Judgment Release
Ceanne DeRohan 


   All of the gifts of Right Use of Will can come to you when you really align with accepting them by releasing through expression everything that feels you cannot have them. The fastest way to open the space for change is to release judgments and the pent-up emotional energy around them so energy may move. This seems so simple and yet societal conditioning has taught everyone to talk in generalizations and to control emotions and thus lock up the free flow of experience.

   Lost energy, lost love, lost power, lost anything is the result of the denial, of holding it away from you by not accepting it. What was lost returns when you forgive yourself for denying it and accept it. This does not mean forgiving yourself for the behavior. It means accepting the behavior and forgiving yourself for not having accepted it before as a part of you and your learning experience. Denial does not open space for improvement because it disconnects from that which could teach it. Denial is held in place with judgments and emotional control. If, instead of understanding and accepting your experiences, you judge them, you locked the energy into that rigid pattern of perception.

   Judgments are thought forms attached to the thinker. The feeling is the power behind the thought form. Each time the judgment is made again, and the emotions around it remain unmoved or intensify, the thought form intensifies. If a person repeats judgments, then he also repeats the experiences involved with those judgments. Finally, an experience with enough intensity to bring the release of the pattern will be drawn. This is learning by resisting the lessons until you meet your match. Holding rigid energy patterns that must be broken through by intense experience is not the way to learn. Judgments are not necessary steps on the way to understanding. Observation and evaluation, learning and experiencing can all take place without judgment. Judgments are outside of time. Judgments exist after the situation in which they were made no longer exists and yet they continue to have power to limit your possibilities.

   Most judgments are made when experience confuses the person's sense of understanding and the person feels the need to define the situation. Judgments do label and structure the situation, but then they also limit the energy movement to the patterns that judgments have created. In this way feelings of not having enough understanding or personal power are compensated for by imposing  misunderstandings and judgments that bring the illusion of control. This pattern keeps the pendulum of karma swinging until the balance found.

   Judgment release must be real and deeply felt, not just given lip service or intellectual understanding. Love is the way to release judgments. Specifically, with love and understanding, forgive yourself for judging. Judgments are a way of giving conditional acceptance by saying, " I can accept it if it is the way I say it is.” Unconditional love does not judge; it accepts the actuality. Many times the actuality is so unacceptable that the person insists the judgment is the actuality. This is denial of making judgments. Intent determines the judgmental nature. It is the spirit and not the letter of the law of the law that determines judgment. If love and acceptance are present, something may even have seemingly judgmental words without being the judgment.

   Judgment making stops the situation from changing. A judgment sets you up to repeat situations until understanding is gained. A judgment says something is such and such. The label impedes change and the more it is repeated, the more it conditions you. For example, " water is frighteningis a judgment. The actual truth is: " I almost drowned once, was frightened at that time and have not yet released the fear.

   People have thought that I was judgmental, and that Karma was punishment or a balance of payments for sins or debts. Actually, Karma is old conditioning which is drawing the experience that could release it and allow growth and change. Emotional response to your Karma releases old conditioning of the Will and judgment release frees the mind. All Karma then is essentially with yourself since what you hold in your own energy field draws your experiences to you. You, yourself can release to change what you do not want to keep the same.

 Judgments, karma, misunderstandings, and conditioning are all words to describe the same concept. The people had judged, misunderstood, and even made laws based on the idea that the nature of man must be controlled. This control is slowing evolution drastically. You can avoid making judgments by talking specifically, and by not projecting your present opinions as eternal loss; for if you do, you are the one controlled by them.

   Judgment release is necessary because the Spirit and will cannot be freed in an energy field literally clouded by judgments. The Will seeks understanding. The will must feel trust in the Spirit to be comfortable in its search. The Will can temporarily be forced to go ahead anyway, but then the price paid is exhaustion, ill health, aging and death.

   The ability to live a long life comes when the body is not forced to do what it does not want to do. Many fear that doing what they want to do will lead to inertia with resulting starvation, but any Will that is not totally undermined at least understands survival needs will take care of them one way or another. Release of the judgment that you must work for everything allows more freedom in creating solutions.

