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Fourth Opportunity—Vision of Man



   We continue to parallel the patterns of the past when we review records which are closer to the present day, those of the Atlantean Empire. 


   The day of opportunity as presented to the Atlantean Root Race is still very much with you today, with probably more opportunity for expansion than ever before. It sounds a little of reach in the everyday life of many Questors when one speaks of perfecting the positive skills of E-S-P or of practicing the White magic of Right-Hand-Path. Yet, let us examine these parallels in your day-to-day living a little more closely.


   Hardly a day goes by on the physical plane when you are not presented with tests involving your power of thought or a challenge presented by speech, positive or negative, yet very rarely are these tests registered as such.


   The power of undiluted criticism for instance, however well deserved, can register on the dark side when it is accompanied by thought from a forceful personality. When suggesting a forceful personality, we are not necessarily referring to a bully, either verbal or physical. Powerful thought which is directed by a sensitive, quiet person who has anchored his or her consciousness in prayer, can be equally devastating as that expressed with the full force of righteous indignation.


   It is in meeting such simple tests as these, that many Questors are judged and found wanting when it comes to serving the hierarchy, for if you cannot be trusted to project the correct influence to help another individual to return to the Path in day-to-day situations, how will you be ready to participate in projects of hierarchical importance?


Benedictions of White Magic


   By the simple act of directing silent blessing wherever it is needed, you can project the positive power of thought practically non-stop if you wish to do so.In doing so; you practice the benediction of White magic in fulfillment of an important goal.


   Hardly a day goes by when you do not receive opportunity to test your judgment in matters mundane or otherwise, very often this judgment is surely influenced by your intuition. Bringing this intuition into greater prominence in the forefront of your consciousness provides an excellent foundation to test yourself and evaluate whether your studies in the field of psychic awareness and spiritual evolution are found upon worthwhile principles.


   When you develop your skills and you become an advanced practitioner, the temptation is always present, just as it was in the motherland of Atlantis, to squander them upon doubtful subjects of choice, including entertainment. The line between positive and negative practice is a very thin one at this point.


   The pitfall is as subtle a snare now as it was in the latter days of Atlantis. There are always persuasive persons who wish you to use your skills for their own advantage, but they are not concerned with the repercussions upon your Higher Self on its own level. Be watchful, you alone are responsible for the well-being of your Soul.


Fifth Opportunity—Mind of Man


   The opportunity that presents itself to you as a standard bearer of the fifth root race covers a great deal of complex philosophical ground. By reviewing the foregoing goals, opportunities and pitfalls that challenged the previous root races, you will realize in looking back, that you are indeed much better equipped than were your forefathers.


   You are certainly less naive than they were and by studying their problems, you will not only register parallels to life as it is lived on the physical plane today, you will also recognize that if you continue to work at perfecting the wisdom acquired through your ancestors hard-won experience and apply it in your own life, you will be well prepared to meet the challenges presented to the present root race.


   It is obvious that practically every one of the problems which found their expression on the physical plane during the Ages that have passed, are with us today. The problem of controlling energies that stretch beyond one’s capabilities, as very recent tragedies bear witness, is an unwelcome backdrop to your life that you really do not need, any more than the root race of Lemuria or Atlantis.


   Another problem which is a recent reminder of both positive and negative usage has also returned: that of genetic engineering. This must be monitored very closely and responsibly, because it does not command the obvious attention attracted by enormous laboratories that render other such areas of experimentation so conspicuous.


   If you lost the use of your hands or feet, you would do everything in your power to restore their use, otherwise you consider yourself to be physically handicapped. Similarly, you penalize yourself if you make no effort to restore the activity of your higher chakras. The goal of the fifth race is to reinstate the full authority of the Crown Chakra.


   The day of opportunity presented to you is to perfect the positive use of the intellect and mind power. If this sounds a little over pretentious to some of you, remember that your opportunity is relative to what is possible within your personal field of endeavor. Do your best to withhold wrongful thought, word or deed and concentrate upon the creative power of thought. In this respect, it is obvious that your efforts in the field of self-education are a valuable tool which you should not overlook.


   Your goal is to awaken and energize the Crown Chakra; your extended goal is to manifest the return of the Mid-Aura Chakra and the Edge-of-Aura Chakra.


