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“When Man’s sense of need fails

 To balance his sense of greed,

 His culture is at risk.


 When Man’s spiritual integrity fails

 To match his skills of E-S-P,

 His civilization is a risk.


When man’s mental faculties fail

 To balance his pace of technology,

 His world is at risk.”




   Unique opportunities present themselves to the root race of today as it accelerates in speed towards its destiny, because the race is now firmly established and therefore, bears some responsibility for its own fate. As we share with you this account of the Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian and Atlantean Root Races, we relive the past as it is recorded in the Akashic Chronicles for all Adapts to review and you will notice very definite parallels between the opportunities, goals and pitfalls which provide the testing ground of each evolving root race in turn and the tests that, in lesser degree, repeat themselves on the initiatory path of every true Quester.


Breaking Ties


   Parallel to the major initiations encountered by each root race, when the disciple approaches a major testing period in life, his or her life-pattern sometimes seems to undergo a fracturing unsettlement which results in conflict within the immediate environment, precipitating changes of scene, the breaking of social ties, disruptions in career and very often a sensitive and sometimes discomforting upgrading of one’s personal sense of values.


   According to which initiatory degree you are approaching in your Soul-work, it may seem to you as if every test that has challenged you over many past incarnations is being repeated. Fortunately, for a short time following an initiation, both your understanding and clarity of vision following an expansion of consciousness, are intensified as never before and the next stretch of the Way ahead appears to be illumined.


   To the weary disciple who is truly aware, there is the realization that the foregoing pattern of unsettlement is merely a reminder of all the ground that you have already traversed successfully. It is a sign that the recapitulation of those same tests which you now accomplish with ease on a higher turn of the spiral is refreshing your memory so that from your personal experience, you may safely and wisely guide others when they ask you for help. Please remember that the key word is guidance, not empathic assistance, nor the shouldering of karmic burdens which belong to others, because by your interference, you merely delay the spiritual process of your fellow travelers on the path.




   It follows that if we are to meet the tests successfully which challenge all of us during the maturity of an age, we must make certain that we do not repeat the errors which precipitated the downfall of the root races of the past. In overcoming the pitfalls of our own Age successfully, we must carry the positivity of our own race forward into the Aquarian Age. It is as yet embryonic, paralleled by the nucleus of the coming root race, which has just begun to emerge.


   Happily for us, if there are increased opportunities for growth afforded the macrocosm, there are also increased and ample opportunities for the aspirant, disciple and Initiate alike to progress and grasp with both understanding and intuition.


   When a root race draws closer to its own period of crisis, not only do opportunities for growth increase, but the world approaches that magic moment, when it reaches a point of reference which relates to a critical decision of the past. There must then be a determined effort to pull free of a repetitive cycle onto a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral or else very sadly, with opportunity lost, complete a closing circle of return in which the world’s present cycle will end with goals unfulfilled except for a few Questors, if the pattern of the Races preceding the present one is repeated. 


First Opportunity—Influence of Man


   The first opportunity, presented to Ethereal Man, was intended to enhance his understanding and intensifying his positive qualities of character while gaining the experience of the world as it was then.


   This opportunity is much easier for modern man to grasp advantageously than it was for Ethereal Man, because mankind now possesses the safeguard of conscience. Battle scarred by experience, man has acquired the safeguard of this sensitivity through trial and error. Interestingly, this is due in part to the fact that man as an individual has usually been more aware of the pain resulting from his mistakes than the joy of his success on the physical plane, which has proven historically to be less permanent.


   Newborn on the planet, Ethereal Man had not yet acquired the safeguard of conscience and this important lack, as he experimented with the Law of Cause and Effect, resulted in what was perhaps figuratively speaking, first separation of the “sheep from the goats,” on planet Earth.


   The majority of the first race of Man became entrapped within desire-forms, has continued to reincarnate subject to the Trilogy of karmic Doctrine. Down through the ages however, many Questors have attained initiation and by becoming Adepts or Masters have succeeded in escaping the treadmills of the wheel of reincarnation. The minority of the first race of Man, traditionally called the Angels, continued to ascend the evolutionary spiral, although they remain here protective of both Man and his homeworld.


Subject to Influence—Exerting Influence


   Similar opportunities and temptations provide a framework of challenge today, which you can counter by adding your own positive energy to transform your immediate environment for the better. It is obvious to most Questors that the world as it is now and into which most of the young of today are born, provides the parallel of the First Opportunity. 


