The Influence Away From Free Will



   Long ago, before there was any experience on Earth, the Will was denied in the heavens by Spirits that did not to understand themselves well enough to accept the Will. These Spirits saw the Will as holding them back. They wanted to have more expansive experiences and their Wills were expressing emotion in resistance to this.  Overpowering of the Will took place in all the possible ways it could take place including the eventual disconnect from the Spirit and has been reenacted ever since. 


   Many times the Will has almost recovered on Earth and as many times this recovery has been undermined by something still held in denial. Because this denial was not recognized, it drew each time an outward reflection that seemed to deny Free Will by stopping the recovery. If this outward reflection had been recognized for what it was, the Will could have recovered by acting out in this reality. The understandings needed were not there then or recovery would have taken place. The Will is not wanting this to happen again and neither is Spirit for the most part. Recovery is not absolutely necessary right now, but it is not something to put off because it seems too hard either. Recovery needs to take place at the right time for you.


   The failure so far to entirely recover lost Will should not be judged as evidence that this cannot be done or should not be done because Free Will does not work.  Free Will needs complete acceptance and not conditional acceptance so that it can show the Spirit what itís full contribution is. Any Spirit that holds any part of itself in denial loses  Spiritual presence. 


   Many Spirits have tried to deny the validity of Free Will by saying that it is unwise to grant freedom in advance of wisdom. These Spirits have promoted rules, regulations, procedures in the form of learning from teachers and progressing through this form in accordance with approval granted by the oneís controlling the form. Freedom, which often boiled down to privilege, was supposed to be granted in accordance with the candidateís ability to accepting it wisely. 


   One of the problems with this approach is that someone has to set himself up as a judge of what is wisdom and what is the appropriate learning procedure for another. This is another attempt to deny Me and to deny My own Mother Principle, the Will. These Spirits even claim authority from Me to undermine Free Will and denied Me further in this way. The Destiny Path of Earth has also been seriously denied by these teachings. Wisdom for one may or may not be wisdom for another. Limits for one may or may not be limits of another. The path of one may or may not be the path of another. I have given everyone what they need to evolve and to fulfill themselves if they accept. 


   Many that have the accepted the influence away from Free Will have also said that doing what you want to do is selfish and even dangerous. This is ridiculous if youíre really think about it. A judgment that is held here is that telling others what to do is not selfish but instead appropriate. Since not being selfish in this case means doing what another one wants, who is being selfish? The only person that could appropriately tell another what to do is a person that hears me unconditionally and that person would only give the advice I wanted given to a person that was not able to hear Me on this subject at that time. What feels the best all round it is to do for others what you really want to do and nothing more. 



Denialís Shared By Many


   All of manifesting experience so far has been in search of self acceptance.  Attuning the Will is not something that can be left out here, and another misunderstanding needs to be straightened out as well. Returning to essence is not the goal of self-acceptance. Self acceptance must include acceptance that individual consciousness has emerged to evolve essence. While many have believed emergence was a denial of and a separation from Spirit, the opposite is actually true. Denial of emergence is denial of the Spirits opportunity to increase its own Light through evolvement. 


   Emergence into individual consciousness is not completed when you accept that you have emerged. Every Spirit emerged to fulfill its Destiny Path. Self-acceptance must come first so that you can do what you came forth to do. I am much more complex than almost anyone on Earth has yet realized. Some Spirits have had so much fear of these realizations and the responsibilities involved that they have tried to avoid them by denying manifestation and form. Others have tried to cope by slowing themselves down and experiencing at a slower speed. 


   Many of these Spirits came to Earth long ago. Many of the ones trying to cope by slowing down took the forms of animals for reasons of their own.  Some did this with complete self-acceptance and it was no problem. Others did this with a lack of complete self acceptance that soon led to confusion between themselves and the forms they had taken.  Confusion trapped many in these forms and this entrapment resulted in loss of a lot of consciousness. The myths about centaurís, satyrs, Minoans and all the other stories about part man, part animal forms, including animals turning into men and vice versa are stories about these experiences. 


