A F A American Federation of Astrologers.
Abracadabra It cabalistic charm that was supposed to get rid of any illness it inscribed on and amulets as follows in descending order leaving a letter out each time it is written until one arrives at a single letter.
Absolute The causeless cause behind all there is, the eternal, unmanifested, all pervading.
Adam Kadman Known as the arch typical man from the biblical Book of Exodus. Also represented as the body type for male and female form known as human kind. Divine representation of God in human form.
Adamson The first born son of Adam and Eve on Urantia born approximately 35,900 B.C.
Adamsonites The descendants of Adamson and Ratta.
Adept It-initiates beyond the fourth initiation, a master.
Adharma Contrary to what is right; evil. C f dharma
Adi First, the beginning, primary.
Aditi Vedic goddess, though " mother " of the gods.
Adonai One of the Tanakh names of God, commonly translated as " Lord. "
Adonai ha Aretz Traditional Jewish name of God, commonly translated as " Lord of the Earth."
Adonia An Andite city South and East of the Caspian Sea, located near the present city of Ashkbahad, which served as a commercial center beginning in approximately 8000 B.C.
Adonis Ascended Master.
Advaita Vedanta None-dualistic Vedantic philosophy.
Aether The plane the manifestation with which the medium works.
Affliction An inharmonious influence from one plant to another or to the angles involving a malefic aspect.
After death This involves the discarding of bodies, each of which is interdependent, but during life man's seven bodies function as a whole. Really, they are localized fields that form a pattern. Thoughts and emotions rearrange the patterns. With each incarnation several of the bodies are renewed with the exception of the causal body, which is the Personality.
Age World cycle, approximately 2,150 years, determined by the relation of the earth, sun and constellations of the zodiac.
Ageless Wisdom An ancient body of spiritual teaching underlying all the worlds religions as well as all scientific, social and cultural achievements. First made available in writing to the general public in the late 1800's by Helena Blavatsky and in this century by Alice A. Bailey
AGLA A name of God and commonly used in Hermetic texts and rituals. The word itself is a Notarikon and for the It Hebrew phrase "Atah Gibor LeOlam Amen," which can be translated as " thou art mighty for ever, my lord."
Agni Fire; sacred fire of; Fire God.
Agondonters Ascending will creatures from planets spiritually isolated by the Luciferic rebellion, and who, therefore; have gained valuable experience in the exercise of faith and the development of confidence in cosmic reliability, for they must learn to believe without seeing.
Agrippa Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim, 1486 - 1535 Astrologer and author of Occult Philosophy. Was supposed to have found the Philosophers Stone. "The Three Books on Occult Philosophy are standards for western esoteric thought.
Ahimsa Non-violence.
Aima Literally " mother " in Hebrew. This word is commonly used in reference to the Sephirah Binh, usually to significant the three-fold relationship of the first three Sephirot on the tree of life (Keter,Hochmah, Binh).
Ajhana Means ignorance of the self or reality. Perceiver of illusions and Maya
Ajna Chakra Located in between the eye brows in the front of the head, and at the base of the skull at the back area. Color is Indigo. The third eye is the center for higher intuition being drawn in through Clairsentience
Akasa Primordial substance pervading all of space.
Akasha Universal mind.
Akashi Records The body of all knowledge, held in the universal mind, administered by the "Ancient of Days"
Ambrosia A food prepared within Herb which was introduced to Earth by the first teachers and which protected one's vital forces
Amenhotep An Egyptian ruler who lived in 1500 B.C. and to have an understanding of the soul and spirit as separate indwelling aspects aspects for favored individuals.
Amulet A magically charged object which to flecks specific, usually negative energies. Generally, a protective object.
Ananda Unalloyed joy, happiness.
Ananda Bliss; the bliss of union with Brahman.
Ananta Foundation of consciousness without time.
Androgyne Possesses mental and physical characteristics of both sexes. Angels. The minority of the first race of the ethereal MAN who continued on their evolutionary path and did not descend into matter, and thus not polarize.
Andromeda Constellation
Andronover The spiral nebula from which ours for system was born.
Ang One of the 100 Corporal members of the staff of the planetary Prince, Caligastia. The members of this corporeal corps were ascendant mortals who had reached Jerusem and who volunteered to be separated from their adjusters to serve on Urantia in this capacity
Angels Divine messengers of Mother/Father God. Immortal beings of light, or divine spirit. Entrusted to orchestrate the means by which the divine plan will be carried out. Also see Seraphim
Angles The first, tenth, seventh, and it fourth cusps in the horoscope, in that order of importance.
Ajna Center The energy center (chakra) between the eyebrows. Directing center of the personality. It's correspondence on the physical level is the pituitary gland.
Ankh Egyptian symbol of life. This represented the universe and immortality, the unification of the male principle, and that of feminine. It has also been used as the Coptic or gnostic cross.
Anova The oldest inhabited world of Satania the, the system to which our planet of Urantia, also belongs.
Antahkarana " Rainbow bridge "and invisible Channeled LIGHT form and the bridge between the physical brain and the soul, built through meditation and service.
Anthroposophy Is the name that was given by Rudolf Steiner to define his philosophy. It is a path of knowledge. It means human wisdom through Spiritual science. It guides the spirit in the human to the spirit in the universe.
Antichrist Energy of the will aspect of God, in its involuntary face, that which destroys the old forms in relationships, for example at the end of the need to. Manifest and when times through the Emperor Nero and in modern times through Hitler.
Anu Atom, former builder, indivisible.
Anu Padaka An Adept, without progenitor.
Apes Offspring resulting from sexual indiscretions of earlier races of man.
Apocalyptic Literature, of and associated beliefs, revealing the future particularly the " end of days " as revealed in visions, dreams and interpretations; often revealed by angels. See Revelations.
Apocrypha Books by, primarily, the Jewish doctors written between 150 BCE and 100 CE, included in the Septuagint and Vulgate but excluded from Jewish and Protestant cannons of the Old Testament.
Apollonius of Tyana A neo Pythagorean of Greece. A master known for his great healing and magical abilities. This been said that Jesus reincarnated as Apollonius in a last Earthly life time before completing his mastery.
Arabian Points A calculated point based on the sun and other planets in the nativity, each indicative of a specific interest, the most common of which is the part-of-fortune. The ascendant plus the moon and-the sun is the formula for the part-of -fortune.
Arahat A high initiate freed from rebirth, reaches nirvana.
Aramaic A Northwest Semitic language known as since before the 10th century BCE until the rise of Islam; still used today in some places in the near East; official language of the Persian Empire; one of the language's most widely used by the Jews.
Arc A segment of the circle.
Arcana The two halves of a Tarot deck. The major Arcanum consists of 22 trumps depicting dominant occurrences in our lives. The minor part canon consists of 56 suit cards that assist in fleshing out the tromps situations, or smaller occurrences in our lives.
Arcane Designates secret knowledge typically only known to closed societies as practiced by their initiates or members of the societies .
Archangels Highest ranking beings of light in angelic REALMS. In charge of this system for this particular divine plan in this day of the Mother/Father God.
Archetypical The original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype.
Arjun(a) One of the sons of Pandu and the main (human) character of the Bhagavid Gita.
Artha Worldly wealth, pursuit of wealth and social status.
Arti Act of worship celebrating the light.
Arupa Without form, bodiless.
Arya The fifth root race.
Aryans The migrant invaders of India From approximately 4500 B.C.; people spiritual values.
As Above So Below That which is of both is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above to achieve the wonders of the one thing. The opening line from the Emerald tablet. This reflects the nature of reality from God to man and man to God.
Asat The false.
Ascendant The zodiacal degrees and signed rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, the script of the physical being and the soul's purpose.
Ascended Master Being of light that has passed life or lives on Earth during EARTH time, the achieved full consciousness of highest level, emerging spirit and body into oneness that transcended all elements of physical creation. This one is secreted into like being-----
Ascension The process where one may develop their lightbody to such an extent as to travel through different planes as well as dimensions and then to materialize in their denser physical forms.
Asceticism Is the practice of austere self discipline as expressed through a life style of in order to achieve a higher spiritual goals. Examples; the Essenes and the Benedictine monks.
Ashram A Masters group. In the Spiritual hierarchy there are 49 Ashram's, seven major and forty two subsidiaries, each headed by a master of wisdom.
Ashram Heritage, retreat or place of quiet and solitude, often a forest, where Hindu sage lives alone or with his disciples. In higher realms a place where a master instructs his students and charges.
Ashtar Commander of a combined fleet of galactic ships here to moniter evolution of the inhabitants on the Earth as well as other dimensional life upon many other planets within in our system.
Aspects of the absolute The abstracts of space and motion.
Aspects-1 Calculated distances between to celestial bodies or points.
Asperger A bundle of fresh herbs or eight perforated object used to sprinkle water during war preceding ritual, for purificatory purposes.
Asramus The four stages of life in Hinduism.
Astral Another dimension of reality, often referred to as the emotional realms, fourth dimensional reality.
Astral body The etheric Counterpart used in astral projection. The colors of attitude can be seen in this body, for the true organs of sensation can be found here. Memories experienced come through as dreams because it holds the shape of the body is recognizable.
Astral light Love light, and visible region surrounding earth a reflection.
Astral plane Impulses arise here, man moves onto the astral plane. During sleep Bowers much teaching and healing goes on it if the individual can instruct himself for such a purpose before going to sleep.
Astral travel/projection The process of separating your astral body from your physical one to accomplish travel in the astral plane or dreamtime.
Astrologer One who studies the stars and planets as they relate to man and his environment.
Astrology The science/art of considering the heavenly bodies in regard to man's behavior.
Astronomer One who studies the stars and planets and their relationship to one another.
Atlantis Ancient Atlantic continent of a fourth root race, highly civilized; lost through an unknown catastrophe. The analytical mind and refinement of a language developed here.
Atlanto Ascended Master.
Atma The will.
