Invocation of Angels


           This, the first in the series of work, has been taken from the Essene Gospels of Peace translated and edited by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, published by The International Biogenic Society.  The books are:

 #2 The Unknown Books of the Essenes

#3 Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood

#4 The Teachings of the Elect


          The Essenes were the mystical or spiritual branch of early Christianity.  They were the holders of Arcane Truths.  As they passed out of existence around 200 AD due to Roman persecution, we lost the only direct way to connect to the adjoining realms in which we live in.  In truth, we became separated from the rest of the true universe at this time.

          It might be worthwhile at this time to add that the Essenes attempted a return in Great Britain for a few hundred years as the druids but with the energy of the coming dark ages so great, the energy could not be held to bring back the light.  Also since the energy of the earth was so much darker, the window of knowledge only focused on the nature entities and not the Angelic realms.  So the Christians, coming out of the Roman empire, dismissed these druids as being Pagans and worshiping many different gods and not being true to the one new God.

          It is very timely that this information is finding its way back to the light at this moment in our time.  For as the Essenes attempted to usher mankind out of the age of Aries to Pisces they are here ushering Pisces into Aquarius.  The same issues and desires await us for the coming age is truly built around love in all its aspects and forms for us to experience.  We now can no longer turn our backs because we are afraid.  We are at a crossroads in our civilization.  Let’s leap forward instead of backward, for it is true that nothing stays the same no matter how much we wish it.  For we either make it better or worse depending on whether we come from love or fear.

          The following set of invocations and communions are dynamic in what they accomplish, not only in terms of reestablishing on a conscious level those who are waiting for us, but the untold levels and doors that will open if diligently followed.  Faith and love coupled with our ability to open our hearts to create our bond with our brothers and sisters the Angels.

          The communications that will take place as a result of this depend on how you are able to open your heart and develop your intuition.  For most it means silencing that interior voice (mental, emotional, ego) that talks to us all the time about everything.  We need to find a quiet place in which to place ourselves preferably close to a window in which to see outside during the day and in the evenings.  After settling yourself into a comfortable chair, relax all of your muscles one by one quickly.  You don’t have to concentrate too much on this.  Then, ask that your voices (ask verbally) in your head be taken aside for a few minutes so that you may receive and be connected with higher teachings.  Creating for us is a two step process.  As we mentally create the thought, it has to be sent down into the creative heart then back through the voice to be sent  out to the universe with love to be brought back as loving abundance.  With this in mind and heart, read the invocations and communions out loud in a soft to normal voice telling the universe you are here and wish to join and be a part of it again.  There will be many standing around you helping and listening to the call.  When you are finished, remain quiet for a few minutes and see if a dialogue is started consciously, for many are waiting for you. 

          I’ve taken the liberty of changing some of the words to give a more contemporary flow to the requests.  Since resonating and vocal clarity are connected to the voice as it speaks, tonal music comes forth from the heart for the universe to take pleasure in and respond to in the form of manifesting back to you that which you call forth through the verbalizing and toning.

         If I may at this point in time add a few pieces of insight to all of these writings. The language being spoken is archaic and perhaps out of date. None-the-less all the aspects of and for the invocations are as appropriate to day as they were 2,000 years ago. Perhaps our toys and interests have changed some, but our need for connection to others for love and understanding have not.

         Secondly all who have reincarnated in the here and now, have guardian angels, other forms of guides, ascended masters, teachers, that continuously are with us from what we consider, the cradle to the grave. Another interesting point of causal knowledge is that our thoughts wether spoken or not, are created energy and is thus released into our environment as well as the universe. With enough of this either positive or negative energy. We create physical ripples in our atmosphere as well as all the physical realms that vibrate above us.



The Sevenfold Vow

I want to and will do my best
To love like the tree of life,
Planted by the Great Masters of our Brotherhood,
With my Heavenly Father,
Who planted the eternal Garden of the Universe
And gave me my spirit:
With my Earthly Mother
Who planted the Great Garden of the Earth
And gave me my body:
With my brothers
Who are working in the Garden of our Brotherhood.

