Exercises For the Integrated Self

Part II

Prelude to Ascension

Janet McClure/Vywamus

Pages 349-360


Exercise 6


   Here is another exercise that I think may help all of you.  I call it a ďburstingĒ technique. A bursting is a dynamic release of fullness that has been held back by a barrier. Bursting is the creative process as it seeks to come through each of you.  There is the generative effect in the core of what you are and it creates this bursting, this exuberance. As I look at you I see a burst of understanding here, a burst of concession there-a bursting effect that allows your creativity to expand.  Through your expansion, the whole expands. So let us put some effort into it as a technique. 


   In a group, choose one person; the rest of you will attuned to that person. See his/her energy literally exploding, expanding or bursting forth. Put that vision out to the universe. Some might feel that bursting energy; some might see it as falling rain. If you canít feel the dynamic of explosion, step closer to the person until you do feel the power as an energy coming forth. You might find the aura becoming visible. If you tend to expect a physical feeling, check your emotions. Are they receiving the impact? Can you sense joy such as when a child lights up with the energy of joy?


    I want you now to do for yourself what was done by the person you chose for the group exercise. Gather the energy in from the universe. Within a group you can also gather the group energy that is available. You donít enervate others-you take energy from what they are sending out. So, as you gather energy, concentrate on the heart center. What emotions have you gathered with it? You might not have realized that you gather up love and trust and receptivity and allowingness and humility-you gather up the surrender process. Those of you looking for energy in the surrender process gather it up and use it! If you want a more dynamic quality, gather it up from the universe. There is no lack of energy.  Gather it in, place it in the heart center and then send it out. 


   As you send it out, there is a bursting. It goes forth-it bursts forth almost as an explosion. It can also pour forth as a nice steady stream-and it is important to do both ways. I think all of you are working with the dynamic energy or want to get in touch with it. So gather, draw it in. When it feels very centered, when youíve brought those qualities to the heart and understood them, then allow them to burst forth. It becomes automatic; it spills over from the fullness within you-your fullness of these qualities. Because of their nature they must burst forth; they must be shared-that is the nature of what they are. 


   Trust is coming in; stability is coming in; unconditional love and joy come in -and they wonít stay contained. They come in and their presence floods you with joy. If you focus on drawing in dynamic energy, be sure to let it flow out again freely. Trying to hold onto it in the heart or physical structure for long could cause discomfort, because it canít be stored-its nature is dynamic movement. On a cold day bring the dynamic energy and-it will warm you. Bring in support, support from the whole. What happens when you bring in support? You feel it in the emotional body as the comfort of support. The mental body is aware that it has a sure place from which to draw. As the energy comes in, it has a certain quality such as joy or unconditional love or support. These qualities pour in until there is such fullness that it has to burst forth, and as more flows in it must burst forth again, bursting, bursting, going out into the universe. There are waves and levels of bursting and bursting and bursting and bursting. Sense that! Feel how the heart is able to draw in and burst forth these qualities to others. Practice this as a group and individual-there is no one way better than the other. 


                         Recognizing integration


   How do you recognize integration? I donít believe all of you do.  I have seen people who were very integrated and they had no awareness of being integrated.  You have a sense of what has been rather than what is. Many of you donít know when you are integrated. You might have balanced those qualities that were affecting you from the past without noticing-the balancing didnít catch your attention. You can be standing, perfectly balanced, but looking behind you rather than ahead.


   There was a priest on your planet who had been a priest in his previous 45 lifetimes. A more balanced being Iíve never seen. He served in his small parishes-45 of them in different parts of the world. In most, though not all, of these lifetimes he was a Catholic.  He was a beautiful being. But in his humble attuned to Sourceness, and in his inability to see what he had become, he kept repeating that area of service-45 times! As you grow you can increase your ability to serve in greater degree, in a wider scope of service. If you are not seeing how balanced you are, you donít pick up on the wider opportunities as they are opened to you and knocking at your door. This man, with a bit of help from us, finally saw that he was ready for greater service. Heís now in the hierarchical level working with the animal kingdom in a way thatís beyond the physical, and he loves it. His service has enlarged him and moved him into a higher perspective of who he is.


