Manifesting the Clarity of the Soul on the Physical Level



   Isn't it fun to be communicating about life, above purposes and certainly about Soul in where it is leading? Summit you have the ability to discern that a particular focus-And this case, motivating the purposes of the Soul and the higher inspiration-is there for you. 


Our focus is the sole; what remains to be clear as a Soul in you is that in your life.  Our focus is the manifestation of the physical level of the higher principles of life and the ability to use them physically. 


We are going to reach a new level in talking about the dynamic energy. We're going to be using many dynamic-type meditations.  We're going to see that the physical responses are stimulated dynamically.  The stimulation of the physical body, so that yet " gets " how to use the new level that everyone has now reached, is very important.  It is wonderful to think and to understand, to feel and be responsive to this new level.  It is here, and you have looked forward to this as souls during the whole history of the planet. So how to use this time of Soulness on the year Earth? Our connection into the dynamic energy will make it in a more real and it has been thought. 


We want you to stretch to new levels through the Earth connection.  The Earth itself is a motivator that maybe you can use.  It can be the sustainer, the motivator, the integrator, the nurturer, and any way we look at it, we're going to talk about how the Earth itself is able to assist you, both individually and certainly in the collective consciousness of humanity and literally all the kingdoms. 


We want you to use the directives from the overall Soul level and the mirrorings from all cosmic levels. Picture a globe (your Earth). Then picture an infinite number of mirrors, coming into the globe from every point of view, from literally all of space. Each mirror shows your potential on one of these levels coming into the Earth. All the potentials can be integrated into life upon the planet. 


Drop in old burdens of resistance is a natural part of every group or individual events.  The goal is to get through on another level of understanding that resistance or burden that seemed to exist just for you, surrounding you really was not yours at all.  You have assumed that burden-now you can let it go. 


Use the heart as a releasing mechanism and as a Nucor for your creativity.  The heart energy is the central area of all existence.  For some of you, when you activated it, events happened that were the opposite of what you wanted, or perhaps they didn't manifest in such a way to the edge you are recognized them  as something you had been boat through your heart.  If you give someone you love and they respond from their point of view regarding love, there has to be an integration of the two views of love.  That's called allowances.  That's called trust.  There is yet another, a greater level of low and we are all part of it.  Not everything has to manifest through one's own perception of love-there is a lot of integration going on in understanding will love this, beyond the way you have understood it before.  Once you get an understanding, at least enough so that the heart doesn't open and close the doorway-once that doorway stays open; that can be the new core for your creativity. It locks in the responses from the Earth, from all of creation.


Let's talk about the manifestation of your soul's purpose on the earth . Can you see that your soul is not very Earthy? It draws on all of its cosmic potential in order to bring into manifestation what you want on your Earth.  Our goal now is to try and open new to cosmic links or cosmic points they you could not open for yourself. 


We want to talk about the physical body. What is going on in your physical body? What are the cells really doing? And what in the world is a cell? I want to give you my opinion of what the cells are, what the cellular level is, and address the responses being made now within your physical body that can affect how you live the next few years. It is going to be amazing to see how those who should be getting older( a corner to the belief structure of mass consciousness) simply won't do it. 


We're going to transfer all of your potential into physical structure.  We will be assisted by every teacher available( because we all consider this a privilege) plus all of the angelic kingdom.  We will be building the energy within you and within a room for this purpose.  This room has just received a lot of new crystals.  Some of them need to be integrated into the room.  Although it is full of energy, it is not as full as it seems.  There is an energy locking-in process going on. 


Tricking a lot of water helps to watch out resistance( or the crystallization) that you are getting rid of.  I have been telling you for quite awhile now to drink a lot of water.  If you will go through a period of drinking 12 glasses of water a day, you'll get to the point where the rest of war in each of yourselves as filled.  After that, you will have to drink as much; all you will need to do is to keep their reservoir full.  It is as if you will flood the physical structure so that then you don't have to drink as much.  This is one of the most beneficial things you can do right now. 


Links Within the Whole-Directives for Soul


You perhaps know intellectually that there's a plan here.  There is something direct link the Soul level.  In other words, when your Soul came here, and it didn't just happen in an.  It didn't just say, "The Earth is a pretty planet-I'll just drop in and visit.  "(although that is true, also: it is an extremely beautiful planet). Your Soul is part of a level or a wave of consciousness ( rather like a wave the comes to the shore) that has added its potential, it's creativity, to what we might call the group or the integrative process on your planet.  It has awakened new levels of creativity on the Earth-including your own creativity-through the opportunity that was given to you. 


