The Input of Higher Consciousness



   I wish to bring into consideration now the acceptance of the input of higher consciousness. Know first that all of life is the expression of a divine source, a loving Creator. In His desire to express and to give of Himself, He has created more and more of and from Himself. In the beginning, we (as Source expressions) expressed at a very fine level of creation. Later, in the eons of time, the expression moved downward, if you will, into another layer or step in consciousness-His consciousness moving into involvement. As we experienced the Creator at different levels of beingness, we probed ever deeper (involved ourselves), wishing to understand ever more experience-going into slower and slower vibrations and finally arriving at the physical level.


   At this point the Creator stimulated a desire to have his creations return to him all that they had acquired. It was as if the prodigal son had gone forth from the fathers home, from the Kingdom in Heaven (as stated in some religious writings), and now the prodigal son had "tasted it", had experienced, had lived apart (in his own perception), the desire was stimulated within this creation-this expression, this focus of Divinity-to seek something which he knew not. He had forgotten! And now the dim memory was being stirred within his being. Faintly, he remembered. Faintly, he sought to open his vision and to allow the impetus to pull him forward. This time the seeking was for higher and clearer and more complete awareness. Having involved, his desire was to evolve and return to his original state.


   The spiritual seeking has been recognized by many. To those who have reached this stage of the yearning to return, there is a period of not knowing where to go or how to unfold their spiritual growth, their spiritual direction and evolution.


   You may recognize that, in a state of meditation, much input comes to the individual. He receives inspiration, direction, comfort, strength-much of what he needs to function in the physical world, as well as to make progress on the spiritual path. Meditation, then, is a means of opening one's self to the input of higher consciousness. This input can come from various directions, if you please, but it is all spiritual input. You may think of it as the input of your higher self-of your Soul. The Soul, at this point, has seen the flickering of light within the physical entity. The light is flickering, and the "note" is going forth. There is a recognition now, and the Soul responds with joy at this point. In the case of meditation one contacts the Soul; the Soul comes from the spiritual realms and the individual entity meets it and its desire to know itself.


   This truly, my friends, is what the yearning is about-knowing one's self, knowing one's self more completely, and finally knowing one's self in the totality, as the totality.


   The Soul instructs, and gradually the spiritual body grows in brilliance, grows in responsiveness, and is able to respond to more and more input from the spiritual realms. The spiritual body grows ever brighter and the spiritual teachers recognize the call for assistance.  The individual at this point (and, my friends, most of you recognize this development and are at this point now) earnestly seeks assistance and direction and inspiration. Response of the spiritual teachers are simultaneous with the opening that the individual has created with his desire for spiritual unfoldment- with his desire for spiritual awakening and with his desire to be part of the Creators Cosmic Plan, to partake in the creator is cosmic plan, to add his own beingness to the all-beingness, to the expansion of creation.


   This desire eventually must express as a desire to serve, for that is the at the epitome of desire: to serve the Creator. At this point the seeker, the partially awakened one, is full of questions, seeking answers: "How can I become greater, that my participation may be greater? Where can I get the input necessary to unfold to a point where I am flowing and knowing my purposes and the direction they must express in my physical existence”?


   Having created a means of communication through this sincere desire, the contact is made, and the seeker now is aware of the spiritual assistance available to him, that he may move forward quickly in his development. He is given inspiration, and his attunement to this inspiration and to this contact becomes finer and finer until finally he recognizes that this is so.


   The input now can become clearer and more definite as the seeker becomes more balanced, more focused in his objective. He becomes balanced, he becomes aligned with the spiritual will, and thus he is able to attract to himself the help that he requires. His attunement with wholeness will determine the extent to which he can receive.


   In the Tibetan Foundation we emphasize that it is necessary to clear the spiritual channel that allows the spiritual input. The channel must be cleared of blocks (false beliefs that have impeded clear perception and the ability to receive fully and move forward easily to one's goal). Therefore the subconscious must be reeducated. The subconscious has been a faithful servant giving back to the person that which he has impressed upon it, but now (in his evolving awareness) he knows that certain areas must become cleared in order to allow the free-flowingness that will take him to his heights. He begins to recognize the blocked areas-the false beliefs that must be removed from this unconsciousness.


   A spiritual teacher appears to assist one in recognizing the blocks, and the difficult process of removing the obstacles begins. Slowly at first, and sometimes painfully, the blocks are forcibly removed. As you work in the false-believe-removal system, this becomes more acceptable and you are able to release these blocks. You recognize more and more that they are impeding the progress to your true desire-to your true goal. The aspirant becomes ever more anxious to clear, that he may become ever more open to receive, evermore able to give and to serve. At this point the blocks are being recognized and removed, and the flow is easier.


   So, my friends you have arrived at a point of awareness where the input has become acceptable and recognizable and useable. The desire, at this point of development, leads you to more and more contact with your Soul, and to contact with your spiritual teacher. You are working at this time more freely, and the Soul is able to express more easily. The blocked areas are being cleared, allowing more and more the Soul expression, more and more the input and assistance of the spiritual teacher.


   Soon there will be the merging, the allowing, the uniting of the lower self higher self; then the communication will be instantaneous, and there will be a knowingness and a free flowingness.


   As you seek to purify self, to refine self, to balance the four bodies, to be in tune, the input that you need will be available to you and you will be able to receive it. Your spiritual teachers are assisting you and you are becoming receptive and responsive. Your desire to serve find a means of expression on the physical level and you begin to serve in an ever expanding manner, thus allowing more of the input to express in you, to be received and given fourth.


   My friends make of yourself a receptive vehicle, that you now may receive that which you desire-the assistance that you desire, and the merging with your true self.


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