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   Most of you who have requested these lessons know something about the belief-structure work currently being done by me and the foundation. Many of you have begun to aid self with this method by clearing out blocks that cause your life to be not as free-flowing as you would like. It is very important that you all recognize that this is a method that works, but that it doesn't work in five minutes; It takes time to make the changes toward a free-flowing life; and that the blocks were caused by a number of experiences, and in the areas of your life that have noticeable blocks, there have been a large number of such experiences.


   The belief-structure work does work, and I find it a very productive way to clear self. What do I mean by "clearing self?" I mean completely clearing the subconscious of the blocks to allowing the Soul to function here upon the Earth. This is your goal: to allow the Soul to function through you here upon the Earth. It will be wonderful when this occurs, because life will flow very smoothly. Although the Soul has lessons it is learning, they have nothing to do with Earth living; the Soul can function here with complete freedom, with no blocs, my friends. Earth living is very easy for the Soul, so when you build this bridge and the Soul comes to Earth, your life will be completely smooth and free-flowing. Some of you are doing well with this. You have made good progress, and thus you know that at times in your life you may experience a few hours when everything flows completely, you know nothing can go wrong, and everything you touch just flows so smoothly. This is when you are functioning as Soul level. Is it not a marvelous experience? Your goal is to remain at this level, and to do so you work within your belief structure, removing the blocks to such a permanent association.


   Now, other types of growth efforts certainly help. Working with the rays is important, and then the next lesson I'm going to go into that more specifically. And meditation, in which you see yourself blending with the Soul, is important.


   See yourself in a state of meditation, actually blending with the Soul. Visualize it coming toward you and then coming into you and become an integral part of the self. This can be visualized as a beautiful white light--the Christed portion of self--or perhaps it can be visualized as a beautiful serene being figure dressed in white and surrounded by white light. Whichever approach helps you, whichever you identify with, will work for you. After you have blended with the Soul, become aware of how you feel. Do you truly feel as if everything in your life would flow? Do you experience of feeling of freedom from Earth restrictions? This blending consciously with the Soul will certainly aid you. Also, striving to understand your higher purpose will aid you.


   You know, I love it when people come to me and ask, "What are my higher purposes?" I truly love to hear that question. Now, of course I don't tell them, but love to hear it. As a spiritual teacher, I can't tell them. They must search for it themselves. This searching indicates to me how important the connection between the person and his Soul is. The Soul is getting in act. The Soul is the one that will fulfill these higher purposes, and it says to that person, "Come on now, let's make this connection ever closer. Understand what our work is here, do it now with intensity." And so that person begins to seek his higher purposes. In this manner he begins to understand what he will be doing when the bridge is completed and the Soul is functioning here upon the Earth. This is the reason for seeking those purpose--so that you will truly understand the program, the agenda, what will be happening. And you feel the need to seek them because the Soul gets pushy. It pushes you toward a more complete understanding of what is involved. It says, "Perhaps now, if you understand the importance of our work, you will allow it to happen sooner. "So it gets involved, it gets pushy.


   You might say, "these are lovely, high concepts, but what has it to do with me now? I have responsibilities. I canít just go off like the Tibetan and do a mission for the Earth. Well, for most of you that's true, at this point anyway, but you do not have to go off and do a mission in order to serve the Creator. What you can do right now is to do a little service for the Creator along with your regular life; by beginning to serve now, you will first of all increase your own connection with your Soul--you will make that connection more and more strong--you will aid the Cosmic Plan, and you will have a sense of fulfillment from beginning this. Also, in the coming days, when life here upon the earth will be "interesting," you will have an anchor to hold onto. Not an anchor that drags you down--an anchor to hold on to. And what is that anchor? It is your knowledge of your own divinity--that no matter how "interesting" life becomes upon the Earth, you are a part of something much greater, and that "everything will be alright" because there's so much more than just the Earth involved. Is it that an interesting statement? Well, it's true, my friends, it certainly is.