One of the most magnificent things about the plan is that you can rely on the opportunity it has given you, and your learning will be quite full from that opportunity.  You may have noticed that-the opportunity to stretch into the manifestation of the physical level of what you need to understand right now, at this point in the life you have chosen for yourself on the Earth.  The plan( the directives from another level) links you into what you need to understand now.


Let me tell you happened last night we of the hierarchy who are associated with few all had a committee meeting.  We looked around and said, " well, it's begun, but what can each of must do ( for instance) help the economic strain that may be coming? But can we do specifically, now? " Now, interestingly enough, the consciousness of many of you were not aware of your physical structures, because it was on the inner level where physical structures are not easily taken( there are sometimes, but not usually).  At that point I noticed something.  Each one of you who has a body began connecting into that body enough so the church bodies were stretching and moving in your beds were you were sleeping.  Not everyone who was there was sleeping, because of your Earth time differences.  Some more awake, but some part of that was connected in to this meeting.  Some were in their physical bodies because of the time of the day; there was movement.  They moved and flexed their bodies, fell to a new position. 


The movement was a delegate of this new level that is not here.  I was very pleased by this.  It shows that the movement was so locked into the physical level that it is going to excel the rate to more and more until someone you recognize that that is the goal.  That movement is the goal.  The movement of the physical body is symbolic of the movement of your consciousness in welcoming new opportunities, the new level of being that you can use on the earth right now.  It is almost as if the directive is there so clearly that it is part of the clarity level of the Soul.  Some of view, most of view, can now take a clear level of direction from the Soul, as never before.  That is the collective soul level on your Earth, and it includes the individual soul. 


The directives are becoming clearer, in your responses are much more automatic than ever before.  This is wonderful-I don't think you know how wonderful as.  At the time of the harmonic convergence, this possibility existed because, for the first time on the Earth, the souls became the directors.  During the ensuing period, and she may have recognized, there is been a lot of adjustment.  Some of you call it confusion. Others recognized, "well, I know I am to do something; I do not know what that this, but I know if there is something.  And I concede that things that changed.  I will keep looking, and somehow it will all come together."


that's the type of period We've been in for a while.  Some of you have warn you resistance very well, but now you have finally taken it off.  It is becoming obvious that it was that you will.  These limitations when referee you.  As we look it you we can see the glow wing of the other potentials that are there to an even greater extent than the beautiful colors you know where.  Sometimes what you are wearing could become limitation, even if the color is one of your potentials.  You get so focused on it that you don't allow the integrative responses or the integrative abilities of the Soul to shine out. 


So even your strengths can become a limitation if you are known for that strength and you recognize only that strength you don't bring in the other's strengths that you also have.  Should you take off that strength? In one since you should, because it says that everything you are comes through that.  In a sense, you must open the door to integrating other strengths also.  A good example is the four body system--you can all relate to them.  One of those bodies is your strength.  Have you always thought about life or felt life is intuition your strength or is it the physical body is strength?


If you fully warm one's strength that it interferes with the integration of the strengths you have from the other bodies.  Most of you are in the process of adjusting that.  You are not just holding onto the mental responses; you become more open to the others.  As far as the higher abilities are concerned( Channeling, knowledge of past lives, stealing, reinforce word abilities you had in other lives) in the integration of them, there is a director of that goes out to the physical level this says to you the plan will do that for you.  The plan, the cocreator level, what ever you wish to call it, will do it, and then the mirroring will come onto the physical level. 


I know every one of you has said to that directive level of your Soul, " stimulate me now and use be now. " and, my friends, when you ask, you shall receive.  That is what is going on in your Earth now. 


There has been an allowing this.  This shows the beginning of that dynamic heart center, the course center that is literally taking directions from the Oval Soul level and allowing your physical structure to have the stamina to be well.  It allows you to have the enthusiasm, to leap on of bed in the morning, to not have to deal with things like jet lag, to not have to refer to things that are not yours and the longer, things the don't even belong on the Earth.  


