Catching The Bus


   We left during the last visit pondering upon the subject of focus. Focus has many depths and fields of color. Our occupation in third dimensional life is a focus, as is our communal or civic life and commitments. Third dimensional life is one of manifestation and slow motion.  All will be called upon to focus, look, learn  and experience and when finished, we will be allowed to return back to the universe (from which we volunteered) so that it (3-D) can be brought forward for someone else’s focus, somewhere else.

  If we wish to, our focus can last through many incarnations of life. Take for example our personalities. It would be very simplistic to think and believe that it is brought to life at birth and developed completely by the age of 19-25 and the rest is just practice on our parts. If it were, how could we encounter people and situations for which we, through a sense of de je vu, already have found connection with others or places and events through a sense of intuition or knowledge of prior to the current encounter? How can we recognize someone who is familiar to us even though we’ve never met? The list goes on for these types of lessons/experiences, likes and dislikes. The basis for all of these examples lies in the continuity of the soul and of the personality. The continuity of life, much like our consciousness/sleep cycles is the same cycle as what we consider our life and death. They are one and the same, just reflections of the same experience.

   As we bring understanding forth, people as well as places will help us learn certain types of experience at certain phases of our journeys. We in turn maintain a balance also by taking part in an experience for all of them. Since we are energies first and foremost, we can and must remember that we experience the experience. We are not the experience or the total expression of the outcome. When we begin to believe that we are, we create peripheral judgments and attach them to the experience (fear, guilt, pride, satisfaction). These types of feelings create attachments to those events and thus holds us continually here in this aspect. When we begin to release all attachments to outcomes we begin to separate ourselves from the drama of this creation, and begin the upward spiral of our own patterned DNA stranding, as well as anchoring the other 13 strands that we operate through.

   Yet, we have bodies that we experience through and one of them is the emotional. Some may say that by not attaching feeling to an experience or an expression we are denying an important aspect of our evolving self. This is most certainly true if you denied the emotional which some have done to a perfect pattern of behavior. Still we can accomplish all of this and more if we felt and experienced through our hearts with love and compassion to develop the emotional self without the need to stand in the middle of the ongoing drama and anchor ourselves to that perpetual passion play. The heart is the feminine aspect of the material Mother and the complementary aspect of the Father’s spiritual higher altruistic values of light and love.

 This brings us to a situation in life that many people don’t yet understand. There are no accidents or chance encounters in life. All is brought to you by yourself (not only your conscious part) or by others you have asked to help you in the experience. This is why there are no victims or victimizers in life. All experiences are brought to us through a series of decisions. Everyday, everywhere by everyone. If we care to, we can verify it for ourselves by backtracking. If you will,  see if this isn’t true, not only in what we call the past, but the present and the future as well. A good example of this is surfing the Internet. No matter where you’ve gone, you can always come back by retracing your path. All avenues are open for you, all you have to do is choose. This is why when we are in the middle of looking at that flower and forgetting where we are, a bee can come and sting us back to where our attention is supposed to be. Or you actually smell the flower, stand up, and walk down the path.

   If we will acknowledge that as we are in our life and that we arrived by our own means, we will have made a monumental self-realization. By doing this consistently we become self-realized, self-motivated and self-expressive and not as defensive or reactive as many of us are becoming. Through images of what others think we are worth, while being self-realized means you are capable of consciously creating your own realities. It may not seem like much on the surface but the potential is awesome in its mechanics. Journey with me a little longer on this and we will arrive at the point very soon.  If we understand that we can create our own realities, we will also come to the conclusions that it takes others who commit to us in between lives to complete complex lessons and experience issues. That there are different levels of consciousness that interplay with us to create our field of focus (the flower being at the right place at the right time for us to see it). That means that the connection between any and all is opportunity all the time, no matter what the dimension or reality we are in at that moment!

