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Merit and Beauty


   Lemurians speech patterns developed gracefully, with an infinite variety of inflection, but it was not until the latter days the Lemurian Empire that the written word really became common in everyday use. By that time, writing had also achieved high artistic merit and because it attempted to express their complex, musical speech patterns and script, their written word was also complex and inclined to pattern itself after natural plant growth, like the vines which were useful in so many areas of their everyday life.


   It was well after the division of the sexes that wearing clothes took on any importance. In the beginning, it was only those who held some position of authority in the community who adorned themselves with decoration or covered themselves and it was a practice which began as a visible sign of the office of leader. When they began to experiment with flax, weaving became an art form in itself and this also resulted in an upsurge of original design.


   A relaxed a measured pace of life was the norm for most Lemurians, which is probably why their race evolved so slowly. Their lives were quite untroubled until the late Lemurian age and therefore hardship was either avoidable or kept to the minimum. Even earthquakes were predictable because of the farseeing instincts of the Nature Spirits and their Deva friends


Flying ships and Watercraft


   Flying ships and powered water craft became very much a part the everyday of Lemuria. Unlike the craft of Extra-Terrestrials, they were simple in design and used purely for pleasure and not intended to transport heavyweight, although they did come into use permanently as a means of frequent visits to, fro and between the Colonies in the days of the Lemurian Empire.


   Travel on water had always seemed natural to the Lemurians, perhaps as a throwback to their original state of being when it was impossible for Man to drown. It was not until the sinking of the continent of Atlantis and the submergence of the remaining large Islands much later, that mankind registered a fear of drowning. Even until recently, Pacific island natives of Lemurian ancestry retained skills of seamanship that have not been surpassed in modern times.


   During the Late Lemurian Age the Atlantean empire expanded into an extremely sophisticated superpower. Although the Atlantean civilization was established much later than that of the Lemurians, it began as a settlement of idealistic Extra-Terrestrials who took the most intellectual of the planets inhabitants as life partners. The Atlantean Root Race began at the top rung of the ladder as far as intellect and physique were concerned and no field of expertise was closed to them.


   This situation was a source of concern to the Lemurians and contributed to anxiety and discontent. Conscious of their own ancient historical background, they were determined not to lag behind. Their resentment contributed many generations later to the territorial wars waged with the Atlantean empire.




   We have discussed the arrival of extra terrestrial mining teams on the Earth, both they in The Sea Gods-After Atlantis and in the following chapter, but it would not be out of place at this time to discuss the various stockpiles of weaponry installed on a Earth with the coming of survey teams of scientists, miners and later on, the Renegades. 


   The Wise Ones had interred their protective weaponry millions of years before their mindskills had rendered any weaponry obsolete and it was never intended for man to use against his brother man. The Great Initiates who arrived during the mid-Lemurian Age also arrived in well armed ships and although their intentions were pristine, as surviving Sanskrit works record; this deadly weaponry eventually fell into the hands of those who did not hesitate to use it.


   Although weapons were used by the mining expeditionary forces and later on, by the bands of Renegades, man did not combat man with any weapon other than his own mind until the Wars of Expansion and much later on, the Territorial Wars, both of which are recorded in texts still available to the diligent Quester


Friction in Paradise


   The first signs of trouble in “Paradise” erupted between family groups. This was something of a surprise to most of their countrymen because their attitude, quite rightfully so was, “what can there possibly be to quarrel over when we have everything we could possibly need? “ This was of course, quite true. But competition for recognition was one of the first signs that all was not well and it began within communities where young Lemurians experienced little or no challenge. Perhaps it was the lack of challenge and increasingly good life failed to provide which encourage mankind to take so much for granted. The Lemurians had by now, learn to read the winds and the waters for themselves and were able to anticipate volcanic activity accurately, with or without the help of their Deva friends, although they were not able to control it.


   Competition was a concept to the Lemurians that originally began as a healthy preventative exercise intended to insure that lassitude would not undermined the communities’ sound foundation. Later on, some of the younger, dissatisfied clan leaders immigrated to escape the stagnation of their homeland and start afresh elsewhere and in so doing, they established colonies of Lemurian culture. This laid the foundation of the Lemurian Empire, although the founders did not consider and consider themselves to be doing much more than extending the cultural and geographic boundaries of their civilization. It is amazing how very persistently, cultural strains express themselves. For instance, it is even now possible to sense the architectural grandeur that continued to express itself in the lives of Lemurian descendants wherever they settled. The ancient architecture of South and Central America is an obvious example.


