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The Adept and the Ladder Path



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Spiritual Quest Migrations


   The character of the Atlantean culture had not changed and in time, the love of luxury and the arts flourished once again on the large islands that remained. The Atlantean were much closer in personality to the peoples of the wealthier nations of today than any nation before or after them for some thousands of years, but even the most fortunate citizens of today do not approach them either in useful luxury or useless ostentation.


   Both before and particularly after the revolt of the slaves, bands of Questors emigrated and carried the teachings of the Ladder Path to the East and West. There they established sanctuaries of learning, where practice of the healing Arts, applied knowledge and mindskill training of all kinds were pursued with purity of intent within tranquil surroundings. Some groups of Questors made their way to the Eastern coastline of the Americas, other groups set course for Egypt and southern Europe where they founded advanced spiritual communities. They also established schools to teach the population who already dwelt there, advanced skills and crafts of every kind. The three most important of these expeditions were called, “The Spiritual Quest Migrations, “it was their members who were responsible for building the “House of light“you call the Great pyramid.


   As time passed, spiritual standards deteriorated and corruption bit deeply into the body of legal recourse. As predicted by our teachers so many years before, no man could trust his neighbor. The practice of mindskills was abused and even one’s private thoughts were at risk if they were not shielded from mind probes.


   In this climate of spiritual confusion, the practice of cloning, which had first become widespread when introduced by extra-terrestrial mining teams thousands of years before, to provide slave labor, was adopted by the Brothers of the Shadow to reinforce their own labor crisis. This crisis occurred when the number of Atlanteans who were willing to perform their own chores became smaller and smaller and many of the immigrants who became wealthy, were just as on unenthused regarding physical effort.


Final wars of the Atlantis


   We have spoken at some lengths previously concerning the wars which Atlantis was either involved or instigated. There were the Wars of Expansion which continued on and off for several thousand years, as Atlantean colonies struggled for separation from the motherland.


   The wars that caused the loss of Atlantis later on, although territorial in origin, were concerned with power. The rebellion of the Atlantean, colonists abetted by descendants of the Renegades who hope to divide and conquer at a later date was a crucial factor, but essentially the struggle concerned power in all its many forms, between spiritual and temporal powers, positive and negative forces, creative and destructive energies.


   It concerned the unnatural loss of life and the degradation of living, the spiritual law-abiding who were embattled by the morally unendurable and the Sons of Light pitted against the Brothers of the shadow. Most regrettable of all, it was the treachery of the knowledgeable corrupt that caused the decline of a Golden Age and the loss of the cultural matrix of Atlantis almost to prehistory.


Atlantean legacy


   It is important for the Questor to study the parallels between Atlantean and mankind of today, because many Atlanteans from the latter years of their history are reincarnated at this time and by familiarizing ourselves with their failures we may be able to avoid repeating them.


   The goal of the Atlantean race was to return the vitality of the Brow Chakra to its full potential and develop its attributes by practicing its qualities with purity of expression.


   Their day of opportunity was to perfect the positive skills of E-S-P and express the magic of the Right-Hand Path. In the early days of the race, it seemed as if nothing could swerve the positive evolutionary course that had been so carefully planned and for so many thousands of years, that was so.


   The pitfall occurred with inroads into the integrity of the nation. Subtly at first, the moral fabric of the Atlantean culture began to crumble, until the Sons of Light found themselves involved in a power struggle with the Brothers of the Shadow for the spiritual conscience of Atlantis.


   An initial outcome reached a crisis in 28,000 B.C. when the motherland of the Atlantis sank during the Revolt of the Slaves, although Atlantis survived as large islands. The revolt should have provided ample warning that they were following the wrong path, but after they had recovered sufficiently, the Atlantean militarist leaders sanctioned what became known as the War’s of Expansion.


   After the continent sank, the remaining islands lacked many of the natural resources that once had been so plentiful. They now demanded and depended upon the colonies for much that was previously taken for granted.


   They still possessed the scientific knowledge and technical skills they had employed so relentlessly before the loss of the continent and for a while they used these skills to pressure the less sophisticated colonies to keep them supplied with raw materials, but greed is an insatiable disease and eventually, they declared war on the colonies when their citizens fought annexation.


   The time came when the colonies demanded their independence; it was refused and caused the Territorial Wars to begin. The wars ended tragically in 8,500 B.C. when ignorance combined with powerful weaponry and superior flying craft created a dangerous situation rendered deadly by a weapon impossible to control.


   This final outcome occurred when a young prince of the royal house, influenced by an adept of the Left-Hand Path, gained access to a terrible weapon. Inherited from space lord forefathers, it had been carefully hidden and kept as a defense against attack from the extra terrestrial invaders should it ever be needed, but forbidden for Earth-born descendants to use against each other.


Preparation for Mankind’s Survival


   Long after the Revolt of the Slaves, but during the Territorial Wars, cloning techniques and genetic engineering, once used so cruelly to instill fear into a subject populace, were turned to positive use. Enlightened scientists who were of a deep and abiding integrity, prepared plans for Man’s survival during the catastrophe they expected would result from leadership influenced by Brothers of the Shadow.