   When other more experienced Spirits saw this happening, some tried to help.  Reclaiming the consciousness lost here has spent all long process during which most of the ones that came to help have become entrapped on the Earth also.   


   The reasons for the entrapment were many and different with the individual Spirits. Many Spirits trapped themselves in animal forms because they wanted to reduce their consciousness and escape from Me.  Others did it because of confusion about limits.  Others did it because of fear that they could not accept the form they had. Still others did this because they had to try to find out what trapped Spirits were experiencing. Some did this to be like their friends. There are many reasons this experience took place and only some of the major ones are mentioned here. 


   Many judgments were made around these experiences. Many Spirits that did not get trapped judged themselves to be superior to the ones that did get trapped.  The ones trapped judged themselves, the other Spirits trapped and the Spirits that were not trapped. The problem here was that the judgments did not see each particular situation for what it was. The Spirits judging made assumptions that what they comprehended when the judgment was made applied to every experience that contained any similarity. These misunderstandings compound the problem and made escape from the limitations of these forms more difficult than would otherwise have been the case. This experience was very painful for the ones that did not enjoy the limitations of the forms they became trapped in. 


   Many judged that those Spirits entrapped in animal forms had base and insatiable appetites that drew them to become so animalistic. This was always true for some, but these judgments have affected everyone involved. The understandings needed to come in place of the judgments. Some Spirits do not want life in human form and need to be allowed the freedom. Others have lost consciousness from this experience that they really want to recover. You need to remember your own past and find out what happened to you. Everyone on Earth has involvement in some way whether they were directly trapped or not. The Spirits that lost consciousness without meaning to have a highly emotional charge around this experience that includes overwhelming panic and anger. 



   This charge has not been released yet because even when I taught some Spirits on Earth how to liberate the trapped ones, they had varying degrees of success in liberating the entire consciousness of the Spirits involved. The Spirits involved often resorted to denial of the part of themselves that was so overwhelmed and released the rest of themselves from the trap. In fact, most people on Earth now do not have their full self present with them. Magical powers that existed in the past have been largely lost because of the reduction in presence that denial has caused. 


   The Spirits liberated from animal forms at that time were given human forms in which to evolve back to their full consciousness. All the Spirits involved were given human forms whether they were human types of Spirits or not. The main reason for this was that most of the Spirits involved believed their lack of self-acceptance and acceptance of one another was largely due to how different they were from one another. I gave the human form and a period of time in which to inhabit it so that the necessary experience could be gained to learn otherwise. 


   Many spirits that embraced expansive consciousness have held a judgment for a long time that everyone should and must love this sort of consciousness the way they do. An understanding is needed here and this understanding is one of the main points of denial responsible for undermining the recovery of lost Will. Some of My Spirits seek reduction in consciousness, compression and death and must be allowed to have it. Life is just as painful to them as the opposite is to the Spirits that embrace life.  


    In holding a judgment, the Spirits that embrace life have been unable to see and accept these Spirits for what they are. These Spirits have been creating death all around them and expansive Spirits have been denying this and trying to take them off their Destiny Path in my name and in the name of my love. This is not accepting these Spirits for what they are and what they need. The judgment that everything is similar in essence no matter what its form was attempt to simplify Me and fit Me into the limits of the ones judging me. It was also a denial of true feelings. The Will is meant to guide you to your right place and will do it if allowed to. This is the way you can have freedom to seek experience without destroying yourself. This was also a denial of the alignment of form and essence. 


   The only real problem has been that these two realities, that of loving essence which seeks expansion of light and life and that which denies Loving Essence and seeks compression and death, should not mix together and right place is not going to allow it any more. The experience necessary to be able to accept this from Me has taken place on earth. Death is unconditional denial of me. It belongs outside of Me. This has a place in My Creation that has to be understood is you are able to. An understanding of unconditional acceptance is needed here. You need to only accept this realityís right to be. This does not mean that you are to accept this reality into yourself and embrace death and denial in any form unless it truly feels good to you.


   The recovery of Free Will on Earth has been stopped each time by denial. The Spirits of Loving Essence have in the past been unable to let go of the Spirits that are not of Loving Essence and were unable to accept them for what they are.  These denial Spirits have even tried to kill Loving Essence because they have to get away from it somehow and Loving Essence was not letting them go. Denial cannot let go on its own. 