   There is another part of being self-realized and that is participating in a physical universe where there are laws which require our attention as well as contribution. The largest two of all are cause and effect and the law of attraction. Being outrageous brings its own rewards. Are you ready for them? It also creates our fundamental concepts of laws and values, such as you break a law through your expression you have to accept in return that which is given out.  Physical law, spirit law provides that as you give so shall you receive. Whether it’s tomorrow or next year, the universe shall return what you give. This really does give additional meaning to the basic Ten Commitments.  Catching on yet? 

   That is why is there so much attention on Atlantis and Lemuria, Egyptian and Mayan cultures and related teachings. By being self-realized entities, we have the ability to recall or remember past events and lives, fears and accomplishments and try to re-attract them to us again in the here and now so that we may resolve all of the negative attachments and patterns that we practice. Yes that means facing all of the demons that we have asked along for all of these lives and times. Because we are able within ourselves and through the dimensions (our connected reincarnations) to relive them through what we could call a time continuum. In other words, you and I through our creative abilities can, in our own limited way, re-tap the memories of being in Atlantis and bring them forth to integrate the evolved life we are living now! Don’t believe it? Try it! As a person who has been blind for the first thirty years of life finds that by turning on a switch inside themselves they can see almost the same people with 3-D sight . No, it’s not possible if you have no faith, no patience, and no connection with other aspects of ourselves, which at the moment we aren’t practicing with, you won’t receive the light and the sight. We are compelled to think, feel, and experience by certain values and structures in a strictly physical order to be part of an ongoing epoch or civilization. If we wish to become something better (evolution) we must have the faith and the patience to relearn the Internet we are a part of and by more practice, commitment and sharing with the whole as part of that whole, we can and will be a higher and better Atlantis, Camelot, Pleidian , or Sirian culture.           

   Our greatest hurdles right now are re-education, re-evolution and personal commitment to an evolving form of responsibility and what we perceive as time. For in a matter of a handful of years, we need to be in a lighter frame of mind and time! Now is the time to learn and expand and above all else to remember who we are, and from where we’ve come and what we are here to do. Not just to be passive and loving but to integrate all the past with the present and to be an active participant in what we are calling forward. Remember we are all co-creators in this. There are no victims and if you wish this time to focus on another form of third dimensional life, it will be given to you. We are rapidly moving into the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions and our consciousness as well as our bodies must, through that sense of balance, be able to make the shift.

   There has been much written and spoken of on this subject throughout all of the ages of what we shall call man and light. For even the space brothers that are here now helping to prepare the Earth Mother for her graduation, they too passed from third dimensional entities to fourth and fifth and higher through passages that are unique, owing to their particular star structure, evolutionary patterns and lessons not only individual but planetary. They share much in common with us in that they passed through dense physicality to a higher vibrational light body, much as we are going through now. This is a practical application or experience many are going through now. The important point here is that one, we don’t worry about the space brothers coming to create havoc because they will be the same as the crew of the Enterprise, a little more diverse in appearance but still concerned that when we see them for the first time what our reaction will be and whether through our own programming of fear and destruction we will harm them.  Sure, at the moment we have a problem experiencing almost everything through extreme scenarios, mostly through worst case and what we will lose or give away. We should not be overly concerned with what our neighbors or friends are doing for as a result of this process of creating the idea of loss then materializing it through judging all or everyone through this which creates a situation within each of us that calls forth feelings of being better than, or not being good enough than another. This must be removed from all of us.  For as that part of us recognizes, we are all the same just viewing it through a different lens.  

   To bring the issue or point of individuality a little closer to home and to illustrate just where we are in the scheme of things, let’s take a short journey. Some of the things said may resonate with you, others in past lives have had some rather difficult issues at the hands of your space brothers over this. Please set aside some of the things that may come up and view them through love and a desire to reintroduce yourself to them on a level you are at when not in physical form, and are therefore equals and sons of the same parents.