Atman Ultimate self, consciousness beyond all space. The presence of Brahman as the deepest essence of the self in all entities; the divine self, a synonym of Brahman.
Aum The sacred sound in symbol which represents Brahman in its unmanifest and manifest aspects.
Aura Electrical magnetism, emanating from the psychic centers, which assumes an ovoid shape and extends around the physical body. The mental body originates fro the third eye area, the emotional from the solar plexius and the physical from the lower abdomen, etc.
Auric Envelope A film of spiritual akasha
Auric Signature Ones aura can be seen by many clairvoyant and while it signifies the quality of life through its colors, the condition of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being each adding its own shading, it also provides an instrument of revelation to the masters who choose and blend the energies of those who wish to be included in planetary Hierarchy projects. Students of certain masters require tune ups from time to time.
Avalon A local universe neighbor of  Nebadon. The first group of Seraphim created in Nebadon were trained by a corps of Seraphim from Avalon. Celtic and Arthurian paradise.
Avatar A spiritual being who descends in answer to mankind's call and need. There are human, planetary and cosmic avatars. The latter would be called Divine incarnations. Their teaching understood and gradually applied by mankind brings evolutionary development.
Avatar of Synthesis A great cosmic being who embodies the energies of will, love, INTELLIGENCE and another energy for which we have as yet no name. He has been sending these energies into the world, gradually transforming division into unity.
Avidya Ignorance
Avonals One of three descending orders of revealed Paradise sons of God also known as Magisterial Sons.
Ayurveda Vedic medicine.
Azer Angel of elemental Fire.
Balefire A fire lit for magical purposes, usually outdoors. Balefires are traditional on Yule, Beltane and midsummer celebrations.
Bane That which destroys life, which is poisonous, destructive, evil, dangerous. T
Barren signs Gemini, Leo, Virgo.
BC Before Christ; indicates that a Time Division a false before the Christian era; same as BCE.
BCE Before the common era; indicates that a time division falls before the common/Christian era; Same as BC.
Belial The spirit of evil, equivalent to Satan.
Beltane It wiccan festival celebrated on April 30th or May 1st (traditions very). Beltane is also known as May Eve. Beltane celebrates the symbolic union, maintain or marriage of the goddess and God, and links with the approaching summer months.
Benefic Inharmonious INFLUENCE descriptive of planets and aspects that are helpful in the horoscope.
Besieged A planet caught between two inharmonious (malefic planets)
Bhagavad Gita A philosophical work to which the Hindus are devoted, an esoteric song.
Bhakti Ecstatic loving-devotion to the Almighty.
Bhakti Marga The path of Devotion.
Bhakti Yoga Yoga of Devotion.
Binah The third Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Title: Understanding. Archangel: Tzaphkiel beholder of God. Order of Angels: Thrones. Situation on the tree: At the head of the Pillar of Severity in the Supernal Triangle.
Biorhythm The theory of biochemistry which claims that humans experience 3 biological cycles.1. 23 day cycle of physical strength and energy.2. A 28 day cycle of emotional sensitivity, intuition, creative ability. A 33 day cycle of mental activity, ambition.
Black Magic Sorcery, abnormal use of natural powers off used for the self, to control others.
Blavatsky, Helen Petrovna  
Bodhisattva A highly evolved soul, voluntarily reincarnating. one whose essential being is wisdom, the wisdom of their results from the direct perception of truth together with the compassion that is awakened.
Bodies The spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the astral forms that the Soul uses in conjunction with the personality to express God's Desire for expression and fulfillment.
Body Vehicle of the soul, mansard physical temple.
Boethusians A Jewish sect that opposed the Pharisees; sometimes identifies as a group of Sadducees.
Brahma The impersonal principle of the universe, all-pervading, the animating agent.
Brahman In Hinduism, it means the Supreme reality the all to the reality, the of a principle which underlies the world. Brahmanism has become more philosophical; one to be meditated upon but not worshiped as a religion.
Breath The inhalation of vital forces known as prana. Much yoga practice involves breathing.
Brothers of the Shadows Followers of the left hand path, committed to negativity. One who serves the self and not the whole.
Buddha Last avatar of the age of Aries. Previous world teacher who manifest did through the Prince Gautama SIDDHARTHA, around 500 B.C.. The embodiment of wisdom, he currently acts as the divine intermediary between Shamballa and the hierarchy.
Buddhi The universal soul or mind; higher reason; love and understanding; LOVE-Wisdom. The energy of love as the masters experience and express it.
Buddhic level The realms of intuitive insight, the source beyond one's sense of self.
Buddhism A religion of practice in the teachings of the Lord Buddha.
Cadent A type of house dealing with communications; namely, the third, sixth, and ninth, and 12th.
Caligastia A secondary Lanonandek son who served as planetary prince of Urantia (Earth) until he betrayed his trust and joined the Lucifer rebellion approximately 200,000 years ago.
Cano A brilliant leader of the note Nodite colony near the Garden of Eden with whom he was encouraged by Serapatatia to consummate an outside plan, thereby causing the Adamic default approximately 37,800 years ago.
Canon A collection of those biblical books accepted as holy scripture. Canonization refers to the process whereby certain books came to be regarded as authoritatively Holy while others were excluded.
Cardinal signs Signs that involve a cross of the initiates: Aries, cancer, Libra, Capricorn. These are the leaders of the zodiac.
Causal Body The physical expression of this sold on a cause full plan. Receptacle where consciousness of one's evolutionary point of development is stored.
Causal Plane The third of the four higher mental planes on which the soul of dwells. This plane is as it appears; in that this is where action or cause originates from. Whether from the Soul or the Personality
CE Common era; it indicates that a time division falls within the Common/Christian era; same as AD
Censer A heat approved container in which incense is diffused . An incense burner. It symbolizes the element of fire and air.
Chakras Energy centers (vortices) in the etheric body related to the spine and the seven most important Endocrine glands responsible for the coordination and vitalization of all the lower bodies (mental, emotional, physical) and their correlation to the soul.
Charts The various types of horoscopes cast by an astrologer.
Chela Disciple and student of a guru, or spiritual teacher.
Chesed The Fourth Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Title: Mercy. Archangel: Tzadkiel. Benevolence of God. Order Angels: Brilliant Ones. Situation on the Tree: in the center of the pillar of mercy.
Chit Objectless awareness, consciousness.
Chitta Mind dialogue. Internal conversations being held by ones own finer bodies and aspects.
Christ A term used to designate the head of the Spiritual hierarchy; the world teacher ,if master of the heart consciousness.
Christ consciousness The energy of The cosmic Christ, also known as the Christ principle. Embodied for us by the Christ, it is at present awakening in the hearts of millions of people all over the world.
Christianity A religious tradition whose roots reach deeply into the Judaic traditions current in the first century BCE depending on who one reads, it was in its infancy a mystery school form of Judaism, a form of revolutionary Judaic secularism, an extension of the Essenes, emerged from the mainstream of Judaic thought at the time, and was thought to be an offshoot of the zealots, was wrested from its founders by Saul of Tarsus whose heresy of preaching to non-Jews forever separates him and it from its Judaic foundations.
Chronoldeks An order of Finaliters It, or master physical controllers, who register time as well as quantitative and qualitative energy presence.
Circle Symbol indicative of the completeness in life which we seek, the circle of being upon which we reincarnate.
Clairaudience Hearing beyond normal realms.
Clairvoyance Seeing in other dimensions.
Cleansing The act of removing any negative energy, the vibrations or images from an object or place by using positive, psychic energy.
Codex A group of manuscripted pages sewn together on one side to form a book; as opposed to pages sown together and both sides to form a continuous scroll that had to be rolled up for storage and unrolled to be read. Codices were more compact and easier to read, carry and store and for these reasons largely replace the scroll during early Christian times.
Common/mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
Concentration Giving full attention to one particular thought.
Cone of power Sometimes referred to as a Vortice. Psychic energy raised in focused by either an individual or group mind to achieve a definite purpose.
Conscience The results or fruits of the past, lessons learned in other lives and brought forth as instinct. The ego (soul) reminds us through conscience through inspiration.
Conscious mind The analytical, material based, rational portion of our consciousness. The mind at work when the computer are taxes, theorizes struggle with ideas.
Consecration The Active blessing of an object or place by instilling a positive energy around its Auric field.
Contemplation The after-process of meditation, holding a thought on a material object or a spiritual reason.
Continuity of consciousness An uninterrupted at overview of one's past and present, whether in or out of incarnation, asleep or awake.
Corer Mutants Descendants of the miners and scientists who remained underground and founded an independent colony when trapped in the tunnels and caverns.
Council of elders Dagon's Sears who are concerned with all aspects of meditation and a practical usage. It is their responsibility and privilege to contact the ones beyond and the source in times of emergency. They meditate within the presence of the One and have contacted
Coven A group of 13 or fewer Witches that work together in an organized fashion for positive magical endeavor to perform religious ceremonies. The coven stead is the meeting place of the witches.
Creation INFINITE and continuous work of the Mother/Father God. Consists of two aspects: physical creation(7th dimension downward) and spiritual creation( the infinite dimensional realms of Spirit).
Creative Spirit These Daughter Spirits are of the essence of the infinite spirit, but they cannot function in the work of the physical creation and Spiritual ministry simultaneously. In physical creation the Universe Son provides the pattern while the Universe Spirit initiates the materialization of the physical realities. The Son operates in the power designs, but the Spirit transforms these energy creations into physical substances..
Creator Son The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes' of time and space. These universe creators and sovereign's are of dual origin, a embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son. But each Creator Son is different from each other; each is unique nature as well as in Personality; each is the " only be gotten Sun " of the perfect deity ideal of his origin.
Cross The Christian form of the upright cross is symbolic of the Christian faith of Sacrifice by a deity incarnated. Esoterically it symbolizes the Unification of all the aspects of the incarnated God/man. It creates the physical representation of spirit as it is grounded into physicality, with the common connection of the four parts being the heart.