    There must be, then, a recognition that integration has taken place and that you are ready to move beyond your current area of service to a wider one.  There is a big difference between accepting your own growth and concentrating on self so much that you are ďspiritually ambitiousď but out of balance. I must emphasize that is the purpose-the spiritual service-that is important. If you are doing what youíre doing perfectly, itís time to graduate. As soon as you have integrated the purpose for which you have come, you will be given a wider application of that purpose. There is meant to be an ever widening purpose and service. Keep the door ajar and see who comes to ii and Knocks. The priest really didnít listen to his counseling in the Spirit realm about not going back to the same work over and over. He didnít think he needed it. You have to listen, donít you? For him there was a comfort factor in repeating the known area of service. Many people remain in patterns of behavior longer than he did. It was at the time of the harmonic convergence that the allowance came to him to release the pattern.  He has gone on and is now taking up an assignment he actually had accepted 45 lifetimes ago. He is just gotten around to it and has that assignment to fill before any more can be taken up.


   How does all this relate to Janet, our channel? Well, Janet has many strengths.  Her greatest one is her ability to create through dedication a particular focus that allows a link to be established. The dynamic content of who she is very helpful. A dynamic content is needed to move a communication ahead. A spiritual teacher goes for quite a ride if connected into this channel. It is a challenge because we have to keep moving to keep up. Janetís astrological sign is Aries, so there is much dynamic quality in her energy. 


   She is learning to balance that. Recently she opened her channel to a deeper level.  She doesnít quite know what that means yet. Her role is to create openings as a channel as well as to open who and what she is herself. She creates openings and she leaves and lets others handle that which has been opened. We use the term ďdeepďquite often in varying contexts, you might understand that to mean a broadening of vision, but that is not what I mean. By ďgoing deepďI am talking about going to the core of Personal reality in any particular area. If you are on the surface of your understanding in any area, you havenít yet discovered the core. As you discover the core, you may find that doing so broadens the parameters of that area and shows how different areas relate to each other. However, the penetrative core really stimulates the co creator level, so if you go deeply enough you reach your realized connection to the core, which is the co creator level. 


   I mentioned earlier that there is a plan to create a very comprehensive spiritual center or temple in the area of Mississippi.  I would estimate its date and about 2020 to 2050.  You might not know this, but you are about to solve the process of aging physically. Itís very close. When you no longer have to worry about an aging physical structure, it will be much easier to work toward the spiritual purpose for which you have come. Some of you will stay and be part of this wonderful time on earth. There are so many things that you, as humanity, have wanted that are going to be coming to pass. Arkansas is also to have a temple, and what will be taught in these temples is taught to live in harmony and peace.  Earthquakes have been foreseen in those areas, and certainly the Earth and its adjustment will cause some quaking, but I donít see as much earthquake energy their as there used to be. When a specific spiritual focus is located in an area, there is a letting go of remnants. The spiritual emphasis placed on that area will bring some adjustments because of it. Again, ďenergyď is a word that is seen is a goal to be acquired. But energy is not the goal; itís what you do with the energy. Energy is life force, a tool by which you create. You are here to create!  Thatís the goal.  Energy is the tool of the creative process. If you feel if youíre not able to ďfeel ď-be aware of-an energy others seem to attune to easily, itís often because you donít yet trust. You might have developed trust in some areas but not integrated these individual areas of trust. You donít allow a fullness of trust for yourself.  Now that you can conceptualize that need, you can work on it.


