By Brian Gratten from Mahatma I & II


 When the four bodies are in perfect balance, your soul is allowed to function through you on the Earth. When your souls allowed to function here, it will serve the Creator. The four bodies must be brought into balance consciously, and you can learn to do this while in the state of meditation. When you have learned to remove all barriers within the self, the bodies will eventually remain in balance. When you see which one is out of balance, you will know which part of self you need to work on. This is a good tool.

Exercise one:
In a state of meditation, see your Spiritual body. If you wish, you may see it is a beautiful white figure. You may use white for the Spiritual body, perhaps orange or yellow for the mental body, Browning green for the emotional and physical bodies--what ever feels right for you.

 In the center of your head and from the center of each of these superimposed bodies, see a string hanging down like a plumb line. Are your bodies centered with each other? If perhaps the mental body is flipped to the right, bring it back into alignment. If it flips out again, there may be a problem with in the mental body. This is how to identify the problem area.

 If the mental body is a lot of balance, recall your thoughts within the last few hours or the past day or two; perhaps an unsolved problem keeps it circling out of balance. It will be out of balance until you can resolve some subconscious belief.

 If the emotional body is on of balance, then there is an interfering in motion being worked out. Alternatively, you could have a situation where the mental body is in the “think, think, think” pattern, in the emotional body has worry her. When this happens, the mental body might push one way and the emotional body the other way. When you bring and to gather of the Will change places. Work with less. The mental and emotional bodies are natural balances for each other.

 Perhaps it is the physical body that is of center. This would probably manifest in the physical condition. Work with the body symbolically. (If your right arm hurts, right signifies the mill polarity; in arm implies region, to grasp.) The physical and spiritual bodies are natural balances for each other. The physical is working to attain a true understanding in the totality of All That Is.

 A knowledge center imbalances did not come about in five minutes, and that perhaps it is going to take awhile to achieve balance all of that for yourself. Work within the framework of where you are and gradually increase your awareness of the creator’s plan for you.


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