Limits on the Self



   The attuned Will is able to take you anywhere you want to go and has the ability to feed you and keep you warm. Holding the condition or judgment that these things must be worked for is part of the reason that Will is unable to provide these things in another way. Release of these limitations is an important part of recovering the ability to enjoy yourself in the physical plane without having to work at something you don't want to do. Remember also, that if the feeling of the Will is to rest for a while, this is all right too. Judgments against allowing yourself to do what you want to do need release as these beliefs participate in the creation of your own reality.


   The judgments or unnecessary limitations you are holding can be seen in your daily dialogue, with yourself and others. What do you say, feel and believe that keeps you in the prison of lost Will? The release of attitudes and opinions you don't want to hold about what it takes to live on Earth will open the space for things to change for you. Free Will offers the gift of a much richer reality and feelings attuned enough to warn you of any impending harm. Old conditioning does not let you assess a situation for what it is. Old conditioning takes the role of keeping your responses the same. When you no longer one it, you can feel imprisoned by it. Release of old conditioning lets present feelings tell you whether something is actually for you or not.


   The next step in evolving your own spiritual presence is to accept all the reality you were meant to have on Earth. In accepting this reality, the unconditional acceptance of the feelings is necessary. Feelings balance the Spiritual overview with the Will's reality of what is pleasant and possible at any given moment. This balance takes place in the Heart and this balance creates a reality that allows needs to be met without overriding anyone or anything. If your needs are being denied you by someone else and it is not your own limits on yourself doing this, then change your approach to fulfill your needs; find another place and/or another way in which to fulfill them. Instead of making any judgments, give freedom the chance to work by allowing yourself to do whatever the situation calls for. Don't question your feelings here; allow them to show you what to do. Even if you are not balanced yet, remember that if your intent is to seek the balance of Spirit and Will, you are not going to harm yourself or anyone else. Instead, the alternative needed will be created this way. Being open to allowing anything is the process of creating alternatives. This process can create alternatives that did not exist before you needed them.


   Expressing yourself freely is the way to call for the reality you need and yet desire has long been thought to be a sin. In fact, desire is the magnetic energy that attracts the Light and the essence of the Light is Love. Love is present when you desire it to be and Love manifests in as many forms as there are. Desire needs acceptance and understanding just like anything else that has been judged against on Earth and thus placed in a state of being denied.


   Loving acceptance for everything is the Divine Plan for all, so there is no need to continue fearing that the Plan calls for anything else. Bondage to others, strife, struggle, starvation and scarcity are not the way of Limitless Love. They are manifestations of Love expressing as best it can within the limits man has placed on it. Is it not logical then, that Love will provide if it is allowed to, since this is loves way?


   Feelings of being undeserving must be released also. Judging yourself to be more deserving or less deserving than others is not being open to what is simply appropriate. Feelings of superiority or inferiority are off-balance Love accepts all as perfect, and yet Love loves everything exactly as it needs to be loved and as it can accept love. The path of recovering the balance of Spirit and Will in the Heart will show you that your own right place can be recognized by you because it will feel just perfect to you. Finding your own right place is an outer reflection of finding your own inner balance. Finding inner balance is going to create an outer reality that will match it. The path to your own inner balance will be reflected by changes in your outer life. In freeing your own Will, you cannot help but have all reality respond.


   Each person needs Right Use of Will; only each person needs to decide for himself how it will be practiced and when it is time to begin. Right Use of Will works if you know that it is the path for you. Will is the receiver of the Spirit, so the Will is more than ready to practice Right Use of Will. It is the Spirit that must accept the question of when the gifts of the physical plane, which stem from the alignment of Spirit and Will, are to be sought.


   Many people have misunderstandings that Right Use of Will is too hard to do or means giving up habits in a spirit of sacrifice or self denial. However, it is not as hard to free your Will as it is to live in a Body that has to carry blockage, resistance, denial and rigidity of an imprisoned Will. Feeling that the healing or recovery of the Will is too hard is part of the illusion that keeps the physical plane of Earth seemingly separate from the other planes. This goes along with the belief that gifts are the reward of much dedication and hard work. The release of this judgment is necessary. Many of Earth's spiritual teachers have said this because they believe in separations that are not real or because they are confused and have taken the path of struggle. The understanding needed here is this: There is no reason to believe you cannot attune your Will and your Spirit if you want to. This really can be done by anyone who decides to dedicate himself to accomplishing it. Your intent determines whether you have success or not.


   Spiritual teaching should not be directing you to lift above and drop-off the physical and emotional bodies and try to return to the essence in the Godhead without them. This has meant a massive spiritual misunderstanding on Earth. The reality is that this approach will not work because what is yours, is yours, and you cannot drop it off; the way is to evolve, and to evolve it you must accept it.


   In the karmic path of each person there is what is called "Original Cause." Right Use of Will is beginning with what people can accept now so that a foundation can be built by clearing the physical, emotional and mental bodies. This process will build personal power so that Original Cause can be faced, accepted and understood. When Original Cause is brought forward, it will become clear how these Spiritual misunderstandings originated. For now, all that can really be said is that it is not possible to return to Essence by dropping off parts of yourself. Under current here is a judgment against the Creation. The Creation is not to be denied. Essence is living, expanding and evolving, and manifest as the Creation. Manifestation is the experience through which Loving Essence evolves.




   Healing your disconnections and non self-acceptance is a matter of personal choice and timing, yet personal choice is not a constant,--it changes and expands as a person evolves. What may not seem right to you now may become right at any moment. Spiritual growth has been thought to require the death of the ego. This is not true understanding. There is no problem with ego. Denying the ego its right function has created disease in the ego and this disease is the problem. Death of the ego is not a necessary part of spiritual growth.


   Ego in fact is the part of you that recognizes yourself as you. The ego operates to protect your present level of ability to accept and express. Ego is as Divine as anything else. There is no problem with ego if it sees itself as evolving with the rest of you. You cannot tell the difference between yourself and anything else without ego.





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