   Govern your emotions so that you can radiate confidence to the fearful, strength to those who are weak and cheerfulness where there’s melancholy. Use every opportunity to improve your spiritual, mental and physical well-being, so that you are well prepared to help the Masters with whom you wish to work and you will become your own master, adept at influencing decisions of world importance by employing the intensity of mind power.


   Remember, the pitfall to avoid is that of unsound mind, a frightening possibility when you consider the repercussions that can result from flawed judgments and faulty decisions, especially when they are applied to a world such as ours which supports billions of entities.




   There are three words that are often used interchangeably, incorrectly and inaccurately. These three words are intent, motive and purpose. They are probably used more often than any others in excusing the inexcusable and to blur the truth of the statement that, “a reason is not an excuse.“


   When you are in doubt concerning the wisdom of a course of action, question yourself as to what you intend to, your motive for doing it and your purpose for doing it? This will help you focus your awareness and clarify your concern.


   Express it in your own life, the words of the New Testament Master, who said, “I, if I be lifted up, draw all men on to me, “and you will realize within your inner being, the untold entities on the physical plane can be helped to lift themselves by the efforts of each sincere Questor who succeeds in working consistently to evolve within the Light.


   The same scale of reasoning applies to the powers of mind when applied to protecting reason against folly. Who can tell just how significant a difference one more positive, clear mind can make when added in support of conscience?


   Disregard for a moment the racial connotation attached to the title Aryan and examine the Sanskrit root from which it is taken, you will find that Arya means “noble.“ Apply it as a key to your personal evolutionary Path and express nobility in thought, word and deed, becoming truly Arya.


Man’s Sense of Identity


   Look closely at the question of mankind’s individuality during the many eons that he has been wending his way back to the Source and you will notice some pertinent attitudes that hold a wealth of meaning for us today.




   It was in the early days of the Polarian Root Race that man began to identify with his not-self and in the exercise of his empathic skills, he very often identified with forms of life on the physical plane; He was intended only to observe. He also participated in activities he was supposed only to monitor and he sometimes identified with lower forms of life that it had been hoped he would in due time raise to his own evolutionary stature.


   Fortunately, some ethereal entities remained non-attached and continuing on their original evolutionary spiral, they established the Angel Evolution. Other ethereal entities identified with members of the Deva Evolution and so distinguished themselves in their behavior, that they qualify as leaders in the forefront of the Hyperborean Root Race.


   The Polarian line of least resistance was to identify with companions, whether animal or not, with whom they wish to experience sensation empathically, regardless of the quality of that experience and through attachment to their desire-forms, they acquired fear of loss.




   The Hyperboreans identified with the not-self also, but with places instead of companions. Although they pursue the nomadic way of life, they became greatly attached to geographical locations that provided a safe haven for themselves and their clan. They experienced a different form of attachment from the Polarians; it remained one which eventually led to a selfish desire to own territory, when carried to the extreme.


   The Hyperborean line of least resistance was to disregard personal claims outside the clan and anchor their psychological attachment to geographical location. This form of identification had a great deal to do with the rudimentary formation of subracial culture. They also started to identify themselves as “the people of the hills“or “the river-dwellers.“ Birth they also start to express different personality traits which did much to establish individual racial patterns. This pattern of behavior unfortunately resulted in some groups postponing departure from a location long after it was safe to remain there, which resulted in further pain and sorrow.




   The Lemurian Root Race began with a quite definite pattern of identity which they inherited from the Hyperboreans. This pattern gradually became embellished with customs which recognized and eventually acknowledged as socially acceptable between clan and tribal groups. Later on, these customs developed into a complex social code with which, first the tribe and then the whole community identified, but instead of serving mankind’s expansion of goals, it sometimes resulted in rigid and precise social patterns which deterred them from a completely positive and progressive expression of culture. The seeds of ritual in all its degrees, positive to the degenerate were sown at that time.


   The Lemurian line of least resistance was to identify with social custom, ritual ritualism, regardless of whether this pattern served the individual or not, which sometimes resulted in the individual serving accepted custom and ritual instead. This eventually contributed to them seeking security through superiority, by acquiring power or powers over which they could assume some form of control.




   The Atlantean Root Race identified with their racial heritage and did not intermarry with non Atlanteans for some thousands of years. Once intermarriage became common, they substituted racial identity with adherence to a family bloodline, regardless of its strengths or weaknesses and irrespective of whether their lineage was an influence for good or for evil.