   Less obvious perhaps, is that of the Nagas of Lemurian descent, some of whom emigrated from India to North Africa. Their descendants still dress themselves in the Indian fashion and the capital city of Meroe, now in ruins, which was built over 5000 years ago, boasts a temple graced with a three faced sculptures which foreshadows rock temple sculptures of later date in India and is decorated with cobras Indian style. Yet, this was a tradition of building that owed its inspiration to the Lemurian homeland of thousands of years earlier.


Power and influence


   The most dangerous influence to arise from the competitive movement resulted in an intense effort to control one’s fellowman. This effort to acquire power was spearheaded by the leaders of less important but more pretentious family clans, their scions or sometimes an ambitious relative who had received some training in the black arts. They forgot that in order to rule successfully after gaining power, one must maintain a balance of control by imposing requisite and voluntary limitation upon one’s personal ambitions.


   The powerskills they employed included a form of mantric practice which endowed the practitioner with some control over the elements. A few skilled practitioners bonded Nature Spirits to themselves as well as members of the Animal Kingdom. These powers had not been used harmfully in the past when directed sparingly or unselfishly. They were used positively for the protection of one’s animal friends from the elements by deflecting the wrath of a storm or invoking Nature Spirit allies to help members of the community, this involved only positive thought and nothing that was counter to the integrity or against the will of those involved.


   The practice of using powerskills to outdo or outwit one’s peers soon acquired an ugly character. The prize they sought was not a trophy or personal honor, but to acquire ascendancy over their neighbors, control those who disagreed with them or enslave some of whom they envied. There are diverse and subtle methods of the enslavement and many Devas had already lost their freedom to Lemurian protagonists. Persuaded to renounce their free will, the Devas were unable to release themselves. The foundation of several hypnotic techniques owe something of their inception to this dark period in Lemurian history.


Great White Brotherhood


   At the suggestion of the Lords of Shamballa, the Great Initiates established a branch of the Hierarchy for the purely Earth-born to provide training related to solving mankind’s problems. Well tested-Earth-born entities were encouraged to train for entrance into that Lodge called the Great White Brotherhood, although it would be quite some time before they would advance to fill positions of authority held by the Great Initiates.


   The Great Initiates also founded the first schools of enlightenment, to which all who proved worthy were welcome. Later on, young Lemurians whose level of spiritual understanding had degenerated became tempted by illusory promises of power which surely originated from their own imagination. When they applied and failed to meet the spiritual criteria required for acceptance into the Brotherhood, they speedily confirmed their unworthiness to win entrance into any hallowed place, by joining forces in an attempt to overpower their spiritual superiors.


   Stress mounted, the populace took sides and the spiritual rift deepened. Many teachers left Lemuria at that time to establish centers of pure learning elsewhere based upon spiritual integrity. The atmosphere created by the practices of the brothers of the shadow was suffocating. The latter were ambitious opportunists, armed with training in the black arts; they influenced the greedy segment of the population to oppose supporters of the White Lodges. The emigration of the Sons of Light and their families was not a form of surrender or escape, they mounted a positive movement in the latter days to block further deterioration of the Lemurian values and character, by creating their own force field of energies as a barrier against the projection of the dark side of magic.


Brothers of the Shadow


   Until that time, the majority of Lemurians had presented a solid defense by blocking offensive negativity, but the drain upon their vitality and the constant anxiety of maintaining a defensive attitude, was one of which prevented anyone from making positive progress in any other field of endeavor.


   They were harassed day after day by marauding animal and insect life manipulated by adepts of the left-hand path; against which one needed a constant defense. They fought constant battle against blight on their crops, introduced by the Brothers of the Shadow who enslaved and controlled Nature Spirits. They lived in constant threat from the elements, their loved ones could literally be struck by lightning if they relaxed their protective skills and the ocean would be whipped into a frenzy within minutes, sweeping them away if they were not encompassed by a protective shield when venturing out on the water.


Defensive strategy


   The Priest-kings had ruled wisely and well, exemplifying all that was positive, but in taking the long-term view, they decided against any direct action, preferring to clear the way for rival Brothers of the Shadow to cancel each other out in their battle for power. The Sons of Light left for the colonies with their followers, leaving the motherland of Lemurian temporarily, believing it would be fought over by the followers of the Left-hand path against themselves. It was expected that in time they would destroy each other in the karma of their own making, thereby incurring a minimum of damage to other areas of life.


   Unfortunately, this hope for a solution failed at the 11th-hour, not perhaps because the solution itself was flawed, but because it failed to take into consideration miscalculation on the part of their protagonists who had surrendered their protective common-sense to the mistaken philosophy of “overkill.“ The protagonists indeed destroyed themselves in their obsession to destroy, but their error in which they themselves were destroyed, much more was lost with them that was beyond price.