I want to and will do my best
To hold every morning my communions
With the Angels of the Earthly Mother,
And every evening
With the Angels of the Heavenly Father,
As established by
The Great Masters of our Brotherhood

I want to and will do my best
To follow the Path of the Sevenfold Peace.

I want to and will do my best
To perfect my body which acts,
My body which feels
And my body which thinks,
According to the teachings
Of the Great Masters of our Brotherhood.

I will always and everywhere obey with reverence
My Master
Who gives me the light
Off the Great Masters of all times

I will submit to my master
And accept his decision
On whatever differences or complaints I may have
Against any of my brothers
Working in the Garden of the Brotherhood;
And I shall never take any complaint against a brother
To the outside world.

I will always and everywhere keep secret
All the traditions of our Brotherhood
Which my Master will tell me;
And I will never reveal to anyone these secrets
And I will always give credit to him
For all this knowledge.
I will never use the knowledge and power I have gained
Through initiation from my Master
For material or selfish purposes

I enter the Eternal and Infinite Garden
With reverence to the Heavenly Father
To the Earthly Mother,
And to the Great Masters,
Reverence to the Holy,
Pure and Saving teaching.
Reverence to the Brotherhood of the Elect



          “Hear me, Sons of light, for I will impart to you the gift of Tongues, that by speaking to your Earthly Mother in the morning, and to your Heavenly Father in the evening, you may go closer and closer to oneness with the kingdoms of earth and heaven, that oneness for which the Son of Man is destined from the beginnings of the times.”     

          “I will make known unto you deep and mysterious things.  For I tell you truly, all things exist by God and there is none beside him.  Direct your hearts, therefore, that you may walk on the right paths, where his presence is.”

          “When you open your eyes in the morning, even then before your body has been called by the Angel of the Sun say to yourselves these words, allowing them to echo in your spirit; for words are like dead leaves when there is no life in them of the spirit.”  Say, then, these words: “I enter the eternal and infinite garden of mystery, my spirit in oneness with the Heavenly Father, my body in oneness with the Earthly Mother, my heart in harmony with my Brothers, the Sons of Men, dedicating my spirit, my body, and my heart to the holy, pure and saving teaching, even that teaching which of old was known to Enoch:”

          “And on the Sabbath evening, say these words: `The heavenly Father and I are One’ and close your eyes, Sons of light, and in sleep enter into the unknown realms of the Heavenly Father and you will bathe in the light of the stars, and the Heavenly Father will hold you in his hand and cause a spring of knowledge to well up within you: a fountain of power, pouring forth living waters, a flood of love and of all embracing wisdom, like the splendor of Eternal Light.  And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things.”



First Day After Sabbath

 On the morning after Sabbath, say these words: “The Earthly Mother and I are one. Her breath is my breath, her blood is my blood, her bone is my bone, her flesh is my flesh, her bowels are my bowels, her eyes and ears are my eyes and ears. Never will I desert her. Always will she nourish and sustain my body.”

          You will feel the power of the earthly Mother flowing through your body like the river when it is swollen with rains and courses mightily with a great noise.

          Follow this after a few moments of silence with the first of your communions with the Angel of the Days.

My first communion is with
The Angel of Sun,
She who cometh each morning
As a bride from her chamber,
To shed her golden light upon the world.
O Thou immortal, shining, swift-seeded
Angel of the Sun.
There is no warmth without thee,
no fire without thee,
no life without thee.
The green leaves of the trees
do worship thee,
and through thee is the tiny wheat kernel
to become a river of golden grass,
moving with the wind.
Through thee is opened the flower
In the center of my body.
Therefore will I never hide myself from thee
Angel of Sun
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
enter the holy temple within me
and give me the fire of life!



        With this being said, go about your day knowing you have called to you the Angels of physicality and mature through this invocation to the Mother before you retire for the night or just a time of transition From physicality of the day to the departure of the spirit to the Fathers realms while you sleep. Gather about you the Angels of the Father/Spirit, for your continuing voyages!

