Much has been heralded about our current culture and civilization for us to be brought face to face with some rather expansive considerations and philosophies as well as attempting at some point to satisfy ourselves that we belong to a larger more complex physical reality than we are aware of. Also what are the affects on us even if we are willing to accept or be a part of it on an everyday basis ?

For most of us it is a pleasant diversion occasionally to ponder the life we lead and those we chose to live with, but with all the concerns of everyday life as well as our ongoing creative excursions into the concept of society, how or why should they be tied together or even associated with whom we are or are not? Is it indeed important? Does what we think and wish really contribute to that which we are an undeniable part of, that greater whole? What does it matter to me or those I surround myself with, that those things that I wish to do everyday have consequences on others? In a short answer, yes. Each of us does have an impact on all others that we surround ourselves with simply by the focus we hold. Those who are loving and creative spread that joy of connection to those around them, just as those who hate and are fearful will attract those of connecting focus. Letís take a short journey to kind of fill in some of the blank spots we have about focus and the creative impact it has on us and our culture. Let us relate it to us today as well as yesterday and how for the most part we keep reliving the same cultures yet continually making the same patterned decisions, or if you will, mistakes at the same mile markers? First as our current-day scientists will tell you, energy once created is as infinite as sound and light waves are. As they and we are created they travel throughout time and space as well as dimensions to be heard or seen, felt and enhanced at some point or place .This is neither a random or capricious process. We are, in a greater sense, a part of a larger parcel of energy in that we have a particular place in the range of octaves and spectrum of a light chosen by us. We chose to lower our keys or notes, as it were, to be encased in a slower vibrational rate which we can relate to as a physical form, for as energy slows it becomes denser and denser giving us a sense of solidity and form. Yes, itís true that there are levels which we can see and feel that are beyond this dense physicality and yet doesnít conform to our sense of physical reality.

As we are coming to know, energy and all its manifestations (forms) are bound by the ranges of activities it chooses to experience in. Did I forget to tell you that all life, no matter what form it is in, is highly intelligent? Yes, and only the intent of the experience separates us by that form. We as individuals are much the same as the red blood cells in our own bodies, as we compare ourselves to our place or places on the earth in this time and place. Sorry, sometimes we forget this and try and experience too much on our lifeís paths and somehow miss a lot without understanding that we are coexisting and cocreating with others. On this Earth plane there are many different ďpeopleĒ that we donít see, feel, hear or are able to interact with on a conscious level. We live and have life in a three dimensional reality, yet for the most part most of us only use a two dimensional sense of relation. We are able to visualize form (width) and motion (height) but not sentiency (depth). Another version of this is that we can see and hear but we donít feel or taste.

Energy has within itself its own framework in terms of levels within levels. As it receives or creates positive uplifting nourishment (energy through thought) it responds by vibrating faster and energizing which allows us to experience a more expanded version of our universal life, just as much as when it receives lower or slower energy it slows down to view life as very physical and densely focused and thus only experiencing only limited capabilities and achievements. Much like comparing the caveman to the advanced cultures which we canít conceptualize yet. We are expanding our field of focus to create larger realms of expression, and still we are closer to that caveman than we are to the ages of light and evolvement.

Alice Baily through her esoteric channeling of the ascended master Djwhal Khulís work, actually brought to us the absolute key of creation, God, Father, Source was able to create all by thought. Energy follows thought. In the Bible it was the Word (the Word is a physical tone that is compromised of patterned energy) as we are physical we hear energy in the form of sound and color. As we were created in the image of our Father we are blessed with the same inherent abilities that we are learning to use just as He learned and is learning through us. Much like the old adage of ďas above so belowĒ, we are given the same basic set of abilities our Earthly third dimensional parents possess. Can you begin to see the cycles within cycles now?

As intelligent energy we have come to know and understand as well as to utilize the balance and cycles in life and relationships. Can we as intelligent individuals contribute to the positive values in the ebb and flow of daily life? This holds true for us as energy when we slow ourselves down to inhabit physical form, as well as energetically (spirit form).

Who and what we wish to project (focus) for ourselves during a life creates our reality in much the same way a learning group we travel with grows and learns from life to life. Now since energy is infinite and we are energy, it would make sense that we were created at some point by a Father and a Mother in whatever form we could possibly conceive, and that we continue on. Most times when we ponder infinity it is beyond our ability to describe it but we still are able to understand the sense of it anyway.

As we proceed through what we understand as linear or sequential time, we form patterns which help us identify our learning and goal setting functions. As we proceed not only in spirit form but in physical, we have the ability to discern what we experience. This in turn allows us to grow and evolve. As we evolve, we become more learned and sophisticated. For some itís called wisdom, but letís not shout that out too loud yet because itís a relative thing.

Letís say that roughly our particular sense of self spans three to four dimensional realities and that those realities number on a scale of 352 numbers 349, 348, 347? Do you think there is room for more experiences and acquiring more wisdom? For some, what we are able to claim in this the 349th level is more than enough. It goes back to the old rhetorical question, ďWould you given the choice (which we are) rather rule in hell or serve in heaven?Ē Rhetorically itís a matter of choosing a reality and applying it. Practically, in time we can do either, or we can ponder each for millions of our years trying to decide (we really have done this). At some point we all get tired of covering the same old points over and over again and desire to move on to the next level of accomplishments (evolving). Much like graduating from school and going out into the larger aspect of life.