I see coming up a lessening of the losses on the Earth, in one sense.  That is, I think you're going to drop the whole spectrum diseases and the next decade.  There will be some others coming in because they're still some levels of learning in that area, but there will not be as many as there were.  As consciousness integrates a new level, this seemed to be many things separating out; they are not there anymore.  These illnesses symbolize-or are a part of, or represent-the old the emotional responses that are no longer going to be there. 


One of those that will be leaving his cancer.  I think we're getting to a point or cancer is responding to win new level Soul integration, which is why some people get cancer and the first place: There is a major opening, a director of the coming from the Soul into the physical, in the cells do not get integrated into that new level.  Some of the cells in lost, out-of-control, and there's a lack of court nation, a lack of a coordinated response from that directive level. 


One aspect of how to manifest the clarity of your Soul on the physical level is to include the cells in your responses.  In fact, they are the responses brought through the Angelic perspective.  Sometimes there is a cell or to that goes astray--it doesn't function within the Divine blueprint of the Soul.  If you have a technique where you occasionally ask all of these lost cells to come back again, then you will not develop anti-cancer.  In other words, is will they get lost, and lost for relief that time, that they say to themselves, " I must find my own way.  " They begin to use the dynamic growth in energy without the growth director of of, or the energy of the Soul, and that's when you get into trouble with the physical level. 




Close your eyes and visualize your cells.  See them as little points of light.  Connect those points of light into a flow of what, like a grid system.  Eskers sold to give you an image or, in your imagination or your knowingness, a way of looking at that grid system.  Put it on the screen, or do it within your own physical body.  Looted those lights.  There is a movement in those lights.  They are within a flow. 


There is no overall movement.  It is like several rivers flowing into greeting with each other.  Within each is an infinite number of points of light that represent the cells.  Look within this light network in see if you have a few that have not incorporated into it.  Invite the Mid, invite all little on Inc. light into the flow of the Divine blueprint.  See the cells now entering the flow.


Be sure that, which ever way you visualize these, you look in all of the areas of the physical body.  Start with the had and go through the whole body system.  Pay attention to the brain area.  Look at it as organizing the electrical responses within the brain--connecting, the acting, connecting those responses and bringing those cells into that energy grid were. 


The clear the rest of the head, in the throat, and go into the heart area.  Many women get breast cancer because they're trying to open the heart, and there is so much energy when you create an opening that those points of light are not integrated into the new opening that the heart has made.  See yourself stepping through a door; this is a door to the next level of using your heart energy.  Clean out the whole heart network, the grid system, the pulsing beat of all creation.  Clean it out, bring the cells into the light of not working of the Heart response. 


If you get into the heart, you are going to see that there is a radiation that goes out to the universe.  It does so from the Soul direction, the Divine blueprint within the heart area.  Include the energy of the Throat Chakra's--clean that up little so that the Divine blueprint of the throat area is there. 


Let's now do the rest of the body.  Include the arms and legs, the solar plexus, the polarity and the beast Chakra's( both in the energy sense in the physical body cents )-clean those up.  Don't negate this law cells-the other function.  We're not getting rid of them; we're going to move them to the night deal of that Divine flow, walking this light into the Energy grid work of the soul. 


Now I like to visualize, or no, were imagine that directive level.  Is passed down( for lack of better term) from the Source Itself.  It gets to the Hierarchy level of around the planet.  Connected to that, and through that go to a new level of cleansing of the cells.  It's as if you are locking.  You finally say " yes.  " It is the surrender process: " I'll allow oneself to be directed, now, by this Hierarchy level which and no is a cosmic reflector of all other levels that exist.  " Cleanse that now, just for a moment ... cleansing, bring the Mid.  Press the button, as you would the computer; this context every cell that has knocked yet been integrated with the whole body structure, including the Crown in the third dog.  Sort all of that out, bring it and allow it to enter that directive level brought to you from the Hierarchy.  Does it gently, " come again, little one ( meeting the cells), come yen,, we love you.  We have a place for you.  Come yen, little cells, we have a place for you, now.  "


Think of.  Now what that settled it by taking a few minutes of relaxation or movement, whichever you prefer. 