         And on the first evening after the Sabbath, say these words before retiring for the night: “Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon me and give eternal life to my spirit.  As a Son of light, and in my sleep shall I contemplate the oneness of all life everywhere.  For as I share in love with the mother, in the daylight hours our feet on the ground and we have no wings with which to fly: But our spirits are not tied to the earth, and with the coming of night we overcome our attachment to the earth and join with that which is eternal.
For I as a Son of man am not all that I seem, and only with the eyes of The Spirit can I see those golden threads which link us with life everywhere”.


“My first communion is with the Angel of Power;
who fills the sun with heat,
and guides the hand of man
In all his works
This, Heavenly Father
was the power
when you did order a path
For each and every one of us
Through your Power
will my hands perform your work.
May the golden river of Power
Always flow from you to me.
May my body always turn to you
As the flower turns to face the sun,
For there is no power save that
from the Heavenly Father
All else is but a dream of dust”.



The Second Day After The Sabbath

And on the second morning after the Sabbath, say these words: ”Angel of Earth, make fruitful my seed and with your power give life to my body. Even as my seed creates new life so courses  through the earth the seed of the Angel of Earth. In the grass in the soul in all living things that grow from the soul. I know that as a son of light that the same Angel of Earth that makes my seed into sons also makes the tiny acorn into this mighty oak and makes the seed bearing wheat  to grow bread for the son of man. And as the seed of our bodies need not enter the body of a woman to create life for the power of the Angel of Earth can create the life of the spirit within as well as the life of the body without”.

          Again allow a few moments of silence with the second of your communions with the Angel of the day.

“May I share the second communion is with;
The Angel of waters:
She who makes the rain
To fall upon the arid plain,
She who fills the dry well to overflowing.
Yes, we do worship you,
Water of life.
From the heavenly sea
The waters run and flow forward
From the never failing springs.
In my blood flows
a thousand pure springs,
and vapors, and clouds,
and all the waters
That spread over the Seven Kingdoms.
All the waters
The Creator has made are holy.
The voice of the Father
is upon all of the waters
As the God of Glory thunders
the Father is upon many waters.
Angel of water
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother
enter the blood that flows through me,
wash my body in the rain
That falls from heaven,
And give me the waters of life!


           Go about your daily routines and see what these invocations may bring you.  For to step on the Lighted Path, brings many new and wonderful experiences: adventures.

          And on the second evening after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of the Creative Work, descend upon the earth and give abundance to all the Sons of Men: As you the most powerful of the Angels of the Heavenly Father is the cause of movement, and only in movement is life.  Let us work, Sons of Light, in the garden of the Brotherhood to create the kingdom of the heavens upon the earth.  And as we work, so will the Angel of Creative Work nurture and ripen the seed of our spirit, that we may see the Father”.

          After a moment, please follow with the second communion with The Angel of Love:

The Angel of Love
whose healing waters flow
In a never ending stream
From the Sea of Eternity.
Beloved, let us love one another
For love is the Heavenly Father
and everyone that loves
Is born of the Heavenly order
and knows the Angels.
For without love,
A man’s heart is parched and cracked.
As the bottom of a dry well;
and his words are empty
as a hollow gourd.
But loving words are as a honeycomb
Sweet to the soul;
Loving words in a man’s mouth
Are as deep waters
And the wellspring of love
As a flowing brook,
Yes, it was said by the ancient of days
We shall love our Heavenly Father
with all of our hearts
And with all of our minds
and with all of our deeds
and we shall love our brothers
as ourselves.
The heavenly Father is love
and we that dwell in love
dwell in the Heavenly Father.
And the Heavenly Father in us.
We that love not are like a wandering bird
cast out of the nest
For him the grass fails
and the stream has a bitter taste
and if we can say
I love the Heavenly Father
But hate my brother
Has no love in his heart.
For those who love not their brother
who he has seen,
can he love the Heavenly Father
with whom he hasn’t seen?
By this we know the children of Light:
we who walk with the Angel of Love
Do love the Heavenly Father,
And we who love our brothers and sisters?

Keep the Holy Law.
Love is stronger
than the currents of deep waters:
Love is stronger than what we call death.



        Please, as you retire place yourself in their loving hands, literally for your lessons and journey’s, knowing that no harm will ever come to you while with them.