As we move (learn, evolve grow), we create many things to become wiser and more connected with where we came from. Thatís why we learn (remember) through experiencing, so that we can help each other as well as ourselves find our way back from where we began. Sound confusing? It might but it makes sense when we look closer to home cycle we live through. For example, most of us are born to a set of parents. We are brought home to a house in which we live so that we create a reality of energy sharing with our parents in a place which we develop aspects of attachment. As we develop and are taught by our parents, teachers, and everyone else, after a few years, we find that we need to go out beyond our restrictive environment to test those things we were taught and to see if they are true. Then we can go back to our parents and teachers and tell them through our own experiences if they were correct or not. Still no matter how far we travel or how brilliant we become we all retain that sense of home and connectedness to our parents and teachers. This is what is called a continuum. Beyond all the space and time concepts we may go through, we carry it with us in our hearts forever. For those of you who can appreciate this, open your hearts just a little and feel the connection. Itís as real as you think you are. Many struggle to find the real meaning of the things they encounter. Others find themselves faced with difficulties they hadnít foreseen, such as are we really getting the facts straight, are we getting them at all? Are we sure about any of this? This cycle has been created for us to truly understand ourselves. Easy? I wish it were so. Yet, it remains one of the largest mysteries we face in any given life. Who are we and why are we here? It truly is a voyage of self discovery. Not that we need to learn everything new for the first time but to remember who we are and how to apply it on each level we pass through to finally reach home billions of our years from the here and now.

So let us go back a little bit and retrace our steps a little. We are all out here learning and remembering now, first hand, about everything and we want, in ourselves, to start back home because we know itís a long trip. There are a lot of stops along the way with all the people getting on and off at every point. We need to gather all that is around us that we may need to help get us on the plane, train, ship or car to go there. We find though that whether in our waking times, our sleeping times or times between lives we always have others around us going to the same place. We also know that we need their help because for some reason we canít quite remember the way home. But we all know the general direction and we also know that it will take everyone to join together to get there.

Now as we truly come to understand this we find there are a lot of road maps and roads that will take us ultimately where we wish to go. We also understand that if we wish to stop for a while to rest or to look at a mountain that itís ok and we can always find another group that will help us on our way. This group is sometimes an entire planetary culture, so you can see the concept of staying in step with each other on the road that travels always upward, despite small valleys and larger hills. The most important to remember is not to forget all those backslides we have already overcome in the last ten thousand years.

As we look at the flower or mountain we find that as we look at them from different points of view we get totally different aspects that we hadnít seen in the first place and as we put on our glasses or explain it to someone else, we find even more to talk about or to envision.

This is how we fill our lives, learning and sharing all that we have with others and with all the other levels back to where home is. The more we share in wide wonder with all others the more we are given to see. Itís only when we try and separate to find it on our own do we forget about all the others and the way home. We get lost! If we are lost long enough we forget about all the others and we wonder what all those other people are doing around us, what they want, if they are friends or foes. Are they going to help or harm us? I think we all know those that are there and are living that experience out right now. We begin to think experience from a sense of duality, either or up or down, good or bad, you canít seem to remember a balance that gets you back to where you come from. Right now this is where we are. We have been viewing the different aspects of the same plant for so long we have forgotten why we are looking at it in the first place. For many of us we have been looking and envisioning the flower (physical life) for so long we donít realize anything else. Amnesia isnít permanent. Itís a matter of collecting ones self and setting out. For many, incarnating in and out of physical life for so long has developed a dependence on viewing the petals of the flower and not seeing that it has color, fragrance, and purpose. We need to break loose of the stare to focus on the other parts of the whole. The flower grows out of the earth if it is intelligent energy. If this is so, can I converse and connect with it so that I may move? Of course, but how? If one has no tools or sense of ability, how can one perform what is equal to a miracle? What weíve lost sight of are all those other people around us. If you look carefully, youíll notice theyíre not all quite the same. Not the same as you or not the same as each other but you can, by pulling your gaze away from the flower, see that some seem to be talking to you but you donít hear them or understand them. If you focus on them long enough, they will all become louder and clearer but you need to open yourself to it, to connect with the wisdom and abilities that werenít developed overnight. Look at all the different types that are there. Depending on your ability to experience different notes within the octaves, you will begin to realize that you have many friends residing in each level of a note or a chord. Think of what a series of notes put together mean. Fairies, elves, elementals, angels, masters, other spirits who, like you, reside on all those interconnecting levels of sound and light to which we all share some of the same loves and likes. Itís just that they are vibrating to a higher tune. When you are finished in this chord and you choose to start singing a little higher, realms will open for you to enjoy and live in, and as you are a multidimensional being so do you live in many different visions of light. This opens another interesting subject for thought, then we will move on. Itís interesting that through all of the past cultures and civilizations, we for some reason cannot shake the myths of fairies, elves, elemental, angels, and other spirits that guide and protect us always. Why do you think they wonít disappear? Because we are constantly pushing ourselves to make contact with them. If we grow and evolve just a little more there will be rewards beyond our abilities to conceive. We are truly goal orientated.

As we join with all that choose to, we recreate our way back home. Not only for ourselves alone but for all those around us, whether we see them or not, believe in them or not, we are all moving together at the same time to the same place called home. The concept that makes us the hub of such astounding respect of those that surround us is that we are doing this move without tangible assistance. We are developing our parents gift, that of faith.

There is a door that is opening now that will allow us to take a small shortcut back to where we were before we forgot, but it takes a lot of energy to vibrate to the right note long enough to allow many of us to pass back through before it closes for another period of time. Thatís why it will take millions and perhaps billions on many different levels to hold the doorway open for us to pass through. This passageway is acquired by many different venues. Yet still it cannot manifest itself without focus.

Creating light enough to transform an entire planet to dimensionally open the door is what is being chosen for this time and place. To help all understand how to do this we need to go through all the parts so we can all do and become one even though we are all different chips and aspects of each other. We need to help each other to reach that place where we can depart and step into that next phase. That of ďCatching The BusĒ.

Until the next,
Namaste Brothers and Sisters

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