All right, my friends.  I think you will find that this Meditation needs to integrate for a while, and then it will probably settle down some.  The cells appreciate what you do.  The one to beat Knowledge to.  In a sense that one of the lead, directed.  You could make part of your weekly maintenance program in an invitation to any of your cells that can't quite sense that Energy grid work to come into.  Really visualize that and have been feel that connection to the Energy grid were.  It will help, not only with preventing illness but with the integration within your physical structure and, certainly, within your life responses. 


Now, let us say then an opportunity is trying to come into you.  It may be an opportunity to utilize your soul level in a much more Cosmic way, whether we call it being part of the healing Center for performing the function to you of chosen in a way that this so much more fun that you begin to attract other aspects of yourself into.  In other words, if you have what you call a mundane job, you may learn that the next up is to attract additions to that position. 


In a way it's done only exceptions of the position, but attracting of other aspects to that position that the Soul brings.  Many times it is not external.  It may be in terms--meaning that if you look at the position you are thin, whether it is a formal appointment or a " working for the Hierarchy quo at this time( many of you are, in the fullest sense), then it isn't in their exceptions that is necessary.  Is a subtle and.  Certainly you have all the intellectual in spiritually except in your role, perhaps in a very full sense.  But the body responses, the emotional body, the mental body and that the acknowledgement of what you are doing and where you are--the creative base of that cannot always be broad.  Your exceptions of your creative base can always be broadened


Let's say you are having a very good day.  There's a lot of communication.  People are calling in dropping and and you are making a lot of connections.  Everything is just wonderful.  You go to bed and you are full of love and hope.  Life is wonderful.  You give up the next day everything is done so flow it.  Perhaps you've slipped back to lovely were at two days before.  It is not as expensive as the previous day.  What is happening? There was an opening created that accounted for your open day, and during the next stage there was an integration of that open.  The integration of what you're open to must take place.  It doesn't have to be difficult but it does have to be integrated.  Sometimes the feeling responses don't seem to be partaking of the use of that opening that you just recognize. 


When you feel thankful that the universe is pre you the opportunity you created, that is your Soul input.  That inner response is working outward, and you can see a reflection coming back to you of that next level.  This seems to turn off.  One way to look at it is to think of the Soul is not directing, but that would really not be true.  Certainly the Soul can fall off, but Cannon get to really fall off? When you get to a particular point, can it really falloff? It is only 29 percent of the time that the Soul falls off and the person the Personality level tries to take over.  The rest of it is simply the process of during up for that next level in the use of the Soul.  It is not often that anymore if you allow too little Soul response.  It could respond.  There are several things that could be done to open that up again, to keep a consistent lead feeling that the present opportunity is dead shutdown, that it has just gone to another phase--whether we call it integration or " allow yourself to process which is now beginning.  " Is a process of during up to that next level in the use of it.  For most of you, it is not that often the more that you do not allow that Soul response. 


If you have a group and they are creating a center, a Temple, it goes through several phases.  It goes through a planning phase.  Part of what I want to talk about is that everyone who is here, if you choose, will be invited to be a part of these large temples that are coming on your Earth.  It will be four or five years, at which time there the are going to be immense, beautiful structures that each one of you can be a part of, so you can do so some sort of healing--not necessarily hints-on healing( though it can include that), but in fullest sense, healing, or Soul-level living, of the Earth for the masses that are there.  So the universe, or the directive level, is continuing to process you toward that.  There is no way you can fall off of that.  No way at all. 


In your life now, if one Dave response in one way, it is important to recognize that there are other days that will respond in other ways.  Changes the key.  You can no longer looked for days to flow in only one way.  Which you can begin to do this sort it out, to look for the different types of days your soul is using.  This really helps the emotional responses.  Emotional Body must recognize that on one day you get many opportunities, and on another you sort of melt, yet another day similes opportunities Commission and say, " have you decided yet? " Or " what you going to do about that? " These are other levels of a good day, but they give you a chance to make some decisions the next day in regard to what you get a graded.  On an integrative day, the physical body gets to partake. 


Can you be in a state of rest is still performed that function that you chose to in your life( what ever that may be)? Many of you think of rest is getting away from the agenda of the two chosen.  But you moving towards of the, part you? You are moving into an eternal understanding of how to live in a completely balanced manner. 


