The Electrical Nature of The Soul

Prelude To Ascension

Tools for Transformation

 Janet McClure Channeling Vywamus

Pages 636-642





   Do you know that each one of you is completely unlimited? You are learning you are, but perhaps you cannot see it in yourself completely. We are looking at what I think is important area: the bringing in of electrical energy of the Soul so that it may activate the Divine Blueprint evenly. Thatís very important, because what I am seeing is that this has been laid in. Here is an example. If we look at an energy field as a grid system ( and of course we are simplifying it) with the Lines running this way and lines running that way that fit in the Crown Chakra, then instead of its being evenly distributed, we have holes in it, you see. Itís accepting the energy only partially. I want to do several things tonight to help you even out and accept more and more of this energy that literally comes through the eighth chakra, which is your soul star. It is the part of the self that the Soul has made available as a physical gate to bring the energy through the eighth chakra


   One tool we havenít mentioned yet that can be very helpful is the Earth (you know, that thing did you walk around on every day). The good news here is that the Earth has embodied a new level that all of you now are trying to reach. For thousands of years you were the leaders; the Earth was coming along well, but you were little ahead of it. Itís turned around now. The Earthís energy and its acceptance of its potential is a little bit ahead of yours. So if we began to invoke the Earthís energy coming up and helping you balance the Crown chakra from that direction, between the soul and the Earth, donít you think it will be better? I think so. Iím seeing bumps all over like you get when you have the measles. Some of you look like that in this electrical assimilation. Some of it is assimilated in one place and not in another, particularly not in the solar plexus. How many of you can relate to that? Sometimes it feels all charged up there, doesnít it?


   Because the main chakras do not have an even distribution of this Divine Blueprint, I thought that we would work specifically. This is research. I have not done this before; you are the first. We will see how works. That is important here because you are what I call a metaphysically sophisticated audience. You have heard many different things, havenít you? And itís interesting and it perhaps activates many things in you.


   Now, letís see what we can due to settle it down a little, to allow it to assimilate through your spiritual body, your mental body, your emotional body, your etheric body and--perhaps most importantly into and through your physical body.


   You could look at a cell in many ways. Each one of you looking at a cell would see something different. You wouldnít see them exactly alike. But I want to give you the simile (they donít really look like this) of a cylinder. We will say each cell is a cylinder, and we want that cylinder to be absolutely clear and then allow the electrical flow to flow clearly through it. Now some cells sit this way and some cells sit this way connecting with other cells. So we have the network of energy that flows through them, the electrical energy. It really becomes like a grid working in your physical body.


   Particularly important is the brain area. The pattern of the left hemisphere of your brain is not the same as the right hemisphere. You know that. And the vibration levels is not the same. What unifies them is the soul. What allows them to speak to one another, to hear each other at their different vibrational rates, is the energy of the soul. 


   So you see, by learning to bring this more electrical energy into a blueprinting system that is more evenly distributed, you are going to begin to bridge the hemispheres of the brain so that your logical site talks to that part you call creative and musical and so forth. So that your knowingness speaks to the logical and the conceptual area. So they can create together the type of life that you really want. That is our purpose here this evening. Do you think it might be fun to try it? Even if you donít, letís do it anyway and see what happens. Remember, life is full of new things. This is something new and I invite you to try it with me.


   First I would like to go through the audience, giving you which type of electrical trauma you have: the tree, the whip or the crystal. And you will know which one to go back to and work with. That can be helpful because, as I said before, the goal is to assimilate the electrical energy well, and some of you are doing a better than others. All right.  Now, I invite you to do this in a meditation. So if you wish, close your eyes.


Contact Your Energy Grid System


   Now, the Crown Chakra lies two or three inches above your head. Letís activate it as golden energy flowing in that electrical gridwork. Spend a moment or two just allowing a foundation to be established there. You donít have to visualize this. If you can see it, fine; if you canít see it, imagine it, then know it. If you canít know it, then sense it or feel it. It doesnít matter. Simply make contact with an energy grid system that is gold in color and flow the energy through it now. Flow it both ways. Follow it one line at a time, just follow it, even it out as much as you can until you can imagine a current of energy that is evenly flowing in this great system. Spend a moment with that. Do a little toning to help you out with that. Just spend a little time getting in touch with it.


   All right, now envision or know or imagine the Soul Star, which for most of you is another five or six inches above your head. You have other higher chakras-the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, the ninth; the Soul Star is the eighth. Those chakras are also taking part in this process, but we are focusing now on the Soul Star. I invite you now to pour energy into the Soul Star. It will run through into the Crown and began to be distributed through out the chakras system. I would like the core to be electrically blue, but I invite you to keep monitoring the Crown Chakra. Pour it now, but see that it pours evenly; you donít want any holes in the Crown Chakra.  If you get it centered so that the outside doesnít have enough energy, then pour a little differently. Envision it pouring as evenly as possible through the Crown Chakra. Now please put that on automatic. When you get evened out, then put it on automatic so that there is some, not a tremendous amount, but a constant pour from the Soul Star. It is going into the Soul Star and from there into the Crown chakra. Know that it is dripping on down to the other system, but right now weíre going to ask that a reflection of your Crown Chakra appears within the Earth.


   Follow that down now to the core of the Earth. You are going to invoke from the Earth the help that you need. There is an electrical energy format, a blueprint there that is going to reflect back to you like a mirror. Ask for that even if you canít see it. Imagine it. It is an energy reflection that is coming back and it is absolutely balanced. It is coming from the Earth, and now you have got that down into your feet. You are standing on it, your feet are actually in it, and now there is another level that is settling in you are sitting right on it, so that you have two levels, one at your feet and one at the base chakra.


