By Janet McClure channeling Vywamus

From The Book Prelude To Ascension
Light Technologies Publishing



   On the physical, there is a need for what Vywamus has called " resistiveness," a solid structural support that focuses attention. But this can be overdone. The structural support needs to be strong enough to support the effort, but not so rigid that it keeps it from becoming a more cosmic support system. There is an area that has accepted fragmentation. It represents the physical foundation of Earth, and as it came through the energy movement, the centering process itself seemed to fracture. It seemed to create certain boundaries and restrictions, and afterward, attempting to get rid of those boundaries, it became even more fractured. Realize this might not be clear to your mental body, but perhaps your emotional and intuitive faculties will be able to feel it. To complicate things even more, we still have reflections of what has been in the past cosmic days (as individual life streams). You have reflections from all your past lives that affect you, giving you a tendency to flow into an old pattern. So does the Earth.

   The fourth diagram (see “Prelude to Ascension” Janet McClure page 329) represents the Harmonic Convergence. Isn’t it interesting? Do you see the differences? All this happened in the space of a few hours of Earth time. Do you wonder that this has been a time of adjustment? It is important to see the differences in the energy structure. You are each in your own way having to identify what has happened. Your four body systems may feel insecure, unable to identify and balance these in flowing, converging energies. The Earth invoked this in-drawing, and what came in was an incredible transformation.

   Now see yourself standing in the center of this transformation. Visualize the Colors passing through as well as around you. Violet is the color that surrounds you, and red is farthest away. Focus into the violet and gold--particularly the gold. It is a repository for many other colors such as blue and yellow. On the outside radiating the red, and the violet and gold within. Sense what is occurring with the energy as you stand within the energy field. Good! There has been a longing to feel centered, to feel one is moving in the direction of the goal and that there is accomplishment--something positive--going on. So, centering, or integrating is not an inactive state. It is a state that is peaceful in the sense that it is a balanced but also a very active state. There so much energy in the sense that you may feel you are riding a skyrocket, but in a very balanced way. The energy is pouring in from All That Is, and you are centering yourself in the energy, which is ever-expanding. There is a pouring in, a centering and an expansion outward. Many elements had to be integrated, or centered and balanced, in order to give your rocket its outward surge. The Earth has its act together enough to have become a framework within which you can all center and move. The cosmology of it is the centering process that balances you to connect with something greater. I think we will go into a meditation at this time, and again we will use music.



   Sense existence coming together. All possibilities are moving into a centered space, and you are centered now. Calmly, peacefully and yet powerfully you accept this new center. Your emotional body says, " Yes, finally I am centered peacefully." This awareness stirs a connection to "something greater." It sings; literally, it sings through you now. Listen to it! It communicates that "something greater." It is communicating now, singing to you. Other levels of awareness flow in, and you are integrating into them. Note them--note all of them coming in, coming in, coming in. All these levels of awareness surround you. They are coming in, coming in now, singing through you. The vibration is introspective; you are centered within it. It is introspective, and yet at the same time, the dynamic, the following perspective, is also there. The range, the whole gamut of experience, yes, and the whole range--level upon level within level within level--All experience comes in to you now. Be integrated, be centered, all levels coming in, centering, coming in, and coming in. Be centered within them.

   There is a process I would like to lead you through—a boundless process. As these levels come in, as they express specifically, they will put their arms around each other. There is a cosmic heart expressed, and from that cosmic heart a bonding, a bonding, and sharing, a joining through the heart perspective. Each area comes in--the sharing nature is accepted, bonded to another part of your sharing nature. It is done through the heart center--quietly, quietly, quietly each perspective is allowed to come in, accepted and bonded, accepted and integrated. As they bond together they become a great strength, a great strength of integrated perspective that shares the cosmos and radiates it forth now, the strength bonded together from the individual perspective coming together into a flow. There is a flow that your emotional body may recognize as what it has been looking for. Yes, what it has been looking for. Each area is coming in, bonding to other areas, becoming the strength that then flows. See them coming together—each area, each prospective, each opportunity, each thought, each feeling.