You can perform your function and still be in a state of rest? Rest is a momentary pause that allows reflection as well as integration of experiences so you can than expected.  It is simply the process following a change of focus, which magnifies and changes.  It is the need to expand the use of your strengths.  Rest is the point where it divine being this begins to expand or move or integrate or change the way we are looking at life, giving this a new way of connecting. 


What I tried to help B.C. is that there is no way to stay the any one. .  Your soul has to said be a part of a very active, changeable state on Earth.  One night use that as a positive and the degree of opportunity in your life? Each time life becomes different, take a moment to rest and work in a new opportunity from the Soul level, from a new perspective.  It's like taking the plug out a wall in moving it to another receptacle.  If you will consciously begin to do that, you will be clearer.  You begin to direct, in the energy sense, the resistance.  You can start brushing them off.  You can then get rid of which you don't have to process later.  You can learn to do it but pause or rest. 


Do you need days and days of rest? I don't think so--not any more.  Certainly there are times to take a vacation.  But is that exactly a rest? No.  For many of you is a connection with the Earth that helps you to respond to the Earth.  It helps to physical body get a nice, fresh perspective.  I think vacations are mostly for your body.  Certainly the mind it becomes clearer and the emotions become clearer, but there's so much opportunity now to learn from the Earth. 


The dynamic content of the Earth is available to you now.  If the date is the following new you will attune, how about doing the Visualization were you take the plug from one connection and plug it into the Earth and let the earth process you differently? This will do some incredible things.  It will process you in the next level of understanding the dynamic energy.  That is the first thing in. 


That pause between is where you say to yourself, " now what would happen if I allowed the Earth's responses to help me go to a new level in the use of this day? " It doesn't mean it will take the day away--you've chosen that day and you may need that day.  By including the dynamic responses within yourself, and not excluding them, you walk in the use of the dynamic energy, in conjunction with the receptive energy. 


Some of you feel that if this is a very dynamic de, then the receptive major needs a whole different day, a recuperative or integrative period.  That's not necessarily true. 


We're trying to show you how close you are to moving beyond sequential time, but in order to do so you have to understand how the receptive in the dynamic energies come together and work at the same time.  There doesn't need to be.  Read integrate, because you have had this tremendously active, dynamic time. it can really happen more and more at the same time.  Is the body that is learned to except that, and the motions to.  But as long as you think you need an integrative day, you'll need it.  Instead, how about looking into the Earth? At least be willing to let the earth input into the way you look at the in the group process in the way you look change. 


Change, change, change.  Again, what is change? It's another perspective, Evolution; growth.  All of those things can be taken within or projected with out, simultaneously-just by moving the electrical plug from the place where you plug into the Earth.  Interesting, is it?


We are helping you to adjust the physical structure to move beyond the sleep state and the needs to rest the physical.  Is to train your physical responses ( by saying, " I'm going to take that plug out now and move it ") there can be that.  The the ruling clears the physical body of any need to sleep or to rest.  That's the ideal.  You'll get there because that is the direction in which all of you are moving as you will allow it physical body to be the light body here on the Earth.  The point of ascension comes when that is fully integrated, and that is the direction that you are moving in.  You are learning to have your physical body be a part of what you already recognized is going on. 


We've talked about the light bodies in with talk about Soul levels, but what we are really talking about is you're allowing this of your physical body to be directed by the Soul clearly, on the Earth, in your life, which then manifest its your purposes.  Many of you will be directed to go to various parts of the Earth because your energy is needed in a particular part of the Earth.  Maybe it is visiting their briefly will help a particular area. 


All of you are a part of that greater Soul level, the cocreator level, and you all fit it.  The good news is you don't have to do everything within your own physical body.  The cocreator level in the rest of humanity and the other kingdoms in the Earth are all going to help the.  This crew vehicle, this Crystals chamber, the paintings that are symbolic of a great cosmic carte in the chamber that represents Shamballa, are acknowledgments that you have stepped beyond the need to do everything by yourself this is not the full use of your individuality-You are never going to lose that. 


You're openness and your ability to accept change and open the process to the cocreator level, in a " greater level will mirror to you all of what needs to be done.  At the same time you keep creating new openings through your dynamic responses, through your all allowing this of the dynamic responses.  This is what some of you have closed down, a little.  What has happened is, you and the Earth have gone to this new dynamic level.  Some of you have said, " I have enough to handle, I don't need any more." But the process is not done that way.  What is needed is the ability como the willingness to keep that movement going through what we call change--to be willing, every day, to move your plug and let the earth process it.  It is a wonderful play and when you allow it to motivate you.  It is already organized.  All you have to do is plug into it another level.  That doesn't mean that on the physical level there is no need for communication.  That communication is already in response to a new level, but is there already. 