Exercise 7


   Hereís another exercise. Stand and stretch up towards. We will say that above you there is an angel or cherub, and youíre going to reach up and bring your own individual angel down close. Bring it in-the angelic perspective. Reach up and see which you get. Have you brought close a cherub, all little Alazaro or an archangel? They enjoy coming, donít they? Have you noticed that when you pull on one, a whole string of them come along? We have asked the archangels to come, and they are here, and there are hosts of delighted seraphim and cherubim running around. Good! Youíll be moving about, have an association with the angelic kingdom. They are going to give you the angelic perspective. You will receive communication from them. Letís see what sort of communication you can get from this perspective that is coming in now. 


   We will have some music and we will let our joyous play with the Angels began. Thereís a sense a flow, a sense of connection-we validate their connection with us. You have experienced comfort, support, encompassing love, lightness, and joyousness, protection, nurturing-good! All that is valid. 


                               Creating a new universal level


    Now I think I would like to have you create new universal level. We will look at it as a universal city and bring in the ideal of such a city.  What is the first step in creating a city? The idea and the desire come before any blueprint. One must sort out alternative possibilities and decide on a purpose. Let us say we want it to be a city that anyone can visit, anyone can be a part of, anyone can share, in the one can join. It will be a center for the arts and music and intellectual pursuits, for spirituality, for growing plants, and flowers-it will be a very universal city. We are sorting all this out from potentiality so that it forms our purpose. Now we can think of a blueprint. What would you like the city to look like? How do you see conceptually?


   Let us bring in some universal concepts. It need not be made of your customary earthly building materials. You could decide to invent a crystalline material or something you have never seen on Earth but can imagine.  Some of you see it  planned as  a square with straight streets. Some like a circular pattern or a wheel like structure with a hub and spokes. One may see it is being not on the Earth but above the year Earth and shining with light. Another might see a city of high crystalline buildings joined by ramps and bridges with Sun powered vehicles and many lakes and streams in a rolling countryside. And still another might feel it needs a combination from a geometric point of view and, in order to capture the essence of the ideal of any given theme, should have a transparency. Most of you concur in wanting spiritual temples and universities where visitors can find inspiration and growth of consciousness.


   Good! Where do people live? Oh, thatís interesting. You suggest multiple-family buildings surrounded by beautiful green belts, with balconies or areas for outdoor living, and all with lovely views. Individual cooking areas-or communal food preparation and enjoyment of food and togetherness? Perhaps both. Each residential building could have its own temple of healing and spiritual communion and meditation. How about libraries connected intergalactically so that the resources of the galaxy and universe would be available? There could be viewing screens and communication systems with many other civilizations. What sort of computerized system are you visualizing? Your home could be plugged into the central libraries with faculties for holographic viewing. Do you feel there would be a need to visit other cities? Do you see industry going on? Do you want to be productive, to create, to keep busy, to have a choice of your work situation, to have a way in which the less attractive necessities can be shared appropriately? Yes productivity is a sharing. Clothing-do you have any ideas on that? You donít want to wash and iron and you want to easily acquire changes. Perhaps material can be recycled to keep down waste problems. Women and men can dress as they like for comfort and pleasure. Visitors will be coming from their homelands and wearing their own choice of clothes-there would be wide variety. 


    Letís say we created this wonderful city and you are all living there. You get word from the Galactic Headquarters that they are sending a delegation and they will be landing at your spaceport. They will be having their annual meeting in your city, and that will mean an influx of beings coming in from all over the galaxy. You prepare headquarters for them, sleeping and eating arrangements, and everything is ready for their welcome. They have arrived! What do you notice about them? There is a great variety of physical structures. Some are of the Adam Kadman form, and others have shapes and sizes and colors and characteristics you have never seen before on your planet.