    The understanding needed here is that the difference between Loving Essence that has been denied and the denial of Loving Essence is that one seeks love and has been mistakenly denied and the other seeks to escape love and has been mistakenly pressured to accept love. This has been further confused by the fact that unconditional denial denies everything including the fact that it does not want love. Denial that does not have or want Loving Essence can be felt by the Will. The Will needs to be allowed to tell you the difference here. The recovery of lost Will is going to tell you this because the original undermining of the Will was involved with this confusion. 


   The Will had the answer immediately concerning the Spirits of unloving essence and Spirit would not accept this understanding from the Will. In all the recovery attempts so far, recovery of the Will has progressed to this point and failed to succeed because the Spirit still would not allow the Willís feelings here. This teaching has to be accepted from the Will before the old charge accumulated in experiences with these denial Spirits can be fully released. In other words, this situation cannot change for you until you accept it for what is. Denial must be seen for what it is on Earth. Loving spirits must let go of unloving Spirits and personal denial of Loving Essence must be ended. Most of the personal denial took place in an effort to prove to Me and to yourselves that the Will was not right here and everyone really did have a Loving Essence. 


   The judgments made here were many.  You need to find the ones you are holding yourself, but Iíll point out some of them. Everyone judged that their kind of consciousness was the best and many judged their kind of consciousness was best for everybody. Many spirits judged that if they were loving enough themselves, they could teach others to be loving like they were. Many Spirits judged that I was not to unconditionally loving when I told them that they were making a mistake here. Undercurrent here was a judgment that they were more loving than Me. Another judgment that many Spirits made was that in time, these unloving Spirits would come around, that they were just slow. Another judgment made here was that every Spirit was supposed to return to me and so the oneís hitting away from Me were going in the wrong direction. The only other judgment I want to bring forward now as a general judgment that was made by the Spirits involved here is that all of you judged against the Will for feeling like it wanted these death-creating Spirits outside of My Creation.  Reality is that this is what they seek, want and need. 


   Death does not feel at all good to the Spirits that seek life and yet you have all embraced it and tried to make yourselves accept it. The understanding you now need is that all denial that is not seeking life must go outside of me. You must separate this reality back out of yourself and let it find its right place. This means letting go of everything that creates death. This means unconditionally letting go of everything involved with death be ever so slight an involvement. You need to do this in a way that denies nothing at all in yourself. You must do this at the time that is right for you and in the way that is right for you. In other words, this letting go needs to feel good and not like more self denial. 


   Even if these understandings seem overwhelming to you at first, they will become clear in time. If you have intent to heal, you need to release all the judgments you can find in yourself and let understandings come in their place.  Release of these deep denials is not an easy thing to do and yet it must be done. The reality needed to show these denials for what they are is intensifying its presence on the Earth now and it will help you clear your denials if you let it. But death is not meant to prevail in My Creation. And yes, I am every place, but Iím able to experience in a way that you may not yet be ready for nor really desirous of. Originally, many of my created Spirits tried to force themselves to experience every place because I did, and I did not have self acceptance for their own Wills.  Originally you tried to force yourself to experience this because I did. 


   Although the reality of the denial Spirits felt terrible to the Spirits of Loving Essence and they had to use force on themselves to make themselves experience it, they judged against their own Willís and said that it was not the reality of the denial Spirits that was terrible for them, but that their own Willís were terrible for feeling this way. Many even judged their own Wills were creating the death that they were actually just taking in from the denial Spirits and making their Wills hold because they wouldnít accept the expression involved in releasing it. The Will of a Loving Essence does not create death. If it is experiencing death, it has taken this and by accepting denial in some form or another in must reverse this in itself to escape death. The release of denial is going to allow you to find that your right place has no denial present anymore and will facilitate the process of letting denial find its right place. 


   Many Spirits that thought the Will was in opposition to Spirit thought that the Will itself was this denial when the Will was only try to point out the presence of these denials.      


Right Use of Will

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