The Hyperborean Age


Teaching of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path


By Valerie Bonwick


Jonathan Bigras




Unknown, unsung, and unrecorded in most histories,

This was the age of worn and weary Heroes


   Probably most efficient way to mark the beginning of the Hyperborean Age is to consider the tragic end of the Polarian Age, which also marked the end of the age of dinosaurs, as a historic guidepost, about 65 million years ago, although many saurians, sharing the planet with Man for quite some time.


   Yet it cannot be thought that there was a strong demarcation line between the old race of Polaria and the new race of Hyperborea and if there was a difference, they themselves were quite unaware of it. Most of the Polarians who survived on the physical plane belonged to one of the sub braces whose members had retained some measure of non-attachment and a clearer comprehension of separate identity. They did however, for the first time perhaps, register Time as a concept when they compared then, as it had been experienced when their world was at peace with itself and now, in the harshness of the aftermath that followed the destruction of the planet.


   Perhaps it is a little premature in our review of the root races to refer to the subraces as such, we would prefer to describe them as inter-related groups of entities who inter acted as members of a clan, sharing common past times, and exchanging progressive ideas. They expressed a degree of compatibility that provided them with a much-needed sense of security on the physical plane, but which also unfortunately, contained the seeds of separateness and gave them as members of the particular group, if feeling of being set apart from the rest of mankind.


   The Lords of Shamballa took great care to direct and guide their “children“and drew forth the greatest value possible from every situation that could encourage positive character traits among the clans. This in turn lead to a more fully enhanced development of subrace culture, as each group adapted to the prevailing environment, common to the location where they dwelt.


Second Great Root Race


   The survivors of the Polarian Age formed the nucleus of the Hyperborean race, thus continuing the race of Man on Earth, but the healing of the planet would be of long duration. The calming of the lands that had once been inhabited by the Polarians was not accomplished overnight, neither was the plant kingdom soothed back into her previous cycles of growth an renewal immediately. Negative vibrations of terror still hung over the areas where the Polarians had previously dwelt and this atmosphere made it impossible to begin life anew in the midst of such desolation. Therefore, many of those survivors who were to form the bridge between the old race of Polaria and the new race of Hyperborea moved to lands that had been affected the least.


   It was many, many eons before the planet was considered either hospitable or safe enough to launch its second major effort to establish the race of Man. During that time, a natural healing process was set into place by those watching over the survivors, to prepare them for their role as leaders in the next surge of evolutionary growth.


   Although very little remains by which to identify their contribution, the importance of the Hyperborean people cannot be overestimated. It was during the Hyperborean age that Man first experienced hardship in day-to-day living and to some extent, his tests on the physical plane at that time, were to serve as a slide rule for evaluating the difficulties that mankind would encounter in the future and determine how Man could best overcome them.


   With the beginning of the Hyperborean age, mankind’s field of awareness increased, but sadly, when comprehending the world around him, he encountered more pain than pleasure and he was for the first time unable to disassociate himself completely from discomfort, as he was able to do with his original state of being. He had lost his freedom of choice.


   Mankind had unknowingly exchanged his near-immortality for a wider range of sensory experience. The fact however, that sensory experience on the physical plane could be unpleasant as well as pleasurable, had not even occurred to him before the Polarian Age came to a close.


   What made this situation even more difficult for man to bear or his memories when he compared then with now. In the past, he had felt lighter than air, but now experienced of the burden of weight. His form, which had previously required no sustenance other than the vitality which he drew in through his chakras, now required some slight reinforcement of diet to match is less sensitive physique. His physical form was beginning to respond to other discomforts also, he registered pain from burning with touching fire for the first time, although it was still impossible for him to drown.


Return from the Astral Plane


   Millions of years would pass before all the entities who had been involved in the Polarians exodus from the physical plane, would regain sufficient confidence to initiate what was to be their first incarnation in physical form.


   Entities returning from the astral plane to incarnate in a physical form were healed well enough, so that they retained none of the fears consciously that had accompanied their previous at exit from the physical plane, but they did subconsciously at least, retain memory of the fact that much of the reason for there former plight lay in a negative subjection to their own empathic skills. They had no intention of repeating this pattern, but in their decision to separate themselves from all that was negative in empathic response, they also avoided all that was helpful and positive that would have provided them with safeguards later on.


   The attitude of those members of the older race of Polarians who remained on the physical plane did much to influence the aims of the incoming race of Hyperborea. They possessed firsthand knowledge culled from personal experience of the hardships which continued on the planet, bitterness prevailed amongst those whose racial memories encompassed the former comforts with which Ethereal Man had richly been endowed and this was to cast a shadow over their future response to crisis.


The resulting influence was to lead the Hyperboreans in an exaggerated swing away from empathy and sympathy, to a deliberate blocking of their empathic sense if, or when it interfered with their own personal interest or when it affected welfare of their Klan affiliation, for the Hyperboreans banded together in family or extended family groups. This blocking and weakening of their empathic skills unfortunately removed many important safeguards which had been imposed to ensure their safety and protect their well-being.