    Is your city adaptable enough to make comfortable such an unusual and complex gathering? Oh, you have expected to host beings from all over and can set up whatever is needed. Youíve planned to take them on tours of the planet and the cities beneath the seas and the caverns, and to share with them the beauty of your homeland. You feel they had a purpose in choosing to come to this city, and you want to join them in harmony and peaceful communication and to help them succeed in their purpose. You have buildings large enough to house their meetings, you have displays and holograms that allow them to access parts of the planet with which they might not be familiar. They can share in the temples and healing centers and libraries and places for recreation, and all aspects of your daily life. You realize that their feeling welcome here depends on the attitude that all of you have toward them.  Good!  


   Well, I see that you are already to invite them over for a party and also invite them to stay with you in your homes-a galactic student-exchange program. You have suggested a cultural exchange program as well, much like the Polynesian culture center in Hawaii. So your willingness to share their culture and what they have created allows a communication that will integrate the whole event, will it not? Now, as this event takes place you are all hosts and hostesses for it, what do you think is the most important thing to do to make it work right? Organization, communication, advance information, preparation-yes, all these are important.  Are you ready for this event?


   I think that we might look at a few things that could be released in order to bring this specific event in.  Wouldnít you enjoy such an event? Its in your future , you know--itís not something that I just pulled out of my imagination.  Iíve looked at your future and tuned into it, to a specific event, and certainly your city has been interpreted uniquely, but it is not far off from what cities will be like in the future. So I thought we might do a little of what we call core releasing to allow that to come about. There is an overall core pattern, in overall basic ď blueprintď-a basic pattern that is the ideal level. It comes through the angelic kingdom and cocreator level, but it comes from Source. It comes through many levels administratively-10 or 12 levels-but the angelic kingdom carries a from one level to another, so you might say that they are the connectors and guardians.  Michael has a reputation for being the guardian of the center of Source itself, so he steps that down-or, conversely, up-into whatever level of perception you can conceive of. So he will respond as you ask for it and direct it. I think is important for you to recognize that it comes through the co creator level but it is the Source-level blueprint that you are invoking-the divine ideal. 


   We will say that the city is again the circle, and letís recognize that there is such a blueprint and say, ďall right, Iím going to bring that energy in and place it on the city.ď We will let that cook and simmer with in each of you now. Place it in, and bring it on the city. Thatís the first step. What that does is wring our bell on the co creator level. Itís like ringing the doorbell to get our attention. You open up that ideal level and we say, ďlook whatís tugging on us. Thereís that little group down in physical existence and also their source-level correspondenceď-which isnít so little, my friends-and we get a sense of invocation. Now  you have put some light force in your city. Certainly thereís been some adjusting. The specifics that you see are now adjusting into the reality of not only what is the ideal, also of what you are capable of creating from that ideal. It becomes more specific because of that. 


   Next, let us do some core-level releasing in the area of authority figures. There is a sense of being restricted or limited, and there is an excuse system that says why you are restricted. When you release the need to be restricted, then the excuse systems fall away also -- itís not the other way around. You are going to do that one of these days with cockroaches. They have been used as an excuse system, and when you release that, then they will decide to transmute into something else. How do you do that? By releasing in the core level that which they represent. For all of humanity there is a great deal of non clarity about authority and restriction, about the need to restrict because something wonít work otherwise. You might get poisoned or you might get affected adversely in other ways on the physical level if there isnít something that limits and restricts you.  Iíd love to see that one gone.


                                 Group clearing meditation


    So letís see in the center of our city a temple. This is the hub of your city.  Now, this temple is used in a unique way. It is a clearing temple and it rotates 360 degrees; through synchronicity, when you enter the temple you will rotate through 360 degrees in a perceptual sense and begin to release certain stuck points and release them. It works through an energy format. As you know, life force is used as a tool for what you create. Now conceptualize and see and view and connect with the temple that can burn out -- can literally, through its spiritual connection and linkage, pass through areas of stuckness and transmutes them.  Certainly the transmuting flame is a part of this, but letís say that we put the flame on a rotator so it will turn and transmute all perceptions of an area instead of clearing just one perception. You can, then, clear of the whole area, level by Level, in a way that hasnít seemed possible before-and there are many, many, many levels of perception in any area. 