Crucifixion A form of public humiliation and execution under Roman law, reserved for political as well as revolutionary activity. In esoteric knowledge it is considered as a sign of growth or of commitment. See initiation.
Cusp The dividing line between two segments of a horoscope, indicative of the beginning of the House or framework for experience. There are 12 cusps in a horoscope.
Cycle A planets transit through a signed, a specific time span. Many cycles are happening at once, each of overlapping. Man lives through many cycles throughout his lifetime, all of which occurred for GODS reasons. If
Daath The Abyss.
Dagon A branch of the Atlantean race which was biologically adapted to survive during a time of great floods and inundation. Named after a great teacher who was one of the chosen ones.
Dalamatia The headquarters city of the Planetary prints, once situated in the Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia, and approximately 500,000 years ago. This city was named after Daligastia.
Daligastia A secondary Lanonandek Son who served as the primary assistant to Caligastia, former planetary Prince of Urantia.
Dan One of of 100 Corporal members of Calgastia's staff. Dan headed the group of the advisers regarding the conquest of predatory animals.
Danite A member of that segment of the 100 Corporal members of Calgastia's staff which was headed by Dan. To Danites discovered the non-sexual liaison which produced the primary Midway creatures.
Dasha Planetary time periods.
Death Transition, leaving one body behind to move onto another plane of existence.
Decan One of three ten degree divisions of a 30 degree sign.
Dedication Unlike the initiation ceremony that brings one into an order, the dedication is that process for the individual that accepts the craft as a path, and vows to study and learn all that is necessary to reach adeptship in any given tradition. In a dedication, you consciously prepare yourself to accept something new into your life and to stick with it, regardless of the highs and lows this action may produce.
Degree One of the 360 divisions of the zodiac, each with a symbolic meaning of its own.
Delineation It planets position north or south of the celestial equator.
Deluge There have been many deluges. The one most often referred to by Dagon is one which swept the Atlantean islands away and 8500 B.C.. That of 28,000 B.C., which was involved in loss of the Atlantean continent was more in the nature of inundation which followed.
Detriment A planet in the Sign opposite its throne. The sun is in its detriment and Aquarius, but it belongs to Leo.
Deva Sanskrit. The literally " shining one. " From a parallel evolution, there realm encompasses Celestial beings from nature spirits to some but not all Bodhisattvas. Divided into many groups ranging from nature spirits to Angels and Archangels.
Deva Male deity; literally " shining one. " Angels working with nature elementals to maintain physicality according to the divine plan of creation. Also one who is evolving parallel to humanity, always an ranging from sub-human element calls to the super-human beings on a level with a planetary logos to. They are the " active builders, " working intelligently with substance to create all the forms we see including the mental, emotional and physical bodies humanity.
Devachan A period of rest for the Spiritual Ego after death of the physical body.
Devi Female "Cheribum" deity.
Dharma One's duty to himself and to others, the position or stature of the soul on the evolutionary ladder. Also can be considered one's path in service to the Source and to all.
Dhyan Chohan An Archangel, a Lord of contemplation.
Dignity A planet and its own sign, the power of which will not be usurped. Also a state in human affairs, where through experience and patience one arrives at the state of grace and dignity.
Directions A method of progress in the horoscope or the radix system which uses the tables of age arcs. The age arc for a specific age is added to the planets.
Dispositor The planet ruling the sign another is in, thus displacing the former planets power.
Diurnal Refers to daytime, as opposed to nocturnal for nighttime. Planets above the horizon in a chart are in the diurnal section, planets below in the nocturnal.
Divination The magical art of discovering the unknown by interpreting random patterns or symbols through the use of tools such as clouds, Tarot cards, flames, pendulums, runes and smoke.
Divine Power The unmanifested, pure energy that exists within the Goddess and God. The life force, the ultimate source of all things.
Divinington One of seven sacred satellite spheres of the Father in circuit around Paradise. This world is the paradise rendezvous of thought adjusters
Dowsing The art/science of using a pendulum or stick to find the actual location of a person, place, thing or element. Dowsing can also be used to answer yes or no questions.
E S P Extrasensory perception, associated with the planet Neptune, especially when well aspected in the first house. The exceptions are conjunctions to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter, when it throws a veil over one's judgment.
Earth Magic It practical form of magic/manifestation where in the powers and forces of the Earth Mother are used to conduct magical workings or precipitations'.
Earth Magic A practical form of magic where the powers and forces of the Earth Mother are used to conduct magical workings and celebrations. The evocations typically are limited to the Elemental forms of nature.
Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Their interests are materially orientated.
Earthbound The condition of a soul after transition, who is unable to move directly onto the astral plane, unable to rid itself of unpurified astral energy. This is often seen as the etheric body (see ghost).
Eclipse, Lunar A phenomenon formed when the earth stands between the moon and the sun, throwing a shadow on the moon.
Eclipse, Solar A phenomenon caused by the moon passing between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the light of the Sun.
Ecliptic The Sun's path around our Earth.
Edentia The headquarters world of Norlatiadek, the constellation to which our system belongs.
Ego The incarnating soul, divine individuality, sometimes called the causal body.
Elemental Entities or spirits related to the four elements of Earth, Air, fire and water, who evolve at different stages. Other names include Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines. These are known as nature spirits. They semi-intelligent centers of force, the fairies in the bush, the gnomes in the mineral world, the waves in an earthquake.
Elements Earth, error, FIRE, water. These four ESSENCES are the building blocks of the universe. Everything that exists( or has the potential to exist) contains one or more of these energies. The elements hum within ourselves and are also "at large" in the world.
Elements Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Ethers
Elohim Master builders of the Universes as well as Galaxies, working downward in evolution to physicality. Typically there are 12 in number and when lower in creation we have 24 which includes the divine counterparts. They assemble the thought energy from that level of Divine virtue and begin the process of creation allowing the aspects of the lower planes the ability to acquire their own sense of vision.
End Times A prophesied time when a current planetary civilization will end and a new " golden Age " will become a reality. Many now believe that the the ushering in of the new millennium are those so-called " end-times. "
Ensa The name of the minor sector of the Super universe of Orvonton. In which our local universe, Nebadon, belongs.
Entity Spiritual being,. Etheric.
Ephemeris A book listing the planets daily positions.
Equator A line midway between the poles of the Earth, dividing the northern and southern hemispheres.
Eschatology That branch of religious literature and belief having to do with various aspects of the afterlife, the final judgment, bodily resurrection, immortality of the soul.
Esoteric Understood by or meant for only the selected few who have special knowledge of or interest or for the initiates of a group. Private; secret.
Esoteric ASTROLOGY Spiritual and intuitive study of the stars influence on human behavior.
Esotericism The philosophy of the evolutionary process both in man and all other kingdoms in nature. The signs of accumulated wisdom of the ages. Presents a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the universe and of man's place within it. Describes the forces and influences that lie behind the phenomenal world. Also, the process of becoming aware of and gradually mastering these forces.
Essenes A mystical/ healing sect of Judaic/Christian religions that existing during the last two centuries BC and the first two centuries AD, of which Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were members. A spiritual community and dedicated to the uplifting and healing of humanity.
Eternaliter A being of the eternal existence and nature.
Ether The spiritual waters of the universe; that pliable electro/magnetic substance of which thought forms are molded and by which all life travels and has meaning.
Ethereal Man The race of man on the planet before his " descent into matter." Originally formed from etheric matter, as the Devas and the Angels are even now.
Etheric Planes of existence above ours the physical. Where the fabric of reality take on different qualities dependent upon the rules of the particular time and space you are in.
Etheric body The energetic counterpart of the physical body, composed of seven major centers (chakras) and 49 minor centers, a network which connects all of the center's, and infinitesimally small threads of energies which underlie every part of the nervous system. Blockages in the etheric body can result in physical illnesses.
Etheric Double This is some times called the ghost of the deceased while in the living state. It is attached to the physical body by a silver cord. Before birth the etheric double is used as a mold into which the dance physical body is built.
Etheric Twin/Double Our etheric physical is a duplicate of physical body and all except in quality and this serves as an intermediary between your physical form and your higher vehicles of expression. It is considered a physical vehicle, nevertheless, because it is of the baser nature that your higher vehicles which are composed of more find it substance, without it if physique would soon decay and die.
Evil That which ultimately serves the self and excludes all others at the others expense, without thought for others well fare consciously or not. Imperfection, less than good. Man created evil with his own thought forms because he disassociated himself from nature and harmony. Evil, then, becomes a parasite of man's negative energy form.
Evocation An act or instance of a calling forth. To call up; cause to appear; someone; to call.
Evolution In the process of formation or growth; development. In process of gradual peaceful progressive change and development as in a social or economic structure.
Exaltation A planets placement where it is assured of success. For example, the moon and Taurus, or the sun and Aries.
Exoteric Astrology The practical branch of astrology.
Faculty The ability to sense objectively. Faculties third attributes of consciousness. Man has various layers of the five senses. The lowest being: to se, to hear, to touch, to taste, to smell, and the strives for the sixth, to intuit.
Fad One of the 100 corporeal members of Calgastia's staff; headed the faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge.
Fall A planet in this sign opposite its exaltation, attracting complications. Venus is exalted in Pisces and in and its fall Virgo.
Fallen Angels Descended perfect human spirits who during the third root race awakened man, making him there after responsible for his actions.
Fandors Large birds trained to carry human passengers; became extent approximately 30,000 years ago.
Feminine Signs Taurus, cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.
Finaliters Members of the Mortal Finaliters corps. The corps consists primarily of beings who are Father fused and also includes Havona natives and gravity messengers. Ascended morals become of part of the score when they have ascended to the six stage of Spirit being, have become residents of Paradise, and have completed the progress of course in divinity and absonity.
Fire Signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
Fixed Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, of and Aquarius. This involves the Cross of the disciple.
