Approaching the Soul Merge


   The Soul knows how it can function here on your Earth. It has no problem with seeing and identifying the service area. It is the Personality level that needs education in whatever way is appropriate. The perception is what is involved here. You must unlock this door. What then is the key to the Soul-merge? We will try to discover that, and to see what occurs when that level of awareness is maintained. I cannot identify how close each of you is, but I will help you see the signs and the guide posts along the way.


   What is the first sign that one is seeking a major leap forward in awareness--which we have termed the Soul level? It could be dissatisfaction with the condition of the Earth experience itself: Suddenly it is not enough, you’ve done it all before and it gets suddenly boring.  This is not to say that life becomes all boring, but you do encounter a boredom with life as it exists and you want more. You seek to go beyond it, but you're not quite sure what you are seeking to go beyond, or how to do it--you are not quite sure, period! You might have been a wonderful executive on Earth, very much in touch with how to function, and suddenly you're not sure. If you are in charge of large groups of people, then they can sense it. Suddenly they look at their boss and they think, "I wonder if he's having a nervous breakdown" or "I wonder if she's having a midlife crisis". There is something going on that others can sense.


   So what you do? You attempt to solve what's going on within self. And guess what? That magically it opens up many possibilities (and word "magically" is very appropriate). Suddenly you attract the Soul's attention, you invoke the Soul. It comes and says, "My goodness, look at what's going on within that extension! Look! There is an invocation of me, of the higher level. Good, now we are ready to begin". That begins the activation of whatever remains within the self to clear.


   Now, before this life, you and your Soul probably had a little chat, and your Soul might have said to you, "are you going to be the extension that allows me to function on the Earth?" And your reply would have depended upon you and your approach. You might have said, "No way. That's too hard. I like a neat little package here and I don't want to get everything all stirred up and live in chaos and pain. Let someone else do that.” (And you know what happens!) The other approach might have been a "yes, of course. I'm going to do it the day after I’m born--or maybe the day before." And when you are born, when you come into the physical, things look different. Perhaps all the areas within the self that are not clear look different. When you look through a glass and it isn't clear, it makes the vision fuzzy and perhaps you can only see an outline of what is on the other side. So some of you can see it more clearly than others, depending on the amount of programming, or nonclarity, that you have within yourself. If you see nothing, isn't always that you are completely blocked. Sometimes it is because you have programming in the area of not seeing.


   So you're looking at this, and sometimes when you invoke the Soul through your dissatisfaction with life as it is, a little gong or bell goes off within the self that says, "oh yes, I was going to clear that this lifetime. I was going to allow the Soul to come in. Yes, I remember." That's important because then the Soul gets involved and says, “yes, yes, yes, you remember"! And you get going between you and the Soul energy. Then you can utilize the synergy between you and your soul, hopefully in a way that will magnify it. What will magnify energy? Service will. Why? Because as you involve yourself in service, you begin to utilize your personal Will and alignment with the Creator's Will.  The two approach each other and you have a magnification of the Will aspect of creation itself.  You've magnified that thrust when you have aligned the Will because you wish to serve.


   What is this magnification of will? This first-ray energy and it will thrust you anywhere you want to go (and sometimes were you don't want to go). It is the thrusting first ray that is magnified by your desire to serve. Now, if you attempt this soul merge without aligning with the Divine Will, what happens? Well, Divine Will is going up and if you attempt to use your Will only for self and not in service, it goes across. If it happens often enough, then you say, "I think perhaps there is a problem here. When I attempt to break through to a new level, the break through isn’t happening". What is the key to that? It is service, realigning the Will with the Creator's—and not only saying, "I am aligning it,” but doing it. The doing is very important.


   Service is the key for you. It is the alignment of the Will that allows it to happen. But what if you choose not to be directly involved in service? You can choose to that, but you can't expect to achieve the soul merge without it. It just won't happen if service isn't a part of it. Service is a cornerstone of the Soul-merge. If you are not ready for that, that's all right. The Creator says that His program will probably get along without your input for a while. You can stay where you are or go at your own pace. Yes you will grow; yes you will learn; but the Soul level will not be achieved until you recognize that the Creator’s program is probably more important than your own personal agenda. That's what the Creator is creating: the opportunity for all existence to keep learning. And you have an important part in aiding it. Your personal input has its own uniqueness and you must get in touch with it.


