Intimidating Form



   Form has intimidated many on Earth because it has not been understood. If you look around you, it appears that society has power over you in many ways. I could make along list here but I will only list certain areas in which overriding of Free Will is extensive.


    Laws are not real laws unless they have the purpose of protecting people from being overridden by others. Many laws that started out to protect in this way have become imprisoning because of the way in which they are applied. Laws are only meant to preserve the balance points in society. The image of enforcing laws is another image of intimidating form. Society will exist without any law-enforcement if it is a valid society.


   The establishment of a military in every nation is another intimidating form that has convinced many people of its necessity and power. Industry is another intimidating form. The industry in the military both expect people to continue to live on Earth, and yet they have both treated Earth like something they plan to discard in the near future. I will not let them, however. Instead I am going to remove them and put them in their right place. This place they will go might be hell to you, but it will be heaven to them. 


   Compulsory education has become an intimidating form to some, and yet another intimidating form is the idea that you have to buy something or pay rent all of your life to have any place to live on Earth. Add to that the intimidating form that you must hold a job to pay for it. I have been wondering how many pieces of plastic; people are going to exchange for money before they figure out itís not real. If you think I should have the answer because Iím God, then you need to reread this book because you have not grasped the concept of Free Will.  Free will has some leeway. I have the whole spectrum of the possibilities here, but your Will must select for you where you fit in. 


   I have been attempting to channel some humor into this part of the book that seems to be the heaviest weight on people because I see intimidating form for what this is, but laughter is part of the final stages of healing. You have a lot of movement to go through before you are going to really be able to laugh because you see intimidating form for what it is. 


   Religions are another intimidating form. Religions have said not to allow your Will but to abdicate your Will in favor of my Will. Religions have then promoted their own point of view and called of My Will. It is not possible to find Me there because guilt is most of the presence. 


   Religions are not working for the people because they have given form to something I said or did in the past and have repeated what was right for a particular time and place in which it was given, as though this is what is also right for any similar situation which has been encountered since then. Sometimes this applicable and sometimes it is not, but the giving of these teachings as though there are universal laws to remain unchanged forever does not allow movement, change and evolution of a living God. For example, just because I told man long ago not to spill his seed upon the ground does not mean I wanted population to go to the other extreme of becoming so immense it destroys the environment upon which its life depends. 


    It is lack of movement that is giving rise to all of these forms which have become so intimidating, but in saying this, it does not mean that I am promoting change for the sake of change either. Movement in the Will plays a crucial role in evolution; without it, you have things like radioactivity being turned loose on Earth. 


   It is impossible now to let you know how it is going to be later because fixing on images according to the level of understating you have now can prevent you from attaining the movement necessary. This is what you need to know now: Guilt has more presence than my Light does on Earth at this time. Guilt is not love although denial of the Will has been based on the fear that guilt is love. This has meant the Will has not been allowed to move in many of the ways Will wants and needs to move. The judgment here has been that the Will is not loving when in actuality; it is guilt that is not loving. Love does not seek self-denial.


    Most of the intimidating form on Earth is the guilt reflection you do not yet understand, but if you allow movement in your emotional body, you will gain understanding as you go along. However, I would like you to know that you cannot go to all whole route to your own healing if you do not understand your own original cause.


   Therefore, if you allow your Will to move without the Original Cause information I am also providing, you will have times when you do not understand what is happening to you. If you allow the movement, you may get the understandings, but you must be open to understandings which do not fit into anything you have known before. Many things have been lost into the subconscious that need to be brought into consciousness now and understood.  For most people, this is impossible without the help I am giving now, although some people have deeply held feelings toward Me that will make them give it a try on their own. 


   When these things lost in the subconscious began to surface they will surface showing you the judgments against them which cause them to be pushed down and out of your consciousness. Understand: These are judgments and not all there is to the reality of the way things are. 


   This sort of deep movement in the parts of your Will that have been lost from your consciousness for so long may not happen at first, but when it does happen, it needs to be when you are alone or in the presence of those who you trust.  Expression from parts of your Will that have been heavily guilt-laden should not take place in the presence of others who do not understand and who might take a role of acting out the judgments you yourself hold against the expression of these emotions, such as deciding youíre crazy or dangerous. 


   This caution is necessary for you, at least until you know more about what you is doing. The presence of guilt on Earth does not want to allow this movement because it is holding the judgments against this movement. Since outer reality reflects inner denials, you need to move this Lost Will with yourself first to get the outer changes you need in the intimidating form around you that says you cannot do and say as you want. 


   The reasons why intimidating form says you cannot be freed are all judgments of yours and others on Earth which are being reflected to you by the intimidating form of guilt on Earth. Movement within yourself will show you how you have been empowering these imitating forms with your own self-denial, but take My caution seriously here. Advancing outwardly it is not going to be successful unless you have done the inner movement first. 


   I hear the complaint on Earth: If I recover myself, I still have to cope with the rest of Earth; and more sensitive I get, the harder it is to tolerate what is happening now. I want to reassure you. Open to me here. Everything that has been attempted so far on Earth has had denial present and it. This allowed it to be denied. If you end your own denial, it is going to affect everything on Earth. In ending your own denial, you will automatically make the changes necessary in your own life. Even one person ending denial on Earth is going to have a tremendous effect on the reality there. Form intimidates only those over whom it has power. If you have no denial, it cannot deny you.


   In saying this, I do not mean there is hope at the end of a long struggle. I mean that this can happen now. You do not have to heal everything in sight immediately. You only need to find your denials and accept them and have intent to heal them as fast as possible. If you have been convinced that magic is deceptive or evil and not a part of Me, just try where I have presented here and see what happens on Earth. I will not say much more right now except that I have completed the teaching for this book and I know you can do it. I have chosen not to go into great depth in any one area because I see how many people already have parts of this information. Putting the parts together is My purpose here. In doing that, I have needed to point out what has held the parts separate from each other.  In healing yourself, look carefully at everything that has held you apart from your full self and from others. This is where emotional blockage and old judgments are held, and this is where denial hides. These are holes in the energy field that have to heal, and can be healed without scars if they are healed completely.


   I have seen already that Earth has to heal now. I have already seen that Earth can heal now. I have already seen that many people on Earth have to heal now and I have already seen that many people on Earth can heal now. I have heard the call from many that want to hear Me directly. I speak to many people on Earth. Many people that hear Me do not realize it is me speaking to them. Others have wanted to hear from Me and have thought they did when they did not. How to tell the difference between me and my impersonators is the question here. You must know your own intent and your own Heart; that is the way it can be felt to be my presence or not. If I am not feeling good to you in this form, then this is not the right form for you at this time. If you need a different image of Me, you will find the image you need. I hold no judgment or any other denial here; I will just put you in the place where you can receive Me the way you want to receive Me. 


   I am everything and I am in all places. I love all My Spirits and want to give them all what they want and need. I have only healing in mind here and I want you to know that itís entirely possible to heal Earth in the next few years.  I will do it and you can help me by healing yourselves as much as possible. I will help anyone that needs Me in any way in which they need Me if I am asked to be present. 


   Earth has My Unlimited Love and the more you open to Me, the more My Light will increase on Earth. The more you open to yourself and the more of yourself you receive into your own love, the more you can open to Me and increase your own Light on Earth.  I end now with one of My favorite endings:




Right Use of Will

Ceanne DeRohan

Four Winds Publishing

Pages 120-125

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