The Third Morning After Sabbath

       And on the third morning after Sabbath say these words: “Angel of Life, enter with strength the limbs of my body.’ And with these words shall I embrace this brother oak and feel the power of the Angel of Life flow in my arms, and my legs, and to all parts of my bodies, as the sap flows in the tree in the spring, even as it runs out of the trunk, so will the Angel of Life flood my body with the power of the Earthly Mother”.

        After a brief moment, please follow with the Third Communion with the Angel of Air.

“May I share the third communion with
The Angel of Air.
She who spreads the perfume
of sweet-smelling fields,
of spring grass after the rain,
of the opening buds of the
rose of Sharon.
We worship the Holy Breath
which is placed higher
than all other things created.
For, as the eternal and sovereign
luminous space,
where rule the unnumbered stars.
Is the air we breathe in
and the air we breathe out.
And in the moment between the breathing in
and the breathing out
is hidden all the mysteries
of the Infinite Garden.
Angel of Air
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
enter deep within me,
As the swallow plummets from the sky,
that I may know the secrets of the wind
and the music of the stars.


         During your day whether at work or at home, place yourself at the center of your creative heart and integrate all that which you call forth for yourself and those around you.

         And on the third evening after Sabbath, say these words: “Peace, peace, peace, Angel of Peace, be always everywhere: ‘May I always seek the Angel of Peace in all that lives, in all I do, in every word I speak.  For peace is the key to all knowledge, to all mystery, to all life.  Where there is no peace, there does Satan reign as the sons of darkness covet most of all to steal from us the sons of light our peace.  There must we go, therefore, on the s night to the golden stream of light that is the garment of the Angel of Peace.  Bring back to the morning the peace of God that surpasses understanding, that with this perfect peace we may comfort the hearts of us, the Sons of Man”.

             After a brief moment, please continue with the third communion.


My third communion is with the Angel of Wisdom:

"The Angel of Wisdom
who makes us free from fear,
wide of heart,
and easy of conscience:
Holy wisdom,
The understanding that unfolds,
As a holy scroll,
Yet does not come through learning.
All wisdom comes
From the Heavenly Father,
and is with him forever.
Who can number the sands of the Sea,
and the drops of rain,
and the days of eternity?
Who can find the height of Heaven,
and the breadth of the earth?
Who can tell the beginning
of wisdom?
Wisdom has been created
before all things.
He who is without wisdom
is like he who said to the wood,
`Awake’ and to the stone
`Arise and Teach!’
So are his words empty,
and his deeds are harmful,
as a child who brandishes his fathers sword
and knows not its sharp edge.
But crown of wisdom
makes peace and perfect health to flourish,
Both of which are gifts of the Father.
O Thou Heavenly Order!
And you Angel of Wisdom!
I will worship you and
The Heavenly Father,
Because of whom
The River of Thought within us
Is flowing towards the Holy Sea of Eternity.


           Go to your rest with the peace of the father to live in the light of your other day.



The Fourth Morning After Sabbath

         And on the fourth morning after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Joy, descend upon earth, pouring forth beauty and delight to all the children of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father.  May we go forth into the fields of flowers after the rain and give thanks to our Earthly Mother for the sweet odor of blossoms; for I ask does a flower have no other purpose than to bring joy to the heart of the son of man.  Allow us to listen with new ears to the song of the birds, and see with new eyes the colors of the sun in its rising and its setting; give to us all these gifts of the Earthly Mother and bring forth the joy in our hearts for as a spring wells forth of a sudden in a barren place.  And shall we know that no one comes before the Heavenly Father that the Angel of Joy lets not pass; for in joy was the earth created, and in joy did the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father give birth to the Son of Man”.

          Give pause and reflect our connection to all above as well as next to us, then give the fourth communion.