   Even though entities may decide before reincarnating to change their future environment for the better, once they have chosen their location and parents, there is little they can accomplish positively during the first formative years of childhood. By the time they are old enough to transmute their environment positively, that same environment has quite often change them for the worse instead and degraded their ideals.


   The young are often overwhelmed by bad examples to follow and totally unacceptable moral, social, commercial and ecological practices have gained acceptance because they have become mundane. Within the framework of the training, background and the environment offered to the youth of today, you can exemplify in however small way, the goals of the First Opportunity. You can counter negative influences by creating a positive mini-environment, but do not be selfish or exclusive, share your positivity by opening up your life to those around you.


   The descent into matter which led to Man’s loss of near-immortality, appears to be paralleled today by in increase of moral laxity, as well as the insatiable need for sensation expressed by a minority of mankind, albeit an important minority because they make themselves so conspicuous. This has resulted to some extent in an interchangeable interaction between violence and sex which is not new to the race of Man, it is a negative trait which was introduced to the planet by extra-terrestrial mining teams, but it is a regrettable legacy which should have been overcome by now.


   The above background is a parallel to the entrapment of the Ethereal Man on a lower turn of the spiral, but it is one which the modern day Quester should find very easy to distain, because I do not think that any of you are as naïve as the first representatives of the race of Man. 


Man’s Day of Opportunity


   It was within his day of opportunity that Polarian Man encountered his pitfall. He was to have gained life-experience by developing a deeper understanding of all creatures on the planet, but unfortunately he became emotionally ensnared by his empathic involvement. Therefore, attachment was the pitfall encountered by the Polarian Man and resulting from this attachment, he acquired an all-pervasive fear which contributed to a crisis of cataclysmic proportions, during which most of the Polarian Race were swept from the physical plane with the majority of their fellow creatures.


   Attachment is still a difficult habit to break. Think of the most obvious habits which are so difficult to overcome, smoking tobacco for instance, over consumption of alcohol and drug dependency, including medically prescribed drugs. The attachment to possessions and possessiveness must also be considered, it is because their effects are often so insidious that they become habitual.


   I am sure you will think of many more attachments than there are room for on this page, but one which I particularly caution you against if it intrudes too much upon your day-to-day life is, attachment to the past. You cannot achieve your goals if you are always looking back in re-examination of bitterness, however valid the reason. You cannot go forward if you cling to regrets for deeds done or undone or for what has been, however happy that past may have been. By carrying the past as a passenger in your consciousness, the importance of the present nullify and you rob your future of its true impetus.


   Fear is still being perpetuated is perhaps the most constant emotion on the planet today. Fear of being alone, fear of losing one’s livelihood, fear of ill-health, fear of old age, fear of crime, fear of war, one could continue ad infinitum. 


   Most of these fears are well-founded, yet they do not need to play such an influential part in the everyday life of the Quester if his or her powers of positivity are active. Who knows, but if each Quester practiced positivity, there might be no space left for fear to play such an important role in world affairs either.


   You now recognize the potential foundation for amorality and disease, initiated by the descent of Ethereal Man into matter and the legacy of-attachment and inherent fear to which Man has been subject since the fall of the Polarian Age, remain effective influences which must be overcome on the planet and banished from our own life-patterns.


   Therefore, exemplify fortitude, restore faith and project confidence into your personal mini-environment. By radiating these positive qualities within your own field of endeavor, you promote an influence which can establish the groundwork for treading the Path of Initiation wherever you may be.


Second Opportunity—Heart of Man


   The day of opportunities presented to the Hyperborean Root Race, was to express compassion for all their fellow creatures on the planet. Happily, compassion is a quality which is being expressed with great fortitude by a surprisingly large percentage of mankind at the present time, although the obstacles to expressing that same compassion in practical terms, sometimes appear to match growth with the quality of mercy.


   The pitfall of hardness of heart, which majority of the second great root race failed to overcome is, unfortunately, still a major pitfall at this time. Please to not let it be thought that criticism of our friends who either seek or tread the path, is intended by the words that follow. They merely represent a verbal overview of mankind’s progress, within the context of the Hyperborean pitfall.


   During the Hyperborean age, we find that a negative attitude of callousness prevailed over much of the Earth and towards the creatures of the kindred kingdoms. Callousness, as expressed by mankind today towards the animal kingdom, is already the stuff of legends on other worlds. Of legend also, is Man’s lack of care concerning the health of his young, by exposing them to toxic substances he releases into the atmosphere, tainting the food chain and poisoning of the planets water systems. This shortens the future life span of your children and denies them the fullest opportunity to further the evolution of your species on the physical plane, where Man’s Karma must be worked out, because it is where it began.