   So let's say that you have recognized that service is the most important thing, and you are more or less committed to it. (Some of you have some degree of subconscious resistance) then what happens? You become very involved in service.  Does that mean your own growth ceases? Not at all! Service is the key to your growth. If you want to move quickly, get involved in service, and then get ready to run!


   As you serve, many growth opportunities occur. These are the unlocking process. Self recognizes that you have been in a holding pattern in a particular area, and then the opportunity is given through service to unlock it. Let's say you are in 100% service, and it flows very well--your personal evolvements is growing, and you feel really quite good about it. All of you have then a final unlocking process to go through what ever area is rather difficult for you. This unlocking will seem rather heavy. It doesn't have to be heavy, but most choose to participate with in it, because it is a final release in an area that has many layers, and you probably built it up from the Soul level. It may have begun there, or even from the Monadic level. Then it takes an intense encounter of self to let go of it on the physical plane.


   Let's say that you have resolved all of these easy things-you have a lot these core items and gotten through. These core items began to interlock with one another so that as you begin to experience, it's like a frog: it leaps from one to the other, and in this cyclic effect you stir up whatever is left. What does this mean? It means "hang in there"! When you get one of the frogs, you are going to get the rest of it: making progress, evolving, growing, changing. You are getting at the nitty-gritty. Excellent! But it can be intense. So get involved in service again. Keep working on self, but say, "I'm doing it because I wish to serve, and I will do whatever is necessary." Then do it! Don't feel sorry for self: "Poor little me." No! You have a wonderful opportunity here.


   Some of you are into what we might call illusion about what your own place is on this path, so how do know where you are? First look at what happens to you and your life--and I mean over a month's time, not day to day. Are you regularly encountering areas that are not clear? Are you experiencing long periods in which everything flows well? This will happen as you begin to approach the Soul level. For very long periods there will be no interruption of the free flow. Then you might have an intense period when nothing seems to go right and you have to work yourself out of that one. When you get out of that, you have another long period where it flows well. Notice that these times; you will be more comfortable if you have a little recognition that you are working on something and you know what it this.  Try to see what is happening in your life from a synchronicity point of view.


   As the Soul approaches in its final merging, it gets very excited. You begin to experience part of its excitement, maybe as an electrical discharge. Several of you are experiencing this. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean the soul-merge is going to take place five minutes, but it is part of the final approach. Now, you might not even have a problem with it. It might happen very smoothly, but if it is disharmonious, you could know that this is a part of connecting with your Soul, and you simply deprogram self in the area of electrical trauma. Some of you might experience it without trauma, which is wonderful.


   The Soul, then, is electric and magnetic. This means that it attracts a mutual sense of divinity. Let's talk about that a minute. Divinity recognizes Divinity and becomes magnetic. When they merge, we have a Soul-merge. The Soul, being magnetic, is attracting you. Now, for the Soul this is an intense time. You might not have considered this if you have been thinking from your point of view, the personality level. But the Soul is resolving all of its Earth living, and this is a critical point in its evolution. I don't think it chews its fingernails, but it says, " now, I wonder what's going to happen, and I wonder if we have made a breakthrough. Is this one really going to allow the process to be completed? I wonder how it's all going to fit together ". Then it says, "I wonder what my next step is going to be ". Imagine that! Have you said that a few times?


   So the Soul is as anxious for this merge as are you. You partake of it with it, but is the Soul that is very anxious to fulfill its commitment. If you have any programming in the area of commitment, it sometimes enters here, saying, "I am not ready for this mission that the Soul has". Most of you do very well with that, but if there is a hang up at the last moment, it is usually in the commitment area.


   In the initiations in Egypt, there was sometimes a last-minute back off-some of you weren't able to break through it. Why? "I'm not ready for that. Commitment to service hung it up. That's why the key is through service.