Negative Non-attachment


   As time went by, each new generation in turn encountered fresh difficulties to be solved as their ties to the physical plane strengthened. There were also sudden threats to the well-being and safety of their settlements from natural causes, for the planet’s crust remained unstable following the cataclysms which brought the Polarian Age to a close. Gradually, their ideal of controlling and experiencing the empathic sense as an exploratory skill was supplanted by a lack of sympathy which would come to be considered the norm and sadly, in their zeal to overcome attachment, their goal of not attachment would become confused and be replaced by the hardness of heart which, by the end of the Hyperborean age came to represent a virtue in their eyes.




   The work of the seven Power Houses that were reestablished following the end of the Polarian age, succeeded beyond all expectation in transmuting negative vibrations of fear into cautious confidence. The Devas returned to direct and organize the nature spirits and to restoring the land which had been scoured by the forces that had assailed it, their diligent nurturing provided the hope and encouragement that was so sorely needed by mankind at that time. The plant kingdom also made a slow but visible recovery and more slowly still, new species of animal life moved into previously stricken areas to take the place of many species that had disappeared, never to return.


   Fortunately, there were long periods of calm and tranquility which enabled the Hyperboreans to adjust to the world around them. They remained a nomadic people, expressing a freedom of lifestyle that provided an educative stimulus which accelerated their process of mental expansion. 


Return to Hardship


   Unfortunately, life on Earth was to become subject to even greater hardship as the Hyperborean Age progressed. Problems remained from the continuing instability of the planet, volcanic eruption and earthquakes became more frequent and the Earth was often filled with poisonous fumes and clouds of toxic gas. Although the quality of the atmosphere deteriorated, Man paid little attention at first because of his nomadic way of life. He moved on whenever the atmosphere became polluted. Living simply, there were as yet no large buildings which could suffer damage or cause injury as a result of violent Earth movements.


   Plant life began to degenerate and suddenly, widespread volcanic activity on a scale now difficult to imagine, decimated much of the plant and animal kingdoms and many species that survived into the aftermath of the worst eruptions, failed to flourish as they once had done.


   The races of Man have moved over the face of the Earth like the shifting sands of the desert and it had been our intention to respect their as yet unpublished records by sharing with you, for mankind has accomplished much that deserves positive mention. If we do not succeed in transmitting as much of that history as we would wish within these pages at this time, it is because we must concentrate upon those steps of the Ladder Path that are necessary for the Questors immediate training.


   We described for you earlier (The Sea Gods-After Atlantis Chapter 17.) Something of the physical suffering undergone by the Mwkla, a subrace that overlapped the end of the Hyperborean Age and the beginning of the Age that followed, their courage in the face of adversity has not been surpassed any time since then. The Hyperboreans, suffered from a depletion of oxygen almost to the point of extinction of their race during the later phases of the Age and their own response to such harsh conditions made life no better. If the environment was harsh, they behaved even more harshly toward each other and to themselves. 




   The clans that survived were in a desperate plight. Their members were de-energized by the deteriorating environment and their day to day life was a constant struggle against suffocation and fatigue, the light of the sun was hidden by smoke and dust, while the quality of the physical nourishment upon which they had come to rely, was far below their very necessary standards of purity, for all though their physical forms had become dense, they were not as yet course. A nightmare existence engulfed them in despair. Reviewing the latter days of the Hyperborean race, one cannot praise the courage highly enough in the face of such tremendous hardship.


Subjection to Physical Laws


   The Wise Ones who were guiding mankind made every effort to impress their “spiritual children“with helpful ideas to overcome their problems. They set them goals intended to speed their evolutionary process beyond the point where they would be subject to physical or material woes, but the situation in which Man found himself was of karmic origin. It was because of Man’s own pattern of choices that he becomes subject to physical laws and although the Lords of Sham ball could transmute conditions beneficently, they could not interfere with the karma of either an individual or a race without transgressing against the very code of ethics under which the Divine Plan was first initiated.


   This policy of non interference which was originally instituted by the Appointed Assembly continued for some millions of years, until it was reluctantly rescinded due to expediency. The change in policy resulted from the need to establish teams of extra terrestrial miner-scientists upon the planet. Until that time, intruders to this newly seeded world had automatically been prevented from landing on Earth by a thought barrier similar to a force field, which was imposed by the watchers were the ring-pass-not surrounds the planet today.




   The planetary ring-pass-not is a magnetic sphere of influence that surrounds the Earth and was imposed when the planets force field was lowered.


   As a result of a very practical decision which would exert influence upon millennia to come, the Ring was initiated very simply, merely by reversing the direction pull of forces already present.


   Even at that time, it was realized that the members of the mining teams would be chosen for their technical skills, not for their spirituality and it was recognized that their morality when faced with an innocent and vulnerable world would be questionable.


