Evolution--Our Loop of Experiencing




   My friends, I would like now to discuss quite an important subject. Let us begin at what one might call a specific point, a beginning on a new level, and then lead gradually to the point that I'm trying to make.


   We begin by stating again that evolution truly is for the purpose of more evolution--of learning, of becoming, of always advancing--and that Divinity and Its experiencing, truly, is all that exists. I have said this in many ways at many times, and I will continue to reiterate--the only Divinity exists, that there's only Divinity --whether we consider It the Source Itself (that all-knowingness that permeates all of existence) or the individualized portions of It, such as each of us.


   We come forth. We are individualized. And we began our experiencing mode. And it truly is a privilege to be brought forth, to be allowed this individualization. Most sparks such as self, such as each of you, do appreciate, but there are a few that hold on to the Source and wish to return to it. Now, as we experience, we do encounter specific points in our evolution where it would be rather easy to slide again into the Source. We would like to do it. We yearn to do it. It seems appropriate to do it. However, we are not ready. We have not completed our "loop of experiencing". Thus, the Source will not permit us to slide in, although sometimes we get close, sometimes our attunement get's so complete that we feel we can do so.


   At such times our consciousness becomes so aligned with the Source itself that magnificent things began to happen. We attract, magnetically those that serve the Creator--those direct extensions of the Creator that we call the angelic kingdom. They do not see, perhaps, certain items as clearly as do evolving consciousnesses. So when they look and see one that is aligned with the Source, even if briefly, they see not whether it is permanent; they only see such alignment. Thus we have stories of a host of angels singing the praises of specific individuals in biblical history. This was during a specific period in which that evolving consciousness was truly again aligned with the Source itself. They see not (they being the angelic kingdom) that it is but an attempt and probably will not continue in exactly that same alignment for long. It will, then, be necessary for that particular the evolving consciousness to disconnect a little from the Source, enough to be part of existence again as an individual. You see, as individuals, as individualized sparks, we do not permit self this complete alignment with the Source until we are truly ready to go again within it.


   Now, that's important to understand. We make the attempt and be successful for brief periods. We then must disconnect a little to continue our journey through the loop of experience. What am I saying here? That it is not appropriate to yearn for the Source, to seek it? Not all. What I am telling you is that you keep trying to do so and that there will are going to be periods with each of you when you succeed. But then because you probably are not yet experienced enough, you will break that intense attunement (somewhat, anyway) and continue your evolution.


   When the Source becomes so magnetic to you (because you, my friend, have evolved to the point that you are the same as the Source), the attunement, the alignment, attraction will be so great that you will be drawn right into It again. It is truly very interesting to watch the evolving consciousnesses as they align temporarily with the Source. All of creation seems to celebrate. All of creation seems to align with them. At those periods, they truly are capable of creating on almost the same level as Source.


   Now, that is very interesting and perhaps should be handled very carefully. If one is really not yet ready to handle creating at that level, perhaps it is important to recognize that one must understand one's own point in evolution--one must know whether or not one is ready for this completeness, for this wholeness. We as evolving consciousnesses have the responsibility to remove all illusion about self; to know where we are on the path; to recognize what yet must be learned by self; to understand that as a responsible piece of Divinity one goes forward but only within one's own framework of understanding.


   Of course, as we have said many, many times, service is the point of seeking one's evolution, and seeking to aid the Creator’s Cosmic Plan is why one should be ready to change, to grow, to become, to evolve, to understand ever more completely. Truly it is. When Evolution is approached with such an understanding, one sees that perhaps that his service is hinged to his evolution.


   Let me give you an example. A member of the hierarchy who is currently function at soul level, but is about ready to break through to the next level, which we call the monadic level-this great one (for he certainly is) made such a perfect attunement to the Source. It was a glorious time. All creation celebrated. All looked on. All said, "Wonderful! Here is another great one that is merging back to the Source". Now, my friends this event requires great balance. You might say, "What's the matter with wishing for it to come about right then? It would probably happen, wouldn’t it?" Good. Wonderful. Well, it could have, that's true. It could have. And this great one certainly sought it, certainly waned to be part of the Source again. But what happened was this, and this is why it is important to know what to expect, because then when it happens to you (and it will, my friends, it will) you will know what to look for. Look for that next step. And if it is not there, then know that this is but a temporary connection and will require more effort, more experiencing, to make it permanent--But look for that permanent connection as you go into it. This is why this lesson is being given.


