Clearing Illness and Habits




   To begin with, illness can be cleared by learning to listen to what the Body is trying to say to you when you are ill. Understanding this message gives the Body a most needed feeling of acceptance instead of the feeling that is you against your Body trying to defeat illness as though illness is some kind of sabotage by the Body. Illness is not sabotage; it is the Body’s statement that it has been having to hold the imbalance of denied Will and needs release. If you can accept the message and regain the necessary balance, illness disappears and health prevails.


   A way to work with this is to allow your full consciousness to be with the illness by entering the distress rather them blocking it, ignoring it or masking the symptoms with medication. With your full consciousness present, you can ask your body what the message is and receive an answer about how to restore balance.  Then do what body asks and see the results. If complete healing is not reached, asked again and do with the body asks until healing is reached. This process will evolve your ability to listen to your Body.


   No person needs to die from illness if Body has another option that is real for it.  Body also has its own Free Will to decide if it can heal now or not. If you are seriously trying to align, Body will not die unless its only option for healing is rebirth. Even though some diseases indicate drastic imbalance, the idea of seeing certain diseases as fatal has been accepted by man only because the way of treating them has been to deny the message of the Body. Instead of seeking to restore the balance, healing has attempted to suppress all symptoms. Then the body is incapable of recovering health.


   Suppression of symptoms is not the way Body heals itself. The practice of taking drugs for pain often masks earlier symptoms so that the person is not aware of the problem until it is acute and advanced. Then healing takes a tremendous amount of energy, concentration and dedication. It is much easier to deal with imbalance in its beginning stages than to wait until it is damaging the body seriously. The understanding needed is this: the natural state is health; disease equals an imbalance that can be rectified.


   For the person experiencing physical imbalance, a change in mental concepts of disease is also necessary. Through denial, the imbalance that produces disease has gone unnoticed until symptoms have had to demand attention by becoming intense. As soon as balance is restored when signs are still at subtle levels, disease doesn't need to appear. Once the balance necessary for health has been gained, this energy is freed to create something for itself other than disease. Health is an offering to Spirits that can understand the way to live in the physical plane on this particular planet. The other abilities of Right Use of Will are based on a foundation of good health because a body blocked by imbalance cannot express the capabilities inherent in balance.


   The practice of Right use Of Will may at first bring forward illness because a suppressed Will is bound to have had suppressed symptoms. If Will needs to take strong action when it begins to clear, illness may temporarily result. If that happens, the next step is understanding the illness and then balancing the Body so the illness disappears. Health can be the permanent state of affairs when the Will and the Spirit balance with each other unconditionally in the Heart. If imbalance is not rectified, illness is a "healed" only temporarily. Aging indicates long standing an ongoing imbalance. Illness, aging and death do not need to be.


   The fear with which society has surrounded illness is a conditioning in need of strong attention. So many people have come to feel that illness is inevitable and that all must die of something, that the energy field emanated by these attitudes is actually attracting illness through the acceptance of it as inevitable. Health is actually the way, but it has not been the way for such a very long time on Earth that it seems as though no one even remembers that this is the way.


   More immediate than regaining health for some people is the need to examine habits which are running the Body down. Another way to look at this is to make a choice between livings as you are for short time or living longer if you are willing to grow and make the called for changes. Once again, this is a matter of personal choice. Right Use of Will offers an opportunity to accomplish more and also give oneself the opportunity to learn to come and go at Will once again from the physical plane without having to use the birth-death approach. This allows the Spirit to leave Earth with its entire self rather than only the less dense levels of vibration. This is necessary because the physical part of everyone is just as much a part of the Spirit as any other part. Those that judged the physical self to be base and dense found themselves to be trapped in this and they began to break off from what they did not love and leave the physical body behind when they longed for other planes of existence and found they could no longer speed it up their physical body and take it along.


   More immediate than leaving Earth at Will is the offering Right Use of Will has of enjoying life to its fullest. This is what most people say they are doing when they indulge in habits, but habits actually set the Body up for physical death. Habits appeal to memories of feeling good. Habits are problem because they override the sensitive response of the Body to a particular situation and, instead, impose a ritualized response of learned behavior the person has used in the past, whether the present calls for the same response or not. Response from habit prohibits response that is attuned to that particular situation.


   The Body and the Body's actions remain imbalanced unless the person is willing to respond to the true needs of the moment rather than taking a habit learned in the past and projecting it onto the present because it seems to apply. All habits need attention, for many; such as ways of breathing, making love and, eating by the clock, etc.; can be easily overlooked.


   Habits can only be released if the person is ready to see why the habit is there. All the feelings around the habit pattern need to be accepted and expressed also. Body needs to express its feelings about habit patterns. If habits are suppressing this communication, but intent is to end the habit of overriding parts of the self, it will be necessary to let habits lapse to see what has been suppressed. The feelings underneath habitual responses are often feelings that are being denied by the person who is using habits instead of true response.  Then there's also present a habit of avoiding feelings.


   In this case, the person needs to look at his habit of avoiding feelings and decide if this is what he really wants to continue doing or not. If the feelings are allowed total acceptance and expression, they can begin telling the person what he needs in place of the suppressing habit forms.


