been giving people spiritual experiences and then relating them to Earth experiences. How about, now; as you are taking a nice walk, you look at the physical experiences and say, "yes, I know these physical experiences-these effects-are there, and I understand that Earth living (physical existence) is a reflection of a higher level of experience. So maybe I will think about it. Maybe I will conceptualize this area on Earth, and let it help me realize the spiritual experience. That I truly am not cut off, not at all. I'm simply experiencing a reflection of the other level. That's kind of fun, isn't? Kind of an interesting way to approach it.


   Within a relationship, that ought to be interesting. If you have a one-to-one relationship that you are working on (many of you have these), what is being reflected? What is the experience on the spiritual level? Interesting! Perhaps (this is basic within all of you) the relationship that you are working on on the spiritual level is between you and the Source itself. Oh? How interesting! Do you love your partner here on the physical plane? But does your relationship partner sometimes not perceive life exactly as you do? You really can't communicate all of your feelings? You can't make him or her understand your needs, or perhaps those needs don't exactly fit in with yours, or anyway there is not yet a complete communication, a complete free-flowing mess within the relationship? Do think this is saying, my friends, that on the spiritual plane you are still seeking to understand your relationship with the Source? That you are still seeking to get the communication going, completely, in a free-flowing manner, to understand how your own needs, wants and desires fit into the package of the relationship between you and the creator? My goodness isn't that an interesting concept: think about it. Reflect up, then, your experiences from the Earth plane to the spiritual area. This is a lot of fun and it helps you to say that you aren't cut off from anything.


   You are a part, an important part, a really( if you want to use this word) critical part of existence. You have a wonderful opportunity now see the true alignment, to perceive the part that physical existence plays the totality of existence-to analyze it, to see the framework of the totality of existence in the conceptual way, and then to fit physical existence into its proper slot.  You must see that it isn't the only kind of existence, as some people think it is, and neither does it "cut you off" from the totality. You have to; as I said earlier, put it in its proper slot, its proper perspective within the whole. And to do that, you must consider it from every angle, from every focus that you can conceptualize.


   This is an excellent class topic. Look at the totality of existence. Write down as many levels as you know, and see how physical existence fits into this totality. Look at it, conceptualize it, understand it, merge it. Merge it?  Oh, do you think that is what you are doing now, at this critical point in your evolution? You are merging physical existence into the totality of existence? Oh, how interesting! Yes, how interesting.


   This is what I have for this lesson.  Thank you very much for your attention, my friends.


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