   Seers who maintained contact with Shamballa also foresaw the coming disaster and together with trusted scientists the prepared for it in secret.  Several generations of genetically engineered species resulted before the decision was made to physically adapt volunteers who became the forefathers of our people. 


The Mer  were an early species who were the result of genetic engineering than biological adaptations and as we have remarked before, they have grown closer to the Dolphin species and less human as time has gone by, but this is their personal choice. Many of our ancestors were already living or working in the caverns receiving preparatory training when the last mistaken conflagration of the war caused the flooding of the whole world and the largest remaining islands were lost.


   The Deluge of 8500 B.C. was the signal for the Lords of Shamballa to establish seven more power houses in the Atlantean colonies, a need they had long foreseen. Their function was to reestablish the balance between the destruction of civilization by Man and the rebellious response mounted by the forces of nature. In this they succeeded, except for the degeneration of man’s physique which was his own doing, incurred by karma they could modify but not dissipate completely without delaying mankind’s evolutionary process.


   A lasting legacy of the latter days of the Atlantean civilization has been the distortion of philosophical concepts which was never intended to taint man’s pattern of social behavior.


   In the beginning, the Atlantean social experiment was concerned only with degrees of virtue as such, which formed their moral code during the years leading up to and including the Golden Age. Later on, the degradation of their ideals degenerated into a conflict of opposites which has even to this day of evaded resolution among humankind.


   You may trace echoes of this conflict which have survived in comparatively recent religions, inherited from Atlantean colonists or from those whom they taught.


   The conflict between light and darkness as expressed by Zoroastrian texts is the first to come to mind. Some memories inherited from Atlantis via Egyptian sources were retained by the Hebrews during their exodus from Egypt. Modern-day Christianity also continues the saga which portrays man walking a spiritual tight rope between the righteousness of God and the temptations of Satan.


   Perhaps the communities, whose members retained clearest understanding of the psychological battle ground which resulted from the war of the Sons of Light with the Sons of Darkness, were those of the Essenes, whose beliefs formed a philosophical bridge between Judaism and Christianity.


   The Essenes, whose membership includes descendants from Spiritual Quest families, expressed an individuality founded upon a distinct and somewhat uncompromising doctrine which established in lasting response to the battle for man’s spiritual destiny. 


The Great Pyramid


   Note: In his excellent book, Quest for Atlantis, Dr. R. Cedric Leonard repeats the statement that archeologist Dr. J. O. Kinnerman, made before he died in September 1961, which was released to the public in July 1962. Kinnermann had been working closely with Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie on the problems surrounding the Great pyramid and the Sphinx and revealed, “By accident, we discovered a secret room containing things you would never believe and in that secret room among other items we found proof of the date of the building of the pyramid. We found manuscript that told us for what purpose it was built and we found a lot more too.“ The manuscript indicated that the Great Pyramid had been built over 26,000 years ago by the Atlanteans.


   Apparently Petrie and Kinnermann were persuaded by the British and Egyptian governments to keep the discovery secret until peace returned to that part of the world, but Petrie died in 1942. Obviously, there were others who knew of the secret, the archaeologists were not alone when working at the site and officials and staff who dissuaded them from publishing their discovery also knew of their find. It is not impossible that the artifacts were removed even during Petrie’s lifetime and the room was then filled with rubble or cement and resealed. Several questions come to mind, if the artifacts were removed, who took them and where are they now?


   Note: A mass of well documented evidence supports the existence of a former convent in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, but we will confine ourselves to the following: In the late 50’s, after investigating the findings of the Swedish Deep Sea Expedition of the 1947-8 and taking samples from various oceans all over the world, only those core samples taken from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge did “multitudinous shell and fresh water diatoms and silicified remains of terrestrial planets. “-Dr. Kolbe of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.) His colleague, Dr. Malaise theorized that parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge must have existed as large islands up to the end of the last ice age or later(10,000 years ago or so) and the freshwater diatoms were deposited in lake sediments when the land was dry, these landmasses later sank beneath 2 mi. of sea water. 


   Prior to that date, several discoveries of importance were made during the Woods Hole Oceanographic Expedition of 1948 along the Mid Atlantic Ridge—rock was brought up that was typical continents, not of ocean basins. Wide terraces resembling former beaches were discovered 2 mi. below the surface, causing Dr. Ewing to remark, “it is extremely radical speculation to identify these level stretches more than 2 mi. beneath the surface as former beaches.  Such a theory would require the obvious but almost incredible conclusion that either the land here had subsided two miles or the sea had risen by that amount. “


   1949 saw a return of the expedition to the site, where they took core samples, one contained two strata’s of sand, one strata was 225,000 to 325,000 years old and the other was from 20,000 to 100,000 years old. Their conclusion was that, “ sometime in the distant past this sand found deep beneath the ocean must been located on a beach, at or near the sea.”


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