Expansion into Your Divinity


   I wish you to realize that we are moving along, step by step, into greater consciousness--into higher realization. The entire process is an unfolding one wherein one moves, bit by bit, piece by piece, adding on, growing and stretching into the allness, into the wholeness.


   Now we will continue this expansion by considering the limitlessness of possibilities--the unlimited possibilities as perceived by each unique focus of creation. In other words, you (as a unique focus of creation) have infinite possibilities, infinite creativity focused from within your own unique perception.


   By "allowing" each point of consciousness within His consciousness, the Creator can expand infinitely. Each particular point of consciousness, by going within to its point of origin, reaches the realization that its source, its reality, is divinity itself.  As divinity, each of us has the freedom of expression, the freedom to be creative and to expand into the greatness which we can perceive from this original focus point.


   My friends, in a state of meditation let us move back through our own "lineage", through our own development, until we come to this realization of divinity within self.  Realizing the divinity makes possible expansion into divinity, expansion into allness.


   Having realized the source of all our being, knowing that it is incorporated (brought into fleshly consciousness), we can each do the work of the "Father" in our own unique, beautiful way. Maintaining a high level of awareness at all times is the secret of moving freely without limitation at all levels of being. Functioning from this point of awareness allows the divinity within to direct one's life and one's actions at all times. It allows the physical expression of divinity!


   Would you not like the physical expression to be perfectly at ease at all times--to move freely and graciously, with energy, with strength, with freedom from limitation? This is possible when the knowledge that the physical body is a divine expression is fully realized. Then one is able to do for the physical that which is appropriate as a vehicle for and of divinity. You may wish to use a "divine yardstick" to measure how completely you are allowing divinity to express through the physical.


   Then, considering the emotional body, or the emotional aspect of this focus of divinity (yourself), and knowing that divinity is always expressed in the most balanced, loving manner, one can gauge his own emotional reaction or response at any given moment, in any given situation, to determine how much of divinity is being allowed to express and this particular "outlet". If one is focused in divinity, it is literally impossible to react to situations in an unfavorable, nonproductive, reactionary mode. Being centered in divinity means being centered and controlled. Apply the same test now to the mental body.  Maintaining the high state of awareness at all times that the mind of God (divinity itself) expresses as an individual mind--as a point of consciousness and awareness within self--one's mental process become attuned to the inflow of divine ideas. Divine mind expresses through him, and his mental processes are orderly, logical, intuitive, creative. This is truly "embodying "the principle of infinite intelligence”.


   My friends, at this point let me bring to your attention the fact that by maintaining this high spiritual "posture" of being in the divine flow, one automatically functions from this position. One has transmuted and lifted up the lower triad, bringing about the emerging into the higher triad (the spiritual) and creating in the process the unified, integrated, complete being--completing the original pattern formulated by the Creator: the unique, beautiful point of expression which is his desire. The fragmented and divisive part has been reclaimed and now shines in its own completeness.


   This return to the divine state is not a magical process but one of greater and greater realization of the truth of one's own being. As one becomes ever more cognizant of his rightful and complete wholeness, he is ever watchful of self, recognizing the areas of incomplete ness and disharmony. He moves forward through realization of each area that contains a blockage to the free flowingness of divine expression. Each area that inhibits this is scrutinized and recognized, and the necessary removal takes place. Work on the self, my friends, until your perception of divinity becomes so clear, so bright, that it overshadows and becomes itself in you!


   The Creator's love is the pinnacle of realization. The Creator's love is that which in the beginning sent us forth from itself. Wishing to expand love ever more creatively, He created the limitless loving points of His own expression, sending them forth to experience, to grow and to embellish that which they were. The experiences of living must be brought into alignment with this divine purpose, this expression of love itself. Living love, then, is expressing the Creators purpose in your own individual divine purpose.


   Analyze your own concept of love and it will reveal to you your true thoughts of divinity. How do you view self? Do you withhold love from self--love of self? Do you withhold love form others? This, my friends (and pondered this well!) means that your perception of God is that His love is not inclusive, does not reach out to include all--for are you not part of all? If this is your perception of self, and recognize that you have put up a screen--a blind--blocking your own true beliefs about divinity. When there is condemnation and nonacceptance of self, what you are doing is avoiding the realization that your criticism is aimed not at self but at the Creator! In your own belief structure, you are not perceiving the Creator perfectly; Your concept of the Creator is not whole; you are not "seeing aright". Therefore, in your avoidance of acknowledging your beliefs about the Creator--knowing the Creator--you have imposed these beliefs on your concept of self, not wishing to stir up the sense of guilt that acknowledgement would bring to surface.


   My friends, probe deeply. Acknowledge each awareness that comes to the surface. Carry it all the way to its point of beginning. Carry it all the way to its source. Unfold each step of awareness until you reach the Source itself. Know the Source for what It is, and your self-condemnation will disappear. You will view self in the light of the Creators eye. You will know the Creator through the "single eye”--seeing the perfection, the all-lovingness, the all-knowingness, the limitless potentialities of the creative process. Remove condemnation, criticism and judgment at all levels of your being, and the truth of divinity shall set you free; free to be that which you have denied: your own acceptability, your own divinity.


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