   The inner conflicts the keep attunement away are mis- understandings that are seeking understandings. However, if true understanding is to come, full attention to the conflict is necessary. Past experiences are a source of wisdom, but judgments give false wisdom. Judgments do not see the situation for what it really is and also say that the next experience will be the same as the past experience. This is the same as saying that nothing has been learned that could change this for the better.

   How then to stop judging? Judgment is something you need to feel. Your Feelings will tell you when you are making a judgment and in fact just feeling judgmental without saying anything is enough to create judgments in yourself. True understanding replaces judgments in habitual responses when you give the acceptance and allow the expression that gives release to everything of yourself that you have imprisoned.

   Emotions power judgments and together they confine reality and influence the person holding them to see things according to these judgments. Judgments cannot dissolve until they are seen for what they are. Some judgments, however, are so layered into the consciousness and empowered that they have taken on the guise of fact. The understanding is needed that these are judgments that came through misunderstandings. Release of these layers of clouded consciousness will let in the light of true understanding of which will then allow success in all endeavors.

   If a judgment is completely released, reality can change frequently. If the judgment is partially released, the energy will start to move in patterns reminiscent of the judgment will then appear in your life. This is so that you can see all the patterns involved in the judgment and all the feelings powering it. Continued release of everything that presents itself will bring the complete release. If you release emotion and release emotion and don't really get full release and understanding, then you are dealing with a symptom and you need to seek the cause. Cause may be hidden in a judgment you believe to be reality.

   Some examples of judgments that have been believed to be reality are: Everyone has to compromise to get along in this world; If I have things my way I will be selfish; I have to do this because I’m only one person and if I don't do it no one will accept me; There is a certain order to things on Earth and I cannot go against it; I have to die of something so I may as well enjoy myself; The Earth has settled down and doesn't have any more big upheavals to go through; All people are similar; So many people have prophesied things that haven't happened that no one can tell the future anymore; God doesn't work miracles on Earth anymore, so maybe he never did; Reality stays pretty much the same.

    Many judgments control personal reality but to not have the final word in world reality. When many people hold judgments in common, they have a strong effect on the way the world reality is held. Judgments, however, are not reality and sooner or later the trigger their own release. Judgment is the word being used here, but rather than arguing semantics, please seek the spirit in which the word is being used. Judgmental actions, feelings, or words take the situation at hand and projecting it into the future. Everything is perfect for the moment in which it occurs and can evolve.


Realities Precipitating Toward Earth

   Opening to the Will needs immediate attention, for this is the path  that will allow survival of what is coming on Earth. The changes necessary to rebalance Earth are precipitating into physicality right now and are taking place because the emotional and mental energy creating them has not been clear enough to allow anything else.

   The prophecies predicting these times on Earth also include a understandings of how to learn but these times will teach without his habit to create a frightening experience in which to learn. It is a matter of personal choice here. You can learn the balance necessary to live in harmony with everything in the way that is right for you. In understanding you need about these prophecies is that they do not include any judgment from me. Judgmental quality in these prophecies is because the people foreseeing these things did not see them free of their own emotions and could not because they have personal involvement with the Earth themselves and have their own personal choices about how they would like reality on Earth to be.

   The makers of these prophecies had a desire for people to learn these lessons before they precipitated into painful physical experience. The pain and suffering they saw happening if people took the path that leads to facing these denial as outward reflections seemed to be too much for loving Hearts to bear. The reality is that loving Hearts can only bare it if they have the understandings of how to release pain without denying it.

   I am going to put everything in its right place so that the reflections necessary can be faced without involving anyone but the ones needing that particular reflection. This action on my part looked like judgment day to the ones foreseeing it, but it is only judgment day in the sense that everyone is quick to have to face his own reflection. The understanding needed is that this does not mean that it cannot be pleasant. Accepting the release of your own denial at the right time and in the right place will release your pain.

