Instructions for Projection from Trance and Dreams States


Excerpts from session 265, June 6th, 1966




   Whatever information I can give you will be of great practical benefit. I do not want either of you traveling about unless you know what you are doing. Again I want to mention the matter of subconscious fabrications. Initially, particularly, you will meet with them. You must remember that you are wandering in completely different dimensions, and the rules with which you are familiar simply do not apply.


   You may, then, encounter images that are subconsciously formed, quite valid images that belong in another dimension; or constructions created by others in other systems. For any control at all, you must learn to distinguish one from the other. Again, if you meet a disturbing image, you must first will it to disappear. If it is a subconscious construction of your own, it will vanish. But if you do not will it to disappear or realize its nature, then you must deal with it.


   I have told you that the form in which you are traveling can be a tip off to you.  If your levitation experience seems to carry you outside the solar system, then you know you are in the third form and that your abilities for the time are almost limitless, comparatively speaking. Any image you see here must be accepted. It does no good to call these forms hallucinations, for they are no more hallucinations than the chair and which my friend Ruburt now sits. Ruburt told one of your friends to respect physical reality. “Whether or not the automobile is a sensory hallucination, it can kill you, “he said. And I tell you that whether or not these projections images are hallucinations, they can be dangerous and you must respect the reality in which they exist. I want to be sure that you realize that some of these constructions will belong to other systems. You are safe as long as you do not meddle. You may explore, and freely, and that is all.


   Now, here are my instructions. You may induce a medium trance in what ever way you choose. On occasion, this will be almost spontaneous, as you know. For best results in the beginning, make a projection attempt when you feel slightly drowsy, but pleasantly so. When you have induced the trance state, then begin to examine your own subjective feelings until you find recognition of the inner self.


   This involves a recognition of yourself as distinct from the flesh fibers in which reside. Then, begin to imagine this inner self rising upward. You should experience at this point an internal sense of motion. This motion may be from side to side as you gently shake yourself loose.


   It may, instead, be a rushing upward. Which ever motion you experience, there will be a moment when you feel your identity and consciousness definitely withdrawing from the physical organism. Before you began the experiment, the suggestion should also be given that the physical organism will be well protected and comfortable.


   When you feel your consciousness withdrawing, the first step is this; forget physical body or what you are to do with it. Will yourself out in a quick motion.  There is no need to experience the hallucinations mentioned by Fox (in his book Astral Projection). If the projection is a success, you will instantly lose contact with the body using this method. You simply will not be in it.


   It will be far from lifeless, of course. Its maintenance is being controlled by the consciousness of the individual cells and organs of which I have spoken. I will give you alternate methods of projection, but I will be concerned now with what you can expect the first few moments after leaving the body.


   Once you are out of the body, then you are dealing with a different kind of reality, but the experience is as valid as any other. You may or may not have the sensation of traveling through doors or windows. This is dependent upon the kind of projection involved. The molecular structure of the projecting self is of a different nature than that of the physical body. There is no change in the physical nature of the door, for example. The molecular structure of the traveling self changes.


   There is no danger of not returning to the body, generally speaking. If in your projection you seem to be flying past treetops, then you are doing so. . .  You can meet and speak with others on some of these excursions. It is possible, with training, to arrange such meetings. For any kind of scientific proof, of course, this would be a necessary preliminary.


   Remember that I told you; you may visit not only the past, present or future as it exists or will exist in your terms, but you may also visit realities that never existed physically. In our earlier sessions, I mentioned that intensity regulated the “duration“ of the experience. Now, many events that were only imagined never took place physically, yet they exist. They simply are not a part of your definition of reality. You may, therefore, visit a museum that was planned in the 16th century but never built. Such a museum has a reality as valid as the house in which you live.


   I have been speaking of projection from the trance state. Projection from a dream state is something else again, and when executed successfully, you have a fine example of the self as it changes the focus of awareness. Here the critical consciousness can be fully alert while the body sleeps.  Spontaneous, unrecalled projections of this kind happen often. It is beneficial that they be carried out by the conscious wish of the projector. You learn, therefore, to manipulate your own consciousness and to experiences mobility. Quite simply, such projections allow you to practice in dealing with realities that you will meet when you no longer operate in the physical system…..



Instructions and Awake Seeming Dreams


Excerpts from session 269, June 20th, 1966


   There are some notes I wanted to give you concerning dreams in which you feel certain you are normally awake. When these dreams are unusually vivid, then the ego is aware and participating, but generally it is not using its critical facilities. As you know, you can become critically alert, but when you do so, you realize that you are not in your normal waking condition.


   In awake-seeming dreams you are indeed awake, but within a different psychological framework, indeed, within a different framework of reality. You are operating at a high level of awareness, and using the Inner senses. These enable you to perceive an added depth of dimension which is responsible for the vividness and sense of exhilaration that often occurs within this kind of dream. The next step, of course, is to allow the ego to awaken its critical faculties while within this state. You are then able to realize that you are indeed awake as you seem, you are awake while the body is asleep.


   When this occurs, you will be able to use your normal abilities in addition to those of the dream condition. You will be certain of your identity, realize that physical self is sleeping or in a dream state and that the inner self is fully awake.  This represents a definite increase in the scope of consciousness and a considerable expansion over the usual limitations set by you upon yourself.


   Only then can you fully begin to manipulate the conditions that exist and communicate this knowledge that you receive to the ego. For the time, you see, the ego becomes a direct participator such experience, at least to a degree.


   Almost all of your dream experiences do involve projection of one kind or another. These vary in intensity, type and even duration as any other experiences vary. It takes a good deal of training and competence to operate with any real effectiveness within these situations.


   All in all the intellect plays some part, but the intuitional qualities are most important. There are chemical changes, also, that occur with the physical body when projections happen, and electromagnetic variations. These vary according to the form in which the projection occurs.


   The projected form does make some impression upon the physical system. It is possible for it to be detected. It is a kind of pseudo image, materialistically speaking, but it has a definite electromagnetic reality and chemical properties.  Animals have sensed such apparitions. They react to the chemical properties and build up to the( perception of) the image from these.


   These chemical properties are more diffused in such an apparition than a physical form, however. The chemical composition of storm, perhaps, will give you an idea of what I mean. . . .  They cause small disturbances in the physical system. As a rule, they are not solid, in the same way the clouds are solid, and yet they have shape, and to a certain extent, boundaries and movement. They definitely have a reality, though you cannot usually perceive it with the physical senses.


   Perhaps this diffused quality is the most important difference (from your point of view) between an apparition and the physical form. There is an atomic structure, but in some ways is less complete than the physical one. There is always a minute difference in the body’s weight when the individual is projecting.


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