   I would say that as the final approach to the Soul merge is made, one begins to realize that it's probably not such a big deal, that it is not that important, but that it is but a little cog in the overall wheel. This means that have become objective about existence and that you are ready for the soul merge. One way you can tell is by asking yourself how objective you are becoming about. Is it necessary? Are you intensely desiring it? Intense desire isn't bad--it helps you see where you are, to know you have not yet allowed it to be unimportant; this always necessary. If something remains terribly important to the self, you have not released it, have you? What will happen when you've released it? The knowingness of its approach enters, and suddenly you recognize "all right, it's coming now!”


   Within a short period--probably within six months--the knowingness will come in. It is going to happen and it doesn't really matter when, because you are so very busy with service and other people’s needs that you forget about yourself and you think, "well, I really know that I've done what I can and daily I'm trying to do more, and that's all I can do. And the other people here need help. This is what I must do." Then it kind of sneaks up on you!


   And one evening I, or another spiritual teacher, knocks on your door after you’ve gone to sleep, and we say, "Are you ready?" And you say, "Well for what? What am I . . .? (And you usually get a little excited at that point.) And we say," Well, we have an appointment with Sanat Kumara.” Then you look at yourself, perhaps in your beautiful white gown or robe, and you recognize that indeed you are ready, indeed you are to begin this exciting experience. Now, as this White also approaches, you recognize that it isn't only your experiencing. You begin to see how you fit into the whole picture, more than you have ever seen before, that there are others taking this same step at the same time. But not only that. Reflected up, there are many others who are going to be taking their next step, and indeed this process of conferring Initiation is bestowed upon all of creation at the same time. And if you can recognize it, you can have it. It is always available when you can see it! It happens all of the time when you can know it. It is there when you can allow it.


   This will probably happen to each of you: First the knowingness that it is about to happen and the divine indifference about whether it does or not-that is the key for you. And then, within the inner experience, the Initiation itself, it is a specific attunement to an evolutionary point, and it unlocks and outlines the future evolutionary path. This exact wording is important.


   Sanat Kumara with his rod of power initiates the next evolutionary step. When that rod of power touches you, you then see, framed in, the next process that you will begin. It is then up to you to fill in the details as you go along. What happens when your teacher who has knocked on your door tells you that it is about to begin? It might bring a little bit of anxiety, but most wouldn't admit it:" I'm not going to admit I'm a little scared. I will to show that I and ready. I will be very cool about it.


   For me the soul merge, the third Initiation, was probably the most import because it is a major perception period showing you how exciting your whole future is going to be. Most, including me (although I haven't admitted it before), get a little bogged down in Earth living, wishing a little that we didn't have to remain here. We get a little resentful of it. Then we can see how Earth living is but a part of the whole of true existence, and how it all fits together. To me this is very exciting.


   Now, your teacher, whoever it may be (and I hope that for all of you I can always be doing this), will represent you. In what? In being proud of his child, in being privileged to show that "here comes another piece of Divinity through an important doorway.” Then you will probably perceive as I did, that it is a great gathering, that as we approach the ceremonial area, there has been much preparation for this ceremony. There are many candles on an altar, arranged in a very specific symbolic detail.  There are figures in white robes, with different-colored insignias. Some of the robes are edged in violet, some and gold, some in white (a different interpretation of white). Several are robed in all violet. And when they are arranged very specifically in their group, the pattern they create invokes Sanat Kumara. Then he knows there is a ceremony about to begin. This is always happening, though your perception is not that way. Even on the inner planes you will perceive this as happening in sequential time because you are still closely connected with it. You still have a physical vehicle lying there that you are connected to; if you were not, that would change the way you perceive it. It is that connection that holds you there.