   The spirits I have created are not all alike. The true feelings the expression of the Will, are meant to guide spirits to their right place. Each spirit feels good in its right place. The denial of the Will has been so extensive that many spirits are not in their right place and cannot find their right place unless I help them. even the ones going to what is referred to by others as Hell are not going to necessarily feel bad there. You need to realize that just because something does not feel good to you this not mean that it does not feel good to another. Your heaven could be their Hell.

   The reality is that I have many different ways to feel and I do not want limits on any of them. You have chosen to emerge with a limited consciousness and now you must accept that this is right for you, but you must not imposed your limits on another. Others have different feelings and different paths and everyone needs the freedom to follow their own path. I want to put spirits in their right place so that they do not interfere with each other in the pursuits of these paths. Respect of other paths is necessary. Even if you do not understand something, accept its right to be, and know that this is why I need to put spirits of a limited consciousness in their right place.

   So even if most of the people on Earth are choosing to learn from experience that they do not want to have, that appears to just happen to them for no good reason, you have the choice to understand why it is happening and to release yourselves as much as possible from having to face your denials in outer reality. This is your own choice here and it is not a matter of calling for judgment. The choices you make are right for you and they are going to put you in your right place. You will only experience which you need to experience in order to learn what you need to learn that no matter how much power the reality of others seem to have.

   The understanding you need about protecting yourself when you are surrounded by a reality that does not seem to agree with your own personal choices is this: get in touch with why you are there and process everything you can find it in yourself regarding this in the way I am explaining it here and see why it happens. I am going to help you with this because I can see that the reality on Earth is pressuring for widespread conformity. You must take responsibility for yourself though and clear out of yourself everything that holds you to a reality or part of a reality that you do not like. Then I can put you in your right place, which will not have anything you do not like because you will not have anything within you that attracts it.

   I am not sending in the spirits to Hell unless their denials are so extensive that they refuse to accept anything from Me at all, so do not worry about giving in to your own true feelings, because feelings are not in opposition to me. So many teachings have said that man is based and that if he gives in to his true feelings, he will go to hell or near it that I feel a need to mention this. You are only going to the place that is right for you whether it is Earth or another place. Know I am a loving God and that I love all my spirits. If you think someone deserves punishment, you need to realize they will get it if they really do deserve it only if they create this for themselves by refusing all understandings that could help them feel good. Nothing happens in my creation unless it needs to happen, no matter how it looks to you. And yet, the fact that it is all meant to happen does not mean that you should then sit back and stop acting and responding The way your-own being feels is right for you because then you have personal imbalance.

   Imbalance has a lesson to teach that is perfect for the situation that attracts it. If you like imbalance, you will experience it until you no longer want to. If your denials take you to Hell, you will need to go to see if denial is the way for you and you will leave the If you find out from experience that it is not your right place.

    In the case of Earth, the Earth has made a choice to end its imbalance and denial and so only those spirits that are in harmony with this choice will remain on Earth. The fear around this needs mention. Many people have fear around this understanding of right place and right time that expresses itself in many ways. This fear is a deep fear that has been held since spirits first came to Earth because all of the spirits that came to Earth had confusions about my teaching of right time and right place. This fear feels that I judged you for this and this fear has no other way to feel since then because it has not been given release. This fear has been so great that it has tried to hide from me and it has also tried to escape judgment by holding on to wrong place and wrong time and insisting it is right place and right time, thus proving to me that I was not right and judging it.

   Originally the spirits on Earth overstepped the limits of right time and right place and experienced before they were ready, things that overwhelmed them and with spirits that they could not accept unconditionally. This experience was needed because these limits could not be accepted and understood in any other way or they would have been.

   Hear me on this: I do not judge you for this; I only seek to teach you and warn you in an effort to save you the path of pain and suffering that comes from overstepping your limits. I am not sending you pain as a punishment. Pain is supposed to warn you that you are overstepping your limits. Pain only continues if you refuse its message. I am not angry over the this either; I just want to help all the spirits that have had enough of the path of pain and suffering that the disregard for their own limits has brought to them. Many spirits thought I was judging them when I pointed out their own limits to them and many of these spirits tried to push my presence away by rebelling against me in the belief that I then would not be able to see them or judge them if they overstepped those limits.