Solution and Reversal


   It is obvious by this behavior; that mankind is turning back the planetary time clock to the end of the Hyperborean age when the majority of the race of Man perished through suffocation and toxicity. The solution to that catastrophe was established by nurturing leafy forests to cleanse the atmosphere and to purify the air, but mankind is now on the one way to reversing that antidote.


   It took thousands of years for Man to decimate the fabled forests of the Middle East, they had disappeared by the Middle Ages, but such is the acceleration of mankind so-called progress, half of the great forests of North America have disappeared in less than two hundred and fifty years and the losses are even more extreme elsewhere.


   It has been stated by the Mahadevas, that for mankind to restore the planet to perfect health, each adult dwelling on the planet surface should be matched in number by a living tree in mature growth. They also tell us that with pure air to breathe, most of mankind’s health problems would disappear along with many mental aberrations.


   I has been suggested that the above advice might serve to promote positivity  within  those localities or areas  that express the Nature Kingdom in their national symbolism.


   Canada for instance, has chosen the Maple Leaf to grace the national flag. It is of the utmost importance symbolically speaking, for Canada’s future welfare, not only to preserve the woodlands from the decimation caused by obvious pollutants such as acid rain, but to replant permanent forests, particularly the stands of the sugar maple.


   Great Britain would also benefit greatly, by planting new groves of the oak tree, a traditional symbol of strength which would attract a subtle, beneficent influence, particularly along her coastline.


   We are being neither irresponsible nor facetious when we advise that peace will become permanent in Lebanon, when that country becomes famous for her cedars once more and the forests have been replanted.


   You can change and improve a climate when you work with, instead of against, the nature kingdom. I realize that some Questors will seek out further references and create thought patterns setting those positive influences in motion. 


   Some unexpected references contained in direct hints. For instance you could share the exploits of Johnny Appleseed, repeating American folklore with your children. If you have a garden, plant a tree, of however small the species, as a symbol of commitment to the well-being of the planet in this present age.


Third Opportunity—Voice of Man


   The positive expression of sound was the day of opportunity presented to the Lemurian Root Race. The importance of this opportunity is reflected in many traditional accounts of creation of the world, but the pitfalls are just as close to home today as they were during the days of the late Lemurian Age, although perhaps less obvious. 


   We touched upon the negative expression of sound in the chapter on Lemuria, the wrongful use of speech, its use in brainwashing techniques and the practice of the death-shout, without even discussing the everyday problems of noise. We have monitored the problem of destructive sound on the planet’s surface and in the skies for some time, we realize very well how pervasive whole problem of sound has become in the world and are particularly sensitive to its contrast within our own planned tranquility, because we are insulated from its harmful effects.


   You appear to be surrounded by noise, particularly in your cities. The first example that comes to mind, is that of selfish or unnecessary noise, by neighbors for instance, who deafen you with overloud radios and televisions and deliberately planned noise that attacks you from auto borne entertainment equipment. On a larger scale, there is the problem of communities co-existing with airports and runways strips. These are obvious examples, but what is less obvious is the background buzz or hum that intrudes so insidiously into one’s consciousness. Even in the home, there is often no way to escapes from entertainment noise generated by other family members, which make it difficult to think clearly and even more difficult to listen to that still small “voice of the silence.“


   We must not excuse the negative use of sound when speech is used to propagate slander or propaganda, neither should we overlook brainwashing techniques used in warfare nor forget those used to broadcast unfounded claims in advertising?


   Parallel to the end of the Lemurian Age and of utmost importance is the havoc that the vibration of noise wreaks upon your nervous system if you live near an airport, underneath the flight paths or close to constant vibration of a pneumatic drill or large generator.


   Consider the harmful vibrations caused by underground nuclear explosions, the results of which duplicate the foolhardiness which led to the sinking of the Atlantean continent. Multiply this wounding of the planet by the number of bombs which have been exploded since the end of your Second World War and follow the Law of Probabilities through to its conclusion.


Positive Influence of Sound


   We have discussed the negative influence of sound, but there is also positive use of sound that is available to everyone. You can do much to avoid the pitfall of Lemurian Age in your own life and by some deliberation on your part, take advantage of the opportunity which was theirs. Positive mantric practice was their goal. In your own life, practice the positive influence of sound by choosing your words well and keeping your own counsel if you sense that your advice will be repeated unwisely. Remember, you have the right to reserve silence for yourself rather than join in gossip of slanderous intent. Most of you have already realized the power prayer and later on, you will work with the power of Mantra Yoga.


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