   The Polarian and Hyperborean Root Races identified with the nonself, while members of the Lemurian race in general, gradually focused their attention upon identifying with the self, but members of the Atlantean Root Race receive much more of an intellectual advantage as well as an elevated spiritual guidance to follow from the beginning. Therefore, the lines drawn between the Right Hand and the Left-Hand paths were very clear, alternative choice in the latter days of the Empire, divided the majority of the race into those evolved by reaching up to their Higher Self and those who became more deeply concerned with their little-self.


   The Atlantean line of least resistance as time went by; was to lead them first to identify with bloodline, from their rulers to that of their own family heritage and later on, to lineage irrespective of merit. This self-involvement was to lead many of them to self-interests or the conflict of self-righteousness, which sometimes results in the battleground of the little-self vs. the higher self.


Your Personal Search for Spiritual Identity


   We of the Arya Age, can hardly have failed to notice that members of those races to claim to be in the evolutionary forefront of progress, are somewhat prone to identify with size as a slide rule for greatness. A thriving megalopolis serves as a magnet which attracts to itself money, goods and increasing population. It also exerts an increasingly dominant influence over the quality of life-expression with which the individual is often forced to identify as a responsible member of his or her community.


   The line of least resistance which all individuals will have cause to resist during this age is that which engulfs one in a quicksand of greed, greed which is represented in all its many degrees of expression and may on various levels not obvious at first glance.


   Questors in particular, must be on guard against be manipulated by the greedy, so that your altruistic effort is not turned to bad account by selfishly orientated individuals who might prevent you from being of optimum positive benefit to those who are truly deserving of your help.


   The importance of choosing wisely when identifying with persons, places or possessions and where you place your allegiance is obvious. Eventually, your choices bear fruit, whether positive or negative. Therefore, it is sound reason to establish a personal spiritual identity now, one that will blossom and bear fruit in its own season and with which you can identify when in need of moral strength.




   It is significant and of some importance to consider the relationship between the critical testing of each root race and the symbolic pattern of each crisis. From our own studies, we uncover hints that are critical to our future success. By reason of guidance from our Council of elders who concentrate their skills of Farsight and by researching the past with Dagon historians who project events according to the Laws of Probabilities, we can anticipate what macrocosmic and microcosmic dangers should be avoided in order to ensure the survival of this present race of man.


   The end of the Polarian Age, which witnessed the entrapment of ethereal Man within his self-created dense form of flesh, is symbolized by Earth.


   The end of the Hyperborean Age, which was accompanied by both emotional and physical suffocation, is symbolized by Air.


   The end of the Lemurian Age, which perished through the clash of positive and negative energies when they followed their natural expression through an explosive of pattern of release, is symbolized by Fire.


   The end of the Atlantean age, resulted from the unleashing of-psychism. Very fittingly, the astral spheres which are symbolized by water were reflected in the final Deluge of Atlantis, symbolized by Water.


   Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The question comes to mind, is that perhaps all or some of them that we must monitor if we are to prepare our world to enter a Golden Age?


   Our Historians have researched the past and are elders have “gone beyond“ to contact the Source and projected their skills to the end of our age. In lesser or greater combination of the above symbolic pitfalls, they warn us that increasingly as the millennium proceeds, the pattern of loss for the present Age, in its many and diverse methods of the employment which can be avoided, is symbolized by contamination of all and various kinds, ecological, environmental, sexual and mental.  Perhaps the most insidious of the influences to be avoided in this present age is the danger of spiritual contamination.


Each root race in turn, carries the seeds of

Errors past, problems present and future triumphs ,

So in microcosm, do we.



   The charts which follow certain chapters may help you to plot your course leading to your spiritual goals. They present a brief log of Man’s spiritual journey from his advent on the planet until the present time. The story of the Path parallels in macrocosm for each of us our personal quest, while the later charts which are concerned with the steps of the Latter Path, may help you to evaluate your progress on the Path.


   Each root race in turn, as can be seen from the next two charts, in a subconscious effort to restore, replenish, revitalize and to reactivate each chakra in reclaim the beneficence that was the inherent right of Ethereal Man, has undergone many tests which culminate in a major test.


   This testing period has at times ended with the loss of a superior culture and a major civilization. Their peoples have sometimes passed into prehistory leaving few visible traces behind for their descendants as proof of their being, yet there have always been some representatives of their Age who have passed the initiation of the race and survived to form the nucleus of a new race, including in their midst a few Lightbearers who incarnate solely to point the Way for the rest of us.


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