My fourth communion is with The Angel of Earth:

The Angel of the Earth,
she who brings forth corn and grapes from the fullness of the earth,
she who brings children
from the loins of the father and mother.
He who would till the earth
with the left arm and the right
unto him will she bring forth
an abundance of fruit and grain,
golden-hued plants
growing up from the earth
during the spring,
as far as the earth extends,
as far as the rivers stretch,
as far as the sun rises,
to impart their gifts of food unto men.
This wide earth do I praise,
expanded far with paths,
the productive, the full bearing,
thy mother, holy plant!
Yea, I praise the lands
where you do grow,
sweet-scented, swiftly spreading
the good growth of the Lord.
He who sows corn, grass and fruit,
sows the law.
And his harvest shall be bountiful,
and his crop shall be ripe upon the hills
as a reward for the followers of the law,
the Father sent the Angel of Earth,
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
to make the plants to grow,
and to make fertile the womb of woman
that the earth may never be without the laughter of children.
Let us worship the Lord in her!



            As you pass your day, ponder upon the connectedness of all the different aspects of nature, a nature in which you are a part that creates balance and harmony through your own energy, actions, and love.

            And on the fourth evening of the Sabbath when your tasks are complete and you quiet family, job and energy to stillness, sit quietly and give acknowledgment to those around you by saying: Angel of Power, descend on me and fill with power all my deeds.  Just as there is no life on earth without the sun, so there is no life of the spirit without the Angel of Power.  Give unto us the power to open our hearts so that that which we think and what we feel are not like the dead scriptures, which are only dead words on a page, or like the dead speech of dead man.”

          “As we the Sons of Light will not only think, will not only feel, but will also do, our acts will fulfill our thoughts and feelings as the golden fruit of the summer gives meaning to the green leaves of spring.”

           Pause and understand how many levels of integration we’ve put forth in this invocation. 

          After a moment please continue on with your fourth communion:.

My fourth communion is with the Angel of Eternal Life, who brings the message of eternity to man.

For he who walks with the Angels
shall learn to soar
above the clouds,
and his home shall be
in the eternal sea
where stands the sacred Tree of Life.
Do not wait for death
to reveal the great mystery;
if you know not your heavenly father
which your feet tread the dusty sand,
there shall be naught but shadows for thee
in the life to come.
Here and now
is the mystery revealed
here and now
is the curtain lifted.
Be not afraid, O son of man!
Hold onto the wings of the
Angel of Eternal life,
and soar onto the paths of the stars,
the moon, the sun,
and the endless light
moving around in their
revolving circles forever.
Fly to the Heavenly Sea
of Eternal Life.


           With this complete, go and slip your physical tethers and experience truth which you separate yourself  from in each of your daily lives.




The Fifth Morning After Sabbath

            And on the fifth morning after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Sun, enter my body and let me bathe in the fire of life.  As we feel the rays of the rising sun enter into the center point of my body, there in the center where the Angels of Day and of Night mingle, and the power of the sun shall be ours to direct to any part of our body, for the Angels dwell therein.”

            Again, pause and understand just how important the heart really is!  Not only in literature but in the real day to day creative journeys we make to allow ourselves love and abundance.


           When you are ready, please continue on.

My fifth communion is with The Angel of Life:

The Angel of Life,
she who gives strength and vigor to man.
For, lo, if the wax is not pure,
how then can the candle give a steady flame?
Go, then, toward the high growing trees,
and before one of them, which is beautiful,
high growing and mighty.
Say these words:
“Hail be unto thee!  O good living tree,
made by the creator”!
Then shall the river of life
flow between you and your brother
the Tree,
nd health of the body,
swiftness of foot
quick hearing of the ears
strength of the arms
and eyesight of the eagle will be yours.
Such is the communion
with the Angel of Life.
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother.”



          Have you the courage to venture forth to touch that which you mirror in your day dreams?  As you step on your path and dare to show others; will they watch and follow, can you be a leader with no followers?

           In the evening when the energy of the day has gone, feel that which draws you forth from your days’ journey to venture on the side of light and love and the fathers’ energy.

           And on the fifth evening after the Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Love, descend on me and fill with love all my feelings.  For it is through this love that the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother and the Son of Man become one.  Love is eternal.  Love is stronger than death.  Every night allow me as one of the Sons of Light bathe in the holy water of the Angel of Love that with the morning he may baptize the Sons off Men with kind deeds and gentle words.  For when the heart of the Son of Light is bathed in love, only kind and gently words speak forth.”