   The chain of events which led to such tragic consequences, was subject to a simple plan which became a “two edge sword“ in the hands of practitioners, whose blind hatred of their foes—the Sons of Light, render them insensible to danger.


   To combat the cleansing power of positive magical ritual, projected nonstop to the homeland by expatriate Lemurians, followers of the Left-hand path agreed to combine the direct force of accumulated sound waves in an united destructive offensive against the colonies.


   The family clans sworn to support the Brothers of the shadow gathered together with their followers and slaves in the largest temple in Lemurian capital. The temple was built over natural caverns which were used to contain, convert and store the energies accumulated during mantric ritual. The participants then proceeded to invoke and manipulate the forces of energy, accumulating the power of soundwaves without precedent in their history.


Forces of Energy—Positive and Negative


   It is amazing how very little humankind knows today about the manipulation of natural forces. Even so-called primitive man, knows more about thought projection than the average man in the street who is quite home with computer technology. Modern man rarely registers guilt at wishing his colleagues harm when he is irritated by them and does not consciously realize that he is projecting a black magic of sorts by doing so, one that does him little credit and the results of which may very well return to him in a different guise at a later date. A Master knows that:





   In the positive manipulation of creative energy, you remain the Master in control.


   In the negative manipulation of destructive energy, you end by being controlled. 


Fall of Lemuria


   The Brothers of the Shadow planned to accumulate such intense concentration of sound wave energy, that when it was directed against the defending Colonies, it would totally destroy them. Fortunately for the world perhaps, but unfortunately for the lands of Lemuria, the unstable energy mass interacted with the natural volcanic gases and exploded prematurely, before it became possible to direct this terrible weapon towards its target.


   Broadcasting shockwaves throughout the world, vast areas of the Lemurian empire burned fiercely as volcanic fire was unleashed in a chain reaction. The caverns underneath the land mass collapsed and much of the continent sank. Tidal waves swept over the shores of many lands that were more fortunate, land bridges sank and new mountains were formed elsewhere overnight.


   Many Lemurian escaped to the high land that remained as islands and many more refugees eventually reach the Colonies, some to the western seaboard of what are now called the Americas and others to the east coast of Asia. Architectural feats constructed by their descendants in the Colonies, still stand today in remote areas of the world as a fitting legacy of the greatness of the Lemurian empire at its zenith.


   Lemurians visiting Atlantis at the time, remained there and were joined later on by surviving relatives. Others whose descendants would develop a very strong social conscience which emphasize the integrity of the family group as a substitute for material wealth, eventually reached the Australian land mass. A tremendously wide range of environments, living conditions and language patterns were to result from the sad loss of Paradise.


Restoration of the Planet


   The Lords of Shamballa established seven more Power Houses to join those lodges already working in the field of transmutation, this time there were located in the area surrounding and within the Ring of Fire-the Pacific Rim, the number of power houses rose from 14 to 21.


   Nature Spirits and Devas, who had been enslaved, were freed from their bondage when their masters were vanquished and soon joined their colleagues with the Magi of the Power Houses in healing the Planet.


Lemurian legacy


   Unfortunately, Quester today have inherited the-legacy of destructive sound waves in many areas of their lives.


   The fact of noise pollution, which reaches killing proportions in some instances and is accepted because the physical damage is not visibly or immediately obvious, echoes the destructive weapons of Lemurian times.


   The difficult-to-prove slur of slander and the bearing of false witness against one’s neighbor is quite as prevalent today. Surely this is a retrogressive trait which employs speech as an instrument of destruction.


   A more dramatic example of the killing power of vocalized sound, which has survived from Lemurian Age, is the “death shout,“ still practiced by a few of martial arts experts descended from sophisticated branches of Lemurian origin, as well as by a more primitive descendants of the glorious lands that were settled by Lemurians.


   The goal of the Lemurian race was to master the power of sound. Their extended goal was to replenish the delicate sensitivity of the Throat Chakras vitality.


   The day of opportunity afforded them was to perfect the power of positive Mantra Yoga.


   The pitfall they encountered, resulted from their manipulation of the negative power of sound for perversive purpose, including the enslavement of Nature Spirits and Devas’ by a bonding process and the destructive use of sound wave patterns as a weapon of war.


   The outcome was the loss of the Lemurian continent, when the energies which the Brothers of the Shadow and their followers were preparing to direct against the Colonies, consumed them prematurely in explosions of gigantic proportion.


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