   I invite you to sense that all of you are in this temple that rotates. The violet flame is in a chamber in the center of the temple. It expands when directed to do so, and its energy comes into the room and also around the perimeter of the building so that youíve actually rotate through the flame. Now, it is a cold flame, so it wonít burn you, but it is transmuting, and when we overlay a portion of the ideal use of humanityís relationship with authority onto that flame, we transmute it to the ideal level. I am going to make a statement or two or three, and this is what is being transmuted. We are allowing the authority to become the level of  authority that supports and allows the stretching into oneís full abilities. We are releasing the core belief, the core resistance that attaches authority to restriction through fear patterning. That is what is being stimulated and released. So sense energy being overlaid now with the divine blueprint. The temple now begins to rotate, and as it does, thereís a transmuting process taking place at the core, and you, as a part of the process, will pass through the slow rotation. You are going to get clear out of yourself, and out of whole city and the whole Earth, at least one level of the relationship between humanity and authority and restriction. We are going to go through that rather slowly, and you can sense through your spiritual knowingness a burning off of the old and, equally, an activating of the new. Both are taking place simultaneously, so you may feel a lot going on in your physical structure; if you do, just allow it. The angelic kingdom is now connecting this,  and it is really working. 


   I invite you to use this as a part of a group dynamic.  It will work best in a group. You will want to write down, first, what you were seeking to stimulate, and then the negative, what youíre seeking to let go of. Then put it in the center of the group and see, in a step by step manner, the transmuting of it. I would say we need to stay within this for a least five minutes. To visualize it as specifically as possible is important because we are, through the group focus, burning through, in a transformational sense, many old patterns that you and humanity have had.  It will be very easy for you to burn through a level on your own individual material. But more completely you can connect into this--the deeper the connection goes the farther you can reach to that ideal level that is the co creator level -- the deeper you can allow the transformation for the Earth and for your city. Now, you might even see the creativity smoking a little, but remember, this is cold fire, transmuting fire, and you can see the temple rotating. I would say we were through about two fifths of it now. The rotation is very slow, and the burning of it just continues. You are burning up the perspective of limitation in regard to authority, and you are opening up a more free-flowing perception in regard to authority. Eventually the word itself will be reframed, but let us be practical and remove it a step at a time, knowing that you get from the angelic kingdom any sense of protection that you feel you need at this moment, any sense of being connected that you feel you need. Eventually you will not need the angelic kingdom to stimulate this; you will be able to do it for yourself. All right, about 2/5ths  now as the fire burns and you can sense the old falling off. This is burning up for humanity. 


   I would like very much to take the clearing method to the group process rather than the individualization process. You can do both, but you can do much more clearing for the Earth if you are willing to work in a group format such as this, rotating a specific belief so you can really begin to bring in the energy of the positive use of these beliefs for a wide range of humanity. All right, about 3/5 has been rotated as we continue to allow it. Sense, then, as much as you can, validate it as much as you can, this burning quality that is intensifying as it gets the idea of why it is here. It begins to be quite electrical in nature, and we are going to use this in a moment to work on your electrical body, your body of light. You see, a body of Light is never individual. It is interconnected with the body of light of the whole, and as you are willing to clear out the core and let the ideal come in, then your electrical core will be clearer. About 4/5ths  now as a rotating continues. As you get four/fifths, there should be within you a sense that it is coming to completion, that you are getting close the complete release and the stimulus into the new level of perception in regard to authority. I not substituting this for the realization process. I think the realization process should be part of this too, but this is the energy use of the realization process that can stimulate a deeper penetration into the mass consciousness than you know. This is an excellent tool to aid the mass consciousness, and I think your service to the planet and to what weíve termed the crystal city -- your potential upon this planet --should be the release now of deep core issues in regard to the mass consciousness.  We are complete now, and I thank you.  You may come back now. 