   Those who exist upon the physical plane also may experience this alignment. It is more rare, but then, the soul merge condition is more rare, and once one gets very close to this state--and some you are beginning to do self--then you may begin to have such alignment. I need, then, to discuss with you what is happening, make you aware of it. If you approach this state, looking for the following (if it is there, marvelous). You will be within the Source permanently from that point on because that permanent connection will be made, will hook you up right there as a cocreator. If you cannot find that specific connection, then, my friend, enjoy the experience. Remember it and treasure it and know it will come again--and perhaps then the permanent connection will be made.


   Now, not have merged myself back into the Source yet, I am giving my perception of this process, having discussed it with the number of cocreators and been assured that what I perceive and what I am presenting are basically correct.


   First of all, as this state begins to occur, there will be great light within self. Everything will be perceived as light. All of your yearning, all of your needs, all of which you wish, will be for more light, for greater service, for greater unfoldment of the Creator’s Cosmic Plan. Light will permeate everywhere. Know that this is true; and as this intense light becomes a part of you, whatever level you are perceiving it from, you know that you are aligning with Source. This great light is you focused directly into the Source-connected directly to it. Now, this will become more and more intense over a period of several days (I wouldn't even look for this if it just happens to you for a moment or two, though some of you may begin to get this). As that light gets brighter and brighter and brighter, and everyone notices your bright light, after a week or two, sit down with self and begin to explore that light. Go into it as completely as possible.


   Now look before you. There are seven steps within that light. There is more light beckoning to you. Go toward those steps and began to scale (and that's the word, "scale"). With each step the light becomes brighter. You begin to feel the light as permeating self completely. No longer are there any separate needs, separate thoughts (this is hard to put into words because the individuality is maintained but all thoughts of separateness are let go). At first step you should still be pretty much as you are when you begin. By the seventh, all separateness is gone, and a specific anchoring process is available as you stand on that seventh step.


  This anchoring process, I am told, is unmistakable, and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are home, that this is your destiny, that you can create whatever is needed for the Creator, and that all is possible, that all is necessary, that all is, and that you are. You see, you will stand there on that specific focus within the Source, and the Source Itself will acknowledge your presence, welcome you home, and there will be a specific sense of familiarity. And you will know beyond any doubt that never again will you go forth.


   Now, as I said, my friends, the possibility of experiencing this while focused within the Earth focus, if you will, is not too great; it really is rather remote. But these temporary focuses within a physical existence are very possible. And as you experience alignment with the Source Itself, you should begin to realize the possibility of being anchored within it.  Go forth, then, into the experience. Explore the Source Itself. Allow that that possibility may come for you. It is true that you must not go into it in a state of illusion, a state of imagination-for one can imagine that these things are occurring when they truly are not. So complete knowingness of your own point of evolution, complete knowingness of your reason for seeking such a connection, is important. Know who you are. You are divinity, that is true.  How perceptive are you in your experiencing! This you must completely understand. Because you are focused within a physical personality, it is difficult see self clearly. But as the soul-merge takes place, you will be in a much more perceptive state. So utilize the soul level to know that you will be able to discern your own evolution and to see clearly what is taking place is you begin these wonderful alignments with the Source Itself. They are given to us, it seems to me, as a point in which we can realize what lies ahead for us, to show us what is there, to teach us that we may unfold completely--that we may know and go beyond the current understanding.


   I say to each of you, enjoy them, but recognize that for most of you there will be a long series of such alignments before the permanent merging again with the Source.


   This, my friends, is how evolution generally works--one step at it time, beginning to approach the next level in the periodic alignment and then seeking to make that alignment permanent. The Source-merging, then, is our ultimate goal as far as we know. There may be much beyond it -in fact, I am sure that there is-but as far as our individual loop of experiencing is concerned this is the ultimate goal. For some of you, this is remote from your Earth perspective. For others it is what you yearn for more than anything else. But know that you will begin the approach in specific attunement-that you will have a glimpse of it long before the actual event. And as one who has experienced such alignment, I cannot put into words the beauty of the experience.


   "Go forth, then, little spark, and experience," the Source says. "But once in awhile, come home for a visit and then go forth and continue your experiencing" Home is there waiting. She has (note the "she") a candle in the window and awaits our return.


   Thank you, my friends, and my love to each of you.


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Prelude to Ascension

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Janet McClure


Vywamus and others

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