Fohat Creative potential; the guiding intelligence behind manifestation; the creative link between spirit and matter; the binding essence behind all cosmic energies.
Fonta The first female human being, whose initial expression of human will choice occurred when she was 10 years old, and 991,474 B.C. died during an earthquake 32 years later.
Force Fields A universal condition, gravity, electromagnetic; here the Monads imprison themselves in order to evolve latent potential powers, thus expanding consciousness. Within the conceptual force field, spiritual potencies impress themselves and the causal body is framed. This is impersonal power. There is a phsyodynamic force field where in man also experiences through constant motion and radiance. Here is the field of sensation the Soul works through the psychic. It consists of the etheric, astral and the lower mental body. According to Carl Jung it is the personal unconsciousness.
Forces of Darkness The involuntary or materialistic forces which uphold the matter aspect of the planet. When the overstep there role and impinge upon the spiritual progress of humanity, they are designated as evil.
Forces of Light The Spiritual hierarchy of our planet. Planetary center of love-Wisdom.
Fruitful Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, also known as mute.
Full Coconsciousness State of a reality were physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are fully integrated. It allows use of acquired mental and spiritual capabilities: possession and use of their light body and for a broad range of psychic abilities, such as telepathy and telekinesis. capacity to instantly manifest what is physically desired: Able to interact with spiritual and other higher dimensions for which they are qualified for.
Gaia The creative material spirit that is our planetary mother. The Greeks called her Gaea.
Galactic Federation Light union created million of years ago by various Stellar galactic as well as planetary civilizations in this galaxy. Divine purpose: to act as physical Angels needed to carry out the divine plan implemented many ages ago for the Milky Way galaxy. Also to aid various cultures from being absorbed or overshadowed by those who would use those less developed for their own selfish purposes.
Galactic Human Fully conscious human being. Also called physical Angel, Solar angel. One who has recall of its Akashic records, one who has attained conscious continuity, and true life purpose.
Galantia The ascended Super angel who maintains the Jerusem headquarters of the Brilliant Evening stars, a local universe class of Super Angels brought into being by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit.
Gavalia The first born and head of the Brilliant Evening Stars, who for the past 1900 years has been assigned to the ascendant mortal Ministry. Gavalia associate, Galantia, currently maintains the Jerusem headquarters of this class of local universe Super Angels.
Gayatri A Vedic chant for awakening the Soul.
Gematria A mathematical process of hermeneutic and mystical interpretation involving letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Simply, each letter is ascribed a number and words are given a total. Words and/or phrases are then compared, and two or more words/sentences/phrases with the same numerical value " relate " to each other in a MYSTICAL manner. Numerology has its origins within this practice.
Genius One displaying talents earned through past accumulated lives.
Geocentric A system of viewing planets as from the center of the Earth.
Ghost Etheric double which is dissipating. It should be discarded.
Gnosticism A type of religious thinking widespread around the Mediterranean basin, and adapted in various forms by Jewish and Christian heretics. Taking its name from the Greek word for "knowledge." It taught that its followers could receive secret knowledge from the higher worlds. Its most characteristic belief was that of a dualisistic reality emphasizing that the world and matter were evil and that spirit alone was good
God An abstract idea as to the ultimate cause or being. To some, God is love; to others God is the supreme being; to the metaphysician and the Theosophist, got his electrical. God is motion, God is life itself.
Golden Age The flowering of a root race into an expression altruistic effort, practical idealism and the awareness of the purpose of the indwelling intelligence which influences every energy to uphold elevated standards of honorable conduct. This is reflected in a time-period of plenty and beauty for all mankind.
Gompa A lamasery.
Gospels Apparently first hand accounts of the events taking place during and following the time of Jesus. Attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Extended by some to include the Acts of the Apostles, attributed to Luke.
Governing Council The main ruling body of a planet, solar system or Star League. Governed by the principles of galactic will.
Gravita The name given to energy-matter of dual Constitution, which is responsive to linear gravity, in which is the basis of physical systems of the Super universes.
Gravitation A force through which matter attracts and is attracted. Man's physical body is subject to this field.
Great Initiates They came to Earth with the Lord of the world about 18 million years ago.
Great Invocation An ancient formula, translated by the hierarchy for the use of by mankind to invoke the energies which will change world energies. Translated into many languages, it is used daily by millions of people.
Great White Brotherhood Established as a branch of the hierarchy for the purely Earth born during the Lemurian age. The Brotherhood is based upon Sirius, and which our own planetary hierarchy is an outpost for.
Greater Seven They embody life force energies which are channeled through the aura of of the Mahadevas, lords of the race, before being transmitted in their turn to mankind. Universal Lords of the Rays.
Grimoire A magical workbook containing ritual information, formulae, magical properties of natural objects and preparation of ritual equipment. Many of these works include "catalogues of spirits." The most famous of the older grimoire is probably "The Key of Solomon."
Guardian Spirits of the Races The archangels that guide each race.
Gunas Prime 3 qualities of nature sattva (spiritual), raja (worldly), and Tamas ( unholy), which constitute all life.
Guru Enlightened Spiritual Teacher.
Hades A realm of darkness and corruption, a region of punishment and separation often related to Hellenic polytheism.
Halakhah Terms for Jewish ritual and civil law (Sabbath observance, tithing) and attacks concerned with them.
Handfasting A pagan, Wiccan or Gypsy wedding or bonding ceremony.
Hasidaens "Pious ones"; a religious sect of Jews devoted to strict observance of law and opposed to the adaptation of the Greek culture by other Jews. There fore runners of both the Pharisees and the Essenes.
Hatha Yoga This is a system of exercises that is aimed at obtaining by the higher self acquiring control over the lower body and mind.
Havona The central and Divine universe, an eternal, wholly created, and perfect planetary family containing 1 billion worlds arranged in seven concentric circuits contiguous to and surrounding Paradise.
Heliocentric A system of viewing planets as if from the center of the Sun.
Helios Our Solar systems Sun, often referred to as our Solar God Father.
Hellenistic The mixture of Greek and near Eastern culture that began to develop after the conquests of Alexander the Great. This movement was still very active at the time the Jewish revolt in about 66 BC.
Heresiographer Religious scholars specializing in the study of heresies. They collected the works, and wrote detailed descriptions on the beliefs of the varied sects primarily to refute them.
Hermetic, Hermectism Related to the body of works attributed to Hermes Trimegistus (Thoth) to whom is ascribed the earliest works on alchemy, of magic, and astrology.
Hesed or Chesed The fourth Sephirah on the "Tree of Life". Title: Mercy. Archangel: Tzadkiel, Benevolence of God. Order of Angels: Brilliant Ones. Virtue: Obedience. Situation on the Tree. In the center of the pillar of Mercy.
Hierarchy Spiritual beings on the inner planes of this solar system who work with the intelligence forces of nature and the evolutionary forces. It circled high spiritual beings who oversee the several kingdoms of God by stimulating matter all levels. It was begun by a wave of monads who enter upon the stream of involution during an intensive cycle for progress. Their ranks include many master's who are already known to students and it is to their service that many Questers in training aspire.
Higher Self The Divine part of a man responding to the Holy Trinity. The Soul and Personality are often considered the higher selves that are reachable through mans highest efforts.
Historians Dagon Sears who record and telepathically project visual transmissions of the past at will to students of history and those who require historical information vital to the safety of our people They also project the future according to the Law of Probabilities.
Hochmah or Chokmah The second Sephirah on the "Tree of Life". Title: Wisdom. Archangel Raziel, Secret, or Herald of God. Order of Angels: Wheels. Virtue: Devotion. Situation on the Tree: At the head of the Pillar of Mercy in the supernal triangle.
Hod The eighth Sephirah on the "Tree of Life". Title: Glory. Archangel Michael, like unto God. Order of Angels: The Sons of the Gods. Virtue: Truthfulness. Situation on the Tree: At the foot of the Pillar of Severity.
Horary Astrology The branch of the science/art where the querent asks a question and the astrologer casts a chart for the time of the question.
Horizontal line Actually the line denoting the Earth itself or its soil; it is the line connecting the first and seventh cusps in the horoscope.
Horoscope A calculated map of the heavens for a specific time and place.
House One of 12 divisions of a zodiac, descriptive of life's circumstances in determined by mathematical calculations. All things under the sun fall into the ruler ship of one house or another. House Individual Mundane 1. The physical self citizens 2. Possessions national wealth, resources 3. Kin, education public communications 4. Private life housing, whether 5. Children, creativity sports, education 6. Service national Health, unions 7. Partnerships Sex, joint income birthrate, taxes 9. Understanding Air travel, immigration 10. Destiny Present, World Affairs 11. Circumstances, friends, legislation 12. Latent talents, welfare
Humanity The highest kingdom of God on earth, which is under the impulse of the fourth ray or cosmic cord, known as Harmony through conflict.
Hunting Clan Founded by Saint Michael from volunteers of the Great White Brotherhood, to which all members of the hierarchy may belong, who combined forces to provide a reservoir of protective power upon which all who suffer from the effects of negativity may call upon in time of need.
Hybrids The results of genetic manipulation which is undertaken to ensure that man will survive in one form or another following the disaster foreseen by Atlantean scientists and confirmed by Sears prior to the Atlantean deluge of 8500 B.C..
Hyperborea The home of the second root race. The first ethereal/physical human galactic colony founded some 2 million years ago. Located in region of the modern day Arctic Ocean, was about the size of present day continent of Antarctica. Completely destroyed some 1 million years ago, as part of a general attack and the solar system that also laid waste the Galactic human colonies on Mars and Venus.
Illusion A State of consciousness where one allows the external phenomena of the subjective world (physical life) to become the primary venue for personalized experiential life, rather than the Inner Spirit life.