   I have allowed this experience to continue on Earth for as long as it needed to. The spirits that are not ready to hear Me  are going to get a chance to. The prophecies all point to the time when this will happen and that time is now. I will speak to each spirit in the form in which that Spirit can hear me because even the ones that still want to refuse to hear me must at least accept my power to put them in their right place where they can continue refusing to hear me without interfering with the ones that are now ready to hear me.

   See that prophecies are not something to be looked at as either a sealed fate or a doomsday or as something to deny and to defy. The prophecies are meant to teach by showing people what they are creating for themselves so they can make sure it is what they want. If it is not what you want in your own personal reality, you cannot avoid reality by denying that it is happening; you must seek the way to create differently. Release of the fear that you have created your own just punishment by overstepping My limits is necessary because holding a strong fear that you deserve punishment is going to draw that punishment to you. Denying that you have this fear only disconnects the fear from the understanding it needs. Release of fear is not possible unless you have acceptance for the fear.

   See that Earth has reached the place where it must have its balance restored. Denial is the main reason for the problems on Earth today. You need to accept the Earth's need to be healed and now and you need to accept what is going to be involved in this. Healing the Earth is going to involve serious upsets in it's usually hospitable acceptance of man. The Earth itself must clear the denials it has received from spirits that have been living upon it. The Earth can no longer tolerate the abuse it has been receiving and for that matter, neither can the animals.

   The animals have, for the most part, appeared to submit to what has been done to them. Their behavior patterns so far have not seemed to show much variance no matter how they have been treated, but this is not accurate seeing of the animals. Reality is that the animals have much more to their behavior that they have been showing man lately on Earth. Man cannot slaughter them, overrun their habitats and otherwise the disrespect their destiny paths without the animals responding in some way.

   In his denial of the animals, man has mistaken their patience for lack of response. The animals have been building up to a need  for clearance themselves, and in the coming times on Earth ,animals are not going to be easy to keep. Fenced and caged animals need their freedom in order to stand a chance for survival anyway. Domestic animals may need freedom and the opportunity to return to familiar ground when necessary. When the Earth changes intensify, animals that need clearance may become suddenly fierce and unapproachable . Others may choose to die. Cattle for example have asked me to lift most of them off of Earth.

   Everything has consciousness and feelings and nothing is meant to be denied unless it willingly chooses denial. Everything needs acceptance and the opportunity to fulfill itself without overpowering anything else to do it. This involves balance and attunement to what this balance is.

   Today , people claim that their understanding is greater than ever on Earth, but this is not exactly true. People have more experience than they ever had before, but have denied so much that they might as well not had the experience unless they open to it and let it teach them. Original Spiritual awareness sought experience to evolve itself. So many on Earth overstepped cautions given to them by Me that they overloaded themselves and then denied rather than admit to this. In this experience many spirits lost power, not because of the experience but because of the denial of the part of the self that overstepped limits and because of the denial of Me. Today’s society reflects this imbalance and denial, which even though short lived has seemed a long sentence to Spirits that remember the balanced way, even if they have temporarily lost their ability to manifest it fully.

   Many power hungry individuals have attained a place of power by taking advantage of the denials of others. Denial of personal power allows others to seem to have more. When responsibility for denial is not taken, a pitcher of power can be projected onto others then labeled as causal. This situation has not been improved on Earth. Denial has caused more and more people to blame others and not take responsibility for themselves. I am not telling you the specifics of why this happened because your feelings need a chance to bring forward the memory of your own reasons for being involved in this.

   So see that the clearing of these misunderstandings and resultant denials is of extreme priority unless you want to manifest the reality that will reflect what has been denied. This information is a reflection of what exists in the emotional and mental energy near Earth at the present and is not meant to sound like a threat. The desire to maintain denial can perceive the mention of that which is denied as threatening. If you feel threatened, you have pressure on your will; otherwise you can appreciate the warning.