  Breaking out of habits may look like a stumbling block for many, but realizing the goal and seeing habits for what they are is going to allow the process through which they can drop away. The immediate goal is to feel better, to be more free and enjoy life more.


   Habits are to the body what judgments are to the consciousness. Both have a rigidity. Ritual behavior is a judgment that what was called for once is what is called for now and therefore; no change or growth has taken place. In actuality, change is needing to be constantly on going. In the same way that judgments stop and control movement of the consciousness, habits stop and control the movement of the Body. Body is run down by this lack of sensitivity to its always changing needs.


   All habits and appetites that man has had and enjoyed, for the most part, have been judged against as harmful to spiritual development. Lists of things to avoid have included alcohol, sugar, red meat, drugs, caffeine, marijuana, tobacco, sex and extremes of any kind. The understanding is needed that the problem is not the substances themselves but the habit patterns and extremes often associated with these substances. The substances have been thought to be causal, but it is the consciousness that is causal and nothing else. For example, eating meat, especially red meat, has long been thought to make men to dense to receive spiritual illumination and yet it is not causal here. The desire to eat meat has accomplished the consciousness needing it. Nourishment must match the vibration of the consciousness taking it in All habits drop away when the consciousness is released from the need for them. In not understanding what was causal here, many have tried to break out of habits, giving up meat for example, by using discipline and control. This approach only causes the pattern of habit to change its form. The reason for the habit pattern needs to be found, and then accepted and understood, not condemned and disciplined away.


   The Will is meant to guide you in this so that whatever is appropriate to any particular situation is what you feel like doing and also do. The undermining of Free Will on Earth has been accompanied by another habit; the habit of looking outside the self for answers. This habit has another aspect to it; that of denying your own Will in favor of someone else's concept of what is best for you. This imbalance has opened the way for rules and generalized procedure because no one really knows what each and every moment calls for in someone else. Freeing of the Will to do what it is meant to do is going to return to each person the sensitive and appropriate attunement to the self and everything the self does. No amount of refining or improving standardize procedures, applied programs, rules or regulations is ever going to come close to the individualized fine tuning that Free Will has to offer. Habits are attempts to compensate for the loss of this attunement with generalized and externalized rules and procedures.


   Feelings of being unable to receive the body's messages or understand them adequately enough to balance the Body are the results of a long standing gap between the Spirit, the W.ill and the Body. This gap will resolve itself with practice and the feelings of fear will dissolve as success gives confidence to the process. If at present the fear is overpowering the ability to receive Body's messages and respond to them, you can seek reassurance from others that already understand, reassurance only helps if you seek your own feelings in this process also, rather than abdicating to another's reality.


   Feelings of confidence and fear both need acceptance. They need to be allowed to bring understandings through the process they generate. Fear could be hidden in habitual dependency upon your helpers'. The origin of the fear needs exploration and understanding. Do not judge in advance what the fear is; feel the fear and let it give you the understandings. Release of any block improves clarity. Clarity improves communication. When you really listen to yourself, you can heal yourself. Then you can seek help in the spirit of confidence, knowing you want and need the help you request rather than being dependent and confused because you don't know yourself.


   Because of past denial, the Will at first may feel it necessary to test the Spirit to see if it is going to respond to its message. In the past, many have ignored the messages, so the Will may need some time and experience in order to believe that this pattern is really changing. If this is the case, do not feel you should give up. The harmony needed for health can become the balance experienced. Physical plane existence can be as enjoyable as any other plane of existence if a person allows this to be his experience. The physical plane experience can evolve to include all possibilities and potentials. The understanding needed here is this: When Will is balanced in the Heart with Spirit, health prevails and you will have the starting point for evolving in harmony.


   When harmony and joy accompany the way of evolving, you always do exactly what you should be doing and for no other reason except that it is what you really feel like doing. Even though everything that happens is what should be happening, Free Will allows personal choice to increase the joy, harmony and everything else you like. The Alignment of Spirit and Will will allow you to understand how Predestination and Free Will are the same thing. Will needs to be allowed to evolve and recover for you all of its power to express the full gift of Spiritual presence on Earth.


   In the process of balancing, allow the self to experience whatever it is attractive to it. This attraction is going to be guided by the increasing balance between Spirit, Heart, Will and Body. The Spirit sees all possibilities. The Will is meant to select what is right for the moment among all possibilities. The Will does this through its feelings unconditional acceptance of feelings, then, allows the person maximum learning, evolvement and attunement. In Right Use of Will, the Spirit and the Will are unconditionally communicating in the Heart at all times. Everything that is experienced is accepted as valid and perfect for the moment in which occurs. The involvement comes from looking at it for what can be learned.


   Learning through experience gives the best understanding. At present, almost all individuals are holding conditions on this. Conditions limit growth. Free Will says that a person's experience is his own individuality unique experience and may or may not be the same as anyone else's. This allows everyone to evolve in his own way. Learning this way does not deny the acceptance of advice, but it does leave each person free.


   This is still a matter of personal choice; you cannot be forced to free your own Will, and yet you cannot force your Will to be a prisoner indefinitely either. In freeing your own Will feels like the path for you now, you are ready to do it. If you don't know, let Free Will unfold. The gift that Right Use of Will offers is for everyone, but only at the time that is right for each person.


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