Imagination An attribute of the Soul; a tool of creativity. Before intuition and inspiration can flow freely, imagination must be awakened in a man's consciousness. In esoteric symbology, imagination is the first step of creation, by drawing the thought form from in from the ethers by magnetic attraction of electrical impulses. This creates the picture or visualization from which the universe brings into manifestation or physical form.
Imam Mahdi The profit whose return is awaited by some Islamic sects in order that he may complete the work started by Mohammad.
Incarnation Manifestation of the Soul is a Three-fold personality, under the law of rebirth. It allows the soul and the personality to continue to grow and evolve through progressive life spans not only on this plane but those on the mental and astral as well. Time between lifetimes depends on the urgency of the higher selves to interact in any given time span.
Indwelling Intelligence Present in all that is. Based upon the premise that there are different layers or presentations of God. First that of the prepersonal entity, As well as that of the Father and that of the Son in a descending line of life, until reaching Mankind iand his planetary family group.
Ingress Means of entering. In the context of this glossary, it signifies entrance to the planes.
Initiation A voluntary process whereby successive and graded stages of unification and at-one-meant take place between the man or woman in incarnation with his/her Soul and the divine Monad or the spark of God. Each stage confers on the initiates a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of God's plan, fuller awareness of his/her part in that plan, and and increasing ability to work consciously and intelligently towards its fulfillment.
Inner Earth Civilization Remnant of a worldwide underground society that survives to this day. There are two main cultures which consist of deep cave and cavern societies as well as an undersea world located throughout our oceans. The civilization of galactic and highbred humans will reunite with present surface civilization after the passing of the current age, and return to full consciousness all Earth's human inhabitants
Inspiration Reward for positive attitude; creative ideas from unknown sources.
Intercalation The addition of an extra month to the lunar year in order to adjust it more closely to the solar year. The lunar year is 11 days shorter than the solar year. To partially compensate for this difference, the rabbis would Intercalate a month at the end of the Year twice in every seven years. This was necessary to keep the various holidays falling in the proper seasons.
Interpolation The computing between two cusps for exactitude, or between two sets of tables, or a planets position between two different times. It is the mathematical process for finding an exact value of between two given points.
Interpretation The art of delineating an astrological chart using the masterful manipulation of key words as well as intuitive insights.
INTUITION Helpful impersonal knowledge being offered prior to or from outside of ones own memory. Assistance that is passed down from higher planes of life often coming directly from the universal mind, usually preceding every discovery.
Invisible Bodies The six non physical bodies of man. Each has an affinity with the seven planes. The composite of the six invisible bodies interpenetrating and it flowing creates man's raditory power and Magnetic capabilities.
Invocation The act of calling upon a deity, spirit, for aid, protection, inspiration, supplication. An entreaty for guidance from a deity. If form of prayer invoking God's presence, said at the beginning of a public or religious ceremony.
Involution The process whereby spirit descends into matter, its polar opposite.
Isis An ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, who was the sister and wife of Osiris. Also considered by some as the archtype for the balanced femine form. Also considered a descended deity.
Jainism Aryan teaching emphasizing non-violence, an aspect of Buddhism.
Jansad The son of Eveson (second born of Adam and Eve), who became the successor of Adam as the head of the Adamnite tribes.
Jati Hindu birth and caste system.
Jehovah A mistranslation of the Hebrew word for God. Name of an archangel Jehovah Elohim (Tzaphkiel).
Jersuem The headquarters world of Satania, our local system.
Jesus/Jeshua A master of wisdom and a disciple of the Christ, Maitreya. Allowed the Christ to work through him during the period from his baptism through the crucifixion, 2000 years ago. Through the initiation of the crucifixion, Jesus became the ascended master of the Christ (cosmic heart) energy. Sananda, Jesus higher self is the cosmic avatar of heart energy.
Jesus/Sananda A master of wisdom and disciple of the Christ, Maitreya. Allowed Christ to work through (overshadowing) him during the period from his baptism through the crucifixion, 2000 years ago. According to the URANTIA book our universal Father, Michael (Creator Son) overshadowed Maitreya who overshadowed Jesus who was a third level initiate. Jesus through the act of crucifixion and Transfiguration anchored the heart or love energy/consciousness on the Earth and making possible the act of ascension.
Jivatman The personality self.
Jnana Intuitive knowledge. Wisdom in the consciousness.
Jnana Marga The path of knowledge.
Jnana Yoga Delving into matters for which one is totally unprepared in order to come upon divine truths. It is reading what is not understood until, finally, pictures and ideation come into the conscious mind.
JOY A planet placed harmoniously, such as the moon in the third house.
Jyotish Vedic Astrology.
Kahuna A practitioner of the old Hawaiian philosophical, scientific and magical system.
Kama The pursuit of desire and pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure.
Kapila Great Hindu sage, founder of the Sankhya system of philosophy.
Karma Literally "action" The metaphysical law of cause and effect, the belief that the energy of the thought will produce motion or results. It is the law of compensation, but should not be considered either good nor bad, but rather educational. For in the divine virtues all must experience in equal portions the aspects of positive and negative, wealth and poverty.
Karma Marga The path of egoless action.
Karma Yoga Yoga of work or service.
Kether/Keter "He who sits at the side of God." The first Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Kether; The crown. Archangel :Metatron, the Angel of the Presence. Order of Angels: Holy living Creatures. Situation on the Tree: At the head of the Pillar of equilibrium in the supernal Triangle.
Ketuvim Sphere name of the remaining books of the Tanakh not included in the Torah or Neviim.
Ko pet Dagh A mountain range east of the Southern end of the Caspian Sea within which a high Adamite civilization flourished for 7000 years from The Times of Adamson and Ratta.
Koran/Quran Sacred scriptures revealed to the profit Mohammed
Krishna A great avatar who appeared around 3000 B.C. and served as the vehicle of manifestation for the Lord Maitreya during the age of Aires. By demonstrating the need to control the astral/emotional nature, Krishna opened the door to the second initiation. Hindus expect a new incarnation of Krishna at the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age.
Krishna A great avatar who who appeared around 3000 B.C. and served as the vehicle of manifestation for the Lord Maitreya during the age of Aries. By demonstrating the need to control the astral/emotional nature, Krishna open the door to the second Initiation and the anchoring of the emotional body. The Hindus expect a new incarnation of Krishna at the end of the Kali yoga, the dark age.
Kumaras Two Venusian brothers who share planetary responsiblities. Sanat was our planetary Logos
Kundalini The fire of energy which lies coiled at the seat of the spine like a " sleeping serpent " until it is awakened and moves upwards through the system of Chakras located at the base of the spine.
ladder path Founded 60,000 years ago when Atlantis was at the peak of her civilization, it was initiated by it and owes the continuance of its training path to Shamballa. In otherwords a series of lessons,events or lives that constuite progress up from the seperation and density of the 3D life to the higher realms, by virtue of climbing the ladder.
Lady Nada An Ascended Master.
Latitude A geographical point birth, or the planets positions relative to the north and south of the ecliptic in their orbits.
Law of cause and effect See Karma
Law of probability Includes all known facts, it excludes inspirational or intuitional hypothesis and projects the possible outcome of a given problem according to the probability.
Law of Rebirth See Reincarnation
Law of Spiritual Economy That which regulates hierarchical effort, it avoids duplication and insures that no energy is wasted or unused. Also protects the quality of a projects influence from dilution or misunderstanding.
laws of Transmutation This law governs the work accomplished within the power houses-conversion of harmful effects into beneficial effects.
Laya Yoga Yoga of absorption of sound-current (nada).
Laya yoga The science of the center's (Chakras)
Left Hand Path Opposes the practice of positivity and altruistic effort. The downward path of involution, where servicre to the self becomes more important that service to the self through others. The more serves the self the more one travels into density(narrow focus) and seperation.
Lemuria The second human galactic colony founded on this planet some 900,000 years ago. As large as present Continent of Asia, was located in the middle of the Pacific ocean with connecting land/island masses to Hyperborea. Destroyed some 250,000 years ago by a change in the Earths physical structure.
Life Ruler Planet ruling the ascendant or rising sign.
Light Chambers Devices that will be used to perform procedures needed to reclaim their cosmic consciousness and to fully reacqaint them with their fellow galactic family and their true purpose in a matter of minutes. These devices are located in the Ascended Masters ashrams as well as the legions of Galactic starship fleets located in and around the planet and system. They will be used within a few hours after the individual has been removed from the planet surface.The entire series of life realms will be moved prior to the transformation of the planet in the next level of dimensional life.
Light in the Head Begins to manifest when the centers of consciousness in the head are awakened and are energized.This begins the flow from the Soul and other spirit guidence.
Light Worker Enlightened Earth dweller who works with the ascended Masters and the Angelic realms as well as the Planetary Hierarchy to bring the message of ascension and of light to the younger evloving souls on the path of probationary evolution. They may be Starseeds here for this turn of the wheel, or those here to provide certain insights at specific times during any age.
Lights The Sun and the Moon
Lilith A dark moon, a lesser satellite of Earth
Linga Sharira The astral body.
Logos A cosmic being who insoles a planet( planetary logos), a solar system( Solar Logos) a galaxy( galactic Logos) and so on back to Paradisal Source.
Loka A place; realm, the realm of the Gods.
Loosh The electro/magnetic energy created and released as an orgasm in human intercourse. A form of energy that is returned to the universe by the consensual act of giving/creating as expressed by human melding of the entire four body system. There are various levels of this energy, the highest being when Man and Women are expressing the virtues of Love (See Love).
Lord Kuwaya An aspect of Mother/Father God in charge of overseeing primary energies of creation that are needed to carry out divine plan. Supervises, along with Lord Siraya, unfolding of the divine plan.
Lord Michael These primary Paradise sons are personalized as Michael's. As they go forth from Paradise to found their universes', they are known as Creator Michaels. When settled in supreme authority, they are called Master Michaels. Sometimes we refer to the sovereign of your universe of Nebadon as Christ Michael. Always and forever do they rein after the " order of Michael, " that being the designation of the first son of their order and nature.