   These statements are only meant to show what is precipitating into physical reality now unless those that created it make changes in their energy fields. People can choose to recognize this while it is still in mental and emotional vibrations and clear it out from there, or experience it by waiting until it creates a physical reality. The situation on Earth is such that people need to know what they have been creating and are creating for themselves and what they can do about it.

   I am willing to help in whatever way my help can be accepted. At present, the openings through which people will allow all help are very limited by judgments, denials and separations. Help must match the openings made to accept it. Do not underestimate the power of your feelings here either. If you ask for help while believing that at the feeling level that you cannot have it, your feelings can prevail or make help that is present unrecognizable to you as help.

   Although the form has been changing, history has been repeating patterns because the understandings have not been reached. It has been believed that a change in form would change the outcome, but in fact consciousness can enlighten or corrupt any form it uses. Democracy is denying the reflection of its own denials. These denials will gain acceptance sooner or later and the form this denial will take to gain the acceptance will be the form needed to break through the oppression it has received.

   If the denial being presently held in the emotional and mental bodies of the spirits on Earth does precipitate into physical reality, it will be seen, and I exaggerate not, as either the perfect opportunity to align the Spirit and the Will in the Heart or as doomsday, depending upon whether the individual Spirit accepts his own denial or not. The more clearance you choose to do at the emotional and mental level, the less outward reflection you will face.

   Once denial is cleared from the Earth, the remaining people will find that they really are compatible and government can then take on its true capacity of open-mindedly observing, giving advice, and holding the balance points. At present, society on earth represents as much of the reverse of this as people have been willing to tolerate.

   The question of how to have a society without oppression is the question of the spirit and the Will excepting the process of balancing in the Heart. There are many ways this alignment could take place. Some ways are destructively orientated and others are more peaceful. Presently, feelings are so disconnected from the consciousness that they draw experiences without the understanding as to why the experience is happening. When individuals do not take responsibility for all of themselves, the result is often blaming others and acting out on others. When denial is ended and responsibility is taken, balance can be achieved without the extremes of imbalance outwardly reflected as war, revolution, rebellion, crime, violence or any other form of social upheaval.

   The Will wants to recover and attempts recovery through any avenue available. The Will's attempt to dump out old charge on any situation that triggers it has been heavily judged against. Freewill is not destructive as society presently fears. It is repressed, pressured, and denied Will desperate to release its pain that has done the things which society fears. In this light it can be seen that society actually fears facing its own denials while telling itself is fears the will itself.

   Free Will, when attuned, will take the lead in behaving appropriately. The Will must be  accepted for where it is though and allowed to dump out its held it emotional charge safely. This will bring the Will into present time and then the only problem will be what to do with all the abundance resulting from this. No matter what anyone else chooses to do, you need only make your own personal choice to create your own reality in this way.

   Disconnected feelings take form in all reality in many ways. Some spirits have a death wish, which they deny and some believe they would rather die than face their own denials. Both of these patterns are heavily denying their own denials. Examples of the reflection of these denials are that man has been poisoning the Earth was claiming that life is better than ever and suffering more ill health while claiming that he is only better diagnosed.

   The possibility of nuclear holocaust is the most macabre reflection of this denial. Destructive anger held in a state of denial is causing man to build weapons that could destroy the entire earth while claiming they are only to ensure the peace and not to be used. I am not going to allow nuclear war on Earth because the destructive in angry death wish of some would be overriding the choice of others to live. But I do want to warn you that your own denial could allow this reality for you.

   The ones that feel victimized by the situation on Earth have something to learn here. Everyone, if personal denial is reclaimed, actually has enough power to protect the self from harm. The end of personal denial allows the Will to create a place for itself that is free of denial and what denial creates. Do not hold any limits on the possibilities here.

   The will can be allowed to start with things closet to it. Let your Will have free response to everything you experience. Accept the Wills messages to you without waiting for an outward experience to prove it is right. If the Will is accepted, you will not create any experiences for yourself that you do not like. Your Will is the Divine protection I have given you.

   For example, if you have been told by someone else what constitutes a good diet and what is good medicine, let your Will have complete freedom to tell you if this is accurate for you or not. Opening to the Will means that you will know what is best for yourself.


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