   Now, I invite you to continue to pour through the Soul Star Chakra, and as you do, a corridor of energy forms from each part of that chakra downward, connecting with its corresponding point on the base chakra; then down to its corresponding point at the feet, where you have already connected into the Earth. There are fine lines of electrical blue energy dripping down and make the connection like those in cavesóstalactites and stalagmites, which come together. The energy is dripping down and making these formations and it is like an energy column surrounding you. It is centered in your chakras but it radiates out and brings the streams of energy down into your physical structure.


   If you feel like moving a little, please do so, because there may need to be some physical adjustment. You may need to move your back, you may need to rotate your stomach a little, your shoulders may need to be moved a little, or your arms or legs. Adjust to your physical structure now as you keep developing this energy. This is extremely important. Allow it now because the Angels are helping you bring in this new blueprint. The body hasnít used it this fully before, and it is coming now into the energy structures of your spiritual body, your mental body, emotional body, the ether level that surrounds the physical body, and then into the physical body itself. So there is in alignment process going on. Allow the Angels to help you. We are there in great number. Some of the greatest healers that have been on your planet are here tonight to help you with this.


   Now I would invite you to begin a slow breathing technique in your own rhythm. Be conscious of your breath. Breathe in and hold for a moment and then quietly breathe out. Become aware that you are learning to vibrate this energy in a more evenly distributed manner. Even if your imagination says this isnít real, or you may say to your imagination that this isnít real, it is. So allow, just allow it to process within you. I want to hold you within this focus for a while. Make sure you monitor the energy so that it is still pouring through the soul star into the Crown Chakra.


   You might note, now moving beyond the Crown, what is going on in your third-eye chakra. I invite you to see it is a clear energy desk, a clear energy disk in the third-eye area. Even out the energy there. Let it be a process of these small columns of light that are this electrical blue energy. Keep straightening it out. If you need to, take in your spiritual hand the violet flame and clear out something. If you find some breaks or something that isnít complete, cleanse that now with your violet flame.  Work on this.


   The next chakra will be the throat. I am going to invite you to work at your own level. When you feel that the clear third-eye energy disk is now being penetrated by these columns of blue light that drip in the formation of the ideal Divine Blueprint in the Crown Chakra, then move on to the throat, seeing it as an energy desk that is transparent. Even out that energy. 


   When you feel that is balanced, then move into the heart, doing the same thing very gently. When you have done that, move on to the solar plexus. Even it all out. Then the polarity chakra--and check again the base chakra.


   Now I want to give you some time to do that, and to help you Iím going to simply allow a little toning. The energy needs to be stabilized enough that your subconscious, your creativity, really gets the idea. This is the ideal blueprinting. We will take it this far and afterwards we will proceed. So let me give you a little time.


   Keep working on your Chakras. Keep cleansing them and connecting them into this blue energy. Keep working with it, keep allowing yourself to sense now the connection between all of the chakras. See if you can feel it, one balancing out the other. You may feel it perhaps most strongly in the solar plexus. If this is an area that sometimes seems stirred up for you, itís going to feel a lot of support in this process if you allow it, because it will sense the connection electrically. We are stimulating, then, an electrical flow that is organized into the Divine Blueprint and is unique for you but is a part of something greater on the Earth. So keep organizing it, keep working with that. Keep allowing that flow. Just be patient.


   One of the things that is important in this type of work is to stay with it for a few minutes, to really relax and allow the process.  Many of you get a little impatient trying to hurry it. It is important just to allow it, relax into it.


   This, then, is the new blueprinting system that is available to you. Now the Earth is stabilizing your feet area and you may be feeling some energy there because your feet have never before been as connected in this way. See if you can sense a stability that wasnít there before. Take that to the base chakra. Be sure, absolutely sure, that you visualize or know or imagine that your base chakra is a clear energy desk. Many times when you have a headache, when there is so much energy in your head you donít know what to do with it, all you have to do is open your base chakra. So open it now. See it as a clear energy disk. The energy flows now all the way down and then it connects with the energy of the Earth that is flowing up. See where that comes together for you. For some of you, perhaps for most of you, as you develop it and reach a certain level of maturity in this use it will be at the heart. See if you can touch into that now at the heart level. All right. Now I would invite you to do the following.


 accurate because it is neither in sequential time nor in space. Your physical heart isnít really in your spiritual heart. So it is simply an indicator for whichever direction of movement that you are imagining now. Let the energy of the ideal blueprint drip through you. Bring it up from the Earth, uniting it in the heart, and spin it, spin it, spin it. Do gently, but spin it, spin it, spin it. And then allow it to radiate out. Allow it. This opens the heart in a way that, if you continue to do it, will make a great deal of difference in your life.


   Now, I like pink in association with the heart. See if you want pink there. If you want it electrical blue, thatís fine. But see what color you choose to use there. Then spin it, spin it, allow the heart to radiate out. As it goes out now it tells the universeĒ I have got my act together, I am balanced here.  Look, Iím using the ideal blueprint.Ē Believe me, the universe will notice and it will say to you, ďGood. Here is a mirroring of that balance.ď You will begin to receive from the universe balanced mirroring. Some of you are not used to that. But it can come back to you, and what will come back are the types of activities, types of response from others that you want, the types of mirrorings that are very balanced. Someone may say to you, ďHow lovely you are.ď ďI appreciate you so much.ď ďCan I help you?ď ďOh, thank you for what you are doing.ď ďHere is an opportunity for you now.ď Does that sound good? All right.



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