Lord of civilization Maintains cultural strands of evolution and awareness of all civilizations: past, present and future. This Lord takes what has been approved from higher sources for expression for each and every civilization that has occurred on the planet since it was first populated.
Lord of The Planet Sanat Kumara.
Lord Siraya Ruler of the planet Sirius as well as head of the council known as "The White Brotherhood " Or that of the "Great White Lodge". Earth is part of the Cosmic family which is directly connected from Sirius.
Lords of Shamballa The wise ones who came to Earth to oversee the seeding of the race of man and have remained here in Sacrifice to help mankind to all the catastrophes that have beset the planet. This is also known as the planetary hierarchy/council.
Lords of The Rays Mahadeva receive energies of the life force from the seven Master Spirits and moderate its power before transmitting it on to mankind. This process is continually stepped down from the centers of the the universe to the galaxies through the systems to the planets through the planet's Hierarchy and ultimately to us mankind. Each level has its Masters or Lords, serving the all by holding the streams of life constant for our use every day.
Lost Word Those universal secrets which mankind strives to unravel. Each man through his Mercury placement discovers his individual part in the lost word.
Lotus The Chakra on the very top of the head, indicative of purity of perfection. When spiritually of Walt this paddled desk looks sick of big deficits on to the clairvoyant.
Love The basic underlying vibration of the universe. Acceptance, selflessness, service, giving, caring. The attributes which bond as well as bind all together as one.
Lunar moon related
Lunation Time of the new moon
Macrocosm The entire concept of all the universes, seen or unseen in or out of definition, the entire breadth and width of all potential.
Magi Initiates, Cosmic scientists who man the outposts called the powerhouses of transmutation.
Magic A science employing nature's forces, the invocation of the angelic intercedes, directing and communicating with supernatural forces. It is separated into action for the benefit of the all (white) or that of the one or few at the expense of the all (black).
Magnetic Field An auric electro/magnetic field. Which may be perceived as individualized or planetary. All are part of an integrated grid of the an electro/ magnetic field which is part of the larger planetary magnetic field. It is the feminine force that moves energy and draws it to oneself or to a society or culture.
Maha Great bliss understood from the higher aspects of mankinds knowingness.
Maha Manu Guides, monitors and guiding angels that nurture mankinds subraces to their fullest potential.
Mahachohan Master or Lord of Mankind. One for whom has taken the task of elevating mankind to their next level of conscious life.
Mahadeva Sanskrit. Literally " Great Lords or Shining Spirit." Fulfilling a similar degree of responsibility in the Deva evolution as the archangels do in the Angel of evolution.
Mahat The awakened cosmic mind, out of which springs The seven manifestations of God/Source.
Mahatma An advanced soul, a wise spirit, a cosmic teacher.
Maitreya A world teacher for the age of Aquarius. Planetary Christ and head of the Spiritual hierarchy of our planet during the age of Aries/Pisces.
Malefic An inharmonious aspect or planetary power.
Malkut The tenth Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Title; The Kingdom. Archangel; Sandalphon. Order of Angels; Souls of Fire. Situation on the Tree; At the base of the pillar of Equilibrium.
Manas Thought or intellect expressed by intelligence and appropriate and measured action. The higher (Arupa) and lower (Rupa) mental plane.
Mandela A point, a wheel, a beautiful object, most often circular, even a horoscope, used as a focal point for meditation or contemplation. It is often defined through its aspects of depth, color and linear formation and intimated life potential.
Manta Yoga The combination of specific sounds which produces or result in various effects.
Mantic Arts The ancient art of divination, practical uses are; palmistry, tarot, crystal gazing, dowsing.
Mantra A prayer, hymn, verse, or syllable chanted repeatedly according to certain tonal keys to focalize the four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, astral/physical) in a vibrational rate to attract the energies being sought. (see OM or Aum)
Mantrum The formula or arrangements of symbols which, when correctly sounded, invokes energy and thus manifestation.
Manu The human archetype, The pattern or example upon which others are pictured or idealized. Masters are such archetypes for human attainment.
Manus The higher mind.
Manvantara The out breathing process of a life cycle. The formation of life's potential.
Masculine Signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.
Master An adept, one having reached a high degree of spiritual attainment through a series of initiations as expressed through the Soul/personality human. Masters are said to be able to direct and assist humanities progress and to influence spiritual groups to move up the Ladder path. Jesus, Hilarion, Nada, Mother Mary are all masters
Master An initiate who has passed five major initiations who upon reaching this level is directed by the Master of their Ashram which direction their path of service should progress and may upon direction take students whose path follow the same course.
Masters of wisdom Individuals who have taken the fifth initiation, having passed through the experiences that life upon this world offers, and where in the process, have acquired total mastery over themselves and the laws of nature. Custodians of the plan of the evolution in all the energies entering this planet which bring about the fulfillment of the plan.
Maya An illusion, perceptions based upon external physical phenomenal actions or events.
Meditation Reflection, contemplation, a turning inward of the self to seek higher connection to the inner worlds, higher self or spirit guides. A quiet time in which the practitioner may bridge the gap between worlds and gather a particular thought and to bring them forward into the material life.
Meditation Science of contacting one's soul and of communicating with all of the ethereal guidance available. Becoming or merging with Soul. Also the process of being open to spiritual impression and thus to cooperation with the Spiritual hierarchy.
Medium The archaic definition is one who conducts sťances. Contemporary versions are those who translate spirit energy patterns into lower conventional pictorial/ thought language.( see Channeling)
Memory An aspect of the Soul and Personality which passes into the subconscious as the incarnated life progresses .To remember past events as well as lives one must develop and use the faculty of intuition. The Soul feels and holds interpretations while the personality provides the pictures and the chronology.
Mental Body The lower expression or vehicle of the personality from the higher mental planes.
Mental Plane The plane of the existence where the mental processes take place. Where thought from the higher personality forms itself into expression and experiences life upon the dimensional plane where thought is the governing principal.
Mer Members of a hybrid species, a crossbred between human and dolphin.
Meridian Line The line of crisis, the 10th to the 4th house axis.
Metaphysician A spiritual scientist who understands the hidden side of life and uses esoteric (spiritual) powers to heal and to improve life. He remains in service to those who honor the law of one.
Metaphysics The hidden (inner) side of the physical aspect of life; the intangible sciences which lie beyond the study of physics and have meaning in the theoretical realms of those sciences.
Metatron An Archangel whose task from Source for this present day, in this system is to oversee and bring to fruitation the divine plan as it concerns the lower or outer physical realms of life. To direct the angelic and elemental realms, to also oversee the combined evolution of mankind with their parallel realms.
Metonic Cycle A 19 year cycle.
Mid HEAVEN The 10th cusp, Zenith.
Middle Earth Much like the Tolkien Middle Earth There is a fourth dimensional world/plane that indeed sustains those life forms found in Tolkien's works. The many varied planes of existence will meld when the universe moves towards unification.
Middle way Moderation in all things.
Midpoint The calculated distance halfway between two planets, cusps, or points.
Mighty Ones Beings, Angels, or planetary lords often invoked or called upon during ceremonies to witness or guard the upliftment of man. The Mighty Ones were thought to be either spirituallyevolved entities, once human, or spiritual and most often devic entities created by the gods and goddesses to protect the Earth and her children and to watch over the four Elements and directions. They are sometimes linked with the elements.
Mind All life plays its part within the informing mind of this planetas well as cosmos.
Mind Skills All skills of mind, of particular Edo's which blend Practical logical thought process with extra sensory perceptions, also with visualizations.
Mindblend A mental practice with one's partner which one must perfect to achieve successful pairing. Blending of conscious thought with another person or persons.
Mindmerge A prior mental preparation considered essential to the conception of a healthy and well adjusted child. One may use an invocation with both partners voicing the appeal. Another approach is to concentrate on the same virtues by two or more people in a group to accomplished a desired level of communication by all within the group.
Monad The divine spark of God made manifest, the immortal germ, the divine antecedent of the soul, primary element of being.
Monad Pure spirit reflecting the type of triplicity of deity: 1)divine will or power (the father); 2)love /wisdom (the son); 3)Active Intelligence (the Holy Spirit). The primary spark of God that resides in every Soul/human being.
Monotheism The religious belief that there is but one God/Source/Deity.
Moons Nodes Points on the ecliptic where the moon crosses North and South. Planets also have nodes. The Moons North node is receptive, the self node has a disintegrating effect.
Mudra Yoga Received from the great Initiates to facilitate dexterity during early Lemurian age.
Mulaprakriti The inbreathing process of a life cycle. The realization of achievement.
Mundane Astrology The study of national and international Soul/Personality as viewed through ingress charts, and the consideration of signs ruling specific countries and sections of the world.
Mutual Reception The reaction between two planets in each other signs, giving exchange status and the power of two extra planets. Example would be Mars in Libra, Venus in Aries.
Mysteries Well guarded secrets passed on through higher realms by the remembering of the students on the path. These cover all aspects of life: keeling, divination, science, and culture.
Mystery Schools Institutes established in Atlantis to preserve the teachings of the ancient wisdom.
Mystic One who advances naturally, gaining union with his God through love and devotion.
Mysticism A natural and subjective path of purgatation that leads to illumination and Divine Union.
Nada Silence, nothing.
Nativity The natal horoscope.
Natural Laws Patterns set into motion by the Creative Mother Spirit, which mankind either works with to his benefit or against, to create a longer more diversified experienced laden path.
Nature Spirits Semi intelligent centers of planetary life; pixies, fairies, elementals.
Nature Spirits Indigenous to planet Earth, conceived within and proceeding from the Creative material thought flow of the Indwelling Intelligence, to serve all upon this plane of experience.
Neophyte An individual just beginning upon the spiritual path, a beginner.
Netzach The seventh Sephirah on the Tree of Life.Title; Victory. Archangel;Haniel. Order of Angels; Elohim. Situation on the Tree; At the foot of the pliiar of Mercy.
