Developing Your Conceptual Abilities




   My friends, I like to discuss with you now an important tool to aid self. It is the mental-conceptual area, one we have not discussed yet in the teachings through Janet. This important area is a key that helps you, as you evolve and grow, to see the journeys end, to understand the goal and then to perceive it. It enlarges, unlocks, the understanding by means of the creative process. We have stated many times that we are cocreators in training, that we are learning the creative process, attempting to reach (and eventually we will reach it) the cocreator level, the level that unlocks the complete free-flowing state of creation. This creative ability should be utilized to help understand self--to image, if you will the whole conceptual area and then fill it in. And I would like to give you an example here and ask you try it.


   Let us say that you are seeking to understand what existence truly is. First of all, you begin to analyze it. You say to self, I want to understand what existence is, so I will now build a framework by means of my current understanding and then, one step at a time, fill in this framework in as creative a manner as I can, recognizing that I will practice expanding this ability, seeing that I will learn much by this attempt, utilizing and stretching my abilities in each specific focus.


   All right, let's begin to do that. What is existence? You may say to self, "Well, I already know that it is what I am experiencing." All right, we’ve put up part of our framework there. You then ask self, "What else do I know about what existence is”? You say, "Well, I know that I am here on the Earth." So, you can add to it: "It is what I am experiencing here on the Earth." You then ask, "What else do I know about existence”? And you may say to self, "I understand that Divinity has created it." And so you add that to your framework, to your outline of understanding.


   Let's stop right there. Let's say that this is what you understand about existence, and now you are going to fill it as creatively as possible. You have outlined it. Although we could, of course, continue in this area, in our example we will use these three points as an outline. You have related it to self first. Secondly, you have related it to the Earth. And in your third point you have related it to the creator. So you now add those three focuses to your understanding, don't you? You enlarge what you have understood and build another layer of understanding into your outline.


   Now, you can take each one of these areas and enlarge it continually. You can look at self and experience and seek to relate and interrelate self to the Earth and to Divinity. That brings another layer of understanding.  Do you see the direct connection between self, the Earth and Divinity? Do you, my friends? What are we saying here? Perhaps that all existence that has been created by the Creator is for the purpose of Divinity’s experiencing-that you are Divinity, that the Earth is Divinity? And all three are experiencing on different levels of existence. Thus we have said and learned that existence is for the purpose of experiencing. But what experience? It is, of course, Divinity’s experience.


   So, truly, in our outline that we have filled in, we have learned that existence is for the purpose of Divinity’s experiencing--that it expands evermore so that Divinity may continue Its experiencing, Its expanding, on many levels and perhaps in many forms, or (if you wish) in a more encompassing way-for the Source Itself is a wholeness that experiences, as do Its individual parts, on every level. This is important to add to our concept-that when we have built this outline and filled it in, we have a wholeness that also is consciousness and is experiencing. Do you see that by such a creative exercise you can learn to use these conceptual abilities and consciously move your perception closer to that ideal, as far as the soul-merge level is concerned? That is your goal: to perceive that. And the more you conceptualize, the more you do these conceptualizing exercises, the more perceptive will be your understanding of the whole and its various portions, and how they truly fit together.


   Many of you use the analytical portion of the mental very well, but the higher mental (the creative portion of the mind) is not yet utilized by many here on the Earth. It seems to me to be very important to recognize these greater abilities that will allow each of you to see the wholeness. There truly is no other way to understand wholeness. Such understanding of wholeness launches you to the higher mental creative level where you must function as a cocreator. This is the level on which creation truly takes place. The spiritual level is the basic (the origination) point, but the higher mental is the level on which the cocreators do the work--the conceptualizing, the creating work.


   The sooner you understand this level--the sooner you can utilize these conceptual abilities within self--the sooner, my friend, you will return to the source, merge again within it, and become a co creator. The creative process of the mind must be understood completely, must be gathered together completely, focused on completely and then utilized completely. But it can be done one step at a time: first, of course, recognizing that it is necessary to develop these abilities, and then seeking to do so. It is the responsibility of each of you to take that creative step, knowing that as a baby must crawl before it can walk, you must learn this. Some of you need to begin. Others of you have already begun, and you must seek to understand and creatively work more and more in line with the wholeness. That is very important because as you creatively consider wholeness, you approach it more and more. This wholeness must be understood. You must understand your relationship to it, and if there are blocks within self to doing so, these must be worked out before the wholeness can be understood-thus the higher mental conceptual abilities utilized at the cocreator level. It is an important focus of your evolution, and one that we have not talked about much within the foundation.


   Unlocking these abilities, then, is important. Truly, my friend, if you can see yourself at the level of a cocreator, you can be there. Isn't that an interesting statement? If you can conceptualize it as a part of your present state of beingness, it will become a fact, a truth, for you. Perhaps you will have to do the stages, but if you can go right to that goal now, conceptually, in an encompassing manner, you will at that moment be a cocreator. How about using that as a reason to unlock the conceptual abilities. How about doing it now? How about, my friend? Isn't it a wonderful goal? Will you not begin? Will you? Get excited about it! Know it is important. Work on the higher mental conceptual abilities to aid your integrating the awareness and the perceptions into a wholeness.


Thank you, my friends.  I appreciate your attention in this matter.


Pages 85-87


Prelude to Ascension

Tools for Transformation

Janet McClure


Vywamus and others

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