   We are reflections of a Father and a Mother as we take on physical qualities of our Earth Mothers and Fathers. We in, spirit form, are reflections of another Father and Mother. The “Urantia Book” describes the relationship very well. To continue onward, we are all reflections, individualized reflections, of our spirit Father. As we take all the inhabited planets in a universe (and there are many!), each individual form has a direct eternal as well as physical relationship with God (Father).  It is a two way interactive relationship (please see “Conversations With God, Book Three”). If you can imagine the trillions of souls throughout the universes, what kind of experiences do we as individuals send to our Father every second of every day of every year? Our connections are so intimate that as we speak (physically or mentally) He receives the vibrational energy that we create, just as when we ask questions or for help from our heart He receives it. Some of you may doubt that it is answered or given back to us, and is as a result of asking from the ego and the mind and not from the heart, for as all of creation is, it originates from the heart and is physically produced from the universe because it is pure.

   As we grow in heart felt expression and experience both in love and fear (“Conversations With God, Book Three”) we pass on our energy to Him and the rest of the universe and this is a literal fact.  Everything we say and feel either Esoteric or Exoteric (in and out) is vibrated through all the universes (“Urantia Book”). We truly are connected with everyone, everywhere and not separated simply because some wish to hide in a physical form because we have fear issues. In return the Father gives us a support system which is almost beyond description. We are part of a vast system of love and action. As an example in those quiet moments in your mind when you hear someone speak to you out of the blue, most of us think it’s our conscience. Perhaps it is, we just need to expand what our conscience or should we say our consciousness is really capable of discerning.  

   Connecting with each other as individuals we form what is called a collective consciousness or from another point of view a Mass Consciousness. This creates the world we live in. As we pass through our individual lives we pass through civilizations which we as a connected whole create. How is your creation in this life and this day? As we develop our ability to understand this connection we begin to understand that as we come out of our own insecurities and be a living form of joy (whether we understand this at first or not) we begin to change not only our own vibration rate, which opens us to higher and greater knowledge and light, but it also has a positive input on those around us. As this is developed into larger aspects (neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, etc.), the outcome is developed as a Golden Age or a Light Age as we settle into more light, more light is given to raise us through different epochal stages for higher development. As I’m sure you are aware of, we have called a passage of time in our own histories as The Dark Ages and what transpired there. Is it coincidence? 

   To become aware and more conscientious, we begin to understand that we have a duality of natures. Most of the masses we’re aware of male/female, good/bad, light/dark, but there are many more to be viewed. Power/control, love/fear, separation/connectedness, responsibility/denial. These are all extremes or are sometimes expressed as polarity or as opposites. What needs to be worked through on this is as we understand the potential of the expressions of the opposites, we need to incorporate them into our consciousness from the point of balance or neutrality, and not deal in extremes whether good or bad in their potential but what is generated by experience in everyday life. No more, no less.

  With this example we will close this session. As humans on the earth we feel we are unique in all the universes and dimensions, yet inside we feel inferior because we ask for acceptance since we really don’t understand who or what we really are yet and we sometimes fear to find out (individual connection). Yet we treat each other poorly from fear because we don’t wish to accept responsibility for being an individual with our own expressions and being secure in the knowledge we are all really the same anyway. Through this fear and separation we compete with each other and as each strives to love (light) we worry where we are in relation to the next. Now this might be a valid concern if we were all suppose to finish at the same time and place, but we aren’t.  But we can’t seem to break those self imposed guidelines as long as we continue to focus on the negative. Fearing Aliens (galactic family) will come in and do to us as we are doing to each other. So you know where fear and darkness (one extreme) are taking us. While if we worked from a point of connectedness and understanding that as we slap each other we are slapping ourselves, we may wish to begin kissing and holding each other instead. Remember the universe will always give us that which we bring to ourselves to create. Will it be good or disastrous?  We choose that which comes for us. The universe will give us experiences not only separate and individual but connecting as a whole. It will take a lot of work, much like giving up the cigarettes and the drugs/alcohol and the material toys all at the same time. Once done, you’ll find that there is a great deal of difference to all of us. There won’t be a need to turn our backs on what’s being done to others anywhere. We just won’t reinforce the behavior anymore.
Peace through light brings joy to the heart


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