My point is that some of the strive to hard to mix of an organized for your lives.  The rest is simply allowing that change, that pause where you can change invalidate the fact that there is already something there that can direct you.  It is important that humility accept that the plan is already there.  When you will be plugging into is the plan as it already exists on other levels, and all you need to do is plug into it.  You've learned as much from this focus and you can learn; now shift to( or plug it into) the next level.  You are plugging into that integrative direct of level that has assumed responsibility for the evolutionary process of the Earth, of which you are a part. 


I do want to tell you what you do at times like this: you're really give yourself permission.  You may have some resistance in this new area, and your emotional body says, " oh, I can't go into that; there are beliefs that are resistance, the trail patterns or lost patterns or something it feels it is dramatic.  " You keep yourself permission through the spiritual opening to begin to explore, to literally connect into, the electrical circuitry of your purchase Sanat Kumara connection beyond those resistances.  Sometimes it takes away the resistances-ill level or to-and it begins to help you integrate into that next level of understanding. 


This is not necessarily done through your local body.  So if you are exploring that cannot figure it out mentally, don't worry about; it is not a mental exercise.  It is an even in the fullest sense a spiritual exercise, except in as much as they're all spiritual exercises.  It is a create a sub conscious process that allows you to touch into an opening that might allies not be explored.  You might miss it because you hadn't gotten to yet consciously.  In fact you can do this for yourself. 


When you go to bed at night, you can say, " alright, I step through the golden door.  I give my subconscious mind( or Mike creativity) permission to explore.  " But be very sure you know what you're doing.  You're giving yourself permission to go through certain resistances and into a whole new way of living, of being, of understanding.  It may take you into an area were emotionally, you will need to feel some sort of support.  That doesn't mean there is not some support; and means that through some activities that happen in the past, you've caught off from feeding that support.  Emotions might not be able to say, " I am supported in that area.  " That doesn't mean you are not; but they may not recognize it.  You may be setting yourself up for some intense learning.  It doesn't mean it has to be difficult. 


It seems to me that this is an easier way of avoiding those areas creatively.  This is what happens.  Because the fear patterns that are there, you have avoided this area, and did you get to a point where you can't live without an Internet area.  So it takes a tremendous surge at that time because you built up many, many, many levels of resistance. it takes a major event to breaking through that.  But if you learn to do this every day, or at least several times a week, you will drop those levels of resistance.  You will begin to explore those areas, and then they can manifest in your life more easily.  Does that make sense to you?


So you begin to use the finer level of the fourth dimension, while you are still, here are in the Earth, that the dancer will of the fourth dimension.  So you begin to stretch yourself on the physical level to that federal level of the fourth dimension and you explore, which your creativity, areas that you haven't been able to glimpse it.  Let's give you an example. 


Let's say you've decided you want to be an artist, a painter, if you are beginning to bring forth some drug, but they don't quite speak to you yet.  You haven't quite got.  One day you'll find a new type of acrylic paint that you've not used for.  The colors are absolutely wonderful, but you are not sure how to use the be a.  Well, in this type of meditation you could step through this golden door and say, " a witty to explore but this particular tool that feel connected to.  I feel would in my soul.  I really want to paint these pictures.  And really connected.  I found the tool but not sure how to use the tool yet.  " Then, by going through this: door a give yourself permission to explore, you will begin to be able to get it moving.  You will get it creatively moving.  It may be that you will find some lives in which attempted to do this but perhaps were not accepted, or perhaps someone else will,.  You can get glimpses of them in you can process to resistance by, although it is also a way of getting rid of resistance.  Would you give yourself permission, some levels of resistance rule it to disappear automatic. 


Now, that's cooperating with the subconscious, instead of saying to it, " you're the bad guy and I know you have all these old patterns of behavior within you and I don't like them. It is cooperating with it, knowing that you are going to get rid of those old patterns of behavior, but in the meantime, not letting the old patterns of behavior keep you from exploring the next step for you, creatively.  That sounds to me like a good idea.


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