          With heart and love your  work will always produce miraculous results, whether anyone ever sees them or not. For the true benefit comes and goes from the heart and the lives of you, for as you strive so shall the wind and the road rise to meet you.

My fifth communion is with the Angel of Work:

Angle of Work
who sings in the humming of the bee.
Pausing not in its making of golden honey:
In the flute of the shepherd,
who sleeps not lest his flock go astray:
In the song of the maiden
as she lays her hand to the spindle.
And if you think that these
are not as fair in the eyes of the Lord
as the loftiest of prayers
echoed from the highest mountain,
then you do indeed err.
For the honest work of humble hands
is a daily prayer of thanks giving.
And the music of the plough
Is a joyful song unto the Lord.
He who eats the bread of idleness
must die of hunger.
For a field of stones
can yield only stones.
For him is the day without meaning
and the night a bitter journey of evil dreams.
The mind of the idle
is full of the weeds of discontent:
But he who walks with the
Angel of Work
has within him a field always fertile,
where corn and grapes
and all manner of sweet scented
herbs and flowers grow in abundance.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
The man of God who has found his task
shall not ask any other blessing.




The Sixth Morning After Sabbath

           And on the sixth morning after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Water, enter my blood and give the water of life to my body.  Allow me to feel the rushing current of the river, the power of the Angel of Water enter my blood and like the rivulets of the stream, send the power of the Earthly Mother through my blood to all parts of my body.  And it shall be healing for the power of the Angel of Water is very great, and when you speak to her, she will send her power wherever you command, for when the Angels of God dwell within the Son of Man all things are possible.”

           Begin to bring life to the words which you read, create, and materialize which you involve.  As you energize from your heart up through your mind begin:

My sixth communion is with The Angel of Joy:

The Angel of Joy.
She who descends upon earth
to give beauty to all men.
For the Father is not worshiped with sadness
nor with cries of despair.
As I leave my moans and lamentations
and I shall sing unto the Lord a new song:
Sing unto the Lord, all the earth
Let the heavens rejoice
and let the earth be glad.
Let the fields be joyful,
let the floods clap their hands,
let the hills be joyful together
before the Lord
for I shall go out with joy
and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills
shall break forth before me into singing.
Angel of Joy
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
I will wing unto the Lord
as long as I live:
I will sing praise to my God
while I have by being.”


         Proceed through your day knowing that you are indeed gathering around you Angels in abundance.  Within you think not if they are there or not, for they hear the music of your thoughts as well your heart felt words.

         And on the sixth evening after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Wisdom, descend on me and fill with wisdom all my thoughts.  As I come to understand that as a Son of Light that my thoughts are as powerful as the bolt of lightening that stabs through the storm and splits the mighty tree.  It was for this that I have wanted to learn how to speak with the Angels, for I know not the power of my thoughts.  Help me use, then, wisdom in all I think and say and do.  For that which is done without wisdom is as a riderless horse, mouth foaming and eyes wild, running crazed into a yawning chasm.  But with you the Angel of Wisdom governing my deeds, then is the path to the unknown realms established, and order and harmony governing my life.”

         With this pause, visualize the path on which you see yourself stepping and gaze in wonder at what you see.  Smile and know in your heart that you are on the return voyage home.


My sixth communion is with The Angel of Peace:

Angel of Peace,
whose kiss bestows calm
and whose face is as the surface
of untroubled waters.
Where the moon is reflected.
I will invoke peace,
whose breath is friendly,
whose hand soothes the troubled mind.
In the reign of peace,
there is neither hunger nor thirst.
Neither cold wind nor hot wind.
Neither old age nor death.
But to him that has not peace in his soul,
there is no place to build within
the Holy temple;
for how can the carpenter build
in the midst of a whirlwind?
The seed of violence can reap
only a harvest of desolation,
and from parched clay
can grow no living thing.
So shall I seek the Angel of Peace,
who is as the morning star
in the midst of a cloud
as the moon at the full.


