Affirmations for Clearing the Lemurian Experience


1.I release the fear that a traumatic experience must be encountered when I activate 100% service in my life.

2. I release any past experiences that prevent me from seeing service as a free flow.

3.I do not encounter difficult electrical opposition as I serve, now.

4.I can safely allow those who have different points of view to serve with me, now.

5.I know that humanity is standing together, now.

6.I release any defense mechanism against those who opposed me, now.

7. I know that my light has dissolved all anxiety, loss and trauma from my encounters with electrical ones.

8.I cut all ties with past patterns that bring in a destructive mode on the Earth plane.

9.I release the need to pull in an impact to the group as it seeks to bring together the various individuals agendas.

10.I allow the sorting out of the group's purposes to be harmonious.

11.I allow the group a vehicle to be free of interactive factors that create disruption and opposition.

12. I allow the group to be free from the entangled qualities that are stimulated by specific misconceptions from the past.

13.I see the free flow of the group energies as they come together divinely, now.

14.I allow the intrigue factor within a group to fall way or to be resolved, now.

15.I know that a group can bridge the gap of the different experiences of its members.

Prelude to Ascension
Janet McClure


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