Balancing the Chakras
Brian Gratten from Mahatma I &II



Invoke the soul by using the soul invocation.

        I Am the Soul
       I Am the Light Divine
     I AM Love
     I Am Will
     I Am Fixed Design


 Begin by visualizing a brilliant white light about six in. above the crown of the head. This is the soul star, or eighth chakra.

 Now see a dial with the scale of one to five, knowing that five is the optimum amount that this chakra should be opened at this time (that is, and not necessarily wide open). Slowly turn the dial to five, seeing the light of this chakra becoming brighter as it is turned up. Then moved to the next chakra, repeating this process, using the appropriate symbolic colors:

    9th  Chakra  Soul Star  12 inches above Head            Gold/Silver/White
    8t  Chakra  Earth Star  just beneath the ground          Sage Green
  Chakra  Crown of the head                               Violet
    6th  Chakra  Third eye, center forehead                    Indigo Blue
    5th  Chakra  Throat                                                Sky Blue
    4th  Chakra  Heart                                                 Green or Pink
    3rd  Chakra   Solar plexus                                        Yellow/Gold
    2nd  Chakra   Polarity( sacral plexus)                        Orange
    1st   Chakra   Base (root) base of spine                      Red

 Now see a line of white light from the base chakra a to a point about six in. below your feet. This is known as the Earth star, and can be understood as a grounding aspect of the soul star. See this form as a ball of white light that expands and begins to spin and slowly Spiraling its way up the central channel (your spine), through the base Chakra of and up the spine, connecting back into the soul star above your head.

 The two balls of light then merge and expands and moved back down through the crown to the base of the neck, splitting off, one to each shoulder, opening it and expanding the area, then moving down the arms to the elbows, wrists, and palms of the hands. At this point, feel the full of energy down each arm. Are they in balance? If not, turn up the volume on one side until they are balanced.

 Now, move the two balls of light to the mid shoulder. moving down the front of the body, stopping at the breasts, and seeing those centers open and expand.

 Continue down, and on the left side stop at the spleen, seeing that center open and expand.

 The move down to the hips, knees, ankles, heels, soles of the feet, then toes. Again, feel the flow of energy down the right and left sides and balance that flow.

Now form a line of light from Soul Beach what to the Earth star and let it grow brighter and expand, feeling you're grounded ness a connection to the earth.

 Now light begins to spiral down deep into the core of the Earth, firmly anchoring there and spiraling gently back up and around your body, past the soul star and all the way up to the source of all that is, and premiere and then spiraling backed down through you with a beautiful golden light.

 Feel the flow of the golden light, and then see it change to a rainbow-tinted white tornado of light, to clear and ground and the excess energy debris loosened from the chakras. Sit for a moment, feeling the balance of your energy system. When you are ready, gently open your eyes.


 It is important not to focus intently on any one chakra without doing the complete BALANCING Exercise, as this may lead to an unbalanced stimulation of energy in that area. Know that by invoking the Soul prior to the meditation, you are invoking a balancing and regulating force that will open the chakras to the degree appropriate to each.


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