          As a fair olive tree budding forth fruit, and as the sun shining on the temple of the most high, peace dwells in the heart of silence.  Be still, and know that I am Go to your rest in the arms of those brought forth to envelope you in love, wisdom and light.




The Seventh Morning After Sabbath

           And on the seventh morning after Sabbath, say these words: “Angel of Air, enter my breath and give the air of life to my body: As I breathe as a Son of Light I strive to bring forth the Angel of Air and know that this is the messenger of the Heavenly Father, and no one comes before the face of God that the Angel of Air lets not pass.  For we think not of the Angel of Air when we breathe, for we breathe without thought, as the sons of darkness live their lives without thought.  But when the power of life enters my words and into my breathing, then every time I invoke the Angel of Air, so shall I invoke all the unknown Angels of the Heavenly father, and so shall I approach closer and closer the heavenly kingdoms.”

            Go forth and gather the energy and joy through your breath, for as we connect symbolically, we take in God’s energy for ourselves.  Continue with;

My seventh communion is with our Earthly Mother:

Earthly Mother.
She who sends forth her Angels
to guide the roots of man
and send them deep into the blessed sail.
We invoke the Earthly Mother!
The Holy Preserver!
The maintainer.
It is she who will restore the world!
The earth is hers,
and the fullness thereof: the world.
And they that dwell therein
we worship the good, the strong,
the beneficent Earthly Mother
and all her Angels,
bounteous, valiant,
and full of strength;
welfare bestowing, kind,
and health giving.
Through her brightness and glory
do the plants grow from the earth
by the never-failing springs.
Through her brightness and glory
do the winds blow,
driving down the clouds
towards the never-failing springs.
The Earthly Mother and I are one
I have my roots in her,
and she takes her delight in me,
according to the Holy Law.

         Whether you live in the city or country,  go outside and gather about you that which is your gift, your inheritance and that which is in your care and guardianship.  For as a child of such parents it is your responsibility to give love to all those around you.




The Seventh and Final Communion

With the Heavenly Father
who is,
who was, and
who ever shall be.
O Great creator!
You did create the Angels
and you did reveal the
heavenly laws.
You are my refuge and my fortress,
you are everlasting.
Father, you have been our dwelling place
in all generations.
Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever you had formed the earth
even from everlasting to everlasting,
you are God.
Who has made the waters,
and who makes the plants,
who to the wind
has tamed the storm clouds
the swift and even the fleetest?
Who, O Great Creator!
Is the foundation of Eternal Life
within our souls?
Who has made the light and darkness?
Who has made sleep
and the rest of the waking hours?
Who spreads the noon-tides
and the midnight?
Thou, O Great Creator!
You have made the earth
by your power,
have established the world
by your wisdom,
and have stretched out the heavens
by your love.
Do you reveal onto me
O Heavenly Father?
Your nature,
which is the power of the
Angels of your Holy Kingdom.
Immortality and the Heavenly order
have you given, O Creator,
and the best of all things
your Holy Law!
I will praise your works
with songs of thanks giving,
in all the generations of time.
With the coming of day
I embrace my Mother.
With the coming of night,
I join my Father.
And with the outgoing
of evening and morning
I will breathe their law,
and I will not interrupt these communions
until the end of time.



           And these are the communions with the Angels which are given to the Sons of Light, that with bodies purified by the Earthly Mother and spirits purified by the Heavenly Father, they may command and serve the Angels, continually from period to period, in the circuits of the day, and in its fixed order; with the coming of light from its source and at the turn of evening and the outgoing of light at the outgoing of darkness and the coming in of day.  Continually, in all the generations of time.  “The truth is born out of the spring of light, falsehood from the well of darkness.  The dominion of all the children of truth is in the hands of the Angels of Light so that they may walk in the ways of light.”  “Blessings on all the Sons of Light who have cast their lots with the Law, that walk truthfully in all their ways.  May the law bless you with all good and keep you from all harm and illumine your hearts with insights into the things of life and grace you with the knowledge of things eternal.” 

And Jesus said: “The Law was planted to reward the children of light with healing and abundant peace, with long life, with fruitful seed of everlasting blessings, with eternal joy in immortality of Eternal Light.

So be it


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