Nirmanakayas A Master, Adept or advanced Yogi. A divine contemplative who may choose to remain with the planet as an act of self sacrifice as an invisible helper, to assist as an intermediary between mankind and the one.
Nirvana the perfect state of wholeness reached by few Buddhic MASTERS the complete blacking out of existence.
Noble Eightfold Path Perfect understanding, perfect aspiration, perfect speech, perfect action, perfect livelihood, perfect effort, perfect mindfulness and perfect absorption.
Nous The universal creative force; Divine ESSENCE; Mind in man.
Numerology The study of numbers, and recall powers and symbologies has instruments of the universe.
Occidental The right side of the chart is you look at it, or the western side. The Oriental side is the eastern side, where the left side of the chart is you look at it and includes those houses from the 10th to the fourth cusps. In esoteric studies Occidental is equated to Arian or Western mental development of the mind/mental body.
Occultism A method of concentrated effort for total self-control and for raising of ones own consciousness. A study concerned with focuses, reality, and life from the hidden or inner side.
Occultists One who delves into the knowledge of things beyond the mundane phenomena of physical life and energetic or spiritual adventureist.
OM A sacred word of power, pronounced OUM. The most solemn word in India and credited with magic powers.
One life The life energy inherent in all things, a spirit energy pervading all life. The same life within the mineral is in the plant at the animal, man and the angel.
Orison Prayer, supplication or evocation to the Deity as part of The Law of One.
Ostara Occurring at the spring equinox, about March 21st, Ostara marks the beginning of the astronomical spring, When the winters rest, makes way for the coming of the green reawakening, it is a fire and fertility festival, celebrating the return of the sun, the God of fertility, the goddess mother Earth.
Overshadowing A voluntary cooperative process in which a masters consciousness temporarily enters in and works through the physical, emotional and mental bodies of a disciple.
Parabrahm The beginning and the end of all there is, the mystery.
Parallel The relative position of two planets both north or both south of the equator within one degree orbt, a powerful configuration. When one planet is north and the other is south, within one degree orb, they are considered contraparallel.
Part of Fortune See Arabian Points.
Past Incarnation Experience An accumulation of expeiernced lessons and talents developed and, brought forth through instinct and intuition, with the guidence of ones spiritual teachers.
Path The spiritual way to all levels of evolution and the higher plans of life, as well as an idealistic goal.
Pattern Description of the placement for all the planets in the horoscope, or the synthesis of the planets frequencies.
Permanent Atoms Three atoms of matter; physical, astral and mental--around which the bodies for a new incarnation are formed. They retain the vibratory rate of the individual at the moment of death, guaranteeing that the energetic Evolutionary status thus far achieved will be carried over into success of lives. Ultimately The process of fusion takes place and one ascends to one permanent atom.
Personality The Spirit aspect of the soul, that which interacts with the creative form that experiences. The Cocreative mind.
Phraseology Keywords often intermingled and phrased for the meaningful triggering of insightful thoughts and interpretation.
Physical Body Mankinds material/animal sheath instrument, composed mostly of minerals and water; the temple of the Soul. Its physical animaltion is directed and maitained through efforts of nture spirits and the Cherabum asigned to us as a coevolutionary triplicity.
physical plane Los VIBRATIONAL states of substance, including: dense physical, liquid, a gaseous and etheric planes.
Pilgrims way A system of way stations stretching across the universe. They provide a path of AWARENESS where in the light wind in the cosmos gain experience and elevate by the vibration of their presence.
Pitris Ancestors of mankind or their spirits.
Plane State of consciousness within the greater consciousness. It is to one of the planes that all of mankind departs to when leaving the physical form. Visible to Seers and quite as real to those who dwell there as the physical plane is to all who dwell here, the planes are graduated according to a level of consciousness, each plane containing within it seven sub planes.
plane A level of manifestation or, of life.
Planetary Spirits Entities who have bound themselves to the progression in evolution of all Souls as well as that of the planet. Divided into many class's of the planetary hierarchy and cosmic council's.
Planets The Wanderer's of our solar system, those heavenly bodies orbiting our fixed Sun.
Polaria The home of the first root race.
Powerhouses Centers of transmutation established by the lords of Shamballa.
Prakriti Nature, or the form side of life.
Pralaya A Sanskrit word meaning; a period of rest or sleep for the astral body between planetary incarnations.
Pralaya A higher mental, state of existence somewhere between the fifth dimension and that of the sixth, where the life impulse is in abeyance. An experience of perfect peace and bliss prior to taking next form of the upward spiral of life. Corresponds to the Christian idea of Paradise
Prana The breath of life, or life principle. A cardiac plexus Chakra controlling the health of the heart. Also sometimes considered electromagnetic force which enlivens the lower four bodies of man.
Progressed Chart A chart updated to the year in question.
Prophet An initiate or avatar who has awakened their upper Chakras. One who allows the individual to uplift their vibration or spiritual life and to understand higher or new levels of Teaching within the Cosmic framework of life.
Psyche l The lower side of man. Also, Greek for Soul. Contemporary Western definition for the Mind.
Psycho kinesis In parapsychology the art whereby a mental electromagnetic influence from ones mind is exerted which can move physical energy, objects.
Psychology The study of consciousness, though without a the spiritual basis, strictly regulated to the mind or mental aspect of life.
Quadruplicities Four signs in each of three quality divisions. Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
Qualities Cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs (types).
Quester A seeker upon the path. Named after members of the spiritual quest migrations.
Ra An Egyptian god (the Sun), a syllable which is chanted.
Raja Yoga The yoga of the mind.
Rays The seven universal impulses or expressions of Source which are beamed out from the central Sun by the seven master Spirits or Elohim and their counterparts being transmitted from universal to galactic to solar and finally through the planetary masters in charge of those expressions.
Receptivity A passive and positive state of being, experienced as well expressed from the soul and heart consciousness.
Reincarnation The belief, tenant of Theosophy that in life after life until one achieves perfection, the immortality of the soul. The desire for more experience acts as the attraction. Reincarnation was taught by Pythagoras and Buddha. Adapted and accepted by many eastern Cultures; Hinduism, Buddhism, and during the time of Josephus among the Jews and Christians alike.
Renegades Extra terrestrials who were outlawed and exiled from their home planet. This after losing a disastrous war which they had instigated and as a result migrated to Earth and sought the same type of planetary control..
Retrograde The backboard motion of a plant, in astrology. The affect on the individual is that one may retreat within himself for that particular energy. The effects of a retrograde planet are purposefully withholding, causing a returning, delaying, so that one may clarify or to look at an existing or past experience before returning back to a forward motion.
Revolt of the Slaves Took place about 28,000 B.C., when genetically altered humans sought to overthrow their masters which resulted in underground explosions, collapse and the sinking of the main Atlantean continent.
Right Hand Path Positive, upward path of evolution as opposed to the downward path of involution.
Ring Pass Not The sphere of influence, which surrounds planets and protect inhabitants from blundering into areas of concern outside their world or realm for which they are not yet prepared, either intellectually or spiritually. It protects, as in our case, man from assuming responsibilities which are beyond his powers or abilities. Challenges with in the Ring Pass Not are man's responsibility.
Rising sign See ascendant.
Rogue Planet An unattached planet from outside our solar system, it was forced out of orbit by the results of warfare and passed through ours with a course that created interaction with our planet as well as with other heavenly bodies.
Root Races Seven races of man which have or will evolve upon this planet during a great cycle of planetary existence, often culminating in "Golden Ages."
Rosicrucian's A mystical fraternity which teaches man to be a scientific philosophers as in the ancient mysteries schools. The AMORC organization ( Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis [Rosie Cross]) teaches the mysteries of life from a balanced spiritual point of view.
Ruler The planet or planets governing a sign.
Samadhi Faultless insight, perception.
SAT Existence, the over-self, pure being, the true often referred to as the monad.
Satellite Attendant bodies around the planet. The moon and Lilith are satellites of Earth.
Scintilla's Divine sparks, perfect hosts of divinity, in the formless realm seeking to fashion their reflections and Cosmic elements.
Seer One who " sees " clearly, regardless of time, space or distance. One who is adept at using the sciences of Clairaudience and clairsentience.
Seven Planes of Solar Systems The universal concept accessible only to the depths, and impossible to explain. The seven are: Auric, Alayic , Mahatic, Fohatic, Jivic ,Astral ,Prakritic.
Shade A disembodied spirit or ghost, most often in astral body which is not yet dissipated or gone into the mansion worlds.
Shamballa The planetary center founded by the wise ones who guide the race of man, the lords of Shamballa. The most important center on the planet. Their influence extends down from the fifth dimension level through the second. They direct the dimensional realities above, below and within the planet. Home of the planetary hierarchy.
Shell The discarded astral soul which can masquerade as a spirit of your friend at a sťance.
Siddhis Sanskrit for literally, the " attributes of perfection." they are side effects of one's progress on the path which often manifest themselves psychically.
Sidereal Casting The method of directing a chart using a fixed point in space as opposed to a tropical method, which takes into consideration the constant movement in the heavens.
Sidereal Time Star time
Signs The 12 divisions of the zodiac, 30 degrees each. A person born under a sign is said to take on the characteristics of that sign.
Silver cord The connection between the physical and etheric bodies, etheric substance. It allows man to leave his body, travel well, yet still remain attached. After death the cord is dissolved, the etheric body breaks away, and independence from the physical plane and body is enjoyed.
Sin The negative actions of man, one who goes against the will of God to serve himself. The apparent separation of will between God and the self.
Sirius A constellation, solemn, galactic seat of the Great White Lodge, where the Galactic soul allow our system presides. We are a reflection of that system and subject to its interactive facets and energies.
Soul The feminine or material aspect of divinity, that which projects itself into the lower realms and represents the emotional body, intuition, feeling.