   You might not notice any other candidates. I really didn't; I was told later that they were all there. At the next Initiation I was able to see them. Gone was my self-assurance that I was part of the whole, and it didn't matter. But suddenly it did matter! Momentarily, as the rod descended there was a feeling of. . . I don't like the word "unworthiness", but, my friends, Sanat Kumar is very special, and when you stand face to face with him you are not quite sure sometimes how you fit into the picture. He is awe-inspiring. At this point in evolution, it is difficult to be divinely indifferent! There is so much light there! But from this point on, it is much easier. The rod descends, and what is experienced is an instant attunement to all of creation!


   The first thing I heard was the music of the spheres, the music of all creation, celebrating this event. I also heard the flow of existence. I had never known this; suddenly I could hear it and it was like a mighty river that is forever moving and surging but flowing in a very harmonious and beautifully melodious, attuned way.  I began to recognize more than ever before my unique part in all of this. I began to see self in relationship to the whole--that there really was no difference except that my perception was deliberately different, and this was how Divinity could experience every possible perception. This was not a separateness; it was simply a different focus.  That very focus will be experienced by Divinity, and I was simply sitting on one of them.


   And it was as if I were on a stool and that stool extended into the Hierarchy itself. That is a little scary--suddenly you look around and there are all these teachers that have been learning and growing for a long time, and there you are! And you look and you say, "Oh, hello there, how are you today? I think I saw you in my last meditation." And he might say, "Why yes, I’m the Lord Maitreya". And you say, "How to you do?” It's a whole different approach, and they began to attune to you in a completely different manner (not that they treated you badly before). What's the difference? It's your perception. You suddenly perceive that these pieces of Divinity are just that, and that eventually you are going to be experiencing just as they are. And perhaps there are other things that they haven't learned yet. This was a revelation for me-I was sure that the lord Maitreya had done everything and learned and had been everything. When he carefully pointed out to me that that was untrue, I just said, "Oh, really?’ And I had to think about that one. And Thoth too-- I carefully followed him around Shamballa, sure that he had done everything. I tugged at him all the time--he got so tired of me!


   After this evolutionary point, the Hierarchy begins to call you an Initiate (though there are those who considered the initial level to come before this time). This means that your responsibilities increase--they have increased as far as the Creator's Cosmic Plan on Earth and--guess what--beyond Earth. It shows that you have acknowledged and agreed to specific requirements and that from now that point forward you have agreed to do them. You also will forward in the commitment area.


   What happens to you, more specifically, at the Initiation? Let's use the observations of one whom I respect as none other here on Earth: Sanat Kumara. "One is illuminated by the light that is possible on the physical existence, allowing light to penetrate into the vehicle and permanently transforming it.”


   That is what I was getting at--the permanent transformation of the physical vehicle at this time. (It is not really completed until after the next Initiation, but it begins at this one.) This begins your disinvolvement with Earth, your ability to leave the Earth plane. Forever after that you will be almost completely detached emotionally. And that doesn't mean you can't have joy or love with, or anything like that. But when you view what is happening on Earth, you can do so with divine indifference, seeing it for what it really is.


   What about the physical structure itself? Well, I've talked about "coding" the divine pattern into the physical. This service is potentially present before this time, and you are still the model, the Adam Kadmon, that is the divine pattern. In an intense energy sense, this is not completed until after the fourth Initiation, but it changes after the third. How? In the physical reaction areas. You choose after that time not to experience pain. You haven't yet figured out exactly how to "get off the wheel", but you are in the process; you have decided that pain is not necessary and let that go. We are talking about the four bodies here. Now, what about the mental body? It has become cognizant of the completeness of the Earth experience--which has been a wonderful learning opportunity, and the mental body is always very interested in that. It seems that the Earth experience is pretty well completed as far as personal development is concerned. Naturally then, after that point, the mental energy will be used for service.


   The spiritual body, in this case, you might equate with the Soul--after the Soul-merge the spiritual body is the Soul. Of course, it is all four bodies, but it will serve, it will be involved in bringing forth upon the Earth the Creator's plan. The body is completely aligned, but different.


   What is the physical vehicle going to do after that time? It is going to serve. The emotional body might experience joy and compassion. It will be into compassion.