   How real was this for you? I ask about the reality level because if you have quite a bit of material that you havenít made realizations about in a particular area, it might not seem as real for you. In other words, if the reality of it wasnít there, do some realizations and try to figure out why it wasnít, because it will be real when youíre clear enough to allow it to be real.  Thatís the key. This technique can be very powerful, and itís one way to progress the methods you are using to include something very directly connected with the mass consciousness. I think thatís important. Thatís part of the integrative process on the planet. Donít go so fast that you skip over some of the areas. You donít burn out the areas very well if you do. It seems to mean that the best way is to relate it to 360 degrees and you will burn out this, then this, then this, using the sequencing that you do so well. You are all masters of sequencing here on the physical level. Go into that enough that it slows it down for you. Youíve often overlooked certain things, glossed over them and not released which you thought you had. So allow yourselves the time to release. And now we will conclude with a final meditation.   



                    Cosmic skateboard meditation


   Center into the third eye area, allowing that connection to be a modeling, a blueprint, of the full integration process. Allow it to open now, this area.  Remember that the ideal is right there in the third eye area and use that as a foundation to open up electronically to the universe. Open up to be stimulated within that ideal. You could say the ideal is a skateboard that you can skate upon now. Sense that stimulating you now with that urge to move, to flow; the electrical stimulation is there. You hear it now; youíre going to stay balanced.  Youíre going to get on your skateboard and move now. Movement, movement-where are you going to go on your cosmic skateboard? You can go anywhere you wish. You are flowing electrically on this balance that you have created. Get a sense of movement, of electrical movement now. You are awake, you are cosmically awake. You are moving now on this electrical flow, but it is a very balanced one as you allow it now.  We have been talking about integration; this is the integration exercise that will allow you to see how youíve been doing. Notice the purposeful use of this cosmic skateboard and see what is stimulated as you move upon it now. Where is your awareness taking you? What is coming forth for you? This is the electrical flow, the use of integrated energy, the purpose for which we have come together. You are being stimulated to use it now in a balanced manner. Only in an integrated manner can it be used, and you are following on it now. 


   What are you seeing? What are you becoming aware of through this integrative process? Stay with me. Donít go off and leave me now.  Stay here, focused in this integrative process through this electrical connection. Another way of looking at it is that your third eye is connected electronically with the eye of Sourceness now.

There is that electrical connection, that particular flow connection, that allows you to move in an integrated manner now, that allows you to accept and receive and thus to choose to flow electrically. You have an electrical tap at Source level that is the stimulus for you, that flows now into an integrative slot that is stimulating the way that you move.  The flow is there; sense it now, the flow is there. Are you having fun? Are you staying balanced? I think so.  There has been a lot of integration and it is showing now as you float electrically. Flow electrically now.  What is becoming available to you? Sense the flow. Even if you donít specifically see everything yet, sense the flow and allow it now. Listen to the music. It is stimulating you now. The electrical system is being stimulated now. The integration of the electrical system is allowing you to use it very clearly.  Flow it, flow it.  Purposefully flow it, embodying this very electrical energy in a very balanced manner. Balanced and flowing, balanced and moving, balanced and playfully-did you notice? Joyful, very playful and joyful, very humorous. There is nothing heavy about electrical energy at the Source level. It is very humorous; it has a wonderful sense of humor.  Sense that now.