   Here comes love; bond it together with another perception of love and blend it with a basic premise of love that is there for you. Here comes trust; bond it together with the trusting basis that you have about life. Bond it! Bond strength into the area of trust. Know that each perspective that comes in is a part of who you are. You can accept. As you accept it, it will multiply the strength that you have within you. You now have more love. You now have more trust. You are multiplying those strengths. Stand here centered in the creative process, centered in the integrative process, centered in the energy pattern of the Earth. Now send forth again the radiance of who you are. Become aware of it and use it. It is going forth. It goes forth and shines all over the Earth, and you have the strength that you have gathered, that you have bonded, that you have multiplied. Look now to the integration that has taken place. This is what integration is: the allowing of the multiplying factor of your strength, the gathering up of those strengths so that they may be used as a radiant Jewel to shine on the Earth. You shine now through more love. You shine now through more trust. You shine through a basic understanding that says, " I may use this energy that is coming in. It is the universal principle, and I may draw from it what I can make from it now. This is the way existence evolves. Here I get mirrored to me from the universe all of what I am seeking, and I may simply trust. When it is right I may take, it within me and it will multiply the factors, I have--it will multiply the aspects, it will increase my awareness in each of these areas. I can simply accept more love. The universe is radiating it to me now. I can turn it on. The universe is bringing it in. I can bond what I receive from the universe into what I already recognize within myself."

   It is that simple. The radiance of the whole is bringing you all that you need. You have only to grasp it to bring it in, to stretch to that next level, that next step. Bring in more love now. Accept it, bonded it to the loving understanding. Listen! Your heart sings with this loving radiance. You accept more love and accept the ability to shine as a center of loving energy. The universe is providing it and it shines through you now. You can bond in the next level of understanding simply by grasping it, bringing it in and allowing it. There is more trust out there--it is being radiated to you from the universe. Take it! Remember, it is the universe; it is the outer radiance that you can bring into the core, into your inner radiance. There is trusthear it in the music. It is coming in, coming in, and a more and more radiant core. It is now generating a point of contact that is being integrated into who you are. The radiant core begins to multiply, begins to generate a point of contact that is extremely magnetic. That magnetic flow goes out into the universe in the next level of radiance. You have been radiated, too, and now you bond that radiating quality within you and it radiates forth. Thus, it creates generative cores, which in turn radiate forth, thus the cosmos evolves and expands. One radiating core generates a point of contact with the next radiating core. One is accepting, bonding, and then using the strengths that have been gathered up.

   Integration: the process of allowing evolution to move through you, of accepting what the universe provides as a tool for the next step of evolution. You can let go of the insecurities and the uncertainties. The process works! You have but to open to it. You do not have to provide the premise because it has been provided for you. You simply have to accept it. Sense now the opening. You have chosen to accept it. You are an accepting core within the Source. The radiant energy is being bonded into an integrative core that is now generating another source of radiance - a source of radiant energy. Sense now and trust now the eternal progression and the eternal unfoldment of Source. It is ever Creative. Each of you responds in your own unique perception of radiance. Hear it and see it now--your unique interpretation. It is unique to you but complementary to everyone else's interpretation. It is uniquely created, dynamically created, generatively lovely created. Sense the gathering: the integrative process that allows you to keep magnifying source and to keep on magnifying it. It radiates; it flows; you and this generative core flow with in it. Yes! Flow with it!

   The journey is an eternal one, my friends. You are centered within it. You cannot get away from it, but you can bond with what is being radiated to you from the universe. You can accept it and use it as a strength in order to radiate completely. The music says it is a continuing effort eternally discovering, eternally radiating, and eternally bonding more and more strength. There is no beginning; there is no ending; there is only the continuing saga of discovery. There's only one source, your unique perspective of Source, generating a on a more creative level, accepting a more unified and bonded approach, ever moving through the levels of creativity, ever discovering new ways of perception, ever allowing a unique radiating to take place between you and Source. It is the source-level relationship that radiates. Discover it. As you do there will be a sense of release, a sense of peace, of Harmony, of acceptance.

   Come back now. Comeback, bringing back into your awareness the Earth plane and the knowing that the generative core that you are is forever bonding more and more of your strengths radiated to you by the universe itself.


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