   The Ring prevented Extra Terrestrials whose behavior fell below a precise level of tolerance, established by the Wise Ones, from returning to their home worlds until they had made reparation. Even when they had made their transition from their physical form, they would remain here in exile instead of joining their kindred in their equivalent of our spirit realm on their own home-world.


   Aspirants’ are very often curious and eager to be well-informed, but those who are also natural psychics quickly become aware of a microcosmic ring-past-not when they ask leading questions regarding esoteric areas of concern. If they are alert and aware, they will sometimes register a mental barrier, personal to them, that is erected automatically when their queries impinge upon sensitive information that must remain secret until they have traveled further on their path. This is an unique response which is quite different from “drawing a blank“in answer to a question.


   At present, the macrocosmic Ring protects Man from blundering into areas of concern outside the ring-past-not for which he is not yet prepared, either intellectually or spiritually. To protect man from assuming responsibilities which are beyond his powers as yet. Those challenges however, which are within the ring-past-not are man’s responsibility.


   Although the Wise Ones pursued their policy of non interference, as agreed upon except in dire circumstances, they have continued to refine the quality of the planets higher spheres and planes by contributing their own intensity of the evolutionary distinction, far beyond our comprehension at this time.


   The Great Initiates however, who arrived on Earth during the mid-Lemurian Age, considered themselves outside the policy which had been instituted so many millennia before their arrival and they did involve themselves in the affairs of mankind, and particularly later on when the behavior of the mining teams deteriorated. It was set at the instigation of the Great Initiates who were concerned with balancing the negative example of the miners way of life with a positive input of morality, that the Lords of Shamballa requested young extra terrestrial Initiates of superior character and spiritual potential to settle the continent of Atlantis and assist in the inception of a new root race.


Seven becomes Fourteen


   The Lords of Shamballa, after founding the first seven Power Houses in the worst stricken areas of the globe, had succeeded in cleansing what are now the circumpolar regions of the world of fear, panic and terror. But one by one, the Hyperborean clans were losing the struggle to survive in the rapidly deteriorated quality of the atmosphere.


   It was then that the Lords of Shamballa called again upon the efforts of the Magi of the Power Houses to cleanse the planet near the volcanic belts in those parts of the world we now know as the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan, they decided to establish seven more Power Houses to assist in purifying the atmospheric and the number of Power Houses was raised to fourteen.


   The Hyperboreans were a nomadic people and remained so, the

new Lemurian Root Race would be established with members of surviving sub race groups that were considered most suitable, but other tiny, nomadic family groups continued their way of life with some success. More often than not, they dwelt within easy reach of a Power House and were encouraged to intensify their most positive character traits until as time passed; they established their own goals, blessed by the Wise Ones.


Hyperborean Legacy


   Most Questors will find it beneficial to compare the problems, tests of and solutions which beset the latter days of the Hyperborean age with the world of today, particularly in regard to man’s emotional and physical well-being.


   The goal of the Hyperborean race was to express compassion for all sentient beings on the planet and in so doing, revitalize, restore and to reinstate the Heart Chakra to its former level of authority within Mans form, reversing the downward pull of his vitality which had been imposed by the activity of his two lower chakras.


   The day of opportunity afforded them was to expand their consciousness by experiencing and expressing caring compassion for each other during this period of great stress.


   Their pitfall, which occurred when compassion eluded them was hardness of heart.


   The outcome was that their hardness of heart eventually reflected itself in the physical form. They became chronically ill and their survival in Earth’s poisonous atmosphere grew increasingly difficult. The majority of their root race perished, but some of the clans that survived were chosen to span the bridge between the old race of Hyperborea and the new Lemurian Root Race, while other small family groups of nomads attached themselves to the outer circumference of territories which were influenced by the powerhouses.


Devas and Forests


   The co-operation of the Deva Evolution was also called into action and following the advice of the Mahadevas, a supportive solution was introduced to correct impurities in the atmosphere. Choosing carefully from those species of the Plant Kingdom considered most suitable to purify the atmosphere as quickly as possible, which was a very slow process at best, forests were re-established, nurtured with love and guarded with reverence for their contribution to the well-being of the planet itself.


   You will have noticed that we have chosen to use the term “plant” instead of “vegetable” kingdom. “Vegetable” seems to be limited by its connotations of food in some Questors minds. It is not an imprecise term, but it is rather exclusive in neglecting to include the Myriad other unused plant which are also edible, many varieties of which are therapeutic rejuvenative, prolonging positive longevity allied to a recuperative mental process. 


   The almost superstitious respect which was accorded to certain trees in days now gone by, probably began at the end of the Hyperborean age and knowledge of their healing properties continued until comparatively recently. Indeed, many species of plants and trees introduced at that time, have survived into this present age in company with some species that are many millions of years older. They deserve respectful explanation which we must admit for the present, but we will perhaps repair our neglect very soon.


   There is nothing surviving in the plant kingdom at this time that does not fulfill a specific purpose, whether that purpose is known or not.





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