   It is very creative. The more integrated it is, the more creative it is. See the infinite variety of Sourceness as you flow in an integrative manner now, because the flow has many lines now, many avenues to explore, but they are all integrated now. You can sense the connections, the connections that flow together. You are experiencing in a multiple way now, blending in a multiple way, but it is

 No longer one perspective; it is a blended perspective, a unified and integrated perspective. Sense that. You are looking at creation, viewing it on many levels, from many, many points now, all cooperating, all flowing together, but be aware of the many avenues of exploration, all simultaneously, all taking place at once.  See the exploration, hear it in the music, the exploration that is taking place in many, many ways and now. You are creating many, many, many, many ways all at once now. Sense that flowing electrically many ways, many avenues of the expression because you balanced them and integrated them. This doesnít mean thereís only one way. It means you have balanced them and integrated or allow them to cooperate -- full cooperation, full communication, coming together in an integrated sense; cooperative, communicated, blending, flowing, allowing cooperation, allowing the purpose of a whole to be embodied, cooperating in the creative stream, allow it to come together now.  Good.  Good.  That was fun! That was fun!


   Electrically stimulated now through this integrative process, you are plugged into the multiplicity that we call Sourceness, the blending, the flowing, the uniting of purpose, the uniting of Spirit flowing together now, going through various levels of cooperation, reframing, rebalancing. Movement! Allow the movement as the levels clarify, as they become clearer, as they communicate, as they share, as they care, as there is harmonious attuned through these levels, in a cooperative effort that cares and shares through the levels now. Allow the electrical stimulus youíve plugged into. The Source itself as allowing that now, and your sense of cooperation comes forth from this level. This is full cooperation where everything simultaneously fits into everything else, through communication, through caring and sharing, and then it flows together electrically, stimulated now through the source level integration you attuned to. You can attune to that Source level integration and it will reflect into your present experience. It will reflect into your life as you allow it now.  The glorious sound is telling us how much can be accomplished through this integrative approach, through this blended approach, and it is the electrical stimulus that you are all experiencing now, the electrical flow of the Source as you have allowed it to be integrated through you now.


   Nothing much can be accomplished individually; it must flow together. It is flowing together and it is expanding because it is coming together, and what you are balancing now, transcending what has been, gloriously aware of this balanced space, is allowing this electrical energy to flow in. It examines and multiplies the structure. It clarifies it and then enhances it. It explores it and then enlarges. The enlargement of the structure, the enlargement of the support system --it is ever getting larger, balanced now, completely balanced, integrated. It is being allowed by you to expand, to keep expanding. Become aware of this constant, consistent expansion of Source through you. This is the integrative system, a continuing expansiveness of Sourceness that is available because of Its, relatedness, because of Its communication flow the you are allowing in the electrical area. Note that, and note that it keeps expanding and you keep expanding the love, the trust. The ability to allow all this qualities is what you are expanding, but it is the multiple nature of the expansion that I want you notice-that it flows from not just one point that you have validated individually, but now in your allowingness, now in your integration, it flows through you in multiple points. 


   Multiplicity is the goal here-multiple sharing, multiple caring, multiple focuses that are the integrative point of view. This is what is being experienced here: a multiplicity that expands and expands and yet comes back to the integrative purpose for which its expansion began. It goes through the levels, the levels of expansion; bringing you back to an integrated area, to an integrated focus. And note the expansive effect. This is the integrated flow within you, and it is important to recognize it expanding electrically, multiplying, multiplying.  And note the fun, the exuberance of it, the sharing of it and, yes, the caring nature of it: an expanding, harmonizing, a growing movement- a sense that transcends, a sense that lets go when needed but then adjusts to the new level of integration that comes in from this core level releasing. Sense, then, the transcendence of the integrated state and allow the electrical stimulus to keep growing, to keep moving, to keep generating the contact within you; movement and electrical flow, flowing through all of the integrative possibilities, all of the integrative steps, the ability to flow electrically from every point of view, to keep transcending what has been. This is the way the Source level works; this is the cocreator level, and you are embodying it. Sense that-- the transcendence through the electrical flow, cooperating, changing and growing, the use of integration as a tool for that process. Good. All right.  Begin to come back now. Begin to be aware again of the physical level, allowing yourself to be within your physical structure again. 


   I took you very deeply in that one to let you experience the integrated state because this was our closing  meditation.  I thank you for sharing this experience with me. 



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