   Now, at your current place, what can you do? You want to get on with your life in as productive a manner as possible. And I say, do that--take responsibility for changing self. Some of you might say, "Change? But do I really need to do that now? Do I have to look at all of those painful areas?" Yes; the answer is yes. Sooner or later you're going to have to go in there and look at them. There is no other way, my friends. Believe me, I tried them all. When I was where you are, I tried everything and finally came to the realization, after I had gone around it a thousand times, that the only way was through it. Through what? Through the misconceptions, through the struggle with the Ego, through the barrier, through wall, through the patterns that hold you here on Earth. Learn how release all of them. Go beyond that. And why not do it now? You are going to have to do it sooner or later. Now seems appropriate to me.  Again, I say that you won't do all in five minutes, but you can begin now, and that is a step that will show what you truly wish to accomplish.


   You begin a journey, my friends, by taking the first step. The journey you are on now is to greater self-understanding, more productive living, a complete, free-flowing life. And so I say to you, begin! Take that first step. But when you come to the first wall, don't go back. Don't remain there, either. Go over the wall. Know that you can do that. You can, because you have a ladder--a way to go over it. And what is the ladder? It is the Soul connection--knowing that you are part of something bigger. This is so important, my friends. Hang on to it when you can't see the way through. Say, "But I am going to do it. My Will and my wish to be a part of this something greater, ever more closely connected, will allow me now to get through this trauma. I will face it. I will do it."


   This is your ladder. Use it. "Go over the barriers.  Release the pattern. Don't allow self to remain in these eternal patterns. You see, my friends, you can remove what we call the "false beliefs," but if you do not release the pattern, you are held there. By what? By your illusion. Yes, a pattern is an illusion. You have taken out the beliefs many times by the time you are ready to release the pattern. They are gone, you remove them. But if you do not erase the pattern and remove it, let it go, release it with your Will, you can't go anywhere. You remain there. We call it being stuck in a pattern. Stuck in a specific method of working.


   An example of this is being focused in your emotional body. In other words, you feel life. You have lots of emotions. Certainly, you have laughter and joy, but you also have loss, trauma, pain and anxiety. You have every emotion in the book. You experience life from an emotional point of view. Now to clear everything in your life, to allow the Soul to function here on the Earth, you must balance this emotional body with the mental one. You must lighten that focus; you must balance between the emotional and mental bodies. You could say you are balanced there in the center as you begin to balance all four bodies: the emotional with the mental, physical with the spiritual. And by bodies, I mean not only bodies but the experience also.


   We were discussing the emotional body, or the emotional focus. Let us you have removed from within self all of the false beliefs or least a great many of them that block you, that keep you so emotionally focused. Can you move beyond t? Can you go to a more balanced focus? Perhaps, my friends. But to do so, you must release this pattern.


   Now, this pattern is heavier than the false beliefs. It is glued to you. And you are going have to pry it away from self. Again, you call upon the Will. You say, "I will do it, I will erase this pattern.Ē You can begin by seeing it erased. Put it on your blackboard and erase this pattern of heavy emotional involvement with the joy method. Erase it now, visually, and that will aid you. And then use the Soul connection to aid you. Say, "I am a part of something greater. I will use this great desire I have to serve to help me now, to complete the balancing of all four bodies and specifically the lightning of the emotional body. I will do it now, in order to serve." Or, if you consider this to be the appropriate way for you (because each of you will have different methods), say to self, "I do not allow my emotions to control me any longer. I am tired of suffering. I am tired of emotional involvement and emotional immersion. I do not plan to remain in this pattern. I don't care if it is uncomfortable for my subconscious. I'm not going to remain here. I will go beyond this pattern now."


   You also use your own needs to achieve this. If you cannot use the needs of the Creator for serving, then use your own needs to achieve it. You need to and wish to experience life in a more balanced state, one in which you have less pain, in which you do not suffer as much. Then you must consciously release this pattern, knowing that your life will change. The change is not necessarily bad. It can be very good. It is difficult sometimes for the subconscious to accept that, so you may have to work within your belief structure on change before you can release this pattern. But do it, my friends. Go beyond this important, critical point. Do it now, because it is important--it is a critical point for you right now. Go beyond this pattern with your Will, with your desire for more productive living with your wish to serve the Creator, with your desire to participate in living with your Soul, with anything, with everything, but do it, my friends. And begin now. Take that first step, and do it now.


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