Source That spark within the great intelligence which registers and responds to vibration of requisite caliber when called upon and experienced through.
Space Synonym for force field, the abstract possibility is limitless and continuous. In spiritual terms an anachronism for the space in between objects in which the life current of source is allowed to travel.
Space Lords Extra terrestrials of superior character who were chosen to settle the new continent of Atlantis and intermarry with the most advanced citizens of Earth in order to provide them with a greater genetic code of upliftment as well as to train, teach and guide them by a good example.
Spirit Divine essence pervading all matter.
Spirit Realms Spheres or worlds, surrounding and interpenetrating the planet, where fourth, and fifth dimensional parallel realities and their people dwell. Those who share much with us who share the same evolutionary path but for whom life has a higher set of virtues.
Spiritual Evolution A series of crisis's Man encounters throughout his many lives. From which at any point he stops to question his purpose and meaning.
Spiritual Quest Migrations The three most important migrations of large groups of spiritual seekers who left ATLANTIS after the revolt of the slaves, to establish communities in the new lands. Egypt, Asia and South America in particular benefited greatly from these influences.
Spiritual Scientist See metaphysician.
Stationery A descriptive term for a planet seemingly standing still as it changes direction. The planets power is intensified according to the direction it is about to take.
Sub Ray One seventh of a Ray. The individual sub rays the path one will follow in accordance with his rays impulses.
Suicide The state of being where the soul/emotional aspects are so out of balance with the personality that the ego takes over and releases the pain of the emotional body by taking its own life in that particular incarnation. Upon review after that life the Soul through Karma must incarnate again making up for the loss of that life by taking on a denser or more arduous life expression.
Summerland The higher astral planes of consciousness corresponding to the Christian concept of heaven and the Roman fields of Ambrosia. A place of rest and reflection prior to moving into the mental dimensions.
Super Physical Field Liquids, gases, its centrum.
Swami A guru, incarnated master, spiritual teacher.
Swift and Sure Way The popular name for the ladder path.
Table of Houses A book of calculated tables from which the cusps of the houses are taken. The astrologer uses their true calculated sidereal-time and the latitude of birth to ascertain the correct cusp for their charting.
Talmund The unwritten law of the Jewish people.
Tattvas Primomordial elements: primordial, parentless, pater, ethereal , fire element, water element, Earth-electromagnetic.
Teacher One who guides a student along a focused path, showing them the way. If one wishes to practice a spiritual life, make yourself worthy, believe you will be guided, and the teacher will appear to light your path.
Telepathy The art of attuning to brain waves of others. Using the field of electrical attraction to draw thoughts and thought-forms from those who send them.
Territorial Wars A power struggle to take control of the temples and social structure by a group of subordinates led by off world entities wishing to control mankinds growth for their own self-serving purposes. It led to the fall of Atlantis, the world culture around 8500 B.C.
The Council of the nine Guardians of the great Blue Lodge of the great blue light of secret creation. One of the chief consuls is Lord Siraya. In this galaxy, the sacred Blue Lodge is housed in this Sirius-B star system.
The Craft The art of alchemy, transforming visualizations to materializing them on our plane by a person who has trained in the arcane and spirit arts.
The Transcendentals Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto was irresponsible for further evolution as the INFLUENCE man's higher consciousness. Uranus is a sub ruler of Aquarius, Neptune is sub ruler of Pisces and Pluto is some ruler of Scorpio.
Theosophy Literally, God wisdom. Theosophy was referred to by the Christians as the mysteries. It was named in the third century by Saccas. It's fundamental doctrine is reincarnation, and the Theosophical system believes there is nothing of higher or more noble virtue than that of highest cosmic truth.
Third Eye Popular name for the Pineal gland and the center of consciousness (chakra) located at the brow, when it is awakened and energized
This Life's Experience The current mission or purpose given to us by our higher selves ( the Soul and Personality) as expressed through the individuals personal Rays and their horoscope.
Thought Forms Entities or life forms that are created and then gather power and ability according to the intensity and control with which they are send forth. We heal or hurt with our individual thought forms. Because we attract what we think, we must be responsible for what issues from our mental bodies.
Tiphareth The sixth Sephirah on the tree of Life. Title; Beauty. Archangel; Raphael. Order of Angels;  Kings. Situation on the Tree; In the center of the pillar of Equilibrium.
Trance separation of the astral body from the physical, a willing action. In a trance the media may allow a discarnate entity to take over the body.
Transit A planets current cycle as the moves through a sign.
Trans-Neptunian's The eight luminaries of Neptune: Cupido ( protection): Hades( trouble); Zeus( ambition); Kronos ( Wisdom); Apollon ( mental expansion); Admentos ( selfish, shrewdness) ;Vulcanus( will power); Poseidon( revelation).
Treadmill A spiritual term for continual unenlightened reincarnations resulting from ones own failure to understand the laws of cause and effect and to perpetuate what would appear to be an everlasting cycle .
Tria Initiates of all the planets parallel evolutions cooperate fully with each other, but some of them are so deeply involved in the specialized work that they form groups which consist of combining their energies into patterns,these are called Triunes. The participating initiates are known as Triarchs.
Trilogy of karmic Doctrine Cause and effect, retribution and reparation, reincarnation and reentry to the planes.
Trinity of the Universe Spirit, matter, and energy. Father, Mother and Son. There is spirit (electrical) in all matter( form). In our lower planes all form contains life. It is there whether we choose to acknowledge or accept it.
Triplicity Three signs placed in four groups according to their element. Fire; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Earth; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Air; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Water; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
Triunes The blending of energies by high initiates (Triarchs) in patterns which contribute to the evolution of mankind and well-being of this and many parallel worlds.
True Man One who ponders, always ready to tackle new ideas and to investigate the unknown, remembering that Knowledge sets man free.
Twenty sixth Sense The synthesis of man's fully developed 25 senses as spoken through the more esoteric teachings. These range in a circuitry moving both upward as well as downward from the planes concerning the will, the mental, emotional and finally into the physical before it begins is upward arc. We from our level understand the the lower five senses.
UFO Unidentified Flying Object.
Universal Mind The cosmos, as expressed through or by its potential at any given moment.
Upanishads Hindu literature which follow the Vedas. There are 108 Upanishads reminding us of the astrological tricdecile aspect(108degrees) promising Spiritual unfoldment.
Uphandis Vestures (garments) woven together. The synthesis of duality such as the Soul and Personality, the etheric and the dense physical body; the Mental and Emotional, all woven together to present what we accept as our being. The forgetting of cosmic consciousness before entering into the flesh.
Uranian Astrology A system developed by Alfred Witte, a German Astrologer.
Ushnishana Translated as the flame of realization when portrayed above the head of Gautama Buddha. Originally it was called the edge of aura chakra which is sometimes called the pinnacle chakra.
Vedas The foundation of the Brahminical Faith. A source of inspiration dating back to 5000 B.C. is also the origin of the Indian religion.
Vicarious atonement Instituted by the wise (The Ancient of Days/Elohim) ones in order to increase the length of time man is allowed to serve their creator parents by sharing a common life strand that is interactive and cosmically balanced through the laws of cause and effect.
Void of Course A movement or transition in spiritual time when no new ventures be started, since the When the Moon (emotional) is no longer applying itself to any planet and just before Leaving a particular sign. It is a good time for socializing and recreation, as well as allowing that which should be complete to find its way back to the universe.
Vortex A form of radiant force (energy) that gives or receives consciousness by means of emitting an electromagnetic field that is transmutable within universal flow. We receive this energy through our Chakras which in Sanskrit is called a " vortex " which either draws or exudes prana ( energy).
Wars of Expansion These wars which preceded the territorial wars, or between the motherland Atlantis and the colonies, as well as with outlying developing nations who were beginning to catch up with the intellectual and technological levels of the Atlantean home island.
Watchers They serve the ones beyond, who form a bridge to the source. The work demands that they perform as highly specialized sensors to an intense degree. In the Urantia Book they are referred to as Mystery Monitors. They assist the personality to acquire higher levels thought and will connected expression. Much like the guardian angels that are attached to the corresponding Soul. They are unique, personalized and evolve with the evolving Personality/Soul.
White Island Also known as Shamballa. Constructed by the first teachers of the race of man. The Planetary government responsible to the Galactic council.
Wicca A practice of calling and manipulating earth spirits and elementals to provide service for or any cause of those who do the calling, invoking. When spirit is called there is a relationship (bond) established that becomes interactive and interrespectful of each other. One follows a path of experience for either, white or black.
Will A principle of the abstract, the energy that connects the Personality to the Soul. It creates the movement from the thought to action completing a desired experience or expression.
Winterland The lower astral planes of consciousness corresponding to the Christian concept of hell. The concepts of fear, hate, separation are focused here, all lower negative emotional states. This realm must be passed through when leaving physicality, not only in the dream state but when a physical incarnation has been completed.
Wise Ones. Mans first teachers in this realm or world, who have remained on the Earth voluntarily to continue guiding mankind with their progress. The lords of Shamballa.
Witch One who practices the natural religion of Wicca. As with all other forms of this practice there are two types of witches one who serves the all (white) and those who serve the self ( black).
Witchcraft The invoking of spells (creating thought forms)) with the assistance of magic, herbs and potions, done with the aid of invoking or revoking nature spirits or Earth elementals.
World Teacher An avatar who has integrated the concept of the planetary/cosmic hierarchies goals within his auric field. They have also accepted responsibility for the training of the angelic presences attached to the Earth and mankind.
X A letter associated with sorrow, dating back to the Roman practice of crucifixion.
Yantra Yoga The art of finding higher allegorical meaning within symbols and formulas'.
Yogi One who experiences completeness or joy while in a state of Union, and at ease with his seven principles.
Zodiac An intellectual conception, an imaginary path in the heavens containing 12 constellations. Of this the 12 signs of the zodiac are named, Twelve equal sections of 30 degrees each.