   The Soul-merge, then, allows two different perceptions to merge into one on the physical plane. That is what is happening. You might have what can be called trial runs, in which there are initiations that you recognize, but afterwards, life doesn't seem very changed--you are just aware of having had an inner ceremonial experience. This doesn't invalidate it; it just means this wasn't the soul-merge, it was something else. There are inner ceremonies that allow you to perceive more clearly in one specific area, and Sanat Kumara does participate in these on occasion. You could call these initiations between the major initiations, or perception in a specific focus that is changed forever after. This is really done as a gift from Sanat Kumara acknowledging that you are making progress but saying, "No, this is not the major event ". These are valid experiences, beautiful gifts that one may treasure--a special connection with the highest representatives of Divinity on the Earth, Sanat Kumar. If we feel the connection, this is always purposefully applied by him. There is a reason you perceive him; so if you do, look for that reason within self. It might be an acknowledgement of some breakthrough that you have made, or it might be a spiritual gift because of your efforts. Does this mean that a light such as Sanat Kumara is cognizant of every piece of Divinity within his domain? I think so. He leaves out no one. He attunes to each of you, and when you perceive him, then look and see why you can perceive him. You know it is not an accident--There are no accidents. You learn about nature and other things through your conscious connection.


   After the Soul-merge the continuity of consciousness may or may not be utilized. There are those that are Soul-merged here on Earth have not completely released the need to sleep; they haven't gotten through that yet. And sometimes this continuity of consciousness thing has an impact on their rest, so they might choose not to use it for awhile until they unlock the body's need for rest. It depends upon the individual. The Soul-merged human being has more energy, so certainly the need to sleep will be less intense, but they might sleep three or four hours a night, and it that time they will turn off that continuity of consciousness. Later they will say, "Oh, I don't have to do that anymore.” There is a continuation of a learning experience. You see, they are quite through on Earth yet; they're still unlocking. The same is true of food: but the time of the soul-merge, you are very much in touch with your body's needs, and you will still be eating, you will be flowing with it. You'll be able to perceive what your body needs and eat in line with that. Then gradually you recognize that the need to eat is rather a habit and you can break it. By the time of the fourth Initiation it is broken.


   Concerning the seven spiritual paths and your choice, do you make that choice at the time of the third Initiation? You should have it carefully thought out and be well on your way toward making the final decision by that time. It is very difficult to make it in the short time between the third and fourth initiations. Recognize that after the third Initiation, it is the Soul that is here, so your Soul has been considering it and knows what it is, but after the merged state, it has to take into consideration all that has been input into it from the Earth plane, and sometimes that changes it. It will be in line with the Creator's Cosmic Plan.


   The more advanced you are, the better you can serve. The reason for making the effort to achieve these points, these initiations, is service. That's always true, and the more progress each of you makes, the more you are going to aid the Earth will avoid some of its trauma. It can get above some of it then and not have to experience it.


   You could say that at the time of the soul-merge you are aligning more completely with the totality. Certainly, though the alignment process you invoked the Monad and, in a sense, line up the Monad, the Soul and the Personality. As you merge the Personality within the soul, it changes the whole perspective of the totality. You could say that that the physical extensions have ceased to be. So what do you have? You have the Monad extending to the soul level only, in this sense--one part of it, anyway. The Soul level is no more emphasized by the totality than the Personality level is. Just as you stand at the base of a mountain, you are looking at your next evolutionary step. To me it is an alignment of all three, with the soul as the intermediary. The Soul will no longer be the focus. If your reference it from the Monadic level, then when the soul-merge with the Personality takes place, it does seem that the Soul no longer functions as it did. It does disintegrate in a certain sense. The Soul itself is changed by the dropping away process. It looks different depending upon your focus. A Mountain looks different from above than it does when you're standing at its base, but it is still the same mountain. Nothing has changed but your perception, your focus.


   If the Soul has extensions that are functioning in India, perhaps, or England or South America, and you merge with your Soul, then they are reabsorbs by the Soul, and the physical structures disintegrate. Remember, Soul is just self on another level. But all is divinity, and if you don't experience it on one level, you experience it on